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I havent channeled in awhile or shared some of my notes of speculation about where we’re at galactically lately. however i was talking to an old friend and had some thoughts i just had to get down afterwards. Anyway i felt like sharing, take of it what you will and if anything sticks out and resonates feel free to message me 🙂

I like pulling channeling thoughts from my head like a pensieve.


probability is being destroyed

Transition point of dismantling 4d world
view of choice. The Paradox

Past, Present and Future selves are
connecting together into a polarized
system. Connecting worlds together. into
a sequence of the dynamic energy field.
Emotional body ~ 2nd layer Energy Matrix
Sacral Emotional frequencies
Etheric Body ~ 1st layer energy matrix
Root Grounding Energy
Quantum Body ~ 3rd layer energy matrix
Mental and celebral, begins alignment to
higher subtle bodies
Celestial Body

Manifestation and affirmation
the power of eternal speech and writing
The power of the thought behind the
Energy fuels the thought into
Opening the doorway
Tranforming the Vehicle
Solar Plexus linking with the heart

mind connected to the heart
releasing karmic bonds in totality
to create the new universe of eternal
The playground of the Gods
releasing thy inner demons from the depts
of the underworld
Venus emerging breaking out of her
slumber, The Goddess is awakening
the people by handfuls at the many but
soon the shift in consciousness will
transform the waking world into the many
Soon the shift in conscousness will
transform the waking world
Celestial Body ~ 6th layer realm matrix,
the emotional body of the higher chakras,
rainbow, Christ consciousness, Third eye,
unconditional love spiritual ecstasy,
Connection through unity of life and
planetary consciousness (very important
body matrix to spirit in transition) 666
Astral Body ~ 4th layer astral matrix,
energetic cords, perception of the self,
the bridge between realities, the gateway
the God/Goddess body ~ 7th layer divine
matrix, One with the God-self, Golden
aura, Higher self infused with the divine
mind holds the energy body together through the Kether Template, Universal mind, Knowing the Higher Forces, Driven by the genuine search and channel to know the true nature of GOD.

connection the left and the right
connecting the mind with the heart.
the spiritual world with the material
the act of the symbol
pure archetypal awareness
of the soul
creating the bridge of unity
by the power of the soul and of the mind
linking together as one

Starting the new sequence
of consicousness


remember if HAARP attacks continue to
reverse the magnetic polarity in your
nervous system until you reach
equilibrium with the waves

last year a lot of the focus was
activating your higher self . but with
that people lost touch with the lower
dimensions of their being .. and it has
become a point of exploitation

Mind feeling like an encyclopedia

If you think of something, your eyes will instantly find the object or find the answer. As if your intuition is answered automatically like a form of telekinetic communication through the unifed field of thought.

Your emotional body is learning to center itself so it is doing some adjusting in frequencies, it takes a bit to catch onto but your thoughts are influencing your emotions right now. The world is breaking the barriers of 4d this is why it feels very shaky and ungrounded because its fundamentally the astral realm of thought. Matrix systems changing into the galactic core system awakening the higher realms into the earths central core matrix grid. the diamond of consciousness.

4d world is full of illusions, releases, fears, anxiety, lots of mixed emotions. It’s like digging into your subconsicous mind and taking a stroll into our deep subconscious long term memories. Releasing the bonds of Karma as we open our awareness further. 😉

So what is the 4th Dimension?

The “rules” of 4th dimensional consciousness provide an enhanced sense of ease, possibility, and capability than the structures of the 3rd dimension.

Time in 4D, for example, is always present time. The focus is only ever this moment, what is happening right now. Our bodies already know only this present time; they can’t know ‘yesterday’ or ‘tomorrow,’ and as conscious beings in our natural alignment in the higher 4th dimension, we function absolutely in this “Now” of present time awareness and attention. When our attention point becomes present time awareness, choice becomes possible again. We can observe any and all events with a sense of detachment, merely as information to consider, and from that still, uncluttered platform we are then, and only then, free to choose our response. In the higher 4th dimension we become response-able.

A concept and possibility known as paradox also becomes available in the present time of 4D consciousness. Paradox simply means that what was true just a moment ago may not be true right now. And what was false a moment ago may no longer be false. Instead of applying rigid, pre-existing definitions to any experience, we choose our preferred version and vibration in every moment.

So as we move into 4D consciousness in present time, with the power of choice and response-ability, and the flexibility of paradox, the ability to alter the game to enhance our happiness and wellbeing becomes available.

Interestingly, 4D consciousness will not be a long-term option after the Shift clears away the rigid structures of 3D consciousness.

The 4th dimension is serving as an essential, but short-lived, stepping stone or vibrational platform from which we will all move into 5th dimensional consciousness. 5D is the target for Earth and all her inhabitants. The archangels have said the entire consciousness of Earth will be a fifth dimensional consciousness by the year 2015.

But although the 5th dimension is the target, the experience of the 4th dimension is essential. We cannot enter 5D directly from 4D. All mental and emotional baggage from the 3rd dimension must be left at the door to the 4th dimension, and we can only enter the 5th dimension after we have become masterful of our thoughts and feelings in the 4th dimension.


Therefore it may sound completely bonkers to some still stuck on teh concept of we missed the date of ascension but i wholeheartedly believe these new energies we are feeling are the releasing mechanism of dismantling 4th dimensional concepts into Real Present Time. This is why everyone is so wish-washy these days because when we think in time instead of focusing on the present our minds are catapulting into all these different paradoxes of black hole dark energy illusions. It makes so much sense it’s almost eerie and unbelievable. But wholeheartedly i believe we’re in a VERY dynamic shift right now folks and this one is going to be a good one. Spring should be a beautiful energy on the horizon just hang in there <3

All input is wonderful, please tell me your thoughts and feelings on this?

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