The Common Saying is Always “the How isn’t your Responsibility” 

But Being an impatient person I like to know why the ‘how’ isn’t really my responsibility. 

Because deep down I know my actual Responsibility is always to be an Energetic Match for my desire regardless of any time, focus, or attention on the “How” in the manifesting process.

It is always about Being Willing to Step in Fully to Possibility and remove the limitations running rampant in your mind.

The moment you say “How?” you are seduced away from Higher Truth and Higher consciousness.

Manifesting is never built around Asking ourselves “How”.

it is always about expanding and stepping into Possibility.

Perhaps the hugest misconception with manifesting is the idea that we need to go ‘get the things’ and ‘do the things’ but that isn’t true magnetism.

That’s just unconscious hustle disguised as ‘manifesting’.

And you will know the difference automatically because it sucks the life out of you, it feels draining, frantic, anxious, pressure-inducing, and doesn’t come remotely from the same place as Soul Alignment.

Magnetism is created when you’re Being and Doing are in Full Alignment free-flowing as one magnetic pull towards your Doing.

It cannot be accessed from the thinking mind. However our Logical mind says, “we need to Think our way out of a problem” but in reality, this negates everything that manifestation is down to the core.

It is never about the doing, it is ALWAYS about the Being.

The action happens naturally when the being is Magnetic.

In this week’s episode, I share a snippet from the Manifesting Detox Bootcamp where I talked about When we ask ourselves “How” we often are acting from misalignment and it begins to display in everything we are doing.

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