Does marijuana help or hinder your chakras?


I wrote my opinion on the ganja here,

However what you’re asking about the chakras intrigued me so i did my own research:

This forum has some interesting viewpoints on chakras expansion, and increasing psychic activity

The smoking of marijuana initiates many processes in the body, mind and even soul, depending upon the intent with which it is used. In Part 1 many of these were mentioned in passing, and will be explored in some detail in this issue. It is very important for people to understand that marijuana, like other teacher plants, is properly called an “entheogen” or “agent in God’, as a psychoactive substance with spiritual properties. This may surprise most smokers to hear, but it is true nonetheless. It is a fact that when marijuana is smoked with the right intent, (a progressive, spiritual focus) that it can raise the user up to higher levels of consciousness. Among the effects of its’ consciousness expanding properties, the following are very notable;;1) A gaining of “chi” or energy in the physical body and aura.
2) The raising of vibration according to the potency and vibration of the buds smoked.
3) A crystallization of awareness upon itself, or put another way, greater clarity.
4) An opening of the chakras and an enhancement of personal psychic power. Not only is “ESP” increased, but so are the intuitive powers of foresight, creativity and inventiveness.
5) An aid to getting into better alignment with one’s own soul, Nature and God.
6) Provides a common high vibration when smoked by more than one person at a time, allowing enhanced, group psychic rapport, (group mind in the high).

4) The opening of the chakras and an enhancement of psychic power

Another wonder of marijuana is that it can improve the “energy body” and not just the physical one. Also mentioned in Vedic Literature dating back as far a 7000 years, the chakras are simply the energy portals of the physical and energetic bodies. Technically, the term “chakra” means “wheel”, a term meant to denote the spinning, circular aspects of these energy portals. Chakras are typically described as being 7 in number running along the line of the backbone, from the top of the head to the base of the spine. You can readily feel the reality of these by noticing those areas of concentrated feeling in the body, such as the area of the throat, heart and stomach. Notice also how these can tighten up or at least change in feeling when another person walks in the same room. This fact is not merely psychological, it is the actual psychic effect of one person to another, as facilitated by chakra to chakra subatomic energy streams. How we feel at any moment effects those around us in intimate ways.

When we smoke marijuana, there is a strong tendency for the chakras to open wider. This happens in part because the high attracts a flow of incoming subatomic particles, (chi) into our systems. The chakras open to better accommodate this flow. They also open wider, (literally to a larger diameter, from the usual 4 or 5 inches across, to twice or more that amount) because of the high vibration of this herb. High vibrations, (feelings) make us feel looser and more amiable to others, whereas lower vibrations make us more withdrawn and suspicious of others. Smoking marijuana literally improves the psychic connection from one person to the next, and this fact is what underlies the meaning of such terms as, “contact high” 

To read more:

Hope this helps, if i find anything else on it i’ll post it for you, sharing is caring 🙂

Much love <3

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  1. noceteipsum 6 years ago

    It’s of note that in Hinduism, it is believe that Lord Shiva gave Marijuana to humanity as a gift. It’s my belief that this is because Marijuana use can lead to spiritual expansion and ego annihilation, two things linked to Shiva and his/her dance of creation and destruction.

  2. Kian Xie 6 years ago

    Opening the chakras can be very helpful, but when they’re too open and you’re not careful, you could be vulnerable to psychic attacks, which could take the form of unwanted emotions (fear, worry), other people taking advantage of you. And as a result of something like that happening, you could close down and not be as trusting. Energetically speaking, marijuana can be helpful in the right contexts, but it also can be misused or overused.

    • Trump Treason 5 years ago

      Yeah this has happened to me. I get very cold, overcome with anxiety and fear of death, I can’t stop shaking and I have to lay down under a blanket, close my eyes and medidate for it to stop.

