The 30-Day Mind-body Ritual Challenge

Transform Your
Spiritual Practice in 4 weeks or less.

It’s time to End your Mental struggles with your Spiritual Practice. Join the Mind-Body Revolution and Learn how to build a consistent spiritual practice with ease.

mindbodyritual challenge

30 days to unlock your mind-body mojo & STRESS LESS -
challenge accepted!

This Challenge will help you:

Develop a Consistent Spiritual Practice

Lets break down a simple practice that you can personally get behind so you can be more consistent. 

Increase your Confidence in your Spirituality

With the Right Mindset and Easy Practice you will naturally gain more confidence in your Spiritual growth.

Strengthen Your Mindset to Support Your Spiritual Practice Goals

Gain more Present-Awareness with the correct Mindset tools that focus heavily on The Mind-Body Connection. 

Embrace Next Level Identity Shredding With your Mindset

Half of the Battle is Mindset. The other Half? IDENTITY. We’ll be connecting to Higher self and Elevating into your
 Next Level 

Be More Present-Minded and Rapidly Increase your Conscious Awareness

Get over your Over-thinking Mind and reclaim your Inner Peace. 

Say Bye to Negative Self-talk: Get over your Procrastination, Inconsistency or Self-Doubt when it comes to Spiritual Practice

Let’s Overcome roadblocks together, with the right Mindset and energy tools to help you Ditch the overwhelm, stat!

This is A Mind-Body Challenge to Unlock Deeper Spiritual Connection & Awaken your Inner Peace

It's Time to Uplevel your Spiritual Practice

This April, say Goodbye to your Spiritual practice Struggles and Hellooo To your Next Level Higher Self achieving your goals with ease.

So, how does the challenge work?


Every day, you’ll receive a bite size task, Lesson or Mindset Kick ass audio lesson to help you stay accountable to your Spiritual Practice goals. We’ll be covering everything from Mindset, Mind-Body Connection, Goal setting and Spiritual Principles to help you Accelerate your Spiritual Growth. 

This challenge is perfect for you if…

You Need More Accountability Buddies to Stay on Task

Your Spiritual Growth feels like a standstill right now

You Struggle with Procrastinating & Lack of Consistency

You're feeling more Stressed out or Future Tripping

You want to improve your Mindset with expert guidance & a supportive community

You're Ready for Change, Spiritual Growth & More Alignment in your Life

Why will this challenge work for you?

Have trouble with keeping up in all the places? When you download the App, Each Lesson Will be Dropped into your Portal with a Daily Notification from the App keeping you in the Loop 

Beyond the Challenge there are many many resources to help you with your Mindset, Spiritual Awakening and specifically with your Spiritual practice. One Bundle to Definitely Check out is Mindful Rituals! This Mini-course is designed to help you build a unique Practice to Help you with your Spiritual Alignment. 

Need extra feedback or Support? Join the Community hub to Reach out in the Ask Ash Thread so you get Mindset Coaching Q&A support from Ashley, herself or Drop a Question in the Community space for the Community to help you out. 

mindbodyritual challenge

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Join the Mind-Body Revolution and Learn how to build a consistent sustainable spiritual practice with ease.


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The Challenge Begins In:



Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! The challenge is hosted inside The Soul-Aligned Life Academy, which means you’ll need to become a member to access the Material (Video lessons, community support, audio lessons, Tasks, and Ask Ash Thread) 

You’ll receive an email which will include all the information you need to make the most of The Challenge and Membership Portal, including a Welcome Kit, links to download our app and Access to the Community Space inside the Membership Portal. 

You’ll also receive instant access to A Special Hub for The Challenge’s Accountability Group Support Community space, Your personal Login, in addition to the VIP Lounge which has all Bundles, workshops and masterclasses to dive into before the Challenge starts! 

Yes, Absolutely! This challenge is designed to work for anyone who’s invested in their spiritual growth journey. We’ll be breaking things down, step by step so that whether you’re a newbie or experienced you’ll be learning new Mindset Tools and Tasks along the way.  

Yes, but we don’t think you’ll want to!

You can Cancel Anytime, You can amend your subscription settings via your dashboard, located under your profile on the top right hand corner of the members portal.

(but keep in mind there is no refunds due to the nature of Terms and conditions towards Digital Downloads if you purchase the yearly Subscription.

April’s Challenge will be LIVE in April, featured in the Membership as our Monthly Intensive. 

You’re welcome to start the challenge whenever you’re ready, however please note that the posts in the community channel may not align with the stage you’re at in the challenge.