The term “kundalini” refers to an energy that lies dormant in the body until awakened often happening spontaneously. It is said to lie coiled at the base of the spine, ready to rise up through the chakras (energy centers) to the top of the head. Awakening kundalini is considered a spiritual practice in some cultures, and many people experience profound changes in consciousness after having what is known as a Spiritual Awakening. 

You have a heightened awareness of everything around you.

If you’re feeling more consciously aware than usual, you might be experiencing a kundalini awakening. This is when you feel as though you’re seeing things with new eyes, hearing sounds with new ears, and even tasting food with new taste buds.

Everything changes from the physiological, emotional and even mental perceptions of the world around us.

As we enter the state of evolving our consciousness into the Higher Energies of the New Paradigm you will notice an increase in energy as well as various symptoms that manifest physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually within your personal reality. During the process of a Kundalini Awakening, you will feel as if your life has turned completely upside down into a destructive downward spiral.

The process of a Kundalini Awakening is not always positive, it is the deconstruction of the old self stripping away the layers of the karmic shell to be reborn into the new evolved consciousness. It is the metamorphosis of the soul and the transcendence of the Ego. In many forms it is the concept of going through Ego Death. A death of the Old identity transitioning into the New Identity of the evolved consciousness of the self.

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Once the Kundalini has Awakened our subconscious or shadow self breaks through into our Reality. We are not only faced with our worst fears but we are faced with the crumpling sense that the truth of what we conceive of reality is shattered. The worst thing that can happen to a person is the realization that everything within our reality is an illusion, it can even be so strong as to drive a person mad.

However a Kundalini awakening or Spiritual Awakening is the crumpling away of false truth into the awakening of mental clarity formed by enlightenment. It will not only feel like an identity crisis but the things you once loved will turn into what you no longer desire. You may lose your job, your house, your loved ones, perhaps even your family as the old you goes through a process of being reborn. What was once hidden from you will be revealed upon awakening…Once you are able to face your own internal darkness, you will once again find the infinite light within your soul. True clarity begins once the walls of your old reality start falling all around you and you begin to see the world with new senses.

You are no novice. Let that be clear to you from this day forth. Everything that is happening to you is for a reason and purpose. The epitome of these symptoms is that they are creating who you once were and are as a co-creator of reality. This is not about Teaching, this is about unlocking, these are merely memories you have forgotten within yourself. Always remember this.

Symptoms of Awakening: New Ascension Symptoms post 2013 into the New Paradigm - The Awakened State

New Kundalini Awakening Symptoms Post-2013 into the New Paradigm

Disclaimer: I Always like to note if you feel something is seriously wrong, these symptoms don’t disappear, or you intuitively feel something is wrong, please don’t hesitant to get medical attention and get checked out. Your health always comes first, listen to your body.

Signs your Body is going through a Kundalini Awakening or Energetic Shift of Consciousness

Emotionally (Heart):

Emotional Upheaval – We like to call it, “The Bipolar Roller coaster of your Emotions”. This is where you will experience the extreme polarity of Emotions moving from euphoria to depression as if you feel your emotions are completely out of your control. This is the result of your hormones changing through your endocrine system. One minute you will feel on top of the world and the next you will encounter deep waves of emotion that will lead to tears. This is the work of balancing the Solar plexus center into the Heart Center. The Solar Plexus is the center of the Ego and as we go through transcendence our emotions are going through a state of repair between unifying the heart and mind as one.

Feeling Lost/Confused/having an Identity Crisis – This is not only just a feeling of loneliness, it is a feeling of confusion about what is truth and what is real. It becomes not only hard to relate to others but there is a deep sadness when everyone around you no longer understands you. An isolation builds where you can no longer understand yourself, who you are, what is your path or reality itself.

It is the essence of Dissociation, where you feel completely disconnected from reality and those around you. It also may even bring up the thought that your entire life is not real or that the entirety of existence is a fabrication. There becomes a deep fear that you cannot deal with material reality as everyone around you is still in illusion. A dark time that is positive in form, this is where the Ego starts losing it’s bearings over your consciousness

Dark Night of the soul – This connects into the above, Identity Crisis. The Dark night of the Soul is a natural part of awakening, it is the shedding away of our old skin. It’s the ripping apart of the old soul to be reborn into the New evolved consciousness. There appears to be more chaos that enters into your life as the old you encounters the resistance of Letting go. A desire to hold onto the old you, building a resistance of Letting go which causes more and more entropy within your daily life.

