Dream Symbolism: Saving People

I need help interpreting a dream:I was for peoples lives. There were big brother cameras and the ones that hover and bad ships attacking the civilians. I was controlling the crowd , getting them to safety. Later in the dream I started loosing my ability to speak. I didn’t panic cause in my younger days while saving people, I would loose my eye sight. I always have dreams where I am saving people and stuff. why?
Saving people is usually the results of an imbalance in the root chakra. Survivial, family  and tribal instincts correlate directly to the root. I would try to work on grounding and stability within the material world. Losing your ability to speak might connect to some form of telepathic communication especially in the astral. It could also mean that you’re awakening your other senses. To dream of big cameras or hidden cameras usually means that you feel like you’re being watched and all eyes are one you. Again this goes directly back to the root chakra, paranoia, fear, unstable, survivial, etc. Our dreams like to help heal us through spiritual messages and experiences.

grounding: http://www.spooksinvestigations.com/different-ways-to-ground-yourself-and-protect-yourself.html

The root chakra is tied to our survival instincts and connection to the Earth. It’s located at the base of the spine and is red. Each chakra spins at a different rate and the first chakra spins the slowest. The kundalini energy is coiled in your root chakra also.

Characteristics of the First Chakra

Your desire to live relates to the first chakra. Because it’s tied to our survival instincts, a feeling of lack means you may experiencing an imbalanced root chakra. Being afraid you won’t make rent in time or have enough food to eat are signs of an imbalanced chakra. Of course if this is a reality, then you may have limiting beliefs which are keeping you from living an abundant life. In Wayne Dyer’s book, Inspiration, he says he’s financially well off because he always knew he’d be wealthy. He says he is money.

It’s important to keep the root chakra balanced because it’s the “roots” of the rest of the chakras. Like the roots of a tree, they must be strong in order to sustain the rest of the tree. Create a strong base and the rest will follow. Your hips, legs, feet, circulatory, skeletal, kidneys, and muscular system are tied to your root chakra.

Root Chakra Stats

•The root chakra is red
•It vibrates at the lowest rate
•It’s located at the base of the spine
•To ground, imagine a cord connecting from the root chakra to the center of the earth
•The scent associated with this chakra is musk and wearing it will energize this chakra.
•Red and black stones balance this chakra
•Seat of passion
•Goddess Gaia is tied to the root chakra. Doing a meditation with her will be useful for energizing your root chakra.

Is Your Root Chakra Healthy?

Here’s a small questionnaire to answer related to your root chakra:

•Do you dislike your feet and legs?
•Are you experiencing pain in the hips, lower back, legs or feet?
• Do you feel strongly about the color red whether it’s one of your least favorite or most favorite colors?
• Are you passionate?
• If you get angry, is your first reaction rage or aggression?
• Do you get angry easily?
• Do you often feel a loss of energy or inertia?
• Are money issues a concern?
• Have you experienced feelings of powerlessness or fear?
If you answered yes to a majority of the questions, your root chakra is in need of healing.

Energize the Root Chakra

Drumming, dancing, and jogging help to balance this chakra. Dances that require you to stomp your feet on the ground work well for this chakra. Think of tribal type dancing. Belly dancing is also great to energize all the chakras. During my goddess workshops, I get the women doing a fun sacred dance that’s specifically for opening the root chakra. This dance requires you to do a lot of squatting with slow movements.

Hope this helps

much love <3

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