I’ve been thinking a lot about how January is often a mixture of overwhelm, Entertainment (all the shiny pennies thrown at you!) and a DEEP SPARK of Ambition – So much fresh potential – but also so much doubt, overwhelm, confusion, and wanting to get motivated. 

And on Top of it – Many of us while starting Fresh – We want REAL CHANGE – We don’t want the same ole year to happen again. 

But here’s the thing – Change happens Internally, Then the External World molds and catches up. 

I was thinking this morning, What is the message that my community needs to hear as we start off the New Year? 

This is what came through: 

Here’s What I would tell to ANYONE Who wants real Change with their New Years Resolutions so you can stop autopiloting and actually get results 

Habits. Focus. Choices. Decisions – These are the Things that Shape our lives. They dominate who we are as an Identity. They Often Shape who we inevitably become…

It is through our habits, we establish the expectations of our beliefs and our beliefs create the thoughts and feelings that illustrate HOW we co-create and manifest.

It is no wonder when you begin to work on your mindset, change inevitably occurs because you are now witnessing the compound effect. A Snowballing of Habits, focus, decisions and perceptions filtering your point of attraction – this creates your filter for how you believe your paradigm is created.

If this is the case – If you do not enjoy or believe a part of your habits is serving you – you always have and carry the ability to change things. this is both a moment of personal dissolution and a point where you must be self-accountable with one’s actions thus far.

Many people, as a society we are taught to depend on outside forces to govern our actions, we are led to believe that external influence knows better than we do with our intuition. So we BELIEVE to think outside of ourselves, instead of governing and being self-led internally within ourselves.

This is the moment we officially Cut off Soul and Allow the Poison of Doubt, uncertainty and criticism to overrule us.

In this fork in the road – the moment you consciously decide to change your programming, to create a new habit, to focus on a new thought – You must remember you are competing against years of conditioned-based thought you inherited most of your life. You are completing against the Subconscious mind.

We think change happens like a microwave – set the timer and it’s done in 5 minutes. But Change doesn’t occur from that. We Must release instant gratification that is inducted like dopamine hits off of social media validation. And Instead, Look at how the mind officially works.

Change happens from the accumulation point of The Compound Effect.

Subtle Shifts, Subtle Decisions, Subtle Habits, Subtle focus pointed in the right direction over time, – collapses time. The Merging of Daily commitment to shifting your habits, choices, focus and point of attraction to influence your perception.

We must NEVER be so naive to think – that one Intention is enough. One Vision board sess. is enough. one Lit Candle is enough. One Run is enough. One Yoga sess. is enough. One Action taken is enough. One Goal Session is enough. One to-do list is enough.
It all ADDS UP – Eventually.

But Rather a shifting of subtle actions.
Subtle Mindset Shifts.
Subtle steps in the momentum of change – snowballs into your life.

An Internal Hacking Experience of One’s Inner Environment must occur for the Change to sustain.

For the Magnetism to Activate, grow momentum and come to life.

Why is this so?

Transcending the shadow, means Transcending the Ego, the Identity.

When we want true change – Identity shifts must occur.

When we decide to change – Shifts inevitably occur.

Because the ripple effect is now in play.

Habits, Decision. Perception and Focus – This is ruling your life. OR You’re grabbing the reigns of your Life and Intentionally Creating your life.

You Decide.

But Don’t you think it’s time to decide differently?

To your New Years Resolutions,


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