The term “kundalini” refers to an energy that lies dormant in the body until awakened often happening spontaneously. It is said to lie coiled at the base of the spine, ready to rise up through the chakras (energy centers) to the top of the head. Awakening kundalini is considered a spiritual practice in some cultures, and many people experience profound changes in consciousness after having what is known as a Spiritual Awakening. 

You have a heightened awareness of everything around you.

If you’re feeling more consciously aware than usual, you might be experiencing a kundalini awakening. This is when you feel as though you’re seeing things with new eyes, hearing sounds with new ears, and even tasting food with new taste buds.

Everything changes from the physiological, emotional and even mental perceptions of the world around us.

As we enter the state of evolving our consciousness into the Higher Energies of the New Paradigm you will notice an increase in energy as well as various symptoms that manifest physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually within your personal reality. During the process of a Kundalini Awakening, you will feel as if your life has turned completely upside down into a destructive downward spiral.

The process of a Kundalini Awakening is not always positive, it is the deconstruction of the old self stripping away the layers of the karmic shell to be reborn into the new evolved consciousness. It is the metamorphosis of the soul and the transcendence of the Ego. In many forms it is the concept of going through Ego Death. A death of the Old identity transitioning into the New Identity of the evolved consciousness of the self.

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Once the Kundalini has Awakened our subconscious or shadow self breaks through into our Reality. We are not only faced with our worst fears but we are faced with the crumpling sense that the truth of what we conceive of reality is shattered. The worst thing that can happen to a person is the realization that everything within our reality is an illusion, it can even be so strong as to drive a person mad.

However a Kundalini awakening or Spiritual Awakening is the crumpling away of false truth into the awakening of mental clarity formed by enlightenment. It will not only feel like an identity crisis but the things you once loved will turn into what you no longer desire. You may lose your job, your house, your loved ones, perhaps even your family as the old you goes through a process of being reborn. What was once hidden from you will be revealed upon awakening…Once you are able to face your own internal darkness, you will once again find the infinite light within your soul. True clarity begins once the walls of your old reality start falling all around you and you begin to see the world with new senses.

You are no novice. Let that be clear to you from this day forth. Everything that is happening to you is for a reason and purpose. The epitome of these symptoms is that they are creating who you once were and are as a co-creator of reality. This is not about Teaching, this is about unlocking, these are merely memories you have forgotten within yourself. Always remember this.

Symptoms of Awakening: New Ascension Symptoms post 2013 into the New Paradigm - The Awakened State

New Kundalini Awakening Symptoms Post-2013 into the New Paradigm

Disclaimer: I Always like to note if you feel something is seriously wrong, these symptoms don’t disappear, or you intuitively feel something is wrong, please don’t hesitant to get medical attention and get checked out. Your health always comes first, listen to your body.

Signs your Body is going through a Kundalini Awakening or Energetic Shift of Consciousness

Emotionally (Heart):

Emotional Upheaval – We like to call it, “The Bipolar Roller coaster of your Emotions”. This is where you will experience the extreme polarity of Emotions moving from euphoria to depression as if you feel your emotions are completely out of your control. This is the result of your hormones changing through your endocrine system. One minute you will feel on top of the world and the next you will encounter deep waves of emotion that will lead to tears. This is the work of balancing the Solar plexus center into the Heart Center. The Solar Plexus is the center of the Ego and as we go through transcendence our emotions are going through a state of repair between unifying the heart and mind as one.

Feeling Lost/Confused/having an Identity Crisis – This is not only just a feeling of loneliness, it is a feeling of confusion about what is truth and what is real. It becomes not only hard to relate to others but there is a deep sadness when everyone around you no longer understands you. An isolation builds where you can no longer understand yourself, who you are, what is your path or reality itself.

It is the essence of Dissociation, where you feel completely disconnected from reality and those around you. It also may even bring up the thought that your entire life is not real or that the entirety of existence is a fabrication. There becomes a deep fear that you cannot deal with material reality as everyone around you is still in illusion. A dark time that is positive in form, this is where the Ego starts losing it’s bearings over your consciousness

Dark Night of the soul – This connects into the above, Identity Crisis. The Dark night of the Soul is a natural part of awakening, it is the shedding away of our old skin. It’s the ripping apart of the old soul to be reborn into the New evolved consciousness. There appears to be more chaos that enters into your life as the old you encounters the resistance of Letting go. A desire to hold onto the old you, building a resistance of Letting go which causes more and more entropy within your daily life.

A Dark night of the soul creates an isolation with those around us, everything begins to rip apart within our reality, our friends, our family, and those we love most we feel we can’t connect anymore. We feel an inability to connect because the universe is asking us to look more inward and question ourselves, our reality and what is our purpose here. It is usually triggered by a dark event surrounding Loss such as death, a bad breakup, loss of a job, loss of a house, rape, illness, etc. A cataclysm that triggers the destruction of the Ego as our subconscious breaks through. It gives us a look behind our own face into our worst fears and insecurities. It is about facing our dark night of the soul to get to the infinite light of our being.

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Strongly Feeling and Seeing Energy – The doctor tells you, your eye sight is normal but you come home perplexed as to why these orbs of light don’t seem to disappear from your vision…Our world is made of energy and once we start awakening, our senses become heightened into seeing beyond ordinary reality. You begin to start seeing and feeling energy around yourself and others. This can manifest in many different forms, the more common occurrences: Seeing orbs of light within peripheral vision, light flashes, tracers or after-images amongst objects or people, tingling or vibrating sensation from head to toe, feeling unexplainable warmth in the hands or feet, swirling orbs of light within the sky, seeing colors of frequency{commonly mistaken with the disorder synesthesia].

Feeling Deeply in Tune with Astrological Alignments – When our consciousness changes we become more in alignment with frequency and in turn frequency of the Earth. When we are more aware we begin to notice the subtle patterns especially during the moon phases and astrological alignments. Since everything is connected through the ripple effect, we are affected in magnitude during these events. Every retrograde, Meteor shower, Solar flare, Equinox, Solstice, Eclipse, Galactic opening such as triangles or T-squares are all felt stronger than normal. Also be sure to check out your natal chart to see where your transits are and how they will affect you. Many label Astrology as hoax but the subtle patterns are always there for those willing to observe and feel.

Increase in Intuition/Psychic abilities – For some reason you just KNEW she was going to ask you about taking the garbage out before you even could think it. You seem to find your car keys without much thought after misplacing them and you have a tendency for people to joke about how they feel you can “read their mind”. What was once known as paranormal activity has now became a part of your everyday life. When we awaken our senses they become not only sharper but the desire to think before acting is no more.

Your intuition is guiding you more than you ever thought possible. You start to listen to your gut-instinct, Synchronicities or patterns become too hard to ignore, you start predicting events before they occur, Aura reading or Energy reading people just by looking at them or knowing things about a stranger before you even knew them, embodying the essence of telepathy, Knowing what others are thinking before they say it, Precognitive dreaming, Channeling, Developing a deep empathy towards people and putting yourself inside their own shoes as if you are becoming them, Inner knowing and the more common terms: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairscentist, Clairgustant, Claircognizance, and the list is endless.

Encountering Past life Memories – Our Long term Memory is returning and with that we can tap into past life memories of ourselves. These are deep suppressed memories within our soul blueprint of who we are and were within various lifetimes. Past life memories for some appear in flashbacks, visions, daydreams or glimpses into the past where we suddenly remember an instance as if we can feel the emotion we went through at the time. It is a memory so vivid and real that brings confusion because you realize it was not from the life you are currently living. During an Awakening you can easily find yourself being encountered with your Past, although Meditation, Past life regression therapists and channeling help this also come to light.

