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how does chakra healing work

How Does Chakra Healing Work?

Have you ever wondered: How do chakras work behind the scenes? Chakra Healing is a little bit of a mystery, right? Many people have heard of chakras whether from reiki or in general in the

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signs of a blocked root chakra

Signs of a Blocked Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is a Big Part of understanding our Energetic Foundation. However how do we even know if we have a healthy or imbalanced root chakra? With the release of The Chakra Detox Clearing Audio

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Ease Ascension Symptoms in Spiritual Awakening

3 Tips to Ease Ascension Symptoms in Spiritual Awakening

Are you experiencing unusual symptoms like hypersensitivity, overly strong intuition, hearing spirit guides, and even out-of-body experiences? It could be Ascension symptoms! Ascension Symptoms are a very real phenomenon that happens during Kundalini or Spiritual

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divine masculine energy

What is Divine Masculine Energy?

Curious about divine masculine energy? When it comes to understanding the divine masculine, this is a different playing field than the divine feminine. Let’s explore the Role that the divine masculine energy has in relationship

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