A Dark night of the soul creates an isolation with those around us, everything begins to rip apart within our reality, our friends, our family, and those we love most we feel we can’t connect anymore. We feel an inability to connect because the universe is asking us to look more inward and question ourselves, our reality and what is our purpose here. It is usually triggered by a dark event surrounding Loss such as death, a bad breakup, loss of a job, loss of a house, rape, illness, etc. A cataclysm that triggers the destruction of the Ego as our subconscious breaks through. It gives us a look behind our own face into our worst fears and insecurities. It is about facing our dark night of the soul to get to the infinite light of our being.

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Strongly Feeling and Seeing Energy – The doctor tells you, your eye sight is normal but you come home perplexed as to why these orbs of light don’t seem to disappear from your vision…Our world is made of energy and once we start awakening, our senses become heightened into seeing beyond ordinary reality. You begin to start seeing and feeling energy around yourself and others. This can manifest in many different forms, the more common occurrences: Seeing orbs of light within peripheral vision, light flashes, tracers or after-images amongst objects or people, tingling or vibrating sensation from head to toe, feeling unexplainable warmth in the hands or feet, swirling orbs of light within the sky, seeing colors of frequency{commonly mistaken with the disorder synesthesia].

Feeling Deeply in Tune with Astrological Alignments – When our consciousness changes we become more in alignment with frequency and in turn frequency of the Earth. When we are more aware we begin to notice the subtle patterns especially during the moon phases and astrological alignments. Since everything is connected through the ripple effect, we are affected in magnitude during these events. Every retrograde, Meteor shower, Solar flare, Equinox, Solstice, Eclipse, Galactic opening such as triangles or T-squares are all felt stronger than normal. Also be sure to check out your natal chart to see where your transits are and how they will affect you. Many label Astrology as hoax but the subtle patterns are always there for those willing to observe and feel.

Increase in Intuition/Psychic abilities – For some reason you just KNEW she was going to ask you about taking the garbage out before you even could think it. You seem to find your car keys without much thought after misplacing them and you have a tendency for people to joke about how they feel you can “read their mind”. What was once known as paranormal activity has now became a part of your everyday life. When we awaken our senses they become not only sharper but the desire to think before acting is no more.

Your intuition is guiding you more than you ever thought possible. You start to listen to your gut-instinct, Synchronicities or patterns become too hard to ignore, you start predicting events before they occur, Aura reading or Energy reading people just by looking at them or knowing things about a stranger before you even knew them, embodying the essence of telepathy, Knowing what others are thinking before they say it, Precognitive dreaming, Channeling, Developing a deep empathy towards people and putting yourself inside their own shoes as if you are becoming them, Inner knowing and the more common terms: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairscentist, Clairgustant, Claircognizance, and the list is endless.

Encountering Past life Memories – Our Long term Memory is returning and with that we can tap into past life memories of ourselves. These are deep suppressed memories within our soul blueprint of who we are and were within various lifetimes. Past life memories for some appear in flashbacks, visions, daydreams or glimpses into the past where we suddenly remember an instance as if we can feel the emotion we went through at the time. It is a memory so vivid and real that brings confusion because you realize it was not from the life you are currently living. During an Awakening you can easily find yourself being encountered with your Past, although Meditation, Past life regression therapists and channeling help this also come to light.

Flashes into Other Realities –  This is one that is more common after 2012 but it is the feeling as if you’re living inside a dream or you can’t differentiate if this was from a dream or from reality. The feeling as if you are living in multiple realities at once or parallel lives. As the veil lifts around us it is easier to tap into various perceptions of time. Time is more fluid as past, present and future merge as one. You feel as if straddled between worlds or moving into different realities altogether. It usually enables a very disoriented feeling of not being grounded in the physical because you are opening yourself to different timelines of perceiving reality. Precognition and retro-cognition can be developed once this symptom starts to happen to you.

