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How the Chakras Connect to Manifestation

Let’s break this down. Energy aka Chakras connects to symptoms, connects to healing connects to how you’re attracting in your Life through the observer effect via manifestation. It is all interconnected and today i’m going to break it down for you so you walk away knowing exactly how it connects

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Soul Unleashed Activations: When will ENOUGH, Be Enough?

When is Enough, Enough yet? The true journey is never about healing at all, perhaps it is the ultimate illusion of self. It is so easy to romanticize The Healing of the Shadow, we write books on it, develop spiritual highs on it, wish it away in meditation, and tell

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How your Actions Influence Your Manifesting Potential

Coming at ya today with a truthbomb that can crack open your manifesting game. One Thing I’ve learned a ton about when it comes to manifesting & Chakra work is this critical rule: Your Direction is always more important than your speed. Once you really get this, you can begin

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Hey There!

I’m Ashley, As an Empowerment Mindset Coach & Manifestation Expert, I help Soul-Led Leaders Who Struggle with Mind-body healing to Master Manifestation and Emotionally Empower themselves from the inside out so they can Lead a Life Built from their Desires and Finally Attract in the Dreams they are obsessed with.

 The Awakened State is a Place of Empowerment, Divine Support & Guidance helping you on your spiritual journey.


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