Near Death Experience

I’m sorry this story is kind of lengthy but I was curious to see your perspective on my experience, maybe you can shed some light on some of the meanings behind it?

5 years ago I was in a car accident that resulted in the loss of my left kidney, broke my back in 3 places, shattered my left humerus, broke 5 ribs, broke my sternum, had a piece of my stomach and small intestine removed, as well as a serious head injury and many other injuries.

My memories are really choppy and vague but I will just explain what I do remember, so please be patient and understand that my memories are slowly returning through a lot of deep meditation and emotional cleansing. This are just the small bits and pieces I vaguely remember. Feel free to leave any comments or similar experiences,

I remember my friend who was driving screaming at the top of her lungs as her ex boyfriend in the passenger seat got out to help keep her calm as i lay on the floor gasping and moaning for air i felt as though my insides had just turned inside out and i drifted out of consciousness only to awake for a bit in the ambulance while the paramedics began to cut off all my clothes ( which at the time were my favorite pair of skinny jeans and a shirt I had just made for myself ) I remember telling them not to cut my pants cause they’re my fav but of course the paramedics being more conscious of what was happening continued and I blacked out once more…

I woke as they were taking me into the hospital and i remember there being a sense of panic and everyone was rushing and I was so cold, again I driffted out of consciousness and came back while I was under an examination table, It was truly a cinematic moment seeing the huge white light above me with several silhouettes of doctors in awe of my extensive injuries, they told that I was so bad they could not attend to me at that hospital and had to be taken via helicopter to a bigger hospital in the city and I would constantly ask to be put to sleep and they assured me they would put me under anesthesia as soon as i got to the other hospital and i closed my eyes…

moments later I saw lights passing over my head rapidly as i was being rushed in a stretcher to the helicopter… I was read my last rites by a catholic priest and my parents were told to say their last goodbyes because most likely I was not going to make it. I remember my dad’s shaky voice telling me to be strong for everyone and my mom giving me a kiss.

From that moment on I lost consciousness and remember waking in the city in the streets, outside of the hospital (which still surprises me, to know that my spirit was aware of where I was even though I had no previous knowledge of where I was) I remember walking around feeling lost and the city appeared to be somewhat the same except for everything was dirtier and I was seeing the world through different eyes.

I remember being in an orb and floating around seeing various scenarios of people having sex in the streets and feces everywhere. I was scared and running from someone who was chasing me… I ended up hiding in a trash can if I recall correctly and eventually found a tunnel on a side of a building that led down to a place with no buildings or structures that you would see outdoors. no trees, clouds, buildings… just a path and run down fences. I remember seeing people having sex just wherever they wanted and the feeling of sin was all around me.

The entire time I remember having knowledge of being afraid, clearly this was somewhere nobody wants to be and I recall constantly running from dangerous people constantly trying to harm me. Things took a turn for the worst and eventually I was being held prisoner in a beautiful house with a big pool right outside the slider door to my left and to the right was a closet. I had piercings all over me (which in reality were my breathing tubes and iv’s as my sister recalls me trying to pull them all out at one point saying I was being sold for prostitution and had to escape.

The people that owned this home were a mom and a dad with 2 younger asian daughters that were being taught to strip down and show their genitals as a form of good manners, once the little girl was talking to me and apologized as soon as she realized she had not pulled her pants down. while this whole time i lay in a bed unable to move, restrained to the bed. The dad would come in occasionally and open his closet door where there was a stripper pole and a mirror, and he would dance and move his tongue around in the mirror, he loved his toned body and wasn’t dancing for anyone , just himself. He loved seeing himself in this mirror and the wife was always by an outhouse by the pool outdoors. She seemed to be a business woman and had work on her mind most of the time, although she was just as ill spirited as her husband.

I’m not sure how I managed to escape this house but I remember in my dream thinking of yanking out all the piercings (which blinked and in my dream they were piercings / tracking devices the family put on me. I wanted to gather all my energy and get up off the bed and rip everything out and run out the front door, somehow I was aware though that my body was so weak that if i even managed to get out of the house un-seen I would have to run somehwere to hide, and I could somehow see the outside and there werent people around it was in a secluded wooded area.

soon after I was placed in a hospital in my dream as my own dad lay beside me in a stretcher of his own, this hospital had a strange feel and I didn’t like it. My dad ended up passing away in my dream and the emotions were so overwhelming… Can you imagine thinking your own father just died while all of these horrible things are happening to you as you just lay there motionless in this ugly hospital. You have to remember that in a dream everything seems so real, in this hospital I was being raped by the nurses and drugged to keep quiet…

in my dreams I would constantly tell everyone to save me, my family would come visit me in this dream hospital and i would yell at all of them for not saving me and i felt as though i was left there alone.