Seeing a Person’s True Form  – It’s like the concept of the mirror into seeing others reflections of their past lives through their own energy auras.  As we are stronger sometimes we can see loved ones or even strangers with a different face enabling something from their past life or parallel life to come through to us.

Panic attacks/anxiety – Sometimes it can be from feeling energy without realizing it or perhaps a crowd or even a thought triggered the anxiety. Regardless the flow of energy within you can be overwhelming as the Ego loses it’s grip, this can cause your brain to move faster than the body enabling a concept called “blackhole thinking”. Your perception is changing and with that comes a desire to fall into a cycle of past and future thinking enabling Fear and Loss.

Zero Tolerance for Lower Energy – You are drained, you cannot stomach certain people anymore and being around them brings you down further. There is an innate desire to surround yourself around “like-minded” people and healthy relationships. You simply cannot tolerate lower vibrational environments, duality behavior or toxic unhealthy relationships any longer. Your body is longing to move away from 3d dualistic concepts completely, now you are in alignment with the higher energies of the New Paradigm.

The Rapid Increase of Synchronicity in your life – Synchronicity begins to take hold of your life in a way that is dreamlike and certain numbers begin to haunt you, most commonly 11:11, 12:12, 111, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, etc. The signs begin increasing where it becomes more than just numbers but you begin experiencing deja vu, dreams taking form, or certain archetypal symbols appear in your life. The subconscious is powerful, it is a tool to unlocking our own long-term memory; the symbols work in a way that is similar to Jungian Psychology. The symbols help awaken us.

Clear Communication with the Higher Mind– You find yourself talking to yourself or just in general you feel more in tune with listening to the silence. You are not going crazy but you feel a desire to speak with this “inner voice” or listen to the silence. Many experience meeting their Spirit Guides or having Angelic communication this way. This is also the frequency where you can speak to Spirits, Deceased loved ones, our star family, our higher self which is a part of you and various other beings. Channeling is becoming more innate and natural to us as we open ourselves as a receptive channel to the Spirit world and Divine Source.

The Urge to Create – You want to explore things creatively: cooking, decorating, art, music, etc. One instance of Awakening is you are becoming more in tune with your subconscious and releasing the mind into the imagination. The imagination is becoming more powerful than your natural thought process. We create our own reality with the power of our thoughts, this is the universe giving us a sign to start creating both literally and figuratively.

Moments of Elation – Once Awakened you begin to feel more at peace with yourself and your reality. This creates moments of bliss and euphoria by realizing you are seeing over the illusions of separation by knowing that you are never alone.

Mentally (Mind):

Time Dilation – The concept of how we view Time is changing entirely. We’re operating more from a unified sense of past-present-future perception. The Time is NOW. Your consciousness is striving for a present mindset. Time doesn’t feel like it has structure anymore, it’s very fluid.

Memory Problems/Memory fog – Our Consciousness is shifting from the left-hemisphere(short-term memory) to the right (long-term memory), sometimes it is much harder to process information when you brain is thinking more spatial rather than logical. It becomes much harder to compartmentalize thoughts and learning to feel instead of over-thinking your words. We are becoming more intuitive by nature. When the kundalini is awakened, the left and right hemisphere begin to operate together in a unified balance enabling ultimate clarity.

Left-brain Fogginess – Our Consciousness is going through a rewiring so everything our Right Hemisphere operates on will be heightened. This means our empathy, spatial memory, psychic abilities and your ability to experience through vision will be magnified. Whereas the left-hemisphere is going to take the back seat by tuning down it’s frequency. The Left-hemisphere is dominated by our logical reasoning, problem-solving, linear sequencing, short-term memory, analysis and order. This results in what some would call “short circuiting”.

You begin to experience brain fog, memory relapses, a brief moment of dyslexia, inability to focus on tasks, inability to read for very long, lack of focus, forgetfulness, thinking words but not speaking them, scatterbrained, losing interest very quickly, feeling overwhelmed with understanding the concept of communication and language, sometimes even a desire to not even speak or write. Although this opens up your attraction towards using your heightened senses, you will instead seek out your Spatial memory. You will invest your time with Images, Art, Music, film, Connection, Performance, Dancing, Nature and other kinesthetic forms of expression. Overtime throughout the process you will gain mastery of using both hemispheres at a higher intelligence in a harmonic balance. 

