How to Feel Energy?

Healing Hands

I’ve seen that you are writing lots of posts about the strong energies that this week are striking on us (or are going to)

However, I can’t feel anything different. Actually, I never feel anything every time I read something related with strong energies moving through the universe. Is there anything wrong with me? It’s a bit frustrating. I’d totally appreciate it if you could give me some light regarding this.

Lots of love, Angelica. 


Okay i want to try to word this carefully…. First there is absolutely nothing wrong with you! Some people can sense energy patterns more than others, just like some people are better in math than other people. It’s taken me a lot of practice to get where i am today, reading energy doesn’t just happen over night. Sometimes people don’t even realize it’s happening to them and label it off as a panic attack or anxiety when in reality there are merely feeling their own energy.

Realistically anyone can feel energy because it’s what we are made of, it’s just a matter of being consciously aware of the energy around us.  Energy is consciousness, the more you begin to observe the subtle patterns within reality the more the patterns start connecting together. You can notice these subtle patterns within deep shifts in consciousness such as when the weather drastically changes usually so do we. If you start becoming consciously aware of these patterns, they start to mold together like puzzle pieces and then it becomes very noticeable we’re in a shift. For instance, I tend to experience A LOT of deja vu and symbolism right before a shift in the energy. Also if you think about weather changes, compare how you feel consciously in Winter compared to say Summer. It’s usually two totally different perceptions. In winter we’re more pensive, introspective and more reclusive but in Summer we’re outgoing, cheerful, and focusing more outward. This is only a small example but you see how energy changes depends on how consciousness changes. If the weather shifts, then we shift in perception and so the wheel turns…

Energy can also be felt in numerous ways. For instance one person may feel it as a vibration like a tingling sensation around their palms, while another may feel intense heat. This is usually more common for healers because the energy tends to generate warmth around their hand chakras. Other people may find they can SEE energy[clairvoyance] more than then can feel it such as seeing orbs of light, colors, flashes, sparkles in the sky, etc. Some people may not even be able to see or feel energy but instead they are run more so by empathy and their innate feelings[clairsentience]. Then there are individuals who can do all of the above. Everyone is unique and you can get better at these over time, don’t ever cut yourself short.

We are made of energy this isn’t just metaphysics, this is real physics!
If you are having difficulty feeling energy, trying some of these simple exercises might help you.  

  •  Rubbing the palms together creating a friction of built up energy                       
  • Pulling your hands together than apart like taffy in a slow motion. Push and pull your hands apart and focus on the energy of your hands moving back and forth between the two.                          
  • Transferring Energy between your hands as if carrying an invisible ball
    from one center of the palm to the next. This involves visualization and
    practice. It is also best to do these techniques when you’re in a
    calm tranquil state of mind. When we are angry, upset, or sad our
    emotions can rule over us making it much harder to concentrate and
    stay present during the visualizing. When we lose focus we are not in
    alignment with ourselves therefore it is important to stay centered
    and present during the process. A wandering mind will not give you a
    clear perception, it will only cause distractions and illusions. Also
    this is also a great method to do during meditation, healing yourself
    or other people with their consent. 

Have fun! 

love <3

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