The Ultimate Spiritual Awakening All Access Membership

Ready to Own Your Intuitive Gifts & Step into your Higher Self?

Transform Your Life From the Inside out


The Soul-Aligned Life Academy is a membership for spiritual Empaths and Lightworkers who are ready to take back control of their thoughts and create a kick-ass mindset where they believe in the inevitability of their own success with Spiritual Alignment. 

Look if Spiritual Awakening Feels overwhelming, and you have a hard time letting go

You don't need to go about your Journey Alone, Second-guessing yourself...

You need to see: You Hold the Power To Change it

You are the one that can choose to heal

You hold the power to take back control of your thoughts &

Most of All,

 You can live more from a place of Spiritual Alignment in your day to day life. 

Transformation Shouldn't have to come at a Cost to your Well-Being

Unconventional Opinion: “Suffering” for years in the name of Spiritual Growth is an outdated Model if you ask me.

In other words, Your Transformation and Healing Journey Doesn’t Have to Suck.

Let me guess, You woke up and Now your Spiritual Life is looking like: 

Am I Reading the Room Right?

Deep Breaths, Look I get it and Drank the New Age kool-aid too…


  • YOU Easily Had the Energy Management Tools and Confidence to Establish Healthy boundaries with your Energy Without Excessive Weeks of Meditation


  • YOU aren’t Stuck in Loops of Self-doubt, criticism and overthinking having a hard time with your “Ego”.  You now feel more Emotionally Peaceful and Present-Minded in your body.


  • YOU Stop feeling overwhelmed by your Hypersensitivity overruling your life and Start to Own Your Intuitive Gifts, reconnect to your Higher Self and Unleash your Personal power with Flowful Ease.


  • YOU are no longer “Coping with Symptoms of Awakening”, you now Have the Clarity and Knowledge on how to manage & Heal them successfully with the Mind-Body Connection.


  • On Top of it, YOU ARE NOW creating a kick-ass Success Mindset that helps you become more Magnetic and you start to use the law of attraction to your advantage with Spiritual Alignment. 


I know it feels like a Dream, However - Let’s use the Magical Question:

What IF?

What If learning energy management Tools allow you to break free from Toxic dynamics and Start Attracting More Fulfilling relationships that honor your Boundaries?

What If You could stop asking the question “When does Spiritual awakening end?” and began to realize you DONT HAVE TO SUFFER with overwhelming negative Symptoms the rest of your life, you carry the ability to heal them? You can Embrace the Beauty and Abundance of Spiritual Awakening! 

What If you had absolute confidence on your Intuitive Gifts where you can: Embrace Soul Communication, Talk to your spirit guides, Intuitively Channel, Reconnect to your Higher Self, & Most importantly you have better decision making skills?! (Because your Third eye is Healthy, woohoo!) 

What if you began manifesting more and more of your deepest desires and dreams because your Mindset & Energy are now naturally more Magnetic, Intentional and purposeful?

What If you  take back control of your Life by being more Present-Minded, Intentional with your Mindset and finally heal the sabotaging Energetic Block that has been keeping you stuck, resulting in more Abundance, Love, Flow, or even a better fulfilling Career tapped into your purpose? 



I know Exactly how you’re Feeling, because I was YOU...

I went from being an Ungrounded, Lost Empath to Mastering My Energy & Mindset by Owning my Intuitive Power

Back in 2012, I was an Emotionally overwhelmed, Ungrounded Airy Fairy, intuitive empath who frequently had the question burning through my head:

  “How do I deal, cope with these symptoms and control my energy?!”

Control was the word I used!  I didn’t know I carried the ability of Energy Management. I just needed to control this (THING) that was happening to me. This was before I even knew that I was an Empath. 

I didn’t know I even had intuitive gifts. I felt lost and overwhelmed emotionally, while frequently went into a “hermit” mode just to deal with all the changes that were coming up via spiritual awakening. Are you escaping too?

Have you ever felt this way? You may realize that Spiritual Awakening completely flips your entire life upside down ( and not in the good way like dorothy experienced in OZ…) 


And Then by Some Magical Fate, I discovered Energy Work and started learning about the Chakra System. It open a can of worms that I could NEVER go back from. 