      • Dr_Gonzzzo 4 years ago

        Had that 3 weeks before Christmas…
        I assumed that it was an old trauma resurfacing helped by external events..
        Happened also to be precognitive…The nightmare happened 6 days later.. But by then, the panic attack had resided, and I could face the nightmare eye to eye without backing down or grovel..
        It will pass. Just work with yourself, and listen to your body, and higher self…

    • Ktsfgirl 4 years ago

      Smoking weed regularly makes you complacent, you have no motivation, and is a waste of money. This stuff is addictive and can ruin your life . Then try withdrawing. Terrible.

    • Junior Junião 4 years ago

      This is exactly what is happening to me.

  3. blah prv 5 years ago

    misused, overused

    Like kitchen knifes and ego s and words etc. tools ? 🙂
    Guns, cars, bombs(mines), planes..

    Fork or spoon is not the cause of me becoming fat.
    So the one pulling the trigger, so the user is the cause?
    The user is his mind and it looks there are many traditions and tons of teachings and practices on how to settle mind.

    So mj with abilities mentioned in article seems to be ok.

    But I do have a request!

    What happens with the chakras on the next day.
    I mean hangover in the morning.

    Are the chakras somehow collapsed introverted or shrinking?

    • Cee 5 years ago

      You are not your mind. You are not your body. You’re pure consciousness inside a light vessel. You’re not your mind. Meditation helps you to see that clearly.

  4. EhSun 5 years ago

    I had such experience. I used to smoked pot a lot(but now smoke barely :p ). At that period I got that energy from pot. It happened just once. My friend was telling his story about a trip. Once he started talking about that I began to guess what he is going to say. We were high at that moment. Surprisingly I was imagining every single detail in his trip. I wasn’t with him on that trip. But I could say even the color of his room’s curtain. Everybody on that session got shocked! Even me.
    How that can happen!!! My Chakra fully opened. I never got that again ever. But I believe in Chakras and the power of marijuana.
    Hope to experience it again.
    Good luck.

  5. Namaste 5 years ago

    This is just silly…..

    Marijuana (and other conscious altering substances) hinders a person quite alot. An exchange of energies must occur for an altered state to happen TO you by universal law…otherwise its greed, and thts a human condition. So when entities/beings/energy answer your call, they take the frequency closest to what the can process….which is your soul. In exchange for the energy high, you give up a piece of your soul. And bad news is, theres not really a way to get it back. Places where people get intoxicated alot hold the worst beehives of entities. Just picture a drug house, bar or strip club and youll probably get my drift…but its like tht in homes too and marijuana, alcohol, acid, perscription drugs, shrooms none of its excluded. Some of the worst homesive been to are from people who “just do naturals”.
    But you do still get a spiritual high feom mj, yes, and yes it can be very helpful receiving some messages or experiencing a spiritual state….but its reall kinda terrible for your soul and old fashioned meditation works just as well

    • Destiney Reed 5 years ago

      I’m sorry but you are giving a very biased, misleading point of view. As mentioned in the article, it is all about i n t e n t i o n. You attract what it is you want. If you’re looking for a good ol fun time, sexual conduct, ect. You will more than likely attract lower energies. If you’re expanding your consciousness, you will attract high energies. Shroom users are some of the most enlightened, spiritual people ao your entire opinion on shroom users is just that….an opinion. DMT is also a psychadelic that is included in your confused, misunderstanding of natural herbs and mushrooms. First off, they are plants/food…..not drugs. DMT is actually found in your root chakra but does contain enough to instaneously have a consciousness boost as DMT users do when smoking it. If you are going to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Leave your bias out of it.

    • Dr_Gonzzzo 4 years ago

      Weed works for me and my little kundalini tribe….

      Even the shaman that has administered my mushroom medicine has been smoking a lot more lately…
      He’s been doing it for 20 years.. From the Philippines through India to Europe and my country up north..
      But then again.. You can always argue with the sadhus by Ganges to you turn blue in your face about how they go about it all wrong and acts like drunken teenagers at some disco 😉

  6. Amy Rogers 5 years ago

    Lastnight I smoked with a group of friends, it was getting late so I decided to try and sleep. When I would close my eyes it felt like i was falling asleep, then all of a sudden I heard a bird chirp, I opened my eyes and thought why is their a bird 130am. Decided it was just my imagination and then all of a sudden I can hear whispering it was a women’s voice. I closed my eyes and it was like I was there in a ally way and someone in my vision said and pointed their is a body over there. I couldn’t make out what she was trying to say to me. I’m a little confused not sure what too think. I’ve always been haunted but was never able to see them. But this time it was different not a haunt but a vision. Maybe the weed is opening up the third eye more. I do meditate but never felt anything like that.

