Smoking and the Chakras that affect them

Would you happen to know how smoking cigarettes can effect your energy flow or chakras?
Many people i love smoke so i thought this was an interesting topic to explore. Mine you this is a touchy subject but i respect each and everyone of you. It is your own path and choice, not mine.

Smoking is loaded with toxins ranging from the obvious nicotine(highly addictive substance) to all the different chemical bound additives such as benzene, formaldehyde(embalming fluid), ammonia (toilet cleaner), acetone(nail polish remover), tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, hydrogen cyanide, etc.

Smoking effects the entire aura of the energy body in particular the throat chakra, the root chakra and especially the heart chakra. It lowers the vibrational frequency and can enable negative thought forms. Psychologically the nicotine in smoking decreases your serotonin levels. Serotonin is a one of your many neurotransmitters that effect your mood and central nervous system(chakras are all connected to your nervous system). It is also well-known to be the contributor to feelings and happiness. The lower your emotions, the denser the vibration you give off. The higher the emotion the higher your vibration.

The other energetic reason to use smoking temporarily is because the toxins from the smoking lower the vibrational energy of the field so much that it makes it more challenging to create positive manifestations.

The positive manifestations still happen; they just come at a slower pace.

This is because those with a positive energy field are more likely to have a higher vibrational energy and less likely to come into the realm of a person that is of a lower vibrational energy. The vibrations sometimes just don’t match. Like attracts Like

Smoking definitely inhibits positive energy.  it can feel like a giant hand is pushing you toward the ground, a heaviness descends over you. Thus effecting the energetic/manifestation life force energy…

Smoking is also a sign of a deficiency in the heart chakra. They try to protect their heart by coating their lungs in smoke. They are literally protecting their heart. A heart chakra blocked is caused by emotionally shielding. So smoking does the most damage to their heart chakra.

You will also see people with heart chakra problems will have shoulders that tend to slump forward and their backs are curved, another sign they are protecting their hearts. ~ crystal healer

Energetically It damages your throat chakra, which in turn can affect your self esteem and socializing power. usually turns into an excessive throat chakra.

“A reiki thought on the 7 chakras is that the more energy you invest trying to control the aspects of your life over which you truly have no control (outcomes), the less open you are to receive the life force energy that will put you in line with kindred energies where your footwork will inspire much better results toward your life mission.

You may be wondering what this has to do with smoking cigarettes; and that’s a very good question for which there is a simple answer: Smoking cigarettes – though a huge problem – is not really the problem of smokers…Conversely, it is the solution to emotions we do not know how to face…A solution to the overwhelming life with which we never really fully learned to deal.

Reiki is about taking the openness to feelings and divinity that life taught us all to sweep under the rug. ‘there is no point in smoking every time i get an emotion’

Yes, it is a very bad habit, physically and spiritually. It destroys the protective webs around the chakras, and creates negative thought forms. It also attracts negative elementals and entities, since like attracts like. This rule goes for all drugs. Smoking effects the following chakras:

The crown (yes, the crown is very much effected)

The ajna (below the forehead chakra, the ajna is the master control chakra. It is not like the commonly known third eye, and is found in between the eyebrows)

The throat

The secondary throat (small chakra below the throat)

The heart and back heart

The solar plexus and back solar plexus

All five minor chakras found on the lungs”

this is just some information i found and gathered for you, hope it helps

much love <3

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  1. Enlighten Me 5 years ago

    Awesome Article Ashley. You explained this in such a profound way. Next, maybe an article on the solution to this?

    • Author
      Ash 5 years ago

      Thank you! This article was written five years ago, so that’s a great idea to touch on these points again especially since my love has even given up smoking since then 🙂

  2. Nattolie Starre 5 years ago

    Hi, thanks for the information…I have a some questions! I’ve found in my life that I am attracted temporarily to people that smoke. While I find it a disgusting habit and won’t even kiss someone who has smoked, I notice the “groundedness” that people exhibit when they’ve just had a cigarette and a concentration of energy in the lower energy centers (I actually feel sexually aroused in their presence). When you say that smoking tobacco lowers your vibration, does this mean that I am attracted to people with lower vibrations? Also Tobacco has been used ceremonially for some reason…can you give anymore info on this? Thanks for any insight!

  3. Josh 5 years ago

    A lot of this information is just hypothesis. People who smoke don’t necessarily have heart chakra problems, and nicotine can be a very beneficial drug when separated from cigarettes. Nicotine is a single alkaloid but cigarettes contain 6,000+ other chemicals. It’s unfair and untrue to generalize nicotine into the sprayed tabacco found in cigarettes.

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