Magnetic Manifesting Aligned  Manifesting Live Workshop

End Your Manifesting Frustrations & Join the Aligned Manifesting Live Workshop Experience Hosted inside The Soul-Aligned Life Academy so you can Learn how to Be Magnetic Towards What you want with a Solid Manifesting practice. 

It's Time to Be Magnetic towards what you want.

It’s time to End your Mental struggles & Frustrations with Manifestation. Join the Aligned Manifesting Live Workshop Experience Hosted inside The Soul-Aligned Life Academy and Learn how to Be Magnetic Towards What you want with a Solid Manifesting practice. 

Aligned Manifesting Workshop

JOIN THE FUN + LEARN HOW TO Create your Sustainable Manifesting Practice

This Workshop will help you:

Develop a Consistent Manifesting Practice

Lets break down a simple practice that you can personally get behind so you can be more consistent with Intentional Living!  

Increase your Confidence in your Manifesting Journey

Learn How to Have a Success Mindset and establish an Easy Practice you will naturally gain more confidence in your Spiritual growth & Manifesting Journey.

BE MAGNETIC Strengthen Your SUCCESS Mindset to Support Your Manifestation & Desired Goals

Be Magnetic towards what you want with the right Support, Mindset and Action Steps helping you accelerate what you want even faster! 

Let Go of Your Manifesting Struggles & Frustrations

It’s time to End the Struggle Bus of Manifesting for Good. Learn Valuable Tips, Processes and Action steps to help you Quantum leap your Manifesting Potential! 

Understand Your Alignment and How to Use it as a Superpower to Manifest Easier

Your Alignment is a SUPERPOWER to Manifest easier and I’m going to show you exactly how to use it so you can help yourself manifest with more ease. 

Say Bye to your Disbelief with Manifesting & SMASH that Self-doubt

Let’s Step over our obstacles and SMASH self-doubt like whack-o-mole because we’re about to Drastically increase your Self-Belief in what you desire! 

The Live Workshop Will help you to Unlock Your Magnetism & Access More Ease with Manifesting From Your Alignment

What is Manifestation Really?


When something that was once an Idea, thought or part of your imagination becomes actualized into Physical Reality. 


This June, say Goodbye to your Manifesting practice Struggles and Hellooo To your Manifesting Spiritual Bad Ass Self accelerating your Desires with ease.

Let’s Have an Important Conversation on Aligned Manifestation that connects deeply to our Solar Plexus Chakra. 

As a Mindset Coach and Manifestation Teacher, My Journey with Manifestation has had many rollercoaster moments from self-doubt to Absolute Confidence in Knowing how to Manifest. I know that Alignment places a key role when it comes to busting through your own Frustrations, self-doubt and limited beliefs.  Today I’m ready to share all my best Manifesting Tips with you all in this fun timely conversation!

Let’s have fun together as I teach you how to be more magnetic and naturally Align more effortlessly with your true desires of your heart. 


This Workshop is perfect for you if…

Want a New Manifesting Practice that works Faster & Easier

Your Spiritual Growth feels like a standstill right now

You Struggle with Self-Doubt & Lack of confidence in Manifesting

You're tired of Manifesting not working and sticking things to the wall!

You want to improve your Mindset with expert guidance & have Hot Seat Coaching

You're Ready for Deep Change, Spiritual Growth, & More Alignment in your Life

Why will this Workshop work for you?

We all have blindspots – Having a Mindset Coach you can ask questions about your individual manifestation journey is a powerful way to receive Support. Join Ash in this exclusive Workshop with Hot seat Coaching. The More Questions – The better! 

When you join as a Member, you get TONS of Extra Valuable Tools to help you. Beyond the Workshop there are many many resources to help you with your Mindset, Spiritual Awakening and specifically with your Spiritual practice. One Bundle to Definitely Check out is Magnetic Manifestation which has my signature Manifesting process to help you overcome limited beliefs FAST! 

Need extra feedback or Support? Join the Community hub to Reach out in the Ask Ash Thread so you get Mindset Coaching Q&A support from Ashley, herself or Drop a Question in the Community space for the Community to help you out. 

Aligned Manifesting Workshop

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Join the Aligned Manifesting Workshop and Learn how to become Magnetic towards your Desired goals & dreams with Your own Aligned Manifesting practice.

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Yes, Absolutely! The Live Workshop is designed to work for anyone who’s invested in their spiritual growth journey. We’ll be breaking things down, step by step so that whether you’re a newbie or experienced you’ll be learning new Mindset Tools and Tasks along the way.  

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