Truly love your blog as it has helped me during my spiritual re-awakening journey. However, at the moment I believe I am growing spiritually and am stuck because my peers do not understand the information I am experiencing/receiving. Therefore, I believe you will be perfect by decoding this!

I understand that dreams can be tricky as they can be understood differently depending on the dreamer’s own symbolism vs. universal dream symbol meanings. But, there are some dreams that when you experience them you know that they are not just dreams as they are (or can be) visits- and could be a moment which you need to remember to help you in your physical being path.

Anyway, last night I dreamt of a moment where my boyfriend was chanting “Thothhh” (including the hissing thh.) in his sleep. Kind of like the meditation in which when you’re trying to reopen your pineal gland. I felt like I was physically awake in the moment experiencing it – but could be dreaming at the same time. It was the exact meaning I said above as it felt like it was a experience that isn’t a “fluff dream.” as if company was with me at that moment.

Weird thing is: 1.) My boyfriend is not spiritual accepting in his physical body at all nor does he know who Thoth is, and 2.) I have not researched and or encountered any Thoth information in a super long time (about almost a year – last summer I was introduced to him.) Nor was the Thoth voice coming from my boyfriend sound anything like his either. I really do not know what my question is, I just figure guidance and or whatever comes to your mind would help.

I really thank you again, and thank you for the existence of this blog <3.


And Thank you for being so kind <3

This is so interesting to me especially because i have ALWAYS felt an immensely deep connection to Thoth. It’s hard to explain exactly but Thoth is/was deeply connected to the energy grid matrix, he’s a component to Source energy in many ways as he was a builder of this reality along with the Masters in ancient past. There was a group of people Priest and Priestesses who were connected into helping Thoth during the ancient world, within the mystery schools and the old alchemy of time. Thoth is an immensely important being towards Awakening, he helped with the Pyramids i believe and he contains lots of hidden information within the Akashic records and beyond and he is a master writer of magick and alchemy. We all have this hidden deep desire about Egypt and the pyramids because they helped construct this reality as the pyramids serve as energy conductors that oscillate their energy through the geometries of Time.

You should read the Emerald Tablet of Thoth or the book of Thoth i think that might help you tell you moreabout this dream. Thoth has came to me before in dreams in the shape of the Ibis too. He’s a deep dreamwalker so i definitely believe this was more of a spiritual message rather than a fluff dream. This is possible, i’ve experienced them myself, it’s kinda funny but the dream world and this world are ridiculously linked and sometimes it really shows such as dreams like this one.

I have always been drawn to Thoth, i remember getting the Thoth deck just like as if i was in a trance and HAD to purchase it. There’s tons of symbolism within the thoth deck, if you are into tarot i recommend it. He holds a lot of ancient wisdom, I’ve channeled him before but it’s hard to say whether he was helping open up a deeper part of my higher self or if it was actually him. It’s hard to say Quetzalcoatl wears many masks….Thoth, Mercury, Metatron, God of the Moon, Magic and writings, Hermes Trismegistus, etc. He had various shrines through Egypt as well.

Our dreams are all about our subconscious, i don’t think this necessarily has to deal with your boyfriend persay but moreso he was speaking through your boyfriend because he is an easier way to communicate to you through familiar memories. I would research more into Thoth, he obviously is communicating to you for a reason and it’s possible you also had past lives within Egypt like myself. He’s trying to show you something, i’m not for sure what because i’m not you, but he is trying to tell you something. Thoth is a gatekeeeper, he doesn’t just visit people for no reason. He is all about univesal order and divine structure through the consciousness of time. The Divine Pymander is also another deep read by Thoth. There are many secrets hidden within these ancient texts.

Definitely look into researching more about Thoth, i think that will help you figure this out. Thoth is directly related to ascension and awakening in numerous ways.  I didnt even mean to write so much, i just felt like i entered a trance for bit lol sometimes that happens.

um hope this helps 🙂



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  1. Adele 4 years ago

    Hi there,
    So I practice yoga on a weekly basis, had a fair bit of experience with it a few years ago & just got back into it.
    Anyway, my meditation is out of this world with seeing more particularly symbols and animals… it’s like a flash card of different things and sometimes it’s nothing at all.

    However, tonight I thought I’d do something special, I did a ring of fire (7 candles circling your spot), listener to a song/mantra for kundalini activitation (chakras), did some yoga, than meditated….

    Meditation started off as usual, than I began seeing a few animals… Than this has never happened before & I’m still trying to figure out metaphysical meanings of symbols & animals right now.

    But after the animals a white circle appeared, I went into the circle & there were black things swirling around (like dark spirits I’m guessing?), in my head I asked them to go to the light. All but one did, than it turned into this ugly looking skeleton thing. But than in the corner of my eye a beak popped in side on, at first looked like an ibis from afar but got closer he was huge, with an eagle head/eyes, like an ancient bird god. His eyes were big black jewels & wore armour of white, red, blue & gold.
    He picked up my white circle in his mouth (which was tiny compared to him) like a pebble, put it in the suns rays, it reflected light back to ground & the spots it hit kind of exploded but than fished away quickly with a whirl of wind… along with the skeleton man.
    Than just stood/sat so big & tall & proud but still he looked so far away. He ruffled his wings & caused a gush a wind. Than without him even moving somehow offered me crown, that was gold with a black jewel on the front. It’s more like Egyptian jewellery like the flat head piece with a triangle pointing down on the forehead.
    Than myself wearing this crown looked at me & started fighting more black things/demons, though my face looked different like wrinkled Asian warrior face or something.
    Than I saw a bat flying, one of his (eagles) eyes on the side, like the classic Egyptian eye. Than blue & the sunrise & I ended it before I forgot it all…
    It all sounds a bit much doesn’t it?
    But after this I’m definitely going to read up about Thoth… all I can is that I’ve reached a new level?

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