[ref]Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening[/ref]

Feeling Disconnected – Your consciousness is wanting you to look within for answers instead of always looking outside of yourself and your external reality. As your frequency shifts, your interests and relationships will change, you attract what you are after all. Your old friendships and relationships will fall away for more soulful aligned relationships.We are releasing our karmic bonds into our soul family. Sometimes we have to let go in order to grow and evolve.

Cognitive Dissonance – Prepare yourself for an excessive amount of Cognitive dissonance but use it as a tool to help you through the dark times. As our ego struggles to fully let go, we’re met with a resistance, when we’re faced with this resistance it can manifest as anger, regret, turmoil, arguing, etc. when we find the endurance to let go we’re lead to truth and understanding of ourselves.

Moving into a different Reality – As stated before you begin to feel as if you are in a different reality or dual realities. As the Dimensions are merely states of consciousness we begin to experience a changing perception from 3d-4d thinking into 5d feeling of the heart center. Our Consciousness is ready for higher understanding and to enter the new triad of 5d-6d-7d and beyond.

Vertigo – It is just like it sounds, the feeling that you or your surroundings are moving when there is no actual movement. Our perception of reality is shifting from time to time your consciousness will shift inbetween dimensions which creates a glitch in your perception of how you see reality.

Vivid dreams/Prophetic Dreams – Our consciousness is shifting between dimensional states which is impacting our subconscious dream state, the spirit world and the material reality are intertwining a lot more than we ever realized possible. Prophetic Dreams and Lucid Dreaming start becoming more common.

Looking Within – This could be either a desire to Meditate out of the blue, talking to yourself or being more introspective with your thoughts rather than voicing your opinion all the time. You’re basically becoming more telepathic and in tune with your thought perceptions of the world around you. You are becoming an observer of your thoughts and feelings, a watcher between worlds.

Moving into the Heart center – This one technically fits into Emotions but it is a Mental Shift of consciousness. What happens is your perception shifts from a very dualistic sense of past and future thinking into an empathetic compassionate desire where you begin operating from your heart center. The heart center is ruled by the present moment or our feelings. This enables you to go through a process of teeter totting back and forth between the heart and the mind which can feel like you’re on the bipolar emotional trainwreck express. It isn’t easy but the process of this is to unify the heart and mind together as one.

Quicker Thought/Expansion time –  Our consciousness is shifting into the present where manifestation is strongest. This creates a point of acknowledgment where we begin to see our thoughts have power over our reality and how we create the world around us. Manifestations can start occurring almost immediately to current mood and feelings. Our intentions and beliefs are starting to fuel our actions into form. “want equals achieve” Consequently as the wise man once said, “Be careful what you wish for…”

Ego Death – Not as rare as it used to be but the total death of the Ego can happen and be a very life changing moment within a person’s life. It is the point of seeing beyond the illusions of reality and the infinite connection that we all embrace. We cannot rid ourselves of the Ego but we can understand the origin of the Ego and how it transforms our Awakening.

Jitteriness – This is an overwhelming urge to do “something” and take action but not quite sure what it is, some call this their “mission”, others just feel that reality itself is changing from the inside out. That feeling as if something big is coming…The big galactic shift. The big change that is coming is you.

Strong Nostalgia – You become very reflective of the past, not just memories of the past but all of your past lives. When the body releases and lets go of what no longer serves them, they open a door into understanding their hidden memories. People also feel like they miss home or have a desire to go “home” which in reality is the body’s way of telling you that you are missing your higher self or your higher mind.

Out of Body Experiences – This can either be Accidental or a desire to leave the body as if you need to trigger an out-of-body experience to gather information or explore your consciousness further. When we become more aware, our connection to other worlds is greatly increased and we’re able to tap into the Astral World easier than ever before. You will find you also may be doing more dream work or work in the Astral Planes unconsciously as you sleep.

A Desire to find your Soulmate – Symbolically this is a desire to find your divine soul essence of yourself, our masculine to our feminine or vice versa, this has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with Kundalini. You desire to find Your Twin flame, your Divine Counterpart or whatever you want to call it because you attract what you are! When the Heart Center is open and healed we’re able to find the unconditional love within ourselves again. This will cause your will to attract that love outside of yourself, pure unconditional true love.

