On the Seventh day of Giftmas my Awakened State pal gave to me.... Free Abundance Checks from the Bank of the Universe!

This little beauty is handcrafted with love by Ashley featured inside of my First Self-published book: Awaken Your Power to Manifest. 

This holiday season you can exclusively download these Abundance Checks in Color Format featured from the book. You can now have plenty of Abundance checks to help you Manifest and create your own personal Abundance Ritual! 

What are Abundance Checks?

Abundance checks are a manifesting tool you can use to help you manifest something such as a specific dollar amount or something specific like ‘$$ for a house downpayment’ or $$ for a car, etc. It teaches you to give money a purpose for more abundance to flow in. You can also use them to just focus on more gratitude for the abundance you already have. Leave them in your purse or wallet as a reminder, every time you see it to focus on gratitude for abundance. 

The checks work with the power of Conscious Intention and specifically getting clear on WHAT YOU WANT.  🙂  


Here’s a mini passage from the Book on the limitless Power of Abundance. Enjoy! 

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These Abundance Checks are Featured inside of Awaken Your Power to Manifest a  30 Day Manifestation Challenge to teach you how to Manifest so you can be more MAGNETIC and attract in what you desire easier than ever. 

For the Holiday Season it is 20% off it’s original Price! This is a great challenge to do at the start of a New year! I’ve done it myself, many times 😉
You can purchase a copy at your local country’s Amazon.
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