The Veil of Separation

Healing Hands

why do i suddenly feel this rain of loneliness washing over me? like the loneliest person in the world. like i am in the universe, alone. out there. with no one. what can i do? and why is this happening, what do you think?
You are encountering what is called the veil of separation. Perhaps one of the biggest illusions of all is the illusion of separation. Things we think are separate are actually one and the same. Like the nations of the world: we are all one people, but we live as if divided.

When we surrender fear, judgment and a sense of separation from others, we are opening up our 6th Chakra.  This is the doorway to connecting with wisdom, insight, new ideas, intuition, and true intelligence.  When we free our channel with the Divine of any negative, obstructive energy, we are allowing for a greater expression of Universal Intelligence to flow through us.

True Vision is being able to see the Divine in a person irrespective of your/his/her behavior.  It is a recognition that at our core we are all a part of a shared Consciousness that in its essence is perfect.

You must realize you are NEVER alone, we are all connected within the infinite web of reality at the heart of Mother Earth. through the star tetrahedronal energy of all of us, connected as one.

Separation stems from the ego mindset, it’s composed of fear, fear of separation is connected to the sixth chakra.


  • the Sanskrit word for the 6th chakra is “Ajna”  meaning “beyond wisdom.”
  • The 6th chakra is located between, and just above, the eyes.  It is often referred to as the third eye or the brow chakra.
  • The 6th chakra deals with visualization, intuition, imagination and telepathy.
  • The Organs/parts of body associated with the 6th chakra are the pituitary gland, pineal gland, eyes, head, lower brain, neurological system, ears and nose.
  • The emotion for the 6th chakra is “knowing”, an intuitive type of knowing.
  • The color is of the sixth chakra is indigo
  • Physical Dysfunctions that may manifest from an imbalance of the 6th chakra are brain tumors, strokes, blindness, deafness, seizures, learning disabilities, spinal dysfunctions, panic, and depression
  • Mental and Emotional Issues that may manifest from an imbalance of the 6th chakra are fear of truth, discipline, judgment, evaluation, emotional intelligence, concept of reality,and confusion.
  • The brow chakra is the energetic center for seeing clear picture (symbolic or literal), wisdom, intuition, mental facilities,and intellects.
  • Gemstones and Flower Essences that stimulate, cleanse and energize the brow chakra are Purple Flourite, Sugalite, Wild Oat, Queen Anne’s Lace, and  Madia
  • Foods that help stimulate the 6th chakra are dark blue fruits like blueberries and blackberries, as well as red wine and grape juice.

Ego is the barrier of separation that we must overcome. We must transcend our ego into soul. It’s all about transcendence. Past/future thinking into the NOW into the soul eternally in the present.

“Ego is who you think you are. Any idea of yourself that is less than an expression of perfect, infinite Spirit. It is the barrier that blocks out the bliss of unconditional love you knew as a baby. That barrier is a construction you have been building your whole life. It is made of your lifetime’s clutter of limiting beliefs about yourself, your fears, your emotional baggage of unreleased, unforgiven pain.

There are two parts of you, at odds with each other. The ego, that tries to create separation by judging, and the Spirit that only wants to love. Ego may say “There, but for the Grace of God, go I” and think itself compassionate, but it is really expressing a negative judgment about the other person, and congratulating itself on its superiority. Ego creates a separation out of fear, and is pleased not to be too close to another. Ego seeks to measure itself against other people and create hierarchies and beliefs of superiority and inferiority. ”

We’re all trying to shed this in our own time, through protection of the stubborn sometimes sporadic and greedy inner child ♥ but in time we all learn to integrate it ♥

If you believe in limitations, separations, judgment and fear of any kind, you have bought into the illusion that has been sold to you by the ego as reality. Likewise, if you respond to any person, place or thing with judgment, sadness, negativity, stress, anxiety, annoyance or anger, know that you have bought into the same illusion. These beliefs of what you are have been ingrained and reinforced in you in such a way that they have now become habitual. These habits, this habitual belief system (simply referred to as the ego-self or ego) is what you use to react to your daily experiences. This habitual belief system is mostly an unconscious belief system that manifests itself as your beliefs and attitudes.

The ego causes only suffering and separation. You have to see past your OWN illusion before you can notice the suffering and separation that YOU are causing to YOURSELF. The spirit cannot actively participate in love and co-existence when ego remains. It can try, but will only manifest reflections to learn from. The ego is just a learning tool towards love. A child automatically acquires ego, then learns from it. It is normal, and natural. There is nothing WRONG about an ego, just that holding onto it means to remain in these lower dimensions and continue to learn that suffering and separation is a self-creation, and if you wish to ascend to higher dimensions, you cannot bring the ego with you.

You must realize you are never alone, your spirit guidances are always there to help you all you need to do is ask and you will receive. You are connected to all of humanity through the spectrum of entanglement and telepathic communication. The universe lies inside of you.

Remember you are never alone.

much love and healing light <3
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