Physically (Body):

Frequent Headaches/Central Forehead pain/Pain in the Temples –  Everything is connected through energy and as the energy heals, we can go through points of illness, aches or general discomfort where the energy releases itself. This can manifest in a multitude of ways: pressure around the forehead, temples back of head or anywhere that connects to the sinuses usually. This is activity of the Crown Chakra expanding as well as the Pineal/Pituitary gland opening and releasing energy.

Chest Symptoms – You may feel a tightness within the torso, chest flutters or even in some cases chest pain. These are all signs that the heart is releasing blocked energy flow by opening up more and more light. This is creating the space for the awakened merkabah. During these Heart shifts sometimes the heart center will teeter totter back and forth, being opened and closed. It’s a very strange sensation where you will feel a tightness in the chest that just as quickly goes away. It promotes the solar plexus to lash out in anger or emotional release. Then when the heart opens there is a deep sadness, a purging of emotions that is met with a distinct wave of euphoria. This creates an opening where new levels of empathy arise and compassion comes in all forms.

Heart Palpitations – Nothing is wrong with you but you suddenly feel your heart beating faster within your chest or the opposite where you feel a general heavy dense energy in the heart. This is the Heart opening and balancing itself. When the heart awakens we connect the bridge between the lower chakras and the higher, this is the divine gate into the Awakening. Heart Palpitations are signs that the energy is opening itself through the electromagnetic field. This can be scary if unprepared and cause anxiety or panic attacks. You must trust the process and know you are safe, it will pass in time. If it does not pass over a certain period, please seek medical assistance just in case.

Ear Ringing – A very common symptom that many who are in the early stages experience throughout their Awakening. It can get labeled off as Tinnitus but others have found when getting their hearing checked they are completely healthy. This can manifest as hearing tones of frequency, ringing, or buzzing within the ears at random times. Due to the change in frequency, it is similar to the feeling of ear pressure when you go up a mountain. This is attributed to getting “downloads” of new energy or a transfer of energy currents causing pressure to build. Also this is common during the stages of Astral Projection right before you project your consciousness and let go of your body there is a change in frequency which causes this to occur. 

[ref]Transmutation/ Ascension Symptoms by Sabrina Reber[/ref]

Natural Spiritual High – Sometimes this can feel like a blissful euphoria that merely comes over you in a wave or other times it can be compared to feeling naturally “stoned”. It is here you can feel your vibrations increase at a tenfold rate. Some even say it can feel as if they are getting a flashback into a Drug Trip or distinct feeling they are tripping when they are completely sober. In actuality this is because we are very connected to the Spirit world especially once Awakened it is much easier to tap into these subtle currents because they exist within all human beings most people are just dormant to them.

Diet Changes – No, you are not pregnant but suddenly you have a strange craving for vegetables when you used to hate them growing up. What is going on? When our Consciousness shifts, our energy changes and with all change we begin to oscillate towards different vibrations than our past experiences. We attract what we need to heal, this can mean you need more grounding foods such as meat and protein or you need more light foods to detox your energy with fruits and vegetables. This is why it is quite common to find Starseeds and Indigos alike switching between vegetarian, vegan and omnivore as their energy changes. No matter what you read, truly listen to what the body needs and craves as you heal your energy. Your health is important as the body is truly the Temple of the Soul. Listen to your body and the energy will follow.

Nausea/feeling ungrounded/dizziness – You wake up feeling dizzy or you feel very lightheaded as if the ground is being swept off of your feet. This is simple you are shifting and possibly ungrounded. If you feel floaty, dizzy or out of balance this is all signs that your Root Chakra needs work. You need to Ground. Ground. Ground. Protein, Root vegetables and Starches are the best medicine for grounded energy. Also meditation or walks in nature help the body during the process of healing. When we are ungrounded, fear and anxiety become the forefront of our environment it is important to stay grounded especially when Awakening the Kundalini flow.