Flashes into Other Realities –  This is one that is more common after 2012 but it is the feeling as if you’re living inside a dream or you can’t differentiate if this was from a dream or from reality. The feeling as if you are living in multiple realities at once or parallel lives. As the veil lifts around us it is easier to tap into various perceptions of time. Time is more fluid as past, present and future merge as one. You feel as if straddled between worlds or moving into different realities altogether. It usually enables a very disoriented feeling of not being grounded in the physical because you are opening yourself to different timelines of perceiving reality. Precognition and retro-cognition can be developed once this symptom starts to happen to you.

Seeing a Person’s True Form  – It’s like the concept of the mirror into seeing others reflections of their past lives through their own energy auras.  As we are stronger sometimes we can see loved ones or even strangers with a different face enabling something from their past life or parallel life to come through to us.

Panic attacks/anxiety – Sometimes it can be from feeling energy without realizing it or perhaps a crowd or even a thought triggered the anxiety. Regardless the flow of energy within you can be overwhelming as the Ego loses it’s grip, this can cause your brain to move faster than the body enabling a concept called “blackhole thinking”. Your perception is changing and with that comes a desire to fall into a cycle of past and future thinking enabling Fear and Loss.

Zero Tolerance for Lower Energy – You are drained, you cannot stomach certain people anymore and being around them brings you down further. There is an innate desire to surround yourself around “like-minded” people and healthy relationships. You simply cannot tolerate lower vibrational environments, duality behavior or toxic unhealthy relationships any longer. Your body is longing to move away from 3d dualistic concepts completely, now you are in alignment with the higher energies of the New Paradigm.

The Rapid Increase of Synchronicity in your life – Synchronicity begins to take hold of your life in a way that is dreamlike and certain numbers begin to haunt you, most commonly 11:11, 12:12, 111, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, etc. The signs begin increasing where it becomes more than just numbers but you begin experiencing deja vu, dreams taking form, or certain archetypal symbols appear in your life. The subconscious is powerful, it is a tool to unlocking our own long-term memory; the symbols work in a way that is similar to Jungian Psychology. The symbols help awaken us.

Clear Communication with the Higher Mind– You find yourself talking to yourself or just in general you feel more in tune with listening to the silence. You are not going crazy but you feel a desire to speak with this “inner voice” or listen to the silence. Many experience meeting their Spirit Guides or having Angelic communication this way. This is also the frequency where you can speak to Spirits, Deceased loved ones, our star family, our higher self which is a part of you and various other beings. Channeling is becoming more innate and natural to us as we open ourselves as a receptive channel to the Spirit world and Divine Source.

The Urge to Create – You want to explore things creatively: cooking, decorating, art, music, etc. One instance of Awakening is you are becoming more in tune with your subconscious and releasing the mind into the imagination. The imagination is becoming more powerful than your natural thought process. We create our own reality with the power of our thoughts, this is the universe giving us a sign to start creating both literally and figuratively.

Moments of Elation – Once Awakened you begin to feel more at peace with yourself and your reality. This creates moments of bliss and euphoria by realizing you are seeing over the illusions of separation by knowing that you are never alone.

Mentally (Mind):

Time Dilation – The concept of how we view Time is changing entirely. We’re operating more from a unified sense of past-present-future perception. The Time is NOW. Your consciousness is striving for a present mindset. Time doesn’t feel like it has structure anymore, it’s very fluid.

Memory Problems/Memory fog – Our Consciousness is shifting from the left-hemisphere(short-term memory) to the right (long-term memory), sometimes it is much harder to process information when you brain is thinking more spatial rather than logical. It becomes much harder to compartmentalize thoughts and learning to feel instead of over-thinking your words. We are becoming more intuitive by nature. When the kundalini is awakened, the left and right hemisphere begin to operate together in a unified balance enabling ultimate clarity.

Left-brain Fogginess – Our Consciousness is going through a rewiring so everything our Right Hemisphere operates on will be heightened. This means our empathy, spatial memory, psychic abilities and your ability to experience through vision will be magnified. Whereas the left-hemisphere is going to take the back seat by tuning down it’s frequency. The Left-hemisphere is dominated by our logical reasoning, problem-solving, linear sequencing, short-term memory, analysis and order. This results in what some would call “short circuiting”.

You begin to experience brain fog, memory relapses, a brief moment of dyslexia, inability to focus on tasks, inability to read for very long, lack of focus, forgetfulness, thinking words but not speaking them, scatterbrained, losing interest very quickly, feeling overwhelmed with understanding the concept of communication and language, sometimes even a desire to not even speak or write. Although this opens up your attraction towards using your heightened senses, you will instead seek out your Spatial memory. You will invest your time with Images, Art, Music, film, Connection, Performance, Dancing, Nature and other kinesthetic forms of expression. Overtime throughout the process you will gain mastery of using both hemispheres at a higher intelligence in a harmonic balance. 

[ref]Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening[/ref]

Feeling Disconnected – Your consciousness is wanting you to look within for answers instead of always looking outside of yourself and your external reality. As your frequency shifts, your interests and relationships will change, you attract what you are after all. Your old friendships and relationships will fall away for more soulful aligned relationships.We are releasing our karmic bonds into our soul family. Sometimes we have to let go in order to grow and evolve.

Cognitive Dissonance – Prepare yourself for an excessive amount of Cognitive dissonance but use it as a tool to help you through the dark times. As our ego struggles to fully let go, we’re met with a resistance, when we’re faced with this resistance it can manifest as anger, regret, turmoil, arguing, etc. when we find the endurance to let go we’re lead to truth and understanding of ourselves.

Moving into a different Reality – As stated before you begin to feel as if you are in a different reality or dual realities. As the Dimensions are merely states of consciousness we begin to experience a changing perception from 3d-4d thinking into 5d feeling of the heart center. Our Consciousness is ready for higher understanding and to enter the new triad of 5d-6d-7d and beyond.

Vertigo – It is just like it sounds, the feeling that you or your surroundings are moving when there is no actual movement. Our perception of reality is shifting from time to time your consciousness will shift inbetween dimensions which creates a glitch in your perception of how you see reality.

Vivid dreams/Prophetic Dreams – Our consciousness is shifting between dimensional states which is impacting our subconscious dream state, the spirit world and the material reality are intertwining a lot more than we ever realized possible. Prophetic Dreams and Lucid Dreaming start becoming more common.

Looking Within – This could be either a desire to Meditate out of the blue, talking to yourself or being more introspective with your thoughts rather than voicing your opinion all the time. You’re basically becoming more telepathic and in tune with your thought perceptions of the world around you. You are becoming an observer of your thoughts and feelings, a watcher between worlds.

Moving into the Heart center – This one technically fits into Emotions but it is a Mental Shift of consciousness. What happens is your perception shifts from a very dualistic sense of past and future thinking into an empathetic compassionate desire where you begin operating from your heart center. The heart center is ruled by the present moment or our feelings. This enables you to go through a process of teeter totting back and forth between the heart and the mind which can feel like you’re on the bipolar emotional trainwreck express. It isn’t easy but the process of this is to unify the heart and mind together as one.

Quicker Thought/Expansion time –  Our consciousness is shifting into the present where manifestation is strongest. This creates a point of acknowledgment where we begin to see our thoughts have power over our reality and how we create the world around us. Manifestations can start occurring almost immediately to current mood and feelings. Our intentions and beliefs are starting to fuel our actions into form. “want equals achieve” Consequently as the wise man once said, “Be careful what you wish for…”

Ego Death – Not as rare as it used to be but the total death of the Ego can happen and be a very life changing moment within a person’s life. It is the point of seeing beyond the illusions of reality and the infinite connection that we all embrace. We cannot rid ourselves of the Ego but we can understand the origin of the Ego and how it transforms our Awakening.

Jitteriness – This is an overwhelming urge to do “something” and take action but not quite sure what it is, some call this their “mission”, others just feel that reality itself is changing from the inside out. That feeling as if something big is coming…The big galactic shift. The big change that is coming is you.

