Autism, ADD and ADHD linked to Indigos, Crystals, Blue rays, Rainbows, etc.

Hello. You made a comment about children with autism and I became interested.
I work one on one providing therapy to kids with autism, teaching them to speak, alternative methods of communicating (pointing, apps), doing daily life things.. Etc.
I am very interested in your point of view on autism. There is very little is known about it [the prefrontal cortex (planning part of the brain is affected)] but I am very interested in hearing your view because of the way you describe other things jn life.

Warm wishes loved ones

— duckysanchez

I only know a little offhand and having a child myself, i thought this would be a fun one to research. That is beautiful that you help kids with Autism. 🙂
I want to also talk about other children’s disorders too such as ADD and ADHD because they are also linked together.There is new research on Autism  “New research in the journal Frontiers in Neuroinformatics has found that the brains of children with autism create 42% more information at rest than the brains of neurotypical children. Scientists at Case Western Reserve University and the University of Toronto studied the brain activity in these children using a type of imaging known as magnetoencephalography, which measures the magnetic fields created by the electric currents of neurons when they fire. Using this method, the researchers found that the brains of children with autism were much more active, even when at rest. Analysis of the brain’s functional connectivity also revealed that the children with autism were more introspective than neurotypical children. The researchers believe that these results support a new theory of understanding autism known as the Intense World Theory, which hypothesizes that the symptoms of autism result from brain over-activity and -arousal.“
Read more:


Children are born gifted, ALL children are born gifted! Their gifts vary and their abilities to use them vary too. But all are gifted.  From 0 to 8mths is their most precious time, use it wisely and you have set the basis of their entire life.   They are telepathic naturally and respond to you via your thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Continue form this stage onwards empowering their intuition, telepathy, ability to heal and that they know already and you will have an amazing child.  There are children amongst the population that are old souls, evolved beings of huge understanding and wisdom to share…..if we give them the chance, support and respect of them knowing beyond you and I.  Spiritual aspects of children now with us ,crystal children, rainbow, indigo, star children, blue ray.  ADD,ADHD, AUTISM

The information here will bring greater understanding of your children , taking you beyond the limitations that we ourselves have been programed with. Children with ADHD or Autism and will show you free of any doubt that we are consciousness of innate wisdom recycled. Not to be clammed up or labeled dysfunctional but to go beyond what we are taught and told is all we are capable of. There is so much more. Please go through this and take the time to get to know that in you, in your mind is more wisdom than you could ever imagine……

Information regarding Indigo, Crystal, Blue Ray and the truth behind the labels of ADD, ADHD and Autism. These gifts we label as dysfunctional when given an outlet to express themselves will astound you! NONE have been taught. How the minds of these children that are labeled dysfunctional show the rest of the world what human consciousness is truly capable of and how badly we need to advance our communication capabilities and open our minds beyond what is perceived as possible.

Star Children

These are common topics covered by many authors/psychics. However the most referenced author is Doreen Virtue. There are many other authors including Edgar Cayce, Lee Carol & Jan Tober, George Kuhlewind,  Anni Sennov, Meg Blackburn Losey Ph.D, Sonia Choquette, Ph.D, Nikki Pattillo; and P.M.H Atwater.

As we attempt to identify and given names such as “Star Children”, we permit the ego mind to believe that we are special or these children are special thus creating separation between ourselves from others and our children from their friends. There had been much commercialism about Indigo children in the 1990s and it had not been for the highest intent. This article is not for the purpose of ego identification; it is the quest to widen our knowledge and seek understanding about  the needs of our children and how we can assist them; most importantly how they can assist us in our soul evolution and the ascension of the planet.

There have been many titles given to the new generation of children “Star Children”, “Gifted Children”, “Millennium Children” or “Special Children”. However from the spiritual perspective, they are referred to as “The Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children”. These names are related to the colour in their auras and the energy patterns. They have arrived in the last three decades and are still arriving at our planet Earth. These children’s souls are more at home in the stars thus the term “Star-Children” and most likely they have not incarnated on Earth before. They come at this time with “special mission” to assist Earth and humanity with our transition and rebirth to a higher consciousness. They are here to help us with ascension; an accelerated soul evolution for the earth and its inhabitants at this special time on earth.

The following sections are characteristic of the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children, the approximate time-line of their arrival and how we can assist them.


The Indigo Children & ADD & ADHD

The Indigo’s are frequently misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  ADHD should stand for Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension. This would more accurately describe that generation! This is because of their warrior nature. Parents can’t handle this intense energy and think the only way to calm them down is to numb them with powerful pharmaceutical psycho-stimulant drugs. Ritalin is an example of such a drug that has been known to cause severe side effects that have lasted for years. Teachers in America even recommend that parents give Ritalin to their children! According to Nancy Ann Tappe, these Children have right and left brain alignment, something people on the spiritual path strive for throughout our lifetime.