However, It wasn’t until I started applying Mind-Body Energy work and Mindset Tools (via the Law of attraction) that I began to see some MASSIVE SHIFTS in my Symptoms, Energy & my negative self-talk.

Later I realized what I experienced was what I now personally call:  

Creating Spiritual Alignment with the Mind-Body connection.

Through this discovery, I Unlocked something, that I hardly saw taught anywhere… The Mind-Body Revolution! 

I could not Just energetically Heal my symptoms from the inside out but

shortly after I began to Manifest from the inside out too as a by-product! 

Then I began to realize that all of this was possible by understanding Soul Alignment. 

The Shift is in the Re-Alignment Process with the Mind-Body Connection. 

It’s time to get you Soul-Aligned, Beautiful soul! 


The Soul-Aligned Life Academy is designed to help you do just that!

As an Energetic Sensitive, You’re not just wanting to cope, heal or even manifest, Let’s Be Honest, at your core what you truly want? Is to  Create a Soul-Aligned life. 

This is a low-cost membership that is designed to help you navigate spiritual awakening successfully so you can defeat ascension symptoms, increase your intuition, be more present-minded and Ditch your negative self-talk. 

It’s time to focus more on Embracing your Intuitive Potential and Living a True Soul-Aligned Life! 


Also You Receive Two Months Free when you decide to do a Yearly Membership!

The Academy is focused on helping you Create Massive Soul Alignment back in your Life! Through An Low Cost Community environment you will have the Tools, Bundles and Workshops to help you navigate Spiritual Awakening successfully.

You can end your Spiritual burnout, Drop the Emotional Overwhelm and start Embracing the limitless possibilities that open up as you Strengthen your Intuitive Gifts.

It’s time to Embrace, fully own and Unleash your Intuitive Gifts with the World so you can step into more and more Alignment in your daily life.


But....What the Heck is Spiritual Alignment?

BUT Maybe you’re Asking:
What the heck is Alignment and what makes it so special? 

Spiritual Alignment is free-flowing energy! If i were to summarize what Alignment is: it’s when your thoughts, feelings, actions and all of you are free-flowing as ONE activating in your Body the Path of Least Resistance(Negativity) through the Mind-body Connection. 

The Process of Living in Alignment is VAST but here’s the common symptoms of when you start to live in alignment more and more. 

+ You achieve more of your goals easier. 

+ Doesn’t Tolerate TOXIC B.S. or SETTLES

+ Supreme Trust in your Intuition

+ Make Better Focused Decisions 

+ Confidence like Woah

+ Put your Own Needs and Desires First

+ Lives more from a Purpose-driven Mentality 

+ Strong Connection with Spirit

+ You are Aware of what is worth your time, energy & values 

+ More Love, Acceptance, Fulfillment, Joy and Flow 

Alignment Is the pathway of least resistance and Free-flowing Energy in your personal Well-being.

Misalignment Will Feel the opposite though...

Misalignment is more than just negative B.S. 

Sure we all have negative emotions and experience bad days(I have pms LOL let’s be real here) , that’s not what I mean. Misalignment is incongruent energy patterns & it can bring up experiences like:

  • More Struggle, Hardship and Drama llama in your Life

  • Scarcity Consciousness 

  • More reactive Emotionally or Emotional breakdowns

  • More Discouraged &  lots of Self-doubt 

  •  You Settle where its comfortable even if it’s BAD for you because it’s more normal

  • Indecisive and Bad decision Making

  • More Illness or Disease

  • Second Guessing yourself 

  • Un-managable Symptoms of Awakening

  • Feeling Unsafe, Disconnected or Ungrounded

The Soul-Aligned Life Academy Membership is for:

  • Spiritual Awakened Empaths who are READY for MASSIVE ENERGY SHIFTS & TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE

  • Lightworkers who are struggling on navigating their spiritual awakening and having a hard time with their spiritual practice.