Strong Nostalgia – You become very reflective of the past, not just memories of the past but all of your past lives. When the body releases and lets go of what no longer serves them, they open a door into understanding their hidden memories. People also feel like they miss home or have a desire to go “home” which in reality is the body’s way of telling you that you are missing your higher self or your higher mind.

Out of Body Experiences – This can either be Accidental or a desire to leave the body as if you need to trigger an out-of-body experience to gather information or explore your consciousness further. When we become more aware, our connection to other worlds is greatly increased and we’re able to tap into the Astral World easier than ever before. You will find you also may be doing more dream work or work in the Astral Planes unconsciously as you sleep.

A Desire to find your Soulmate – Symbolically this is a desire to find your divine soul essence of yourself, our masculine to our feminine or vice versa, this has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with Kundalini. You desire to find Your Twin flame, your Divine Counterpart or whatever you want to call it because you attract what you are! When the Heart Center is open and healed we’re able to find the unconditional love within ourselves again. This will cause your will to attract that love outside of yourself, pure unconditional true love.

Physically (Body):

Frequent Headaches/Central Forehead pain/Pain in the Temples –  Everything is connected through energy and as the energy heals, we can go through points of illness, aches or general discomfort where the energy releases itself. This can manifest in a multitude of ways: pressure around the forehead, temples back of head or anywhere that connects to the sinuses usually. This is activity of the Crown Chakra expanding as well as the Pineal/Pituitary gland opening and releasing energy.

Chest Symptoms – You may feel a tightness within the torso, chest flutters or even in some cases chest pain. These are all signs that the heart is releasing blocked energy flow by opening up more and more light. This is creating the space for the awakened merkabah. During these Heart shifts sometimes the heart center will teeter totter back and forth, being opened and closed. It’s a very strange sensation where you will feel a tightness in the chest that just as quickly goes away. It promotes the solar plexus to lash out in anger or emotional release. Then when the heart opens there is a deep sadness, a purging of emotions that is met with a distinct wave of euphoria. This creates an opening where new levels of empathy arise and compassion comes in all forms.

Heart Palpitations – Nothing is wrong with you but you suddenly feel your heart beating faster within your chest or the opposite where you feel a general heavy dense energy in the heart. This is the Heart opening and balancing itself. When the heart awakens we connect the bridge between the lower chakras and the higher, this is the divine gate into the Awakening. Heart Palpitations are signs that the energy is opening itself through the electromagnetic field. This can be scary if unprepared and cause anxiety or panic attacks. You must trust the process and know you are safe, it will pass in time. If it does not pass over a certain period, please seek medical assistance just in case.

Ear Ringing – A very common symptom that many who are in the early stages experience throughout their Awakening. It can get labeled off as Tinnitus but others have found when getting their hearing checked they are completely healthy. This can manifest as hearing tones of frequency, ringing, or buzzing within the ears at random times. Due to the change in frequency, it is similar to the feeling of ear pressure when you go up a mountain. This is attributed to getting “downloads” of new energy or a transfer of energy currents causing pressure to build. Also this is common during the stages of Astral Projection right before you project your consciousness and let go of your body there is a change in frequency which causes this to occur. 

[ref]Transmutation/ Ascension Symptoms by Sabrina Reber[/ref]

Natural Spiritual High – Sometimes this can feel like a blissful euphoria that merely comes over you in a wave or other times it can be compared to feeling naturally “stoned”. It is here you can feel your vibrations increase at a tenfold rate. Some even say it can feel as if they are getting a flashback into a Drug Trip or distinct feeling they are tripping when they are completely sober. In actuality this is because we are very connected to the Spirit world especially once Awakened it is much easier to tap into these subtle currents because they exist within all human beings most people are just dormant to them.

Diet Changes – No, you are not pregnant but suddenly you have a strange craving for vegetables when you used to hate them growing up. What is going on? When our Consciousness shifts, our energy changes and with all change we begin to oscillate towards different vibrations than our past experiences. We attract what we need to heal, this can mean you need more grounding foods such as meat and protein or you need more light foods to detox your energy with fruits and vegetables. This is why it is quite common to find Starseeds and Indigos alike switching between vegetarian, vegan and omnivore as their energy changes. No matter what you read, truly listen to what the body needs and craves as you heal your energy. Your health is important as the body is truly the Temple of the Soul. Listen to your body and the energy will follow.

Nausea/feeling ungrounded/dizziness – You wake up feeling dizzy or you feel very lightheaded as if the ground is being swept off of your feet. This is simple you are shifting and possibly ungrounded. If you feel floaty, dizzy or out of balance this is all signs that your Root Chakra needs work. You need to Ground. Ground. Ground. Protein, Root vegetables and Starches are the best medicine for grounded energy. Also meditation or walks in nature help the body during the process of healing. When we are ungrounded, fear and anxiety become the forefront of our environment it is important to stay grounded especially when Awakening the Kundalini flow.

Extreme sensitivity to crowds/loud environments – This is usually due to the ability of Empathy and Clairsentience developing within you. However you’re unconsciously *Feeling* others energy bodies which can either leave you discomforted, drained or just flat-out claustrophobic. The best thing to do in these situations is trust your Intuition and sensory instincts. When we are in fear or self-doubt, we disconnect from the power of our intuition and the subconscious. It is imperative to stay out of fear when in situations such as these by grounding, shielding and knowing you are the one always in control of your energy.

Body Tingling from Head to Toe – We stated this one before but it is emotional as well as physical. This is you feeling your energy body increasing in frequency. It’s very subtle at times but it’s always there for those aware. Don’t fear this, you are only discovering who you are, infinite energy, a reflection of the Universe itself.

Body Temperature Changes – Having a hot flash in the middle of winter may seem a bit strange for just about anyone who isn’t menopausal but that is exactly what it can feel like! It literally feels as if a rapid energy surge goes through you causing your body temperature to change abruptly from being very cold to extremely hot in the blink of an eye. This is usually due to the change in energy from the body, a strange feeling to encounter but it passes just as quickly as it came.

Backpain/body aches – Many like to call it the vibrational flu but with any flu aches and pains are always present. Kundalini begins at the base of the spine and awakens into the Crown giving our chakras a nice workout over time. This can manifest as body aches as your spine adjusts to the Kundalini energy. It is not very pleasant…instead listen to your body, rest and relaxation are sometimes the best medicine for the soul.

Change in Sleep Patterns –  You could think of your energy like a computer getting a new hard drive and like all computers we need updates. Sometimes you body will be shifting so much during these “updates” it can disrupt your sleep cycle. Either you may feel too energized to sleep or find yourself waking up at odd hours of the night most commonly 1am-3am when most are still “asleep”. The objective of this is merely we are “waking up” and in the process sometimes sleep is much harder between the various transfers of energy. Rest when you can and listen to your intuition, you can also invest in natural sleep aids to help the process if it is bothersome, chamomile is a great aid.

Electronics Don’t Like You – You would think this would be placebo but it is truly nothing of the sort once you experience it yourself. Your car radio goes out, your ipod suddenly deleted your entire list of music, your cell phone seems to go out of service every time you make a call, lights flicker when you pass and your computer goes berserk on you. These are merely only a few examples people have experienced. It is true anything with electromagnetics: cellphones, tvs, ipods, radios, dvd players, computers, etc. can cause a reverse reaction on your energy. This is usually due to the fact that your Energy is increasing in vibration and there creates a bizarre friction between the two. The best advice is to merely unplug for a bit. It is a sign you need a break from technology.

Changes in Weight – The Solar Plexus is the maturation of the Ego but also our direction of personal Will Power that is guarded by the stomach. This means as we go through a kundalini awakening we can have a shift in weight gain or weight loss. Your body may be storing energy either for protection, issues you have to work through regarding your willpower or Ego. The more we release these issues of the Ego you will find you can also drastically lose weight. This is merely a phase of releasing built up energy over time, be kind to yourself during this process.

