oh yes we’re going there – The Awakened state’s official HALLOWEEN SPECIAL is diving into all things SHADOW WORK. ??

I truly believe we are always manifesting from our light consciousness or our shadow consciousness. Our Shadow Self is pretty much the reason we experience Resistance in our day to day lives.

Our Shadow self is known as the “antithesis of the soul” or the unconscious aspects of the Identity.

It is within this space of knowing our shadow, we heal, accept ourselves deeper and learn to transcend our shadow through energy work.

Understanding Shadow work is often something that people are afraid of, concerned about the word being ‘evil’ or too witchy for them, but the shadow is really simply about Accepting all parts of you and making peace with your ego.

We can honestly learn so much about ourselves from understanding our Shadow Self.

However, there is a lot of discernment that must be considered during shadow work so you don’t fall into the healing trip of romanticizing your shadow and not actually healing anything. ( i talk about this deeper in the video)

Shadow work is often a topic that makes people concerned, or revs up their ego – Let’s bring the Light, hehe, to the shadow in this week’s episode.

I’m sharing how it’s easy to understand your shadow if you ask yourself this ONE potent question,

How you can easily identify your own shadow and best of all

How can you begin to TRANSCEND your own shadow (the secret sauce).

Tune in to the full download, for full-on mayhem, madness and a little spookiness as we dive deep into the SHADOW self.

(AND YES this video will have lots of silliness, and maybe a unicorn 😉 )

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