Beetle Symbolism

Hi! I’m wondering if you knew anything about animal/insect symbolism. I’ve noticed that beetles have been making an appearance in my life lately. A Green June Beetle, to be specific, actually flew into my car a few days ago and it took me a couple minutes to safely get it out. Thank you in advance! And I really love your blog!
How interesting…When you think of the beetle my mind automatically goes to the Scarab considering that is one the beetle’s origins.

Scarab is a metaphysical and mythological symbol of Egypt. It is the guide of the cosmic Universe, teaching us about the elements of the creation forces for the scarab is the symbol for eternity.

The Egyptian tradition taught that everything that happens in nature is a microcosm of universal truths, like imprints of the divine reflected in the physical world; therefore, they used the natural phenomena to understand spiritual phenomena.

Egyptians observed how newborn scarabs emerge from the dung, and how the adult beetles spend most of their lives rolling the feces in order to feed their offspring, until mysteriously, the scarab becomes aware of a pair of wings which had always been there, and they courageously fly away to explore life outside the dung.

Death, for the Egyptians, symbolized this moment in which the scarab finally abandons the dung ball to be born in another reality.

The brief life of the scarab, then, reveals a beautiful message – just like the scarab beetle lives among the feces until it discovers its hidden wings. The human soul is also trapped in the physical world (symbolized by the dung ball) until it discovers its ability to fly.. It was an emblem of the Egyptian god Khepera, the god of creation, the Sun, and immortality. The image of the scarabaeus beetle was a common amulet buried with the dead as a source of new life for the heart in the next world.

The scarab is a symbol of transformation,  eternity, moving between worlds, cosmic forces, the concept of rebirth and enlightenment.

I also see the beetle as very grounding considering it’s a creature that gets down into the dirt and crawls on the earth. So it could denote stablity, your roots, grounding energy.

Here’s also a passage about specifically June Bugs

June Bug/Beetle – May Bug/Beetle

Although there is naturally a great attraction to spiritual matters, June Bug/Beetle will show how to balance and remain grounded. His wisdom teaches to navigate what is hidden in the sub/unconscious realms. Pay attention to nocturnal activities: dream time, journeys, and moments of waking, along with meditational impressions. Expect emotions to come to the surface as well as being emotionally tested in order to clean and clear the way for new and better things. Mental, spiritual, emotional movement appears in sets of 3. Pay attention to synchronicities. He demonstrates exterior strength and fortitude and the use of a tough outer shell when needed. June Bug/Beetle demonstrates a higher intuition connection and a keen sense of discernment in all areas. He will show how to dig for answers to reveal the truths you need. He shows how to move with a sharp sense of timing. His medicine represents opportunities to recycle, reinvent and repurpose what you have, know, think and act. This self-reinvention may include participating in larger groups to expand knowledge and awareness. A balanced diet includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains. May or June is a significant indicator of events. The time period for June Bug/Beetle has various stages. Take notice of circumstances, dreams, wishes and encounters that may happen within the next two to five days. In 3 to 4 weeks lessons will be coming to swift manifestation. Be ready. In the last two to three years, have you been inspired to do something, have unfinished projects or endeavors that have been delayed? He will show how to progress forward as it is time to emerge.


There is a lot of meaning behind beetle symbolism, find what resonates with you the most to find your true answer 🙂

love <3


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  1. Erik Gilcrease 5 years ago

    Hello Ashley, my name is Erik Gilcrease and I am from Lakewood, Ca. I have been dealing with the awakening process for more than a couple years now. It is has been tough for me when it comes to getting out of the house and interacting with others. I feel very uncomfortable and it is almost as if making eye contact with others is causing this uncomfortability or has something to do with the whole process. I am writing to you today because I have been seeing a Japanese June Bug flying by me near my house, the basketball court and other places around the neighborhood while I go on my walks by myself. Today is July 16, 2017 and I was in the backyard of my Aunt’s house and I saw the beetle on two different occasions. The second time I saw it I ran inside and decided to look up what it means when one keeps encountering this insect. From all my previous research on the awakening process I learned that there is great significance of signs in the form of animals and insects but I did not know what each one meant. This is where you came in with your website and the information it offered me on the Japanese June Bug. Before if I had experienced something like this I would not ignore it but I would rather just keep it to myself and constantly try and figure out what it meant and I definitely would not have responded with an email or comment. I know now that this type of behavior is not the solution to getting the help I need to moving forward and finding my life’s purpose or mission. I would like to thank you because you helped me take a step out of my comfort zone by reaching out to others. If you have anymore information or suggestions that I can utilize in this awakening process it would be greatly appreciated. I will also be paying closer attention to the signs and acting on them in a different manner. Thank you again and I hope to hear from you soon. You can reach me at my email,

    • Author
      Ash 5 years ago

      Hi Erik, I’m glad you realized the importance of reaching out, it’s actually funny the more we move out of our comfort zone, the stronger our awareness can become 🙂 I recommend to reach out to others more especially online, There are so many of us, if this is uncomfortable for you, it’s a sign that you need more connection. I recommend finding your own tribe, or seeking out an online community such as our fb group or the forum or a similar environment. From the sound of it, it seems like you would really open up and expand if you start stepping more out of your comfort zone. Glad the blog was able to help you!