Looking Younger. –  As you clear emotional issues, release limiting beliefs and heavy baggage from the past, you are actually lighter. Your frequency is oscillating higher than before and you begin to feel not only healthier but more lively than ever before. You love yourself, appreciate life more and have a general peace of mind about reality. You begin to resemble the perfect you that you really are, beautiful inside and out.

Hypersensitivity and Skin Reactions – Food allergies that just appear out of no where or Skin rashes, bumps, acne, hives, and shingles. write more later

Detoxification – Just as the Earth is going through her own detox, we ourselves must go through a detox through the process of Awakening. This can manifest: Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, or Spiritually. It enables us to have a multifaceted view of releasing in all ways possible, wanting a spiritual cleanse, having more urges to clean or create more space within your home, remove objects, old habits or people from your life or physically going through a detox through illness or flu/colds. In general you just have an urgent desire to purge your life in every way possible to reinvent yourself.

Spiritual/Philosophical (Soul):

Wanting to Release the Old You – You suddenly have no desire to go shopping even though you used to be a shoe junkie, you can’t stand hanging out with your friends at the clubs anymore and you are flat out tired of being treated the same way your old self used to behave. You are so done with your old material patterns that you might as well put a fork in yourself.

“Out with the old, in with the new” as they say, your old material patterns and habits don’t resonate anymore with your frequency and it’s starting to exhaust you. The constant feeling of being tired of old habits or old thinking patterns means you are moving away from 3rd dimensional thinking and playing the victim within your life. This means drama, duality, polarities, past/future thinking and the feeling of “really not wanting to be “here” anymore” are moving away from your life. In reality your old soul is dying, you are losing the grips of the old world and are ready to enter into new evolved consciousness of your spirit being born.

Events that Completely Alter Your Life  –  This goes back into the Dark night of the soul mentioned above. These events powerfully trigger a response within your subconscious that effects how you see yourself spiritually. This can manifest through: death, divorce, change in job status, loss of home, illness, and other catastrophes. Sometimes it can even be several at the same time that impact your consciousness. These are forces beyond our control that cause you to re-examine yourself, change who you are and how you see your path. These are events that cause you to release your attachments and let go of what no longer serves your greatest good within your life.

The Urge to look into a form of Spirituality – When we Awaken, we begin to Question and this means not only simple questions, we need to know God and why we exist in the first place. This means searching for answers and turning towards a form of Spirituality. We begin questioning the concept of God, Divinity, the higher self and the Universe.

“Teachers” Appear Everywhere – You had a bad day at work basking in anger but on the drive home you pass a billboard that says “Help Cure Children’s Cancer” which triggers you to stop, cry and recollect yourself. This causes you to think about how you are grateful for your own child’s perfect health and you begin releasing the anger entirely. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Once on the Awakening journey you always find yourself in perfect divine timing with the Universe as if you are a train that is always on track.

Symbols are there to teach everywhere you go helping you on your journey: people, books, movies, events, quotes, nature, etc. These teachers can be both positive or negative but they are there to give you a lesson all the same, even our worst enemies are merely a reflection of the resistance within ourselves. A teacher helping us transcend our consciousness. Our Challenges of cognitive dissonance are truly are legacy in hiding, When you’re able to let go of the resistance, you will see sometimes it’s best to learn from every side of the net.
The Desire for Spiritual and Material Abundance – Many people believe the New Age community is filled with hippies who just want a better tomorrow filled with love and peace. However that is not necessarily what they mean, it is naturally what every human being truly desires to be able to manifest an abundance of security, comfort and happiness. Isn’t that truly what every person dreams of or why we create these vacations to escape from our mundane lives? This is a desire to transform your life into your own personal Utopia. A deep desire to manifest spiritual and material abundance within your reality to create comfortable stability, connection and peace of mind. This is about moving what was once our dreams into reality. This is the concept of Awakening, bringing the community into oneness by understanding, compassion and love.

Feeling a deeper connection to God/ the universe/the resonance of our own divinity

Looking into Career fields of Healing/Alternative Medicine/Holistic practice or your dream job – Many can no longer fathom their old jobs or what they bring forth, instead when there is a will there is a way which possesses many Awakened ones to find they can manifest their personal dream job. For many this can mean moving into holistic and alternative medicine practices such as hypnosis, massage, reiki, healing methods or acupuncture. For others this can result into creating their own business or moving into their dream jobs. The list is endless but the idea is doing what you are passionate about that brings happiness back to your soul.

A new sense of Oneness – Once Awakened you embrace a deep spiritual connection you feel towards all beings on earth, an increase in compassion and empathy towards others. You start to see yourself in the eyes of others and feel from their own perspective.

Integration – You become emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually stronger and open to outstanding Mental Clarity. You feel as if you are in alignment with your Higher Self. The higher self is aligning with the Earth plane and you start to feel the two worlds intertwine, past present future self aligned as one unified being.

Living Your Purpose – You know you are finally doing what you came to earth for and this is a revelation in itself. Your new skills and gifts are emerging, especially the ability to heal as humanity all has this innate ability. Your life and work experiences are now converging and starting to make sense as they create a synergy in your reality. You don’t feel lost anymore instead you feel a strong sense of purpose that is deep within your core being. You feel at peace with the earth and yourself, a willingness to continue on your next chapter with faith on your side and a knowing that everything is happening for a reason.

Credit goes to everyone who helped contribute with their own experiences and stories. 

My hope is for others to build onto this list so we can create a more accurate depiction of what is happening in the NOW. Namaste 




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  1. Thank you for this amazing insight. I stumbled across it by chance.
    I am experiencing everything U listed…it started 10-10-15. I am living in the matrix with full awareness. It is a wonderful experience.

      1. Thank you so much for this article.i am experiencing everything.i know i am awakened now but i am still unsure of using these blessings into my life.i feel like stopping right now and do nothing and just be intuned with the higher self but i have a family,responsibilities,i want to be financially successful.i will keep on meditating and see where my life is indeed an out of the world experience.

        1. Mala, I’d like to acknowledge what you have said, and how Ash has responded to you. I have gone throughout multiple levels of conscious evolution, as many people reading this article have or are about to. What directly connected me to your situation though is your mention of family, and how your feelings are interfering with work and daily life. My son is about to leave my nest and start his next chapter of life. I’ve always had typical fears that all parents do, but mine are now at this point overwhelming me. I believe I am also downloading new information simultaneously which is amplifying my symptoms. I’m wondering if this is the case with you as well. Reading the experiences Ash has gathered along with her insights, (which are a reflection of what we know, but need to read or hear from time to time), can help separate the evolutionary process from the debilitating anxiety that arises from the intense love/fear connection we have to our own families. The families that we have created and are adjusting to as we go, instead of the families we’ve always known and were born into. I feel Ash is right that we will pass through this intensity of consciousness expansion on top of our every day concerns. But I don’t believe we are JUST experiencing the expansion by itself. So hang on through the bumpy ride and know everything will be alright. When we come out on the other side our families and the love and worry that come with them will still be there, but we’ll be more evolved and better equipped to connect and navigate our feelings, and the world around us. Good luck <3

          1. Yes I agree, even if interpretation got lost in translation somewhere. It is all connected even the mundane/ordinary aspects of experience is all connected towards soul expansion including our families, friends and surroundings. Nothing is separate.What I have learned is that fear is a lesson, when we feel overwhelmed or fearful with anxiety we need to push beyond that feeling, question your cognitive dissonance you feel, accept and let it go. Easier said than done but ultimately Trust and let go the universe is taking care of you <3

    1. I tend to think of Kundalini Awakening as a process, it ebs and flows with a balance of both light and dark. It’s a learning experience where we realize everything happens for a reason for our soul growth including the negative things. Our ego is merely a teacher we need to learn to see, acknowledge and even eventually love. Truly once it starts you can’t go back, this is merely the resistance of the old soul clinging to the past self, you are changing profoundly internally/externally. There is bound to be resistance around that.

