On the Fourth day of Giftmas my Awakened State pal gave to me.... A Manifesting Detox Bootcamp!

It’s time for a Mind-Body Detox for your New Year! 

Take what you’ve previously heard about manifesting and let’s throw it out the window so you can begin a mind body cleanse on your manifesting! A 5 day bootcamp to detox your mindset and learn how to manifest with the mind body connection

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Hey There! I'm Ash,

Let’s Celebrate the Holidays Together. I’m your Alignment coach helping you feel less overwhelmed by your spiritual awakening so you can confidently own your intuitive gifts, Create a kick Ass Success mindset & learn to manifest your best life 😉 

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The Bootcamp Detox Includes:

  • Understanding the Quantum Connection & Being An Energetic Match – Owning that supernatural part of yourself

  • Manifesting without all the extras, what it really takes to manifest something without the vision board, crystals or methods you see on TikTok.

  • Exploring Mind-body Concepts that help you release Resistance, (MY SECRET SAUCE)

  • Detoxing Previous concepts of Manifesting that make you misaligned, stuck, and surface-level manifesting without results (aka where a lot of people get stuck)

  • Troubleshooting Misalignment: Understanding the mind-body Disconnect that stops your results & creates misalignment

  • how to jumpstart your momentum so the Action feels easy not forced – It’s Aligned AF

  • 3 Video Trainings & Soul Work Prompts, Plus Action Steps to implement


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