On the Eighth day of Giftmas my Awakened State pal gave to me.... ABUNDANCE! Rooted Into Abundance Workshop That is.

This EPIC WORKSHOP  is handcrafted with love by Ashley featured inside of the new Monthly Membership: The Soul-Aligned Life Academy! 

Rooted into Abundance Workshop is designed to help you condition your mindset to Attract In more Abundance in your Life. A perfect companion for going into the New year!

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To Help Inspire you for your own Abundance mindset. check out my Free Abundance meditation!

When I first started understanding Abundance, I recognized there was a concept that was not often talked about. Learning to Define Abundance in our life, makes it feel more real and accessible.

This mini meditation from the Alignment Reset Challenge is guided to show you what Abundance feels like in your body. Everything is a frequency game. The more we understand that and begin to Root into our Natural Abundance we start to visibly see and feel the difference between abundance and Lack Mindset.

May this meditation Activate the Natural Abundance that Lives inside of you.

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Let’s Celebrate the Holidays Together. I’m your Alignment coach helping you feel less overwhelmed by your spiritual awakening so you can confidently own your intuitive gifts, Create a kick Ass Success mindset & learn to manifest your best life 😉 

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With the official Newest Workshop,


Let’s Transform your scarcity mindset and Have you Rooted into Abundance. Join me in an Important Timely Conversation on Learning How to Transform Scarcity Consciousness into Abundant Thinking. 

Rooted into Abundance is a Live Online Event & Interactive Workshop Experience designed to help you Step More Fully into Empowered Abundance and Confidence in your life. 

 A Grounded Down to Earth Conversation on the Root Chakra to help you Transform your Scarcity Thinking into Abundance. Overcome Scarcity/Lack Mindset, and Break Free from Your Perceived Limitations.

+ Receive Pre-recorded Live workshop Experience
+ Workbook to Accompany the training. 

Learn more about the Workshop at the link below; 

This workshop is featured in the New Monthly Membership: The Soul-aligned Life Academy. The Ultimate Spiritual Awakening Membership designed to help you build a Spiritual Aligned Life where you can can back control of your thoughts, heal your ascension symptoms and develop Confidence with your Intuitive gifts. 

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