      Blessings to you ♥

      • calm waters 5 years ago

        Comfort zone = we don’t like change. There is your answer just like lifting weights we must push ourselves to see transformation and change and tone in our body, then we begin to move forward. As you know any old dead fish can float downstream and one that is trying will stay in the same spot, however the one that really swims hard will start moving up stream and that is what we all want, is to move up. Stop looking down into this little screen and get out start looking up, join groups and interact with other people. Volunteering at the churches food pantry filling grocery carts with food and sharing with our brothers and sisters this will give you a sense of purpose. Enjoy life God gave you, you have only one life to live. When my feet hit the floor I give thanks for one more day, try it take a deep breath and be grateful you have air going deep down into your lungs for all the gifts the Father has so freely given . May our Fathers spirit move in you because you have a purpose and YOU ARE LOVED. When the warmth from the Sun warms your body smile and know you are Loved. The stars come out at night for you as a gift why because you are loved. When you are overheated in midsummer water droplets roll from your face then a breath of air gently moves across your face because you are loved. Smile at as many people today as you can if you encounter the same people tomorrow smile again and the next time you see them they will smile at you, this is what the world is looking for acceptance and it is just one more gift we have been so freely given. Enjoy Love is good. xoxoxoxoxxo’s

    • Tabatha Montoya 5 years ago

      Hi!!! I have had the same thing happen to me… It started years ago… N now this summer they are non stop and just plan out landing on me waiting for me in my car house ect… We should talk! Im living in cali as well.

  2. Dimension 10 5 years ago

    When I was 8 years old , one summer afternoon we were having a thunderstorm .
    I was looking out the window of our front door .
    across the street was a yard with a patch of woods behind it .
    I was looking at a tree at the edge of the woods , when a ball of flames about the size of a grapefruit came down out of the sky on my right , at a 45 degree angle.
    The ball of flames struck the tree I was looking at , AT THE EXACT SPOT ON THE TREE THAT I WAS LOOKING AT ! .
    There was a shower of sparks and a loud crack of thunder .
    I took off running though the house to the back door .
    I was now looking out the window of our back door.
    In our backyard was a big old willow tree.
    I was looking at that willow tree a couple feet up from the ground .
    When another ball of flames came down out of the sky from my left at a 45 degree angle.
    That ball of flames struck the willow tree ,AT THE EXACT SPOT ON THE TREE THAT I WAS LOOKING AT ! .
    There was a shower of sparks and loud crack of thunder .
    The willow tree then split in half , half of it fell to the ground while the other half remained standing .
    I took off running into the living room and told my parents that the willow tree was struck by lightning and it fell over.
    I was sitting on the sofa looking down at the floor a few inches before my feet, when another ball of flames came through the window on my left at a 45 degree angle and struck the floor AT THE EXACT SPOT THAT I WAS LOOKING AT !.
    The next morning I went out to look at the willow tree .
    In the half of the tree that was still standing , there was a hollowed out area with a large
    scarab beetle sitting there .

  3. Eddy 5 years ago

    Thank you so much Ash. I live in Togo, West Africa and a lot has been going in my life. Theses past weeks I’d been seing beetles almost everywhere. At first I didn’t even want to see them, then I started to admire; and tonight I saw one just at my door on the floor with much admiration that i suddent felt the strong feeling to look at it meaning; just as if it was talking to me. It has a brown-orange-green shades(do you mind helping me to decrypting the colors meaning??) . After reading your article I went back to see it then felt I needed to touch it. Which I did (without hurting it). Just wanted to share my story haha. Sorry for my english i’am currently native of a french country 🙂 I wanna thank you too for all the the love you spread here. Namate 🙂

  4. Melanie Renae Watkins 5 years ago

    Thank you for sharing the information!

  5. Bren Murphy 5 years ago

    Great share – very helpful – I really appreciate this have been using beetles in some of my material… #mindfulness

  6. Walt 4 years ago

    I’m researching the scarab artifact for a ‘Myth in the World’ course. As a result, I’ve read peer revised journals that lacked the depth and comprehension that you show. The way you articulate the symbolism is very impressive. It takes a spiritual person to interpret spiritual things. Thanks!

  7. Justin Dew 4 years ago

    I feel like they know how much I love them. When I go outside I swear they come right up to me and hang out 🙂 Thank you for the post!

  8. tumbacoco 4 years ago

    Wonderful article.
    I came across this article because one morning I heard a sound in my kitchen, this was about 5AM as I have been waking up very early for my morning routine, meditation, grounding outside, etc…
    I have been experiencing synchronicities, but this stood out alot.
    When I followed the sound and went through the area it was coming from, it turned out that there was a beetle/junebug inside my checkbook. It looked like it was fully grown but probably had not taken flight before. I had not opened that checkbook in a while and I have no idea how he would grow on its own with no food in there. There is no way for him to have crawled in there with that size, the checkbook has a tight seal all around.

    I have been paying attention to dreams, taking notes, writing down ideas daily, reaching deep inside to and finding my true purpose, I feel I am in the right path but if theres any information anyone could provide that could shed more light on this, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank You.

  9. Margarita Roy 4 years ago

    Ashley, I came across a dead June bug.
    Does the same spiritual principles apply?
    Thank you

  10. Madeleine Migenes 4 years ago

    Hi I saw a beetle with two heads … So either a mutant or two beetles mating?! … That I found in the strangest plac e! The refridgerator. What do u make of that? Grateful for any clues …

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