  • Spiritual Seekers Looking for rebalancing, realignment practices, Unique Energy Tools, Mindset Hacks and Manifestation Rituals to help their Spiritual Journey

  •  Energy and Spiritual Healers Who are READY to take things to the Next Level with Manifestation Practices and learning to embody being an Energetic Match for more Receiving.

  • Spiritual Teachers who are looking to uplevel their Spiritual practice, Increase their skillset and fully OWN their intuitive Gifts to share with others.

  • Modern Mystic dabblers who are looking for how to increase their Consistency, strengthen their Connection to Spirit,  & Ease their Symptoms of Awakening.

  • Spiritual Action-takers!  Anyone who is Willing to Put in 20 mins of Learning a Day or week for Wild Transformation in their Mind, Body and Soul

It's Time to Own Your Intuitive Gifts so you make Soul Alignment Second nature to you.


Soul Alignment is Built with a 5 Step Framework:


You are Energy! Alignment is created from free-flowing energy. Mind-body Energy Healing is a excellent way to create Realignment in the body.


Alignment is also about learning how to become a vibrational or Energetic Match towards what you deeply desire. Solid Principles and Techniques on Manifestation help you embrace Alignment.


Any area of success Mental, Emotional or Physical is a HABIT. This is the Area where we explore success Mindset, Habit Creation, Affirmations, Embodiment and Identity Recoding Work.


Reconnection to your Soul Truth and Personal Power are Essential! This is a process of learning to Own your Intuitive Power with Talking to higher self, spirit guides, intuitive channeling, Accessing Flow State, Quantum awareness & increasing your natural intuition.


A Vital Skill to build with Spiritual Awakening is Solid Energy Management Skills and Energy Tools to help you Embrace your Intuitive Gifts.



(Receive over $1297 in VALUE from the Shop) 


Monthly themed Mini-Course Bundle

each month we are building our foundation on navigating spiritual awakening together. I will release a monthly themed bundle dripped out throughout the month, Over a core topic such as: strengthening Intuition, abundance mindset, soul purpose, magnetic aligned action, manifesting,overcoming the ego, mindful living, etc.

Only 20 mins for Transformation

Video & Audio Lessons with Micro-Learning Format. All you need is 20 mins to start transformation. All new bundles will have the formula of bite size learning, think “fun size” training vs 2-hour boring college lecture. Put aside only 20 mins a day for however many days a week of your choice and you are powering up the compound effect with your learning!

Soul Work: Journal Prompts & Action Steps

No Homework! Only Soul work designed specifically for each bundle to help you integrate, and apply what you learn. There is no absorption mode in this membership! 🙂 My bundles are specifically designed to get you accountable and back into ALIGNED FLOW ACTION TAKING MAGIC.

Surprise Downloads

As we work together - you must know, I work best from accessing channeled information in the moment. there will be surprise downloads throughout the month, From cute mini planner, interactive workbook to guided meditations to “bite sized” mindset ass kicking trainings—these are the cherry on top!


GET YOUR OMG VIP PASS - Receive all previous workshops, masterclasses, bundles and mini challenges featured in the shop. Over 50+ Video/Audio trainings as each month adds more bundles and workshops this training list will grow.


This is a space to seek support, cheer each other on, share your wins, share your emotions, ask questions to members and within the thread “ask ash” for guided coaching support.


Receive Instant Access to The Soul-Aligned Life Low Cost Monthly Membership & Community space
below for Radical Shifts in Mind, Body and Soul Transformation. Also if you Become a Yearly Member you get to Lock in 2 Months Free when you Join an Annual Subscription. 


Join The Soul-Aligned Life Academy Membership Monthly ( cancel anytime) on Entry OR
Lock in Savings When you Pay Annually for a Yearly Membership(Receive 2 Months Free)

Choose your plan

You’re getting over 50+ Video/Audio Lessons, The Membership Portal, App Experience, Community & Monthly Support.

Receive 2 Months FREE when you Lock in your Annual Yearly Membership

Choose the subscription plan that works for you. 