The Indigo Children have a warrior nature, a ‘rebel with a cause’ personality with absolutely no guilt. They are often labelled as hyperactive or aggressive, but this is their purpose. They are here to break down old and outmoded systems – legal, educational, medical, you name it, these kids are here to force honesty and integrity on a global level. Telepathy and other psychic abilities are rife amongst the Indigo’s, which is leading us into a telepathic society. A society that must be based on the ‘indigo’ principles for it to function. Telepathy cannot work if dishonesty and deceit are present. We must remember that Indigo’s have been coming in for about 25 years now, so it won’t be long before they get into positions of power to enable the changes they are destined for. They are natural leaders, hacking away the old and leaving an open path for the new children.


 They are also very sensitive, have psychic abilities and possess incredible wisdom, as though they are old souls in young bodies. Evidence for the reincarnation process is becoming a reality as more and more of these children remember their past lives. Some remember all of their past lives please see the video recorded interviews with some of these children below.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, author of The Ancient Secret of the Flower of life books and an early advocate of the Children, heard many reports from parents about the incredible intelligence these kids have. It seems that schools cannot contain this innate quality and therefore label them with these disorders. But some of these children have extremely high IQ’s. Some at genius level of 160, and many at around 130. It’s not that their attention is distracted or they can’t concentrate, it’s more to do with the fact that they process information very quickly and understand things intuitively, which leads to extreme boredom in these kids’ minds. Basically they get frustrated with outdated and outmoded teaching dogma and therefore ‘play up’ to the teachers. Nancy Ann Tappe says, “Indigo’s are like 220 volts placed into 110 wiring.” We can’t contain these children in these environments any more. It’s not the kids who have to change, it’s the system that has to, and fortunately this is becoming more and more recognized by certain governments around the world. The Super-Psychics of China are an example of this.


Blue Ray Children


These children as a whole ‘evolve’ very quickly given the respect and acknowledgement they deserve. It is very sad that this is not always the case their overly advanced nature can be interpreted as just over stimulated imaginations and their stubbornness and refusal to bend to elders as spoilt and just plain unruly. This prevents the truth of what they are saying from reaching the right ears.

If spotted correctly and given the acknowledgement and respect for what they are saying, their wisdom far out reaches most adults here and now! Because it has come from a child, we turn a death ear and where the skepticism comes in and where it rightly falls flat on it’s face! By the time they are four or five, if not before, they will be teaching others given the chance. With other children it comes naturally for them to show how things work or how they should truly be and will continue this right through to adults. This unfortunately is where they can be shut down as know ‘it all’ or bossy…..this is such a shame, for in truth they are only trying to help, to share. They have so much to give it can become extremely frustrating for them, which can be misinterpreted as misbehavior.  It is like trying to explain to someone something but they won’t listen because you don’t fit the ‘part’ .

If supported with their wisdom these children will overtake those that have been teaching for many years! As the examples will show. They are literally born teachers. It is very sad if it is interpreted as obnoxious behavior because they are not at all and won’t understand at all if treated as such. They are only trying to help, pass on the wisdom but unfortunately adults pride and programming  can not grasp that a child could in anyway shape or form know or understand more than them or their teachers but it really is the case, if we would just listen! They are here to change ‘our’ programming and the way we ‘teach’ whether a teacher or parent. If we will listen  we would expand faster than we could realize and in ways ‘yet’ to be realized. We are so much more than any school program anywhere at present could ever ‘teach’ us!!

These children have highly evolved dream states day or night and will remember them fully, for them it is as if they have a TV screen or screens that play within their minds eye in very great detail from a very early age. This can make it seem like they have fluctuations of character from being serious and very focused to dreamy and distant. For when they are viewing these TV screens it will seem as if the ‘lights are on but no one home’ giving the impression of being distant, disinterested or dreamy but when fully in this conscious stat they are very focused, centered individuals and can be quite forthright!

If exposed to other languages at an early age they will intuitively ‘know’ and understand what is said, as with most of these children. They will naturally begin to think in what ever language is spoken without any effort at all!

They can be very stubborn or seem it, because they have a point to get across and won’t give up until they do absolute determination and can cause great frustration with themselves! This can seem a battle of wills from a parenting point of view but this strength is what they are here for and will need guidance of how and when to apply this rather than being shut down.

These beautiful, amazing children are very loving and will have great need to touch being very tactile. They will automatically go to place their hands or arms around any one to whom they feel is hurt in anyway, because they are natural healers. Given the chance and encouragement they will develop in this area with incredible results, from the very beginning signs of their incredible abilities will shine through. Such events can frighten some and get dismissed by many and even ridiculed causing them to shut down……we do this we have blown it!

