11.11 is here…but what does that really mean? Often when I mention stargates such as 11.11 12.12 or 12.21 I get hate mail usually saying that the Gregorian Calendar issued by the pope has nothing to do with numbers on a calendar. A lot of discomfort and cognitive dissonance arises when we approach these topics, why? Because it is the egos way of feeling intimidated on your beliefs of reality itself. If there’s one thing that has stuck with me it’s ALWAYS question your ego and the cognitive dissonance you feel. Moving on, Stargates or Numerology are not something that can be explained through rationalism, that’s part of the reason this topic is so controversial because it goes against everything we know. I truthfully believe nothing is arbitrary. The universe displays a natural order to all of life even down to the subatomic levels. We live in a very intricate system of balance and order.

Is it a coincidence this 11.11 aligns exactly on a New Moon? Definitely not! An Eternal Light Astrology beautifully Adds to this statements:

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