  7. Rasta Redz 5 years ago

    i used to smoke weed all the time but one day i smoked a full blunt by myself and i started to feel my spirit floating and feeling very light and i felt like i began to travel back and forth in time and with the effects i felt my body like shock waves throughout my system blacking out in the physical realm but awake in the spirit it was scary thought i was gonna die but lately i’ve learned that i was traveling in the spirit realm and fear was reason for why i suffered traumatizing effects its something i have to learn to control but the emotions that arises are sometimes too overwhelming i cant fight the fear of walking over into the other side.

  8. Mimi 5 years ago

    I think this article is highly incorrect, smoking Marijuana leads to many Entity Attachments even if you attempt to use it as a spiritual tool. Smoking Marijuana destroys the Etheric body, Energy body, creates many Holes in the Aura.
    I know this from EXPERIENCE. Smoking Marijuana also eventually Depletes your Chi (life force).
    also the entity attachments you will pick up will drain the life out of you over time.
    unless you smoke in nature and you are a shaman, the above will occur.

    • Lacie Lloyd 5 years ago

      Can you please provide resources on the information you are stating? You say this article is incorrect so I’d like to see or know more about your “experience” on the matter.

    • Dr_Gonzzzo 4 years ago

      Strange how experiences varies, eh? 😉

  9. Ariel Green 5 years ago

    MJ opens the chakras, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how evolved the smoker is. I believe in low doses it can be very helpful for meditation but it must be used with caution.

  10. Dr_Gonzzzo 4 years ago

    Had a spontaneous kundalini awakening this summer. The symptoms was already there, but I couldn’t ad them up.
    Now, after 5 sacred mushroom ceremonies, my kundalini energy surges through my body like a vibrator up to my throat area.
    Thus far, my instincts has told me that I can toke away, wake and bake, and keep my appetite up when I feel invaded by energies in the middle of the night.
    The kundalini energy will reach up to my crown chakra in due time.
    All I wanted was to get rid of my writer’s block. This was a bit unexpected to say the least. Since I was a painfully ignorant dunce about even the term Kundalini until 5 months ago…

    • emily 4 years ago

      Hi dr. Gonzzo. I had a very similar experience and would like to chat with you about it. Let me know if you’re interested!

      • Dr_Gonzzzo 4 years ago

        Hi Emily

        I’d like that.

        These days, I have let dogmatic Christian folks drag me down to their level. I feel dirty.
        I need some cleansing 🙂

  11. Frank 4 years ago

    I smoke pot and I consider myself a Christian. Of course marijuana is a taboo subject with most, but not all, the Christians I run into. I’m sitting here reading these comments and I see a lot of negative spiritual-type events that are happening with the opening of Chakras and Kundalini practices. Be careful with that stuff man. When you invite spirits into your body you don’t know what spirits are going to come in. I meditate in accorsance with the Bible and the only spirit I invite in is the Holy Spirit. That’s all you need. You don’t need all this nonsense from India, especially if you’re not from that culture. A 25 year old suburban white lady from Irvine has no business playing with stuff like this. Be careful. All you need is Jesus.

  12. Lindsey 4 years ago

    I have opened my chakras with and without the use of marijuana. I have experience my greatest meditation to date using marijuana my root chakra, third eye and crown chakra where very strong opened wide. The experience I felt was amazing energy as white bright light and spinning did occur for most of my meditation. I found my experience wonderful and will use marijuana again when meditating. I use to be a daily user of marijuana but now I use its occasionally as I feel that I have a better experience when not always smoked. I would agree that daily use would dull down the effects of opening the chakras so occasional is the best practice. I believe

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