This incredible side to these children’s nature gives them a great infinity with water and will be drawn to it and will love to be by the sea or lakes etc and will be at their happiest there. They will know  and feel where water is running underground and if it is good or bad, as in contaminated in any way. These abilities flow strongly with animals too, they will instinctively know when they are ill or unhappy with a desire to make them well. they will instinctively know to what they are trying to communicate and their needs. Animals will show no fear and respond well with these children having a great rapport with them.


The Crystal Children & Autism


Doreen Virtue, a leading metaphysical researcher who has been closely involved with the children, has recently released a book entitled The Crystal Children. The ‘crystals’ have been incarnating for only the last seven years, whereas the ‘Indigo’s’ and the ‘Super-psychics’ have been with us for twenty five or so years and the ‘Blue-Rays’ have been with us for between fifteen and twenty years.

Virtue explains that the Indigo’s have mashed down the old systems to open a path for an entirely new generation: “ It’s not surprising that the generation following the Indigo’s are incredibly telepathic. Some of the Crystal Children have delayed speech patterns and it’s not uncommon for them to wait until they’re three or four years old to begin speaking. However, parents tell me they have no trouble communicating with their silent children – far from it! The parents engage in mind-to-mind communication with their Crystal Children (even before birth). And the Crystals use a combination of telepathy, self-fashioned sign language and sounds (including song), to get their point across”.

This new breed are also often labelled as dysfunctional. Where the Indigo’s get labelled with ADD and ADHD, the Crystals are labelled as autistic. Is it just a coincidence that autism is at a record high? An autistic person appears to live in their own world and are disconnected from other people. They do not talk because they are indifferent about communicating with others. Crystal Children are quite the opposite. They seem to be very caring and compassionate and continue the traits of the Blue-Rays, by showing signs of an ability to heal others.


Crystal Children don’t warrant a label of autism; they ’re not autistic but AWE-tistic!


 Breaking the barriers of human intelligence . Give a child the chance to blossom in what ever they enjoy free of clipping their wings, allowing them to develop in their own way and amazing things happen!!


Hyper Connectivity & Awareness:  Our system need to wake up, it has got it so very wrong!!

For more on autism and proof that we already know, nothing to be taught but remembered please take a look at this page and these amazing children that  will blow you away!!

Rainbow children as the name implies are children who come to earth with a few more gifts, thus adding a spectrum of color into the world. They are born on the ninth dimension of consciousness, the dimension of collective consciousness. It is believe this is their first time on earth and are spiritually highly evolved.

Doreen Virtue, a popular author on Angels and special children says, “The Rainbow children are perfectly balanced in their male and female energies. They are confident without aggressiveness; they are intuitive and psychic without effort; they are magical and can bend time, become invisible, and go without sleep and food. The Crystal children’s sensitivities make them vulnerable to allergies and rashes. The angels say that the Rainbow children will have overcome this aspect… Rainbow children have no karma, so they have no need to choose chaotic childhoods for spiritual growth…The Rainbow children operate purely out of joy, and not out of need or impulse. The babies will be recognized, because their energy is one of giving to parents, and not of neediness. Parents will realize that they cannot out-give their Rainbow children, for these children are a mirror of all actions and energy of love. Whatever loving thoughts, feelings, and actions that you send to them are magnified and returned a hundred-fold.”

According to Virtue, the angels explained that the Rainbow Children were the generation after the Crystal Children, who came after the Indigo children. Rainbows are highly sensitive, loving, forgiving, and magical like the Crystal Children. The difference is that the Rainbows have never before been on earth, so they have no karma to balance. The Rainbows, therefore, choose entirely peaceful and functional households. They don t need chaos or challenges to balance karma or grow.

All three generations of children, Indigo, Crystal Children or Rainbow children are here to teach us something whether the child is severely disabled or an incredible genius, or anything in between. Physically these children may come with what the medical community labels as “disabled” yet many of them are far from that and are teaching us a thing or two. The best news is these children bring us all closer to God or our source in some ways.


Therefore i think that these children are truly helping us usher in these new energies. We label them with disorders because we don’t realize that they communicate and learn in different ways because their brain activity is entirely different than most people. I think we’re coming to a point where the education system needs to change to incorporate different learning techniques because we are seeing more and more that children need to be taught differently than we were growing up for the most part. They are less suppressed than our generation and they are open to receiving all forms of communication. I think Autistic people are more telepathic because their brains are moving at faster rate and this causes them to be more withdrawn because they feel no one is properly communicating with them. It’s also interesting that there brain is more active even at rest, meaning that even within a still mind their brain is still very active which is probably why they are more intelligent than others. Their Brain is constantly going and is more about long term memory rather than short term. Some pretty fascinating stuff.

If anyone else has any good info or articles feel free to share 🙂

I hope this helps!

Namaste <3




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