      Why exactly do you feel this way, Meena?

      1. My awakening became very intense about 3 months ago. It is a beautiful experience, but I feel like I’m falling to pieces. I can see and feel energy and have all the symptoms you listed, especially intense whole body vibrations and palpitations. It’s hard to function everyday. My only source of information is what I can find online. I came across your site and finally understood what was happening to me. I don’t know how to manage my symptoms. How long will they last? How do I still function in this world, I am no longer able to do simple everyday things.

        1. Very awesome that the site helped you discover what was happening, i found a list of ascension symptoms and just KNEW this was it. For me they usually come and go, it was a lot harder in the beginning, I was afraid of eatting, afraid of public places, emotional sponge really but now i’ve learned a lot about how to be more conscious of my thoughts/actions that it is a very enjoyable experience. A lot of those fears have melted away as my awareness has changed. It gets better.

          The symptoms can be a sign that we need to stop, relax, reflect and look inward instead of fighting the resistance. What happens is the body is containing a friction with itself because the old you is dying and you are going though a process of rebirth within the physical body. This is why it is painful, birth isn’t easy, it can be messy, uncomfortable and most of all life changing. The best and easiest way to cope with the ascension symptoms is to stop resisting them and start surrendering to them. Realize they are a process, ask your guides to help you tune them down, come back to your center. If you feel anxious, use your breath to calm you down with long deep breathingthrough the nose. If you feel like you can’t do everyday things you used to do, do new things, read a book, meditate, do yoga, find something that makes your soul happy again, it’s there.

          I really enjoy Eckhart Tolle’s power of now, it has helped me come to conscious with a lot of the process of awakenin, here are two passages that come to mind.

  2. I had the symptoms started Dec 2015, I had obe’s and involuntarily shaking and flash currents running through and heightened awareness for 3 months . Then somehow I got to my old ways but now those things are out of reach. I tried to have obe’s, in fact I had sleep paralysis since I was a child but all of a sudden it has gone off and from last few months I had hardly any sleep paralysis episode. I’m worried now. Even though I had answers which I used to scrutinise myself and now I’m Clear with those questions and no longer feel victim. In fact this is what I wanted and I wait for last day of my life to reunite with my creator. But I feel a void and a desire is there to know more about life. Please tell how I can get the obe’s once I used to get and more clarity on this lifetime and my purpose for this lifetime. I believe you can help me out at present I feel total disconnect with everything and embrace whatever is good and bad in my life and ready to live with the results. It feels my identity has dissolved and worst fears are coming true but I’m ready for it.

    1. Hey Vinny,

      Thank you for sharing, when we feel this way, the mind basically is decompressing or switching modes is what I like to call it. You’re in a transition phase, it feels abnormal because it’s pushing you outside of your comfort zone. This can often happen when the subconscious starts letting go of our old identity. In this same way, the soul needs to process and integrate new information which is why we can go through peaks then suddenly a plateau. It’s all a part of the process 🙂

      I have a page on Astral Projection here that goes over some of the common Qs and steps:

      Astral Projection is something that is powerful but we dont need to force it, when we force projection were not allowing ourselves to let go and surrender to the experience. Instead we enter a state of resisting which creates almost a resist to the flow. When we’re ready to surrender, the abilities or in this case your obes will return. It may also be a sign that the mind is trying to focus on something different. We are always growing so the mind possibly is going through a different phase as you embrace new energy coming to surface.

      When you let go of resisting completely by surender, it should help your energy pop back into place.

      I cannot tell you your purpose in life, only you know that answer but I will say purpose isn’t about career or being a messiah in life, it’s about your PASSIONS. Passion is your purpose. Find your passion and what gives wings to your soul, tht is where you will find your purpose.

      I hope this helps you
      love <3

  3. I’ve been going through changes that are really weird…like My menstrual cycle has never in my life came down for 5 mins with god aweful cramps pain in my back legs and stomach…and all of a sudden my cycle is gone yet the cramping pains and back pain continued…Some one even told me I looked pregnant during the absence of the cycle….I’ve also had an out of body experience that really awaken me and before I had it I knew I would…before all these events days before I let go of any emotional attachment I had with family that disnt support me and let go of thise family burdens…When I pray I cry alot of read it could be intercession thats calling me or spiritually pregnant with Gods purpose and ready to deliver….either way I seriously need some answers…yes I have gifts…recently by a 3rd woman confirming it right before these events…HELP ME PLEASE..WHAT SHOULD I BE DOING??

    1. okay first breathe, take a few deep breaths through your nose. it’s going to be okay.

      Spiritual Awakening symptoms can be very bizarre or weird when we’re not used to them. I don’t necessarily believe you are spiritually pregnant.

      In this world we need to learn to not take things so literal, our subconscious likes to create symbols for us. I believe what you are feeling is moreso the subconscious’s way of saying you are creating a new identity. You are birthing a new consciousness so to speak.

      This can feel like a fertile energy because it’s about understanding “the creator”. Awakening allows us to detach from our old identity or past conditioning. In this way you’re experiencing the death-rebirth feeling through your body. it can feel like you’re birthing something because your soul is going through a transformation process. Birthing the new you. My latest series i’m writing Symptoms of Awakening goes over a lot of this in more detail.

      I don’t think you need to be doing anything other than what you desire to do. This is a question I cannot answer because it goes into your own divine will and the direction you wish to travel can only be found within.

      I hope things get better for you!

  4. It’s been happening to me for a few months now but , I feel like someone else in anorthern body, the process hurts and I can sense and see spirits but control them as well, I’ve achieved new and a lot of abilities and it hurt my body through the process. When I look in the mirror , I see myself with dark black filled eyesockets smiling back at me, I hear voices and sounds. I feel really scared sometimes. People lie to me about a past relationship and while going through the process, I take the lie as truth and lash out at that specific person on accident. Is it my fault but people never understand, they don’t listen on what I have to say and the pain I go through. I call myself physic because I can see people’s auras, what their body looks like and see the insides of people. I also see subatomic all particles or have enhanced vision or can zoom in on objects. Recently after I did belly flops in the water I saw no red marks. Nothing, no pain really. Then when I walk into a house I experience this pain that hurts a lot up by my torso chest area by my heart. I felt like my heart chackra was opening. This process hurts sometimes and it can hurt others around you. But being apart of the 2% feels good and different. Life goes on but what some people as I would say most people would say to this is that u are going through puberty or just growing but you aren’t. We are going through the process of a new age. A new physical being.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Franklin, it’s a very life-altering process that completely changes you physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality. It is a chemical process which is why many who think it’s just a lifestyle switch don’t really have a clue what these experiences are like.

      First off, it’s okay! It won’t always feel like this, a lot of times we go through these intense conscious shifts as the body heals and starts crafting the new consciousness. It can be physically painful which is why it’s scary at first. I find comfort in knowing these changes are VERY real, you’re not going crazy and most of all so many other people are going through these exact changes in the world just like you. It can feel physically demanding because the body is going through hormonal and chemical changes, the best thing we can do in this case is to listen to our body and surrender to the process, rather than fight the current.

      If you feel alone, check out some facebook groups like Ascension symptoms support , the awakened state soul tribe, indigo children, starseeds, etc. There are tons of support groups out there and it’s truly amazing how many people are awakening. I think it’s much more than just 2% 😉

      My new series i’m writing goes over a lot of these changes. I also recommend learning to question your ego and realizing that you are forever safe here. It doesn’t have to be so scary. Next time you feel this way: Try repeating “I am forever protected, no negative energies can enter this room” or whatever resonates.

      Hope things get smoother for you. ♥

    2. Hi! I just went through most of this around end of march this year and it was very scary including the fact it happened while i was about to go overseas on a plane by myself. And like you i saw not just my eyes go black but a lot of other people as well and people that felt like they were angry at me and almost abusing me. The symptoms are not as bad now and i am more calm and more positive and less scared since my cure have been reading the bible and praying to God and getting saved by Jesus.

