Sleep Paralysis that ends quickly ONLY when I relax.

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Ok so I have had many episodes of sleep paralysis since I have been 11 years old. I am now 41. Still have them. I always thought they were nighttime seizures or similar as the spinning and vibrating effect was so strong.

They terrified me and I fought them hard and often. When I was young I would come out of them with multiple cramps in my muscles. Now that I understand what exactly I am experiencing, (believe it or not, thanks to my doctor), I am now okay with them and can tell if I will experience it before I even get comfortable in bed.

My question is this, upon research everything relating to astral projection and sleep paralysis focuses on increasing your chances of an OBE through relaxing and faster vibrations. I however, have found that when I “fought” the paralysis I would go back into a “fast” spin or vibration and it would last longer. If I just breath and say to myself “ride it out”, it ends quickly.

I picture it like I’m a tube (horizontal obviously) and I’m spinning on a rotisserie (I’m horrible at explaining – sorry); and when it starts to slow down I have to pick the perfect moment to “jump off”. If I try to jump off (aka move) at the wrong time, the speed picks up full force and I have to wait another (30 seconds?) for it to slow down. So in my relaxing, I’m actually coming out of it faster.

Any suggestions on how to attempt an OBE while remaining relaxed but not fully waking myself?

I’m curious to know if I might even actually be partially “out of body” when this spinning goes full tilt.

Note: I have never had hallucinations or felt negativity around me. Scared to death when I was younger but it was just about realizing I was aware of my body freaking out. It ALWAYS happens upon falling asleep as opposed to waking up and while on my back. If I wake and go right back to sleep without physically changing sleep positions, I will fall right back into it again. If I try to scream (and I have to see if my husband can tell me what I look like 🙂

) or move, it lasts a LOT longer. Hope this helps.


Wow it sounds like you’ve had quite a few strong experiences. Whenever approaching Astral Projection, it’s best to stay as calm as possible and realize you are the one in control. You are ultimately in control because this is your body and your soul, with practice and concentration you can get better at learning to control this. It really is about learning to relax and let go of fear entirely in this state of mind.

The medical explanation is that sleep paralysis happens when the mechanism, that prevents you from physically acting out your dreams, doesn’t shut off when your dream-stage of sleep concludes. You awaken from the dream, fully aware, but paralyzed; you’re not asleep, actually.

It seems like you are getting stuck between the hypnogonic state and the departure state. 

The vibrational state will be you feeling your energy body, full of tingling sensations and usually you will see a void like space. This is usually where you can feel like you’re almost in hyperspace, you want to concentrate here and see that you are deeply in control, it’s best to stay relaxed and push your energy into this void space you are seeing. Imagine a box or a circle and push your energy into it to feel the vibrations. 

“Now that you’ve found the vibrations, focus on them and the way they move through you. Focus on controlling them with your mind. Practice mentally pushing them from your head, down your body and into your toes, making them surge through you.
Practice this until you can induce these waves at will.

Now that you’ve begun to strengthen your mental control of the vibrations, it’s time to try a partial separation.
Focus your mind on the act of leaving the physical body, starting with your astral hand. Try to separate it from your physical hand. Move it toward a nearby object such as a wall.
Now push the hand through that object.
When you’ve succeeded, return it to your physical body, slow the vibrations and end the session. Remain on your back until you’re once more in a fully awakened state.

Now that you’ve achieved success with your hand, it’s time for you to leave your body altogether.
Repeat the first six steps until you feel comfortable with them.
But, this time, instead of returning to the awakened state, continue, to disengage your astral self completely. Think about getting lighter and lighter, about how good it’d be to float upward. Keep this thought in mind no matter what and let no other thoughts interrupt it. An Out of Body Experience will occur naturally at this point. Think of floating upward, and you should find yourself floating above your body.
Congratulations, you’re now an astral projector (or should that be projectionist?). Have fun and see what, once free of physical constraints, you can discover.”
This is a wonderful step by step guide:

It just takes lots of practice but your ultimately in control and that’s the big thing here it’s about learning to control your astral body and the astral state. these vibrations are simply your energy body andtorus aura, which is why it can create a spinning effect. It’s your energy aura at work essentially. I would practice being in control of your vibrations to help you have a peace of mind. It’s always good to remember the Universe is more playful than serious. 

hope this helps 

Much love <3


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