Twin Flames and Separation

I have been close with this person for a very long time now. We are in our 20s but whenever we are together we both feel like how we felt when we were kids. When we are together its like the outside world doesn’t matter, It becomes our world. It feels like she could be my twin flame but I heard you mention before about karmic twin flames. Idk, I love this person very much, I just need some advice I guess.
this sounds beautiful, I very much believe that any form of separation that which is the product of illusion is the direct cause of ego thinking and is a creation of 3d reality. Really think about it, why on earth would the divine want us to feel separated, lonely, misguided, alone? She wouldn’t, I believe it’s about connections all together, connections through divine love and feeling of the heart chakra expanding into awareness. We are moving away from the act of separation and duality into the heart that which is made of divine eternal love and feeling, unity. Togetherness. Really think about it, Are we creating a world without spiritual relationships? no Relationships are probably the most real thing on this planet and i don’t just mean romantic, i mean friends, family, strangers on the street you just happen to strike a conversation with who are also ironically going through the very same thing as you. It’s all around us, people just seem to miss the point and get boggled down in labels and judgments of the future.

The true reality is that there is no future, there is no past, we spend all this time fretting about what could be? or what should be instead of embracing what is happening right in this moment, right in this moment that you are reading this and your own feelings that you are feeling at this particular moment. It’s just that. We are creating the eternal present mind so we can create our own destiny, our own world of manifestion of beauty, truth, freedom and above all love (yes i just quoted moulin rouge on accident lol).

but my point here is if for one minute, we take away these labels ‘twin flame’ ‘soul mate’ ‘divine partner’ ‘indigo lover’ ‘starseed relationship’ ‘starlover’ whoever you want to name her/him, what is your union really about ultimately? Regardless of future, regardless of the past, you say you feel like the outside world doesn’t matter when you’re together, do you ever think of why? If the veil is coming down and all these emotions are getting into play, we realize that the karma codes are ending, Now we would think that because karma codes are ending that we would fade away and be left alone, not with anyone because its graduation day and it seems like we’re done here? right? Wrong. It SEEMS like that, yeah karma codes are ending, the world is falling apart, etc. etc. but what is really happening, is we are all connecting, each and every one of us, connecting at the heart of the earth, connecting on the soul level of our beings, connectiing through the truth,

because when you take all those labels away, every single one of them, you’re left with not nothing, you’re left with feeling, and what is left but the most powerful force in the universe?


People analysis too much, We make life so much more complicated than it actually is, we’re always thinking about where we should be and where we’re going instead of acknowledging who we are RIGHT NOW.  That’s what matters the most, time is illusion and what matters is not the future? What is the future? the future is empty space waiting to get filled, what is the present? the present is life itself, blooming with color, texture, wavelength, feeling truth and love.

I may be starting to babble too much coffee…but my entire point of all of this is if you love them and they love you, what is the problem here? Karma is ending and then what? We create our dreams into reality and destiny is in own hands, so start manifesting the positive  into your life and you will see it unfolding around you.

The ultimate illusion many face is that we are all separated by thought

But the magic is realizing we are all together
At the heart of the earth
The dodecahedronal figure

The hexagon of all

Created within the very center
That pulsates through her being
Connecting us all
Through the crystalline energy of one
Through divine love

You’re never alone for we are all connected together
at the heart of the earth
Where the power of the universe lies
the heart
divine love

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