    3. hi , you can search about cristals and smoge your house and buy black turmalin it’s the best protector , i send you much love and blesingss

  5. Hello there ,

    I started my unconsciouss journey 4-5 months ago.
    I was consciouss about it when i came to the end of my mental trip , had lost 12kg in 1 month and was totally blew off. I went maybe 5-6 years back in time.
    It started since 3 weeks where i took another directions and starting to comprehend everything that i have learned durong it. There was so much pain in it and still is!
    i feel reincarnated in my body and everything is new for me building my own reality and letting things align.
    I am at the point where i am wether grounded and ungrounded. It is a strange time and i want to get grounded!
    I feel everything controlled from my right hemisphere and heart. My intuiton is high and i would love to go to Goa to progress with this work because i dont feel i make much progress in society. It is hard but when i see the light it will be magnificient 🙂

    Peace and Hope to you guys

    Question: Do You feel also stucked ln your body?
    Like rolling eyes and not being able to “fly” away.

    1. Hi Nick!

      I definitely can relate because I used to feel this way about 4 years ago but chances are it’s because you need to work on grounding your energy back into the earth. The reason we feel stuck in bodies is because we feel an unconscious disconnection with ourselves and the world. We feel a dissociation, this is due to the kundalini and chemical changes happening in the body. Therefore the easiest way to heal something like this is through connection, connecting with other like-minded beings and working on your root chakra. The root chakra can be very powerful once we are grounded because our energies finally gain a stability.

      Grounding the root is all about our tribal roots, our family relationships, childhood wounds relating to family, our financial situation, eatting enough proteins, and most of feeling connected to the material world. A simple visualization you can do is envision yourself in your minds eye growing roots that connect to the sun, the moon and deep into the core roots of the earth.

      hope that helps!

  6. Hey Ash , thanks for reposting ,
    did you also feel this ugly feeling in your backhead and your ears full. Like there is no connection between eyes and ears to the gland and a lot of hypersensitivity when going outside.
    Could you send me your e-mail for further conversations questions i might have please?
    Wich are your best methods to get grounded ?



    1. I’m not sure what you mean, like a pressure between the pituatary/pineal gland?

      Hypersensitivity could be due to lack of grounding. You can ground in numerous ways, empowering the root chakra, visualizing roots, eatting proteins and root veggies, the color red for color therapy, or finding connection to the material plane. Our root really deals with our family, our tribal power, our beliefs about money and how we are connected to the material reality.

      Contact me through our contact box for further Qs.

      hope that helps! ♥

        1. Well keep in mind everyone’s experiences are different so what we experience is usually a sign of what is coming up for healing.

          It definitely sounds like changes in the nervous system taking place. It could be an imbalance in the higher chakras which is very possible if the root is also imbalanced. If the root is imbalanced the entire energy body can be put off center. In this case it sounds like your symptoms are all located around the third eye/crown region. So it could deal with a clearing taking place through your vision, clairaudience{clear hearing}, being more receptive towards the flow along with literally having the third eye/crown being worked on. It all indicates an imbalance generated around belief and inner sight.
          Hope that helps!

          Ash ♥

          1. Hey Ash ,

            Well the feeling changes constantly.
            I have been so long in this seeking quest (4-5) months and i noticed when it fall down and started a new direction.
            I have regained stability in body but arent grounded at all and it is hard to live normal.
            I feel my head numbness and arent grounded and this connection from eyes is missing. I have straight eyes and see through my mind and not through them.
            It is hard to explain and i dont know if i have gone to a point of no return in this journey or if this is normal 🙁

            Hope you answer back soon , dont have much idea but i feel this inner force and heart guiding me to do what is wrong and wright.

          2. It just sounds to me like you’re going through a transitioning phase. There is no end, only endless beginnings.

            When we go through a period of disconnection, our mind is going to feel disconnected from everyone including ourselves. It’s the soul’s way of dismantling the old paradigm. I’ve been open to this journey for roughly over six years. It does get better I promise. I would work on some grounding rituals and going within more through listening to see clearer. It’s not even like you have to spend an hour a day a mere 5 minutes of just calming your mind, closing your eyes, listening to your breath and going within helps the soul find the present moment. The more we stay in a present mindset, we are able to feel connected to source and our energy becomes more centered. Work on being more consciously aware and present should help you stabilize.

            Relax, the journey is infinite ♥

          3. Hey , it seems to me i have gotten stuck.
            I am just in present moment and feel stucked in myself and this numbness in the head and pressure in ears. It is like if i am not awake yet.
            Look yourself adyashanti-end of time please.

            Il do meditation as best ???

  7. I have been experiencing this for over a year. I have always had multiple eye conditions resulting in chronic headaches my entire life, can’t remember a single day without a headaches. But recently they have especially tumultuous – particularly in my left eye, my frontal lobe, and temporal lobes. Almost a year ago I left my home and moved away to spend time developing myself and growing in a new environment. Since my move, I have lost about 30lbs, after praying to feeI all the emotions I felt deprived of I embarked into the most emotional months of my adult life thus far (after visiting multiple spiritual sites/natural sacred spaces across Latin America, upon my return I have experienced the most intense emotional upheaval in my life) , and I feel I have become such a different person but have never felt so myself. I’ve recently spent lots of time reading many articles on this topic, I am flabbergasted not really sure how to feel – although to be honest I feel at peace, not surprised, and honestly excited. In life many have told me I have a supernatural favor, an unreal luck, and it has always been common for people even stranger to share there life stories/pains and I have felt they leave our conversations a little healed while I feel I am still chewing on their emotions.

    1. It sounds like you are embarking on quite the journey. It’s a journey of remembering and forgetting. Somedays are otherworldly others are left to us questioning, what next? It’s amazingly beautiful but the beginning of letting go can often be intimidating and crazy. Headaches are signs of mental expansion, i find when i have the headaches days later i will receive a burst in clarity out of nowhere, aha moments. Headaches are signs of the mind letting go of the old energy. the push energy is the mind receiving new energy. 🙂
      Thank you for sharing ♥

  8. It’s quite strange. I was born with epilepsy. I have had problems of sorts with cognitive issues and they would stem down my body. Never knew about chakras till recently Now I know it was just chain reactions. I don’t fear, I don’t fight. I surrender when necessary. It doesn’t control me anymore. I control it. Everyday to be reborn to possibillty. Quite amazing. We are all special, yet exactly the same. Feels, humbling and amazing.

    1. Epilepsy is a sign of imbalance in your spine energies or a blockage in your chakras… I pretty sure about that that… My ex gf had epylepsy and oftwn happenned at 11:11pm

  9. Ash , i am indeed in a transitioning phase ( ascending soul).
    I meditate 10 hours a day in silence to boost it , i feel how my soul ascends slowly.
    I dont see the light brother and have this ear pressure , head eyes and if this would pop like everything would be normal again.
    How long do you think such a thing takes if i was seeking for around 4-5 months ?
    My mood is so unstable too and i have this feeling of being trapped and unconsciously not connected to everything but it gets better with meditation i gain a lot of insight.
    What can you tell me about that ?
    I also have this brain spasms and cramps on the body and symptoms of ascension.

    It will be such great when i see the light 🙂

  10. I kept looking for an answer because I am reaching my lowest point… my life is upside down. In 5 months, I lost my youngest sister to cancer, my only son left to another state and I haven’t seen him in a year, my dog died, I lost my job. My home is close to foreclosing and my car to be repossessed and no one hires me. I feel like an orphan child to say the least! I have all kinds of aches and pains and it all started with an amazing spiritual experience where spritual beings were around me and they still are. I can channel now and read people. I never paid attention to Ascension but I’ve been led to it in the last year. 11:11 is all over and I’m becoming more and more isolated when I used to be the life of the party. I’m getting ill with the worry of losing the things I worked so hard for… Thank you for explaining so well that being stripped of everything is part of the process. It helps me a lot!

