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Join me for this 3-day challenge where you'll uncover:

↠ How to understand Why Your mindset & emotions are influenced by  The Mind-Body Connection so you can emotionally heal

Shockingly common Limited Beliefs stored as Energetic Blocks & Imbalances in the Chakra System

A Behind the Scenes Look into Why Empowering your Chakras is essential for Emotional Fulfillment, Healing and even manifesting. 

How the mind-body connection works in relationship to the chakra system beyond just using external tools to heal your 7 chakras 

↠ A Strong The framework of Mind-Body Healing that you can use to Build more mental Confidence in energy work, accelerate your Spiritual Growth and manifest a healthy emotionally fulfilling life for your well-being.


The Challlenge Starts May 15th at 11am

Who's Teaching this thing?

"I believe we all hold the power to heal ourselves from the inside out"

Ashley is an Author, Empowerment Mindset Coach,  and Manifestation Expert. She is the CEO and Founder of The Awakened where she supports Spiritual Awakened Empaths and spiritual seekers everywhere in building up their confidence in Awakening through Emotional Empowerment. 

She also helps others overcome their Limited Thinking with Mindset Tools. Her background in psychology and Energy Healing has helped others learn to Emotionally heal themselves so that they can: confidently Own their Intuitive gifts, Believe in their own Success & Manifest a Soul Aligned Life they are obsessed with.

She has helped over 800+ Students in The Awakening School with her Digital Courses and Products. Ashley has also written a Self-Published Book on Amazon and has been helping individuals navigate Spiritual Awakening successfully All over the world since 2011.

Note From Ash: 

I truly believe we all hold the power to heal ourselves from the inside out. When you know it is possible for you, this is truly half of the battle to accessing an emotionally fulfilling life.

Once I opened my heart chakra back in 2011, my entire world shifted and set me on the course to having a spiritual awakening. the chakras have helped me emotionally heal, meet the love of my life, heal mother wounds, work through issues of self-hatred, anxiety, body shame and so much more.

 The Chakras are a tool to teach you to heal from the inside out and then learn how to empower your emotional body so you begin manifesting easier! 


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