It’s strange cause my consciousness sometimes would shift from out of my body and see my mom and sisters in a waiting room, or feel the presence of relatives who came to see me in my coma state. Regardless of what people think, I believe people in coma’s can sometimes be very conscious of what’s going on and it’s important to talk to the victim in a calm manner even though they’re in a coma because they can still hear you! one of my brothers remembers telling me everything will be alright and in my dream i was being chased by people trying to kill me by a beach and my brothers voice came into my dream and he appeared there, he hugged me and told me i would be fine as long as he was there he would kick anyones ass. I felt calm and it relieved some tension in my dream for a while.

my next memory of the dreams were that I turned into a fish, I remember talking to another fish, although not verbally… more telepathic and we were in a big lake, for a while we were hiding in a cave and eventually swam out because there was a net running through the lake, not a big one… just one you would imagine a fisher using with a handle and everything. I remember both of us just urning to get into this net, it was what we really wanted and we just had to… I did end up getting fished up and that was the last i remember of being a fish…

I awoke in the middle of a desert with nothing to be seen all around me except for a bright orange tent, not a tent like you would camp in but more asian influenced, for meditative serene purposes i assume and there was a monk in a robe the same color as the tent… I remember at first he seemed sexual and I was unsure of what to think, I know I stayed there for a while… days even! This monk spoke of so many things to me, explaining and clearing things up for me. I know that what he was telling me was important and I really wish I could tell you what it was he told me, but the truth is at this moment I cannot recall what it was he told me….

After he was done with what had to be done a giant colorful craft much like a hot air balloon without its basket floated down to this place with so many different color.s I got on and it floated away with me as i left the dessert behind I was taken to a place that reminded me of willy wonka’s chocolate factory and I only say this because of the colors and the beauty and awe of this place… for me it was like a beautiful theme park of a sort and I remember somehow being told that this place was mine… (another reason why it reminds me of willy wonka) I was being given this place and I was so happy to be receiving it.

After this, I woke in a cradle in a huge building that had so many other babies as though it was a nursery and I was fed a spoonful of medicine by a nurse every day… I was put on a boat and on this boat the little asian daughters visited but It was more of a goodbye and I was leaving all these things behind, although i was a baby in a cabin on this boat leaving this island i could see what was ahead (again, it was more a of an external sight, a sense of knowing and with no effort I could see the baots destination…. a bright island! The image gave me hope and faith that I would soon be safe as soon as i reached this island. Everyday my week body was fed by this nurse and I was slowly regaining my health from a week child to a healthier more vibrant being.

the last day the nurse gave me a spoonful of medicine we reached the island, and shortly after I woke up.

It took me a month to collect my thoughts and separate my dreams from reality as they seemed to mesh together before my eyes, although I was awake I could see the walls melting and the floor breaking apart.
All together it took me a month to come out of a coma and regain my memory and remember who I was, my sister asked me if i knew why i was in the hospital and I was so hazy I told her yea, I was kidnapped and being raped and prostituted and that’s how I got there. My sister looked so baffled when I told her this and she looked at her now husband who was at the time her ex boyfriend but reassured me that I was in a car accident a month prior and that I was going to be fine. “you got in an accident, you never made it to the restaurant when you guys were going out to eat” and my brain fell silent.

It took me a while to start coming around fully, as in my consciousness still wasn’t fully present and I hadn’t taken in any of what had actually happened to my body. It wasn’t until I was taken to a rehab hospital where i spent a very long time re learning basic things that everyone normally takes for granted such as walking and eating. It was during this time that my sister started explaining my injuries and what happened and I started coming back to reality slowly.

To this day, I still don’t recall everything obviously seeing as how my story is kind of choppy and scattered which i apologize for. I know that I experienced something that not even I can fully understand but I have accepted this accident and consider it a blessing. I have taken away so much and my life has taken a complete turn for the better. I am now happy and aware that I was given a second birth for a reason.

— hausofdevilleFrom what i gather what you basically experienced was a type of near death experience, your subconscious went into the astral state aka dream state of mind where your mind produced many visions both terrifying and calming to your mind which transmuted your sense of reality for a time while you were in the coma. Your dreams work in symbolic interpretations of your subconscious desires, fears, memories, etc. It would take me awhile to interpret all of these but like the ending of the dream where you felt like you were a baby in a nursery and then you found an island. It would be as if through all the early signs of fear from the rape and various debauchery from the streets your consciousness was moving from a very dark state to a state of renewal or rebirth. This could probably be considered somewhat like a trip around the tree of life, you visited the kingdom malkuth, where you faced the animalistic nature of people, are primal animal instincts and then this diverged into something entirely different. It’s kinda like you took a trip within your subconscious mind, that’s the only way i see it and through traveling the various levels of your mindin this strange astral state of mind you eventually reached the island. An oasis of refuge where you were reborn again.

I highly suggest looking into this further with dream books, Carl Jung’s Man and his symbols and maybe looking into different types of near death experiences to see if they compare to your own.

Hope you’re doing much better now <3


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