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I apologize for my absence within the past few days but i had possibly one of the best 48 hours of my life. I know since the 21st i have gotten over 25 questions about What really happened…either i’m a joke, people think ascension is nonsense, people think ascension is ‘gradual’ and going to happen ‘one day’, people think i’m just making stuff up, pseudoscience bullshit. etc. Well i am here to tell you what i believe what is truly happening….

The nature of a paradox is a statement or a group of statements that lead to a contradiction but can also possess a possible truth in reality such as the concept of light and dark.

We are both light and dark. A Star needs Darkness to shine 🙂 Our energy field is made of a torus or blackhole universe that is ascending to the point of the singularity. the oneness.

See what have we been feeling so intensely all this week? Really think about it, observe your mind. Since this past week,  have you been anxious, very angry, randomly sad, randomly happy, bipolar emotional roller coaster? It wasn’t until i put my mind into a different perception entirely that i figured this out but Eckhart Tolle already taught us the beauty of past.future thinking. To do a recap. when you’re in past or future you put your thoughts into a vortex of fear, a blackhole of karmic thought patterns. When you’re in present you are ultimately in peace with yourself in alignment with Gaia. now keep that in mind

Since the 21st i have been having some trippy days, literally. I was so bummed about the alignment not happening at 11:11am gmt that i decided to just do some hard drugs and call it a night. of course i wrote about that below two posts earlier, well basically my day went as follows i got together with Adam and his friend Acorn, we smoked some weed and then when i was sober i experienced some weird time dilation in my car around 6ish? that was when i almost had like three head on collisons but i swear time stopped within that moment, it was like the scarest moment of my life. that’s when i truly felt the alignment.Later that night i ended up tripping on a high dose of 2cb where i literally saw the constellation orion belt align perfectly within the crystalline energy of the core structure and how we are all connected through this vast synchronicity chain of golden light. Then i woke up and drank some coffee which raises your vibrations and realized a lot of what happened on 2cb last night was pretty much real. and i realized the orion belt is in perfect alignment within the crystalline matrix of the earthbut then i went to work…and noticed how crabby and tired i got from all the ego and busy work day it lowered my vibrations. Then Adam called and asked if i wanted to get together and go to a free concert so I decided to trip again because why not, i didn’t have that much though just a little but i noticed this extreme flux in the energy.

the bipolar highs and lows. And when i was on 2cb i felt that too but it was as if the veil was torn down within that moment. it was beautiful. I woke up in the morning completely sober by then, i’m just really crabby, angry, irritable and in pain going into past/future and feeling very very ‘lost’. And Adrian has been writing to me also that he’s bummed and feels lost because where do we go if ascension is truly a ‘gradual change in time’. Now i’m a firm observer and i like to look at both sides of the net. I was thinking if i am angry and irritable this is ego, this is dark energy, dark energy is INSIDE a blackhole. IF we’re all blackholes universes then we need to unify to create the tripod of life so if i embrace ego and dig deeper into this fear then i will realize that you just come out on the top again and give yourself deeper realizations. That’s when i remembered what happened during the peak of my trip, my boyfriend said ‘i just feel like i stopped evolving’ and i convinced him no ‘you’re real and alive and there is no separation ever’ That’s when i realized the ultimate paradox lies inside of all of us. 

For all of the spiritual sites, the various people and channelers who are sooo concerned about this saying ascension is a process and that we’re all waiting for the next time and shift that will happen ‘gradually’. you have to completely remember everything you already learned before you got lost again in the karmic past/future loop. Are you sleeping less and less? Are you feeling loaded with energy? this isn’t coincidence. 

but then i drank some coffee again and raised my vibrations up i kept having extreme epiphanies realizing all of this is real and then i went to work again. While being bombarded with ego thoughts from coworkers/customers it was literally like the entirety of my day was a vast chain of synchronicity. This customer told me how she needs to erase all her tv programs and my response was maybe we can just rewrite them. Then songs on the Jamba radio were like ‘were so close yet so far’ I got six orders that totaled to 11:11. It was also jodi’s last day so she kept telling me ‘this feels like the ending of a chapter’ and continuously all day signs symbols and conversations reflected back at me, to the point where i questioned if i was dreaming? 

That’s when i realized it’s that simple yet that ridiculously hard. i’m not sure humanity realizes at this point where we are trying to create and what is truly happening right now. HAve you ever seen Once upon a time? They’re all put under a sleeping curse where they are transported to our world and have forgotten who they are, life is kinda like that. We are literally traveling the tree of life right now. Karma went back to where even the spiritually enlightened are questioning their  very old beginning karma of if ‘ascension’ is real because nothing no event in ‘time’  it’s a future manifestation! Which means it won’t build a foundation until you embrace within the present. We are bridging all the dimensions together in all the multiverse to create a utopian unification system based on an alliance of the intergalactic system of one. We don’t even see it yet but we are basically trying to create an entirely unifed multi-intergalactic new universe inside of our own universe. We’re the new multiverse inside the multiverse to unite the system of balance within the crystalline energy to create an entirely New Universe/ New Earth.

Then i realized what happened since the 21st, i didn’t even realize that i’ve been in a different mind since the shift occurred. WE all didn’t see it nor notice it but some did and i love you for writing to me because it helps prove my revelations are absolutely correct. Everything is a symbol. because this is nothing but a dream within a dream. We’re literally connecting the pieces. the past is merging with the present. As we completely strip our karmic blackhole cycle and show up on the other side. We’re all starting to find eachother through the beauty of synchronicity. Christmas is also very symbolic the three kings are symbols of Orion’s belt. The blue star is Osiris The dying god or (the Aeon of osiris ending) or Sirius, dog star ;). the 25th is also the  birth Of Christ, the birth of Christ Consciousness and presents we get ‘gifts’ ;). So what is the ultimate paradox? Ascension is real. Right now you are fighting you own blackhole thoughts where you need to realize. That Ascension is not a place nor time because time doesn’t exist, Time is fluid Time is nonlinear. Ascension is a ‘shift’ in consciousness, it is not your physical body leaving, it is the death of your 3d self rebirthing into your physical body you have now. So the ultimate paradox of the fourth dimension is that there is no room for doubt anymore, as you watch the synchroncities double triple, you will see That Ascension is truly nothing but a ‘shift’ in consciousness. “Quantum Leap” getting out of the blackhole, by transcending Ego into soul and realizing the unity of one. And for those who are having trouble sleeping these days? Let’s just take it from the popstar diva and all say “I’m wide awake” 😉

I truly hope this helps and Let us birth a New Beginning of peace, truth, freedom, and endless love <3

It is time to help heal the Earth and awaken her people. Let your light shine

Remember we are smarter than the system because we are the Children of the Revolution.

“Believe in what your heart is saying
Hear the melody that’s playing
There’s no time to waste
There’s so much to celebrate
Believe in what you feel inside 
And give your dreams the wings to fly
youll have everything you need
If you just believe”
My Christmas Present to you, <3
I send my love eternally Star brothers and Sisters, the Time is Now
Beauty is on the horizon, change is in the air, peace is our hearts
but love is forever eternally. 
Have Faith
You are the Universe. 
The divinity in me, honors the divine light within you 



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