Extreme sensitivity to crowds/loud environments – This is usually due to the ability of Empathy and Clairsentience developing within you. However you’re unconsciously *Feeling* others energy bodies which can either leave you discomforted, drained or just flat-out claustrophobic. The best thing to do in these situations is trust your Intuition and sensory instincts. When we are in fear or self-doubt, we disconnect from the power of our intuition and the subconscious. It is imperative to stay out of fear when in situations such as these by grounding, shielding and knowing you are the one always in control of your energy.

Body Tingling from Head to Toe – We stated this one before but it is emotional as well as physical. This is you feeling your energy body increasing in frequency. It’s very subtle at times but it’s always there for those aware. Don’t fear this, you are only discovering who you are, infinite energy, a reflection of the Universe itself.

Body Temperature Changes – Having a hot flash in the middle of winter may seem a bit strange for just about anyone who isn’t menopausal but that is exactly what it can feel like! It literally feels as if a rapid energy surge goes through you causing your body temperature to change abruptly from being very cold to extremely hot in the blink of an eye. This is usually due to the change in energy from the body, a strange feeling to encounter but it passes just as quickly as it came.

Backpain/body aches – Many like to call it the vibrational flu but with any flu aches and pains are always present. Kundalini begins at the base of the spine and awakens into the Crown giving our chakras a nice workout over time. This can manifest as body aches as your spine adjusts to the Kundalini energy. It is not very pleasant…instead listen to your body, rest and relaxation are sometimes the best medicine for the soul.

Change in Sleep Patterns –  You could think of your energy like a computer getting a new hard drive and like all computers we need updates. Sometimes you body will be shifting so much during these “updates” it can disrupt your sleep cycle. Either you may feel too energized to sleep or find yourself waking up at odd hours of the night most commonly 1am-3am when most are still “asleep”. The objective of this is merely we are “waking up” and in the process sometimes sleep is much harder between the various transfers of energy. Rest when you can and listen to your intuition, you can also invest in natural sleep aids to help the process if it is bothersome, chamomile is a great aid.

Electronics Don’t Like You – You would think this would be placebo but it is truly nothing of the sort once you experience it yourself. Your car radio goes out, your ipod suddenly deleted your entire list of music, your cell phone seems to go out of service every time you make a call, lights flicker when you pass and your computer goes berserk on you. These are merely only a few examples people have experienced. It is true anything with electromagnetics: cellphones, tvs, ipods, radios, dvd players, computers, etc. can cause a reverse reaction on your energy. This is usually due to the fact that your Energy is increasing in vibration and there creates a bizarre friction between the two. The best advice is to merely unplug for a bit. It is a sign you need a break from technology.

Changes in Weight – The Solar Plexus is the maturation of the Ego but also our direction of personal Will Power that is guarded by the stomach. This means as we go through a kundalini awakening we can have a shift in weight gain or weight loss. Your body may be storing energy either for protection, issues you have to work through regarding your willpower or Ego. The more we release these issues of the Ego you will find you can also drastically lose weight. This is merely a phase of releasing built up energy over time, be kind to yourself during this process.

Looking Younger. –  As you clear emotional issues, release limiting beliefs and heavy baggage from the past, you are actually lighter. Your frequency is oscillating higher than before and you begin to feel not only healthier but more lively than ever before. You love yourself, appreciate life more and have a general peace of mind about reality. You begin to resemble the perfect you that you really are, beautiful inside and out.

Hypersensitivity and Skin Reactions – Food allergies that just appear out of no where or Skin rashes, bumps, acne, hives, and shingles. write more later

Detoxification – Just as the Earth is going through her own detox, we ourselves must go through a detox through the process of Awakening. This can manifest: Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, or Spiritually. It enables us to have a multifaceted view of releasing in all ways possible, wanting a spiritual cleanse, having more urges to clean or create more space within your home, remove objects, old habits or people from your life or physically going through a detox through illness or flu/colds. In general you just have an urgent desire to purge your life in every way possible to reinvent yourself.

Spiritual/Philosophical (Soul):

Wanting to Release the Old You – You suddenly have no desire to go shopping even though you used to be a shoe junkie, you can’t stand hanging out with your friends at the clubs anymore and you are flat out tired of being treated the same way your old self used to behave. You are so done with your old material patterns that you might as well put a fork in yourself.