Just $37/month Billed Monthly
  • Pay Per Month (Cancel Anytime)
  • New Monthly Intensives
  • Peer to Peer Member only Community with Coaching Support
  • Access to VIP Lounge: Over 12 Workshops, Bundles and Mini Courses

1 Year Membership

Receive 2 Months FREE Billed Yearly
$ 370 PER YEAR
  • Pay Per Year
  • New Monthly Intensives
  • Peer to Peer Member Only Community with Coaching Support
  • Access to VIP Lounge: Over 12 workshops, bundles and Mini Courses

 For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server. All prices are in USD.




(Receive over $1297 in VALUE from the Shop) 

Coming Next Month




You Also Receive a Social Community Hub where you can Connect with Like-Minded Souls in an environment off of social media. Ask Questions, Seek Support, Share your Wins!


Mobile Friendly Take the membership on the Go and keep it in your backpocket literally 😉 With mobile friendly App included with our Membership Portal.


Get your Learning and Your Community Notifications on the Go. we all have busy lives, Check in with your Membership Community and access your portals straight from the App.

WEEKLY Support

Support Thread to Ask your Questions as you go through material and peer to peer support to share your experiences with like-minds.

Coming Fall Semester



Starting in the fall semester, there will be live-themed workshops released every quarter where we can come together LIVE, our first will be Rooted In Abundance workshop! All about the Next-Level teachings of the root chakra, such as abundance mindset, getting out of scarcity consciousness, mindfulness with money, staying grounded and anchored in your foundation, and how to emotionally empower the root chakra. These are going to be EPIC. 

Join The Soul-Aligned Life Academy Membership Monthly ( cancel anytime) on Entry OR
Lock in Savings When you Pay Annually for a Yearly Membership(Receive 2 Months Free)

Choose your plan

You’re getting over 50+ Video/Audio Lessons, The Membership Portal, App Experience, Community & Monthly Support.

Receive 2 Months FREE when you Lock in your Annual Yearly Membership

Choose the subscription plan that works for you. 


Just $37/month Billed Monthly
  • Pay Per Month (Cancel Anytime)
  • New Monthly Intensives
  • Peer to Peer Member only Community with Coaching Support
  • Access to VIP Lounge: Over 12 Workshops, Bundles and Mini Courses

1 Year Membership

Receive 2 Months FREE Billed Yearly
$ 370 PER YEAR
  • Pay Per Year
  • New Monthly Intensives
  • Peer to Peer Member Only Community with Coaching Support
  • Access to VIP Lounge: Over 12 workshops, bundles and Mini Courses

 For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server. All prices are in USD.

Hello Beautiful Soul,

I'm Ash!

Creator Behind The Awakened, Mindset Empowerment Coach and your new Spiritual bestie cheering you on!

Get Ready to believe in yourself again. 😉 

I’m a trend setter for Bringing the PRACTICAL EDGE to Spirituality. Through Mind-Body Healing & Manifestation practices, I teach others how to emotionally empower themselves so they can feel confident and peaceful to live a more present-minded & Purpose-Driven Life made from following Soul.  I’m also a Pisces, HD Manifestor, a Momma, a Nature Loving hiker, lover of fantasy, good expresso & dark chocolate. Just so you know… 

With over ten years in studying emotional Mind-body healing alongside of the law of attraction, I have developed a Solid Framework for Understanding your Personal Alignment. 

Too many people are struggling in their life & their awakening journey with misaligned symptoms. As a result they are living in survival, making things harder for themselves than necessary, or worst of all suppressing their intuitive power. – I’m here to be your Alignment coach.  

I have taken what I’ve learned over the years and started building a framework inside of The Academy that addresses the core topics that most people struggle with when it comes to Realignment work.  

The Soul-Aligned Life Academy is built to help those who are looking for solid energy tools, Mindset Support,  Realignment practices, Healing Methods and Manifestation rituals to help them truly embody & Live  a Soul-Aligned Life. 

Welcome to the Community!

the awakened state


Most frequent questions and answers

I take great pleasure in noting One of my specialties is breaking down “woo woo” concepts and making them easy to understand. I teach in a very grounded – down to earth way. Many of my courses inside this membership are going to have the Practical side, The mindset Side and the Spiritual Energetic Side. If you are new to these concepts, that’s okay! You’re in the right place.

