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Mindfulness: Bringing Meditation Into Your Daily Life. - The Awakened State.

Mindfulness: Bringing Meditation into your Daily Life

Have you meditated today?  okay if not, stop what you’re doing and meditate. I will tell you a secret, I don’t meditate as much as I used to…The act of meditation is a lot harder to accomplish as I’ve gotten older, sure it was easy in college when I had

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10 Ways to Raise Your Energy into the Higher Vibrations - Start getting rid of low vibrations by entering the feeling space.

11 Ways to Raise Your Energy Into the Higher Vibrations

During my time away I’ve been doing a bit of soul homework, going into the depths of frequency. We’ve all heard this term “raising your vibrations” countless times but do we really get what that means? Frequency is everything. we are living, breathing oscillating energy beings of frequency, tone, and

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Soul Exercise: How to get Your Head out of Retrograde. The Awakened State.

Soul Exercise: How to Get Your Head Out of Retrograde

We’re doing something different today, a Soul Exercise to help you get out of the retrograde funk. First, let’s talk about this energy though. This energy window is like time traveling. Going a little backwards, into those childhood wounds, old relationships, pesky habits, and strangely we’re moving at the slooooooooooooow pace

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How to Know I'm Energy Conscious

How to Know If I’m Energy Conscious

Being body conscious is one thing that makes people cringe, however on the different spectrum, how do we know if we’re being Energy conscious of our mind, body and soul? Being Energy conscious is really about cultivating a practice of Listening within but it’s ohhhh so much more than that.

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Begisnners Guide to Crystal Loving

Beginners Guide to Crystal Loving

What the heck is the big deal with Crystals?  In new age circles and various spiritual groups, people mention these mysterious specimens called crystals. Crystals and crystal healing are healing methods passed on from our ancients. Once on the path, it is no coincidence that you begin attracting crystals into

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10 ways to manage your energy

10 Ways to Manage Your Energy Successfully

Do you ever feel pushed away from people or as if the universe is making you suddenly become a one man show? this isn’t coincidence. A lot of times when we feel this way, our soul is urging us to go within and work on our own energy body. However

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I’m Ashley, As an Empowerment Mindset Coach & Manifestation Expert, I support Spiritual empaths (or Lightworkers) Struggling to Manage their Symptoms of Spiritual awakening. I teach them how to Emotionally heal & Change the way they Think & act, so that they  can confidently Own their Intuitive gifts, Believe in their own Success & Manifest a Soul Aligned Life they are obsessed with

 The Awakened State is a place to help Empower You on your spiritual journey forward. 


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