    1. Claus, you’re not losing things. you’re building a new reality. The birthing process can often be painful but sometimes it is necessary to rebuild. Every negative experience is building the soul growth towards the new experiences in your life. If there’s anything I can give you, I will say learn to see behind the ego, this is where the truth lives. To go within, means confronting the shadow, after we face ourselves then we begin to dismantle the illusions we created and begin living our truth. This will pass and you’ll look back at this time and realize it’s all happening for a reason. Breathe

      If you haven’t seen already, I recommend my symptoms of awakening series. It goes further into the details of the dark night and transition phases we face during awakening.

      hope this helps
      Blessings on your journey ahead ♥

  11. Ash hope you can relate to this symptoms coming:

    -Constant Lightheaded and ear pressure 24/7

    – Living just in my head

    – Feeling Stucked

    -Unconsciouss Disconnection to everything and myself

    -Feeling Slow

    I think after this whole seeking process about 4-5 months i have wasted all my wings 🙁 I cant fly anymore .

    I dont know anymore if this is part of a process or i have just gone insane and messed up everything.

    Please help

    1. Nick I don’t believe you’ve gone insane or messed up, our mistakes are soul growth. It’s important to see that even when we feel this way, we’re still going deeper into understanding ourselves. The symptoms are reminders that our soul is healing and the process changes as we grow. You cannot waste your wings, they are always within you. It’s important to see that. They’re not going anywhere. It’s moreso a matter of you remembering or forgetting you have them! but they’re always there. 🙂

      It definitely sounds like working on your root chakra would help. Often when we feel incredibly disconnected, we begin generating that in the form of chaos in our reality. I recommend doing some clearing exericises. You sound like you need to get really connected back to you, this will help center you and keep you focused more.

      It’s really good to find that connection because it allows us to remember who we truly are. If you haven’t already, i recommend my article on clutter clearing.
      This can truly help the mind decompress and organize itself back on track.

      If you do the work, it will start showing in your reality and you will feel the shift in the energy. Also stay on the look out because i’m looking to add more action-oriented rituals to help others. Promise.
      Wishing you the best on your journey.


      1. Thanks Ash for giving me hope.

        After 2 months i still feel disconnected from everything and myself.
        I still feel trapped in myself and i am slow and have this damn constant pressure in the ears and lightheadedness.

        I have a meeting on tuesday with my spiritual teacher maybe he can relate.

        I just feel fucked , disable to do things .

        I would like to do so much things but i cant in this state . Its all messed up


  12. I really needed to read this article today. I am suffering the loss of a baby and have felt so many raw emotions since. It’s as if I have been asleep my entire life and now I am overwhelmed with the weight of the world. In between feelings of utter disbelief and total despair & grief, I have moments of clarity and growth, I know if I channel into those feelings I can get through this. My heart goes out to anyone suffering and going through this difficult stage of awakening, it can be so painful and lonely…but I have a feeling deep inside I am destined for great things because of it. Keep your heads up friends, you are not alone.

    1. It sounds like you’re leaving the process of the dark night of the soul. It can be a very heady place to be. Peeling off the layers.The best thing to do is keep pushing through and find hope through these rough days. I couldn’t even imagine. There are many ups and downs on the path, the best thing to remember is everything is temporal, these feelings won’t last forever. We need darkness sometimes because the darkness is what helps us discover our infinite light within. Keep pushing through. love and healing light ♥

  13. This was a very helpful page. My life has been bombarded since 2012 with a mix of blessings, joy and tragedy. It was this past year that i discovered the truth about reality or the absence of reality as known previous and it left me feeling very alone and often panicky, anxiety riddled and for a period depressed. A complete sense of isolation. At the same time found my passion for helping others and the planet balance and heal. Now at the point where acceptance is coming more easily. The syncronicities and repetitive numbers and chance meetings and conversations have been too numerous to discount. The physical manifestations astounding. My shell is off and I am not able to crawl back into nor could I if i wanted. It is true this is a painful process. Like crossing a raging river without a boat. You need to get to the other side but you will get very wet and feel unsafe for a time.

    1. That is a beautiful analogy to compare towards awakening. It’s really about stepping into the realm of the unknown, going into the serpent fire and coming out unburned. I feel you. Glad things are turning around for you.
      love ♥

  14. A few years ago whilst I was in college I had all sorts of strange things happening to me from dreams of things in the past being very real and close to home. In which I mean a few hundred years at least feeling like the present. I also suffered from constant tingling all over whenever there was even a slight shift in the weather. Someone I didn’t know at the time came up to me and told me that my aura looked like it was resonating or something like that. Well anyway I was trying to sleep last night, like 6am and my body started tingling really strongly and I’m worried that its happening again. Is there any chance that you can awaken more than once? If so is there anyone who can give any advice please. Thanks.

    1. Hey Oliver, thanks for writing.

      Awakening isn’t necessarily a lightswitch you turn off or on, it’s moreso a state of forgetting or remembering. we’re always on the path, the question is moreso are we forgetting or remembering we are on the path.

      In other words what is happening to you is you acknowledging your body is awakening but you’re also in a transition phase, where you’re questioning the old self vs the new self. I wrote about this a lot in my symptoms of awakening series. Hope this sheds some light on how you feel. love and blessings to you ♥

  15. Almost everything I have experienced to date has been positive. I feel more connected. I am new to this experience and continue to learn as I go. Side note is I am in my forties now and I do not believe this is a mid-life crisis thing, but a life change, only time will tell. One thing that has worried me and was a little relieved to see it listed under “Physically” is that my left ear has been ringing for the past 3 days. I have been listening to various music and solfeggio frequencies mostly around 528 hz. The scary part is the ringing and pressure is so loud I cannot hear out of that ear. My right ear/hearing is perfectly fine, which ruled out the music/frequencies being the cause, I listen mostly using headphones. Long story short is I can hear, but concerned about the length I have experienced this. The tones in my left ear (in my head) fluctuate high to low pitches. I plan to see my physician if it persists past tomorrow. As a newbie I want to share the following; I have been finding myself being more concerned about world events and injustices, like Standing Rock for example, it infuriates me how this is happening and the gull of the entities that think this is ok, as an example. I’m mesmerized by the starts at night, more so then in the past. I have been interested in our history and finding out that a lot of what was taught to us is not true and using many resources to find a common thread truth. I have had some vivid dreams, one which seems I was living someone else’s life.I plan to continue on this journey and still need to fully give in and give significant time to meditate and experience what is next for me. Thank you for giving me/us a resource to learn from and continue to grow. Hope this helps others and for you teachers/mentors out there I welcome any resources to help me continue my growth,

    1. Hi there,
      The ear ringing can be unsettling especially if we’re not used to it. If it doesn’t go away of course definitely get it checked out just in case. However I have found that the symptoms can get quite bizarre such as heart papilations that bring on anxiety but then they disappear just as quickly as they came. If they arent disappearing that’s when I would for sure seek medical help.
      I also have this article if interested:

      about researching more world events and truths that are hidden, you will find that as your consciousness shifts so does your reality. Therefore the illusions start dismantling in your reality, one by one. Our focus shifts as our paradigm dismantles essentially 🙂
      love and blessings ♥

  16. Ten years ago, this Christmas eve, mine spontaneously awoke.

    What have I learned since then…?
    That Divinity is almost impossible to sustain in this society… atop a mountain, maybe; and I always said: “It takes a REAL saint to *stay*.” Amidst it all… trying to heal and help without force; trying to extend compassion to black holed-Hearts; trying to translate universal concepts to the mundane mind; trying to translate Unity revelations to the divided mind; trying to blend in when you stand out.
    Trying to live on Earth, without a Temple. Without a home.
    Realising that all the Land has been stolen; the mother, abused.
    The Feminine, suppressed, and abused.
    Realising that Living Goddesses are Homeless.