“Out with the old, in with the new” as they say, your old material patterns and habits don’t resonate anymore with your frequency and it’s starting to exhaust you. The constant feeling of being tired of old habits or old thinking patterns means you are moving away from 3rd dimensional thinking and playing the victim within your life. This means drama, duality, polarities, past/future thinking and the feeling of “really not wanting to be “here” anymore” are moving away from your life. In reality your old soul is dying, you are losing the grips of the old world and are ready to enter into new evolved consciousness of your spirit being born.

Events that Completely Alter Your Life  –  This goes back into the Dark night of the soul mentioned above. These events powerfully trigger a response within your subconscious that effects how you see yourself spiritually. This can manifest through: death, divorce, change in job status, loss of home, illness, and other catastrophes. Sometimes it can even be several at the same time that impact your consciousness. These are forces beyond our control that cause you to re-examine yourself, change who you are and how you see your path. These are events that cause you to release your attachments and let go of what no longer serves your greatest good within your life.

The Urge to look into a form of Spirituality – When we Awaken, we begin to Question and this means not only simple questions, we need to know God and why we exist in the first place. This means searching for answers and turning towards a form of Spirituality. We begin questioning the concept of God, Divinity, the higher self and the Universe.

“Teachers” Appear Everywhere – You had a bad day at work basking in anger but on the drive home you pass a billboard that says “Help Cure Children’s Cancer” which triggers you to stop, cry and recollect yourself. This causes you to think about how you are grateful for your own child’s perfect health and you begin releasing the anger entirely. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Once on the Awakening journey you always find yourself in perfect divine timing with the Universe as if you are a train that is always on track.

Symbols are there to teach everywhere you go helping you on your journey: people, books, movies, events, quotes, nature, etc. These teachers can be both positive or negative but they are there to give you a lesson all the same, even our worst enemies are merely a reflection of the resistance within ourselves. A teacher helping us transcend our consciousness. Our Challenges of cognitive dissonance are truly are legacy in hiding, When you’re able to let go of the resistance, you will see sometimes it’s best to learn from every side of the net.
The Desire for Spiritual and Material Abundance – Many people believe the New Age community is filled with hippies who just want a better tomorrow filled with love and peace. However that is not necessarily what they mean, it is naturally what every human being truly desires to be able to manifest an abundance of security, comfort and happiness. Isn’t that truly what every person dreams of or why we create these vacations to escape from our mundane lives? This is a desire to transform your life into your own personal Utopia. A deep desire to manifest spiritual and material abundance within your reality to create comfortable stability, connection and peace of mind. This is about moving what was once our dreams into reality. This is the concept of Awakening, bringing the community into oneness by understanding, compassion and love.

Feeling a deeper connection to God/ the universe/the resonance of our own divinity

Looking into Career fields of Healing/Alternative Medicine/Holistic practice or your dream job – Many can no longer fathom their old jobs or what they bring forth, instead when there is a will there is a way which possesses many Awakened ones to find they can manifest their personal dream job. For many this can mean moving into holistic and alternative medicine practices such as hypnosis, massage, reiki, healing methods or acupuncture. For others this can result into creating their own business or moving into their dream jobs. The list is endless but the idea is doing what you are passionate about that brings happiness back to your soul.

A new sense of Oneness – Once Awakened you embrace a deep spiritual connection you feel towards all beings on earth, an increase in compassion and empathy towards others. You start to see yourself in the eyes of others and feel from their own perspective.

Integration – You become emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually stronger and open to outstanding Mental Clarity. You feel as if you are in alignment with your Higher Self. The higher self is aligning with the Earth plane and you start to feel the two worlds intertwine, past present future self aligned as one unified being.

Living Your Purpose – You know you are finally doing what you came to earth for and this is a revelation in itself. Your new skills and gifts are emerging, especially the ability to heal as humanity all has this innate ability. Your life and work experiences are now converging and starting to make sense as they create a synergy in your reality. You don’t feel lost anymore instead you feel a strong sense of purpose that is deep within your core being. You feel at peace with the earth and yourself, a willingness to continue on your next chapter with faith on your side and a knowing that everything is happening for a reason.

Credit goes to everyone who helped contribute with their own experiences and stories. 

My hope is for others to build onto this list so we can create a more accurate depiction of what is happening in the NOW. Namaste 




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