Dark Night of the Soul Collective and Dreams

Ash! thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my looooong question/observations.. feels so great to knoww that there ARE people out there riding the same wavelength, & I just wish I could sit around & talk to you for hours about everything! -including quantum physics which is one of my favorites ;)- 
So I have one question for you because I saw you mention this not only when you replied to me but in others various questions that you replied to.. what is “dark night of the soul collective?” if it has anything with what I assume than it is crazy how we are all experiencing the same symptoms during this shift! 
now, on top of the trip that I told you about & the epiphanies with the screen, around march of this year I started to have really active vivid dreams & they all had the same concept.. now, I’m not even exaggerating, but since march up until less than two months ago or so I was having these dreams.. the dreams consisted of me running away from something, except I never get to see what I’m running from! during this period of me having these dreams, the location & people will change, but the theme remained the same & I would always find myself running & hiding from whatever it was, even going into strange attics!! in the mist of these dreams, I want to say the month of May, I found myself again in a dream where I’m running, the only difference is that this time I’m running up a spiral staircase, & I’m going & going, & at first in my dreams I was hesitant to go any further but that feeling quickly got replaced with excitement, so I kept running up the spiral staircase even faster, feeeling ecstatic, & as I reach higher & higher I see a white light, it first starts off small but the more I kept running up, the white light eventually engulfed me & I just remember feeling so happy, even as I awoke I was still feeling the dream & was in a happy mindset. -also, I vividly remember that during this dream I was male, I know it was me but for some reason I was a guy in the dream, not sure if relevant— 
other than that, ever since then my dreams have been so vivid this entire year, I feel like I’m living an entire different life with different dramas in my sleep state, even during the day I’ll find myself thinking about whatever I dreamt about -if I remember- I even confuse dreams with reality & not being able to distinguish if I dreamt that or it really happened -although this phenomenal has been occurring to me since I was a kid.- 

lots of love & gratitude your way, Ash! <33

— juggernautish

Aw Thank you so much <3 

“Dark Night of the Soul Collective” is a word that i coined mainly from what everyone experiences during their Spiritual Awakening. Those who have awakened into the understanding of themselves, in order to get to the other side of seeing your consciousness you have to face your self, the deepest darkest antithesis of yourself. The shadow. The Dark night can manifest in many different ways, a hard breakup, a death of someone you love, losing your job, being homeless, everyone turning against you, basically what happens is it creates a very isolated energy to get you to look inward and face yourself. Now what i mean when i said “Dark night of the soul collective” is a powerful statement but from my understanding we triggered the Dark Night back in Winter and it’s been effective towards the global collective since the start of January. Once the Dark night of the soul collective has started it means we sent out a massive ripple, a trigger that opened the doors into the global akashic records. This wasn’t possible as a collective until the procession of the Equinox happened back in 2012 and it’s been very intense energetically since then. The thing is most people see the Dark Night as pure chaos and entropy such as global collapse or the end of the world but it’s moreso INTERNAL shifting of the consciousness, meaning it’s all very internal. However once the trigger is set, the Dark Night progresses even further. I can’t fully pinpoint what this means for the future, other than the world is drastically changing but if the trigger started this means that the Dark Night of the Soul will start effecting the consciousness of many… I’m also not the only one who noticed this, if you remember back in winter there were MANY discussing it, we kinda just forgot with everything else going on but it is looming in the undercurrents for those who can tap into the various dimensional levels of consciousness. 

Maybe writing all of that is kinda bold of me but i do believe it’s factual because you can physically feel it if you look around you at everyone. Now what does that mean for people who already have awakened and understand the truths of reality? We are the gatekeepers, the asaru, the Messengers, the human Angels, the lightworkers, whatever you want to call us, we are here to help others through as our consciousness is already ascended. We are helping them see the door is already open, but they have to walk through it. What this also means from my current understanding is that those who are already awakened or Ascended Masters of consciousness are now only getting stronger. You will notice certain abilities are starting to become heightened even moreso than before, channeling, telepathy, auric reading, seeing into the veil, seeing into the dimensions, This is all very real stuff, the more you observe the more you see and we’re starting to acknowledge that 5d is already here. We are the co-creators of humanity but how do you wish to create and why? What do you want to bring to this reality if you had the power to change the world? THIS is who we are! This is ancient magic and it is returning….

The Dark Night of the Soul Collective is a massive ripple being sent out, i honestly believe it will probably get much stronger coming into the equinox into this winter. Symbolically Winter is a very reflective, introspective time, the point where the goddess goes into the underworld searching for God. If we have already opened the gates,then the veil is just going to get stronger and stronger as the parallel realities start to merge and intersect as one. Past-present-future unified creates a very dynamic energy current where how we’re seeing reality change shape and transform around us. The Dark Night of the soul is know as the Moon in Tarot. The Moon is the point where we look inside our own abyss, look behind the mirror from the other side. If what is happening is true, this could mean outstanding changes to come for our reality….We would then meet the Sun, the point of illumination, the evolution of humanity and the Apex of transcending Human understanding of consciousness and who we are completely. Abolishing the cycles of karma into a new transcended cycle of beginning aNew. 

The shedding of the Ego Identity is usually present during our Dark Night of the Soul this is many go through a phase of depression, dissociation, disconnection from your surroundings and relationships, it’s a very isolating energy because your higher self is trying to tell you to look inwards for your answers. 

This is what is happening in a nut shell: 


As for the Dream, Running in Dreams signifies usually avoidance of an issue.avoiding emotions, avoiding a situation, avoiding something that happened, not facing your fears, or in general not facing yourself. 

Now the staircase is interesting because Stairs to me always symbolize dimensions of consciousness. Staircase means change and transformation, moving UP in your life, moving forward, Also the fact that it was spiral is fascinating because we are surrounded by the golden spiral, we are the torus spiral as our aura, the spiral means “we always travel in circles” like the Emerald Tablet states as well. We travel in circles by means of our memories and once we’re able to transcend the memories we become all of them as one. unified. You ran into the Light, the Light being your illuminated consciousness. White light is very powerful for healing and protection, it shows to me you stopped running but instead became the Light, the awakened one. It indicates to me you’re entering a higher level of awareness. you’ve climbed the stairs after all, now you’re starting to see from the top of the staircase. 

Well that came out longer than i meant it too lol

hope this helps!
love <3

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  1. Debbie green 7 years ago

    I can also really relate to the collective dark night of consciousness.
    After the Autumn Equinox , I chanted a round, regularly
    Day and night are equal
    Time to restore
    Energy flows to the roots
    Darkness embrace.
    And I had a very strong dream
    I was in a shop possibly a health food shop, I was feeling up beat, centred,
    I spotted a pot which had the words Eden on it, then it began to get dark until it was inky
    Black, I looked around towards the door, I couldn’t see it . Then someone touched me, I new I needed to wake up and I did.
    What struck me the most upon waking, was that in the dream all external influences were gone, and it was just what was inside of me. Nothing external.

    • Author
      Ashley 7 years ago

      Ooh that gave me the shivers very powerful! I agree if you observe a lot of truths about people are coming to the surface especially lies! So what I’ve noticed is like all of society’s internal messes are starting to surface for clearing it’s a very empowering time Namaste <3

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