    Realising that you are too magic to be amongst people, and that they shouldn’t touch you if they don’t want the Truth about themselves, and that they wouldn’t DREAM of touching you, if you had cultural context, six holy and devoted Priests/Bodyguards, *and* the shield of a Temple to house your Luminous, Radiant and Naked Soul within.

    “ZERO TOLERANCE” is fast approaching… and I was born a Bodhisattva (but, oh, “you can’t say that!”).
    My compassion has been bruised, my Heart, crumbled, and my upper and lower worlds torn from their wholeness by the Beasts from this Realm.

    Zero Tolerance for uninteresting ignorance.
    Having no one to talk to.
    Realising that I can’t be a High Priestess in this realm *unless* I become a capitalist.
    And suffer great abuse because ego hates divinity; in you, in themselves.
    Realising that I do, in fact, have superpowers.
    But again, no one to talk to…

    * Actually, this photo, I took, whilst I was communing with my new Kundalini Awakening, 10 years ago… my Hand is on my Heart; touching Love. It was the Autumn Equinox in Australia; we were having a party, I was the last one left standing, gazing into the candle, and listening to Cher on the record player… (a song from Heart of Stone; a good one). I was owning MY Love that I felt for someone… since he refused it.
    Sitting in front of a chocolate cake, feeling blessed. Rich.
    Literally basking in the warm waterfall of Kundalini/True Love.
    Bliss-closed eyes.
    I felt to capture the moment with one of those early camera-phones.
    The image was pitch-black, but I kept it; some time (years?) later, I edited it to it lightest possibility… and there I was; basking in bliss.

    It was meeting Him that *woke* my Kundalini… he was a part of it. The start of it. *Because* of Him.
    In this moment, I think I was separating the LOVE and the KUNDALINI… or trying.
    Both had never happened before; was this Kundalini? Or was this LOVE? Or both?!

    Can read the full story in my book, “Following Moira”, available online, for free, because Kundalini is SO important.

    Thank you for your site. 🙂

    1. Wow this really resonated with me! I started awakening in 2012 after a series of tragic events (I thought I was just going crazy). I was put on several “medications” as a result dulling my awakening until this year. All my symptoms are back. I guess I have no choice but just to let it happen…. am from Australia too. Love & light to you! ✌⛤❤

        1. I’m doing much better now thanks… the last few months I’ve been focused on letting go of the past which was really difficult for me since I survived a lot of trauma… things still sometimes creep back up from my subconscious but I’m able to deal with them now… Oh that’s so awesome! Your book sounds really interesting. I’ll have to have a read 🙂 xo

  17. I have experienced many of these extraordinary symptoms. I learned a lot prior to some of the more intense stages, and I must say, it really made a huge difference, because given my understanding of the “process”, I am able to endure these things with grace. Don’t get me wrong, the symptoms can be a little frustrating, but its the destination and not the process that I thrive on. I am so grateful that I have engaged in persistent continuing education to actually understand what I am going through because it is the understanding that keeps me at peace during such seemingly chaotic moments. Had it not been for my understanding throughout my rising self awareness process, there would have been times that I would have “thought” I was ill, crazy, or under some sort of paranormal attack. I am still on my journey, but I have come a very long way. I have experienced just about everything that has been mentioned in this article. I know that it is due to my process that I actually found this article in the first place. I always feel better when I discover that someone actually understands what I am going through, and I am convinced that you do because I can relate first-hand to just about every symptom and description given in this article. It is truly a blessing to have found this. Thank you. Peace and Many Blessings to you.

    1. Once we’re aware of the changes happening, it comes much easier to handle and even relate because you’re definitely not alone on this journey. We’re all in this together. Thank you. Peaceful vibes and blessings to you! ♥

  18. It all frightens me, I’m 20 years old and would have never expected any of this to happen to me. Recently I thought I was ‘possessed’ for a few days and then all of a sudden I felt ‘me’ again, I really cannot tell if it’s just apart of the awakening stage or if an evil spirit was inside for 3 days. I have every symptom on this page and it is exciting, however some days feel so hard and the fear can really overpower me, but I have to remember to remain positive and calm. How long until the awakening process is over?

  19. thank you so much for this very helpful article, everything I read was truth, thought I was going crazy, and finding it hard to convey what I knew as everyone said I was nuts, I about bought into it until my full spinal sweep of the most intense fire up my back on Oct. 26th 2016 at 915pm mst, a day that changed my life forever (which now i know it was 7 years in the making-looking back now) thank you thank you thank you for this article, God Bless You and Us, to the extent we surrender, I will stop resisting and be still, and know all is according to plan, thank goodness, John

  20. As a teenager I’ve always had weird buzzing noises in my ears and soon after my body would freeze and I wasn’t able to move. Of course that was scary for me at the time and so I would pray for that not to happen. I’ve always been super sensitive to people and can “feel” them. Recently after doing a Regression Meditation by Brian Weiss Md, that same night I had a white lighted being visit me at the foot of my bed, I couldn’t see it’s features but the light was so bright and shining off of it that all I could see was a siloutte that was about 4 to 5 ft in height. I was not afraid, if anything I felt happy, and estatic that I was actually experiencing this first hand and I felt as though I “knew” it already, like an old friend type of feeling came over me. It basically walked up to the foot of my bed and extended its arms out and with its right arm tapped me twice on my right leg. I immediately looked at my phone to see what time it was and it said 2:40am, but as I looked to see it, it was gone! I was so excited of what had happened that I was almost giddy just overjoyed to have this being come visit me, I don’t know why, it didn’t speak to me at all. This happened right before Thanksgiving, but ever since strange things have been happening to me. I can see sentences appearing in my head, being said by the person inside my head then actually being said out loud by that particular person, has happened about 4 times since?? Telepathy?, Electronics act weird when I’m around, they won’t turn on, and my sister’s phone when approaching my house will automatically call me without her even holding her phone?, My daughter’s phone was calling my phone and both phones were completely left on the counter with no one around them. I’ve been having intense vibrations as I meditate and actually saw a bright white light as I felt that I left my body. I felt like something was sitting at the end of my bed and I could feel it indenting on the mattress and I didn’t know if it was “good” or “bad” so I said it very loud in my head to “Be gone! if it’s not from the light” but again I just prayed and stayed strong. Been having headaches (frontal and temporal) and literally feel my hands and feet tingling all the time. Certain crystals vibrate stronger than others, so I’ve just now noticed. I was feeling like I was going out of my mind. My sister’s listen to me, but not sure if they fully understand what is happening to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your article and it gives me hope to know that I’m not the only one experiencing this. Truly, thank you.

    1. Angie you are lucky and brave not to get scared. I had mine nearly a year ago after a close brush with death. I am just now trying to understand myself better. After I proved to myself that these were not coincidences I started seeing real strange things happen–too many to mention all but here’s one:
      While I was at work I heard some garbled voice come on my cell phone–one I’ve never heard. I look down and notice the light from cell shinning through my pocket. I pick out cell and nothing. While this happened the song “Wake Me Up Inside…Open up My Eyes” was playing on the radio.
      later on I thought about that incident checked to see if my cell phone’s light shines through my pocket.

      And it Did Not

      I was Lying in bed with the Realization that God has a sense of humor.
      Just then the cap on the water bottle at the foot of my bed came off spilling a quart of water on my feet. I suddenly started laughing and crying for joy more than any other time. For over a week my feet always felt wet.
      A friend of mine told me to look Up Wicca Spiritual Awakening and found myself
      I Meditated and Reached out to the Mother Earth. I pictured my own mother and forgave her not being the perfect mother that we are all not perfect but we may be her to be Perfect.
      After a while with no answer I was expecting