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When It comes to overcoming resistance a big piece of understanding our resistance is learning to let go of those pesky thoughts. However If you’re not used to letting things go or you’re stuck on the struggle bus, How do You even get started? We must learn a valuable Lesson

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The Energy Behind Eclipses

If you’ve personally been feeling off, having everything in upheaval or maybe you’re getting deeply inspired for some life change, You’re starting to feel the energies of the Eclipse window. The energy behind eclipses can be felt up to 3 months in advance. Afterwards they integrate into our lives for

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Today's topic is inspired from my latest muse, Gabby Bernstein. I recently discovered her and loved her message of simplicity. Everything goes back to choosing love over fear and shifting our perception to oneness. In her book May Cause Miracles, she goes over a life plan where we take subtle shifts to guide our energy to a place of oneness. I'm currently on day 32 and really finding it a fabulous book for growth. Anyway a lot of her philosophy is due to the work she's done with A Course in Miracles. The message is simple: "The Course teaches that each time we shift our perception from fear to love, we create a miracle."

Awakened Beginnings: The Universe Has Your Back

This is part 7 of our Awakened Beginnings Series: Part 1    Signs We’re Starting to Wake up Part 2    Tapping into the Energy World Part 3    How to Talk to Higher Self Part 4    Opening the Heart to Freedom Part 5    Making Peace with The Past

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Energy Report: Solstice Gate - Into the Cocoon

Energy Report: Solstice Gate – Into the Cocoon

Site updates: I miss you! I miss writing. I felt called to write about the solstice and reflection. Three reinstalls and we’re back to the old template. *facepalm* I’m putting both on a shelf and upgrading. This is what happens when you set powerful intentions for your website during a gratitude

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10 Ways to Raise Your Energy into the Higher Vibrations - Start getting rid of low vibrations by entering the feeling space.

11 Ways to Raise Your Energy Into the Higher Vibrations

During my time away I’ve been doing a bit of soul homework, going into the depths of frequency. We’ve all heard this term “raising your vibrations” countless times but do we really get what that means? Frequency is everything. we are living, breathing oscillating energy beings of frequency, tone, and

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Signs Your Paradigm is Shifting. - The Awakened State. We often desire new things in our life, like upgrading your computer or getting a new smartphone. However there are particular moments where your soul uproots you and creates a life-altering transition. This is basically the equivalent of the shifts that occur during Spiritual Awakening. It will literally feel like the old you is disappearing. You get uprooted. Everything from your reality begins shifting drastically. However what about the moment before the move, before the change takes place? Click here to read more.

Signs Your Paradigm is Shifting

In truth, our paradigm is always shifting gradually. Life is always changing, we’re not the same person we were five years ago let alone, a week ago. Life is always flux, ever-changing, ever-evolving. We often desire new things in our life, like upgrading your computer or getting a new smartphone. However

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I’m Ashley, As an Empowerment Mindset Coach & Manifestation Expert, I support Spiritual empaths (or Lightworkers) Struggling to Manage their Symptoms of Spiritual awakening. I teach them how to Emotionally heal & Change the way they Think & act, so that they  can confidently Own their Intuitive gifts, Believe in their own Success & Manifest a Soul Aligned Life they are obsessed with

 The Awakened State is a place to help Empower You on your spiritual journey forward. 


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