We also have the mini assessment you can take to help you navigate what might be the right fit for you immediately depending on what you’re struggling with or wish to learn. 

Right out the Gate when you join, You Receive everything mentioned above as a New Member:

  • 50+ Video/Audio Lessons with Soul Work in the Vip Lounge 12 mini Courses & Community Support
  • New Monthly Intensives Released Every Month Starting with: Soul Purpose through the Chakras
  • Peer to Peer Member-only Community with Coaching Support in The Awakening School Thinkific Platform( Not in Mighty networks like the awakened Network)
  • PLUS: Don’t Forget Exclusive Savings and Discounted Price for joining as an Annual Member Where you receive 2 Months FREE! instead of paying full price at $444

We are officially taking the summer off and Won’t start Live Quarter Workshops until September! You will be notified in our community and email when the dates go live in our ‘event panel’ so you can R.S.V.P. 

These will be Quarter Live Workshops hosted on Zoom where we will meet together and do a Training on a Core Topic with Hotseat Coaching at the End. 

Our First Topic will be: 
Rooted into Abundance Workshop: Empowering the Root Chakra 

First, Thank You for supporting The Awakened State Company.

Second, I got you! This was a Big decision for us to switch to a Membership Model given the value in these workshops. I know many students purchased lifetime access to the Previous Bundles: Lightworker Activation, Energy Worker Toolkit and Black Friday Special. Along with many students who purchased multiple workshops or masterclasses over the years. 

The Difference here is you purchased lifetime access. 
The Membership is designed for Membership Access. You lose Access when you cancel your Membership. (like netflix or disney plus lol) 

Due to this change in Access – Any Previous Student in the Bundles or Masterclasses Listed in the VIP Lounge receive a $50 off Coupon for the 1 Year Membership Option. With the Annual Price Option this is $320 PIF for the YEAR. This includes your Added Foundational Spiritual Alignment Framework Curriculum we are building out over the course of 12 months. 

There will be brand new Workshops and Mini Courses added over the next year. This Annual Option locks in your price PER YEAR and Rolls over until the Next Year unless you decide to cancel your membership.  This is just my way of honoring your support and that you were a previous student at The Awakening School. 

IF you’re interested in Being an Annual Member: To Receive your Annual Coupon Email our Support Team at or via the teal bubble in the lower right hand corner, thank you. 

 Currently, the Membership does not have a 1:1 Support option or Monthly Calls.

However, I do offer Alignment Breakthrough Sessions by Inquiry only. If you feel you would be a good fit for this. You can always reach out via email at and we can chat about availability. 

You will notice there are a few courses that are NOT included within the Membership. Our Higher Tiered courses and group coaching are not included. This is due to the fact that they are built differently and have various degrees of Coaching Support added. I wanted this membership to be built with Micro-Learning Style and Masterclass/Workshop Format.

What you will not find in the Membership from the shop is: 

  • The Soul-Aligned Manifesting Circle 
  • The Ultimate Chakra Academy 
  • Soul Nourishment Bootcamp
  • The Alignment Reset Challenge 
  • The Awakening Path(Now Soul-Aligned Manifesting Circle) 
  • Daily Habits, Daily Flow with the Chakras (Now inside The Chakra Academy) 
  • Magnetic Manifestation (Rare Released Special) 
  • Spiritual Awakened Life Digital Planner 
  • Empower the Chakras (Self-Study)

    Note: Since these are not in the VIP lounge, they do not qualify for a Annual Discount. Thanks for understanding. 

    If you are interested in Purchasing any of these Programs, I highly Recommend either visiting our shop page for more information or Reach out to us personally at our Support Team email: 

Since there are many immediate digital downloadable content, there is no refunds for this membership. This is listed in our Terms and Conditions. You would instead “cancel your membership” which would stop billing at the end of the month’s billing cycle. 

If you desire to cancel your membership you can do so in your Account Panel. 

What are you waiting for, It's time to begin

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