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hey there so i was reading stuff about finding spirit guides and stuff. I already know they are there and stuff.. but then i was thinking about the person that was talking about being an empath and was wondering if i would fall into place or what kinda psychic i could be. i know i have some kind of ability that has strengthened in the past 2 yrs and i have friends and family that would agree. do you know very much about different types? thanks 🙂
You have to remember all things in the microcosm come out of the one giantic macrocosm. So you might have a gift as an empath but you might also be clairaudience or clairvoyant or even a healer. It’s all parts and pieces of the same thing. However some gifts can be much more dominate than the others because well we’re all different but yet we’re all the universe. All of our abilities go right in tune with the many different archetypes that make up the spiritual world as well.


All of the archetypes make up the whole but the different types are these psychic abilities:

Different types of Empathy:  Precognition ~ emotions or feelings of some future event or place.

Telepathy ~ hearing  thoughts as well as feelings.

Physical or Healing Empathy ~ a type of body reading, where one can either sense or feel an ailment, then goes on to use universal energy healing (or other types) if given permission to do so. Also it should be advised for the healee to have a doctors visit if condition is persistent or severe.

Intellectual Shape Shifting ~ where you know what was meant to be said during conversation, but the words were not coming out as in the thought process of the other person.

Seer ~ a form of seeing where the emotions are coming from and why they are causing the emotion, thus giving us a more intense feelings as to why. This also allows us confirmation. One will get visions of a scenario. Sometimes its can hit us like running into a brick wall, it’s stunning, though we know what hit us.

Spiritual Empathy ~ a god like ability in all of us, when in touch with this, or by opening up to it, by looking into ones eyes, the spiritual empath, can sense the other persons oneness with their god.

Then there are rear types of empathy,

Such as Molecular Empathy…which ones aura blends into another persons aura, both at a super fine level. From there they can move on to a more spiritual level together.

Animal Empathy….these empaths, have the gift of talking to animals and understanding their needs. You understand how it is to be that particular animal..dog, cat….etc.

Energy Worker: those who can manipulate and work with energy fields,

Lightworker: Those who know that before birth they were sent here to heal mother earth and help heal the people that are enslaved inside the old paradigm laced in fear.

Healer: A person who is innately gifted with quantum healing and is connected to the reiki healing light

Indigo Child: Individuals who are here to help bring about the New Age of Peace.  Indigo children are warrior spirits and often psychic, sensitive, natural healers and have an internal lie detector.  Many don’t resonate with any type of ‘system’ or overall group mentality.  They are called “Indigo” because of the Indigo hue in their aura.  Many are here to help create positive changes in the environment, government, and society so that the earth is a place of integrity. The lie detector that they have will help them see through the illusions and to bring about these new changes. Indigos require a certain kind of environment to best enhance their natural intuitive abilities. Some are labeled by society as troublemakers or problem kids.  In addition, Lightworkers can be Indigo but not all Indigos are Lightworkers.

Crystal Child: These children exemplify what the future of earth looks like. They are peaceful, kind and loving. They are the type of people that the Indigos want to see in this world; full of integrity and truth. They are also here to help the Earth and  humanity transition to the New Age of Peace.  Because of their capacity for telepathic communication they may be labeled as slow or autistic when this is just not the case. Highly sensitive beings

Rainbow Child: The best way to describe these children is pure love. Not many of these children exist right now, some have been born throughout the world, but many more will be born soon in the years ahead.
For more on The New EArth Children I suggest:

CLAIRVOYANCE- Clear Seeing: This does not mean that they have sight of the future or past, like seers; however, they sometimes can give information into your future or past by visioning an incident or scene. Clairvoyants are able to see places, people, words or objects withing the mind’s eye; they read for people by describing to them what it is they can see. They also have the abilities to see auras, guides and other energies. It is seen like a vision or dream, not in 3-D. The images just appear within our mind and can appear as if watching a movie or photograph.
CLAIRAUDIENCE- Clear Hearing: This means having the ability to hear infromation and things that are not actually near such as voices, bells, tones, music, songs and other types of sound. They receive information from spirits, as in the spirit of a loved one, or it could be spirit guides. Some hear on a physical level and for others it is in their head. Some skeptics often argue that it is all within their imagination, however, these words come to clairaudients at such a fast rate that they wouldn’t have time to think of these words themselves even if they wanted to. These people are often misjudged as crazy or schizophrenic.
CLAIRSENTIENCE- Clear Sense: This is where the person feels or senses things. This can be an emotional feelings or feeling physical pain that has occurred. You could always refer to this as intuition. Although there may be no knowedge of where this feeling is coming from or who it is from, it is just simply there, it is known. This is the ability to feel what others feel.
CLAIRCOGNIZANCE- Clear knowing: People often confuse this with clairsentience. This is the ability to know something, no-one tells them and it is not something they’ve read before, they just simply know it. It is an inner feeling, gut feeling, something known. They have an ability to answer questions and back them up when before they did not know anything.
CLAIRSCENTIST- Clear Scent: These are people who are able to smell fragrances or substances that are not near them. This can include perfumes, smoke, alcohol etc.
CLAIRGUSTANT – Clear Taste: These people are able to taste substances without even putting anything in their mouth. This could be cigarettes, food or drink. Sometimes the person will drink water or something with no taste in order to pick up/ receive tastes froma person that they are reading.
PSYCHOMETRYis the ability to read the history of certain objects by holding the object in your hand or placing it to your forehead. Usually small personal objects such as a watch, ring, key or other personal objects are the best.

Telekinesis (or Psychokinesis)

This is the ability to move objects without physical intervention. This is a very rare ability and even the greats of this ability are questioned in terms of authenticity. One of those people is Uri Geller, a world renowned spoon bender. To the disbelief of skeptics though, he’s shown that he can bend metal objects, such as spoons and forks, from great distances and in several locations. And even more strange, is that people who are near him or can hear him while he does his bending can have this ability temporarily


Remote Viewing

This is the ability to see, hear or feel target locations unknown to the viewer. This was established by the military and they wished to differentiate it from the label of ‘psychic’ because it followed strict protocols and the target was often blind (meaning unknown). Ịt can involve all of the psychic senses and is associated with the term bi-location which means the viewer can actually experience a hyper reality, as if they were there on location with the target. Some advanced viewers have even claimed that they can interact with the target, such as swimming in a lake, having a conversation with a person (dead or alive) and so on.

Here’s a fun A-Z list on psychic abilities if you’re interested in learning more:

basic tips on developing psychic abilities:  http://www.psychic-experiences.com/psychic-articles/develop-psychic-abilities.php

Hope i got all the good ones

Much love and light to you <3


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