Numerology MASTER POST: How does Numerology and Stargates work?

If the date, as the arbitrarily assigned thing it is, can do that, so can any other thing or idea in existence, which makes it not at all special or unique or even unusual. Seems to me, either it is ALWAYS there, but maybe some people can’t open themselves to it unless there is some arbitrary reason given for it, or it is “frou frou.garbage.” I prefer the former. I think the Universe does not give two whits what numerical value we assign to tiny fractions of her movements. It makes absolutely no sense. And if it comes from the Qabalah, I would think dates on the Hebrew calendar would be much more pertinent. And, please don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to be argumentative. It just genuinely makes absolutely no sense to me how some number assigned by the elite in power, be it a pope, a roman emperor, or some ancient Babylonian would have any inherent power such as this. I mean, I try to be open-minded, I do, but this idea just… has no resonance nor logic for me, and I am genuinely trying to find one or the other or both here.

— mollyfamousi’ve been wanting to respond to this because i feel it deserves a good response, i’ve just been a little busy the past few days due to the holiday.

I respect your inquiry, Stargates or Numerology are not something that can be explained through rationalism, that’s part of the reason this topic is so controversial because it goes against everything we know. I truthfully believe nothing is arbitrary. The universe displays a natural order to all of life even down to the subatomic levels. We live in a very intricate system of balance and order.

If we think of astrology, it appears there is no rationalism to it however it’s still a very real system that connects to mathematics and numerology. Your birthday is even conducted through magnetism and the mathematics of the solar cycle, each angle and degree is an influence on your own natal chart of your birth date. Your natal chart even has specific key points that display your karma from your past lives, your direction of travel and even your love life.

The calendars themselves each connect to the cycles of the lunar and solar calendar. All calendars are associated with the constellations in the sky. Constellations themselves are specific geometrical formations of energy or natural stargates in space. “In astronomy, it is perceived that the sun makes an annual journey through the stars on the path called the ecliptic. Of course, the average person can’t see the stars and the sun at the same time, so this takes a degree of scientific sophistication. One can divide the ecliptic into 12 segments of 30° each, the signs of the Zodiac. The passage of the sun through each segment is a zodiacal month.”
The division of the Ecliptic dates back all the way to Old Babylonian scripture or Chaldean Astronomy.

Each calendar is different but almost all of them follow the same patterns of the cycles of the seasons, the equinoxes, solstices, lunar and solar. Every calendar based system is based around natural processing, it’s how the first calendars were made. They were based around the cyclic year of the lunar and solar systems.

To understand Numerology from a remotely rational perspective we have to travel to Mathematics.

The Universe is run by a very intelligent design that all correlates towards Numbers and geometrical form. It has even been said by Pythagoras that “all is numbers”. The nature of all life including our bodies is composed of the Golden Ratio[golden mean, golden section] or Phi. Phi is also the 21st letter in the greek alphabet and the number 21 is also a Fibonacci number. Phi and Pi are what make up many ancient temples/sculptures/buildings including the great pyramid of Giza. The Golden Ratio is found throughout history and even if you look at your hand, there is also the phi ratio. The Golden Ratio is evident in the pentagram, the icosahedron, the dodecahedron, and all living things on this planet. Reality exists much like a computer where it has a multitude of complex layers. Each layer connects to an information system that processes and communicates to each system running through algorithms inside your computer. When you hijack the matrix, the complexities translate to a simple binary system of numbers: 1010101010101010. This same system is quite similar to how reality itself works.
We are a system ruled by numbers.

These numbers are what build the house you live in, they helped make the clothes on your back and they are even within the flowers in your driveway. The space that you currently are existing in is a tesseract.The movement of your body is various geometrical designs created asymmetrically. Nature is a system controlled through a systemic balance through numbers.

In mathemathics it could be said a human being is like a fractal of the universe. A fractal is a never-ending infinitely complex pattern. The process relates to a repeating an ongoing feedback loop over and over again creating the image of chaos out of complex order. Nature is FILLED with fractal patterns throughout all of reality. Each of these complex mathematical systems correlate to the next.  This is a fractal pattern in nature: image

Numerology is the connecting piece between mathematics, it lives at the heart of the ancient Gematria and shows the simplicity of the natural order of mathematics. “Mathematics is not merely quantitative but qualitative as  well. Numbers are not cold, dead, dry arbitrary accidents of cosmic chaos but the language and  lifeblood of the creative force behind creation.” – Marty Leeds

If you notice many things in life have a calendrical based system. If you look at a deck of cards or a tarot deck they are all in alignment with the geometries of the universe. Each suit or Element stands for the four seasons.

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91 days the calculation of each total 364 with the joker or the “fool” equals 365. [Quadrivium]
29.53 days is the occurrence between full moons, the sun-moon-earth system are accurately defined by the combination of 18,19, and the golden section. You will find in almost all traditional tarot decks they associate 18 and 19 with the sun and moon.

The Solar year lasts 19 years and the lunar year lasts about 18.6.
18.618 X 19.618 equals 365.247
.  365 days per year what we are use to tell time.
This is known as the Metonic cycle: “The cycle was used in the Babylonian calendar, ancient Chinese calendar systems (the ‘Rule Cycle’ 章) and the medieval computus (i.e. the calculation of the date of Easter). It regulates the 19-year cycle of intercalary months of the Hebrew calendar.” The Metonic cycle is what many calendars use to keep track of Time all the way back to the ancient world.

The Standardization of Numerology all comes back to the breaking down of any number to the principle digits of 1-9. This understanding has a plethora of names: Digital Root, Kabbalistic Reduction, Pythagorean Addition,  Theosophical Addition and Decimal Parity.[Marty leeds]

The Axiological philosophy of numerology is constructed using TEN basic principles. Ten is the number of completion, the ending of cycles and has been a significant number passed down from the ancients. You will notice in the Tarot, the Tenth card in every suite relates to an ending of some sort, such as the ten of swords represents transformation and deconstruction of structures.

These Ten numbers are what mold, de-construct, rebuild and form the basis of your existence within the universe. In the Kabbalah system each of these numbers 1-10 are assigned to a Sephirot, each Sephirot correlates to a various substructure of the Dimensions of the psyche. The 8-circuit model of consciousness proposed by Timonthy Leary is structured around the same system into Hermetism, the chakra system, Kundalini and also naturally the Tarot system.The tree of life is basically a universal map of our universal system. Each number correlates to a different meaning within the sephirot. Understanding the Sephirot is very difficult because it is not merely on one plane of reality but numerous planes of reality or pathways of the psyche. There is also the world of Daath the void of the Tree of Life, also known as 0, pure nothingness also zero point.

And this is where things start getting controversial…To understand each of the numerological sequences you have to study the tree of life, archetypes, geometry and various symbolism through ancient history.

Each number is a point on the dimensional plane of the system of the mind.

The Numerology works in a way that triggers a subconscious archetypal response within your long term memory all going right back to processing numbers like a futuristic computer. Carl Jung has studied this concept of subconscious triggers extensively.

The Master Numbers
1010[also 11] – reality is a biogenetic experiment created from numbers through binary systems
911[also 11] – 9=Endings. 11=DNA spiral. 911=ending code of our DNA program in this reality.

111[3] – the vision, illumination, channel to the subconscious, insight without rational thought, the gateway, versica piscis
222[6] Duality – Polarity – Reality is created by an electromagnetic energy grid. 2+2=2=6=Flower of Life
333[9] represents a higher octave of 9 = closure in 3D
444 [12, 1+2=3]represents a higher octave of 3 = 4d mastery of thought and illusion
555[15,1+5=6] all elements(air, earth, water, fire, ether) combined is a sphenic number. In base 10, it is a rep-digit, and because it is divisible by the sum of its digits, it is a Harshad number. It is also a Harshad number in binary, base 11, base 13 and hexadecimal. Represents 5D or 5 dimensional consciousness

666[18,1+8=9] creating the merkabah,star tetrahedron, star of david, aligning the elements and the senses together in understanding. the number of man, elements of earth combined with spirit
777[21, 2+1=3] spiritual divine connection (connected to crown chakra), the number of god also 21.
888[24, 2+4=6]rebirth, infinity, paradise regained
999[27, 2+7=9] karma codes ending, life cycles complete. It is the Triple Triad – Completion; fulfillment; attainment; beginning and the end; the whole number; a celestial and angelic number – the Earthly Paradise.
10 [1]completion and back to the source energy field or universal cosmic consciousness. Ten is the number of the cosmos—-the paradigm of creation. The decad contains all numbers and therefore all things and possibilities. It is the radix or turning point of all counting.

The representation of all master numbers connects to the universal sequence of 369.

0 tree of life, zero point
3 density line, creation for all. 3d. creation, the triangle, the student, the third solution, the creation of a double charge, the progression through life.
6 perfect balance, which ideally transmit the will of God on earth. Heaven uniting with earth. double-builder 33, the power of the material world, balance
9 completion, whole creation, all thought, divine, full circle, bioenergy, complete creation, power, brilliance, triple connection and balance.
This also creates the pyramid of enlightenment

222                       333

The master numbers in sequence within the energy of the pyramid’s structure of the 12 pyramids of thoth.

111 = 3
222 = 6
333 = 9

Regardless of what system we’re using, numerology connects directly towards each system because each system’s underlining current is numbers and geometry.

231 is a triangle inside of a triangle inside of a triangle. This would also create a tetrahedral figure. A double tetrahedron creates a merkaba or a TORUS of energy your auric field. 231+231= 12=3
12 is equal to Carbon 12.
Fun Fact: The most common carbon isotope (Carbon-12), the basis of all known life on Earth, consists of 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. The number of man’s basic body make up is 666.

Numerology of Stargates are complex in that the numerological value creates a geometrical sequence within the symbol of the number that correlates to the constellations within the sky. If you think of 11:11 it will create the Versica Piscis. The gateway of the eye within the galactic center of the milky way. The vagina, the birth canal, the divine mother principle.
12+12+2012= 11
12+21+2012= 11
The Procession of the Equinox start of the Aquarius Age


Now if you think of 12:12 it creates a tetrahedron, 12 rotational symmetries which then combined with another creates 24 or 6. The merkaba, star tetrahedron.
12+3+2013= 12
12+12+2013 = 12
12+21+2013 = 12
333 = 9

The 13:13 gate creates a 44 or 8 which is a number of rebirth, infinity, transformation, ending and beginnings. The 13 is the 12 and 1 theory. 13=4. “The image of The Flower of Life, which contains all of sacred geometry, is composed of 13 systems of information that come out of the fruit of life. Each of these 13 systems produces a set of geometries that delineate and describe in detail every single aspect of our reality. You get to these 13 systems of information by combining female energy with male energy. In sacred geometry, curved lines are female while straight lines are male. One of these thirteen systems is created by connecting the centers of all the spheres in the fruit of life. If you do, you come up with a figure known as Metatron’s Cube.”

12+12+2014 = 13
12+21+2014 = 13


Who wants to guess and say next year’s gate equals 6?


All of Life can be reduced back to Numbers. That is truly the beauty of the universe at work. Nothing is remotely arbitrary and there are no coincidences. Everything is underlining a very beautiful and intricate divine order that creates the architecture of the Universal system of balance.

The signs are all around us, Numerology is found everywhere, when one knows where to look and observe.

Stay Curious <3

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