How To Receive, How To Create


I originally was going to write this specifically about receiving insights, gifts, and blessing. However I wanted to take it farther than that.

I have learned, that the Universe responds to your frequency, and your thoughts.
What you ask for, you shall receive, however, if you vibrate at Love or above: above that, being peace, joy, and enlightenment, manifesting becomes quick, easy, and fun.

If you ask for something while feeling fear, doubt, guilt, shame, unworthiness, the universe doesn’t have full permission from your energy and frequency, to attract to you what you are asking for.

So I have found the highest frequency sentences that can really get you to receive the things you want to receive.

Gratitude is a very powerful force, it is accepting and being grateful for what is, and in that, so many doors open for you to receive even more abundance in all forms Life has to offer. This raises your vibration immensely, therefore getting you to a place where the Universe can give you things instantly, and manifest your dreams quickly.

The trick to getting something you want, is to proclaim you already have it, and be grateful for it.

So for example, if I wanted to be able to receive visions I would say “I am SO grateful and thankful for being able to clearly receive Divine guidance through visions gracefully and easily, and anything that keeps me from this, I un-create and delete from my Life.”

That is a very powerful affirmation, and you can say you are grateful and thankful for anything!

And make sure to add “Anything that keeps this from manifesting in my Life I un-create and delete from my energy”

This puts you at a vibration that helps you manifest easily!

Now, when you do this affirmation, make sure you release any abundance blockages such as dealing with self-worth, feelings of greed, how you feel about receiving from the Infinite.

If you feel you need to do this, be grateful and thankful for the Divine Guidance that helps you do so. Divine Love and Wisdom can touch you, even if you have doubt inside.

Now, I want to talk about Archangels, because on a scale of consciousness, 100 being shame, 200 being fear, and 500 being love, and 1000 being enlightenment, Archangels are at 50,000 or above. They can help you boost your vibration INSTANTLY.

All you have to do is create space in your mind through meditation, a relaxing bath, or simply taking a few deep breathes, for them to work. They work through stillness, silence and peace. So they can most affect you if you are in that state of mind as well.

Archangel Michael, who works with clearing negative energy, cutting cords (energetic attachment’s), protection of people, spaces, and with courage and deleting fear is very easy to work with since he resides closest to our physical realm.

Sometimes when I call upon him, I can feel this immense presence that surrounds me.

How to do this is take a deep breathe, and find some stillness in your self and say “Michael the Archangel” and that’s it. Let it linger in stillness, be open to What Is without expectations, and you will feel something, he shall show up however is perfect for you. Then you may work with him.

If you feel you can’t do this, ask for guidance to be able to from your Guides, The Angels, and Archangels, and whomever else you feel comfortable receiving guidance from, and use the affirmation above to get on the vibration where they can give it to you.

Raising your Vibration and Consciousness is the Primary focus however, and should be at the base of any practice, because it opens up Life to you, opens up You to Yourself.

The best way to do this, is to release lower vibrations such as fear, judgement, regret, anger, etc. And to raise yourself to love, gratitude, peace, acceptance, and compassion.

When loving All That Is, and feeling the love back, that raises your vibration.
Dancing, playing, laughing, also raises your vibration.
Helping other’s, praying for other’s, that also raises your vibration.

Anything that helps your heart sing, and shine, and brings joy to you, will bring joy to other’s and the whole Universe.

Shine on brother’s and sister’s, and I hope this helped you all.

Pure Love, Pure Light, and Pure Source energy blesses you all. <3


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