This conversation is like soul food to me because we’re talking about what it means to hold strong to the paradigm you are creating with your Energetic self point when it comes to manifesting whatever you want.

This in my opinion is CRUCIAL if you are manifesting and letting everything and everyone else take you out. Let’s stop this now.

For example: Maybe you believe when you have a bad day, you eff up your manifesting?

Maybe you believe when someone is low vibe, they take you out so you screw up what you’re working on?

Maybe your job is effortless but you keep attracting people who are saying ‘I work my booty off success is stressful’ – Let’s talk about this.

Because this, is everything when it comes to what you are attracting from your energy aka (energetic setpoint)

In this video I share:

+ Why its costing you to keep being an emotional sponge absorbing people’s crap programming

+ How to hold strong for the paradigm you’re creating and keep holding

+ What is an energetic setpoint and why its a manifesting superpower of yours Plus so much more.

Let me know how this message lands for you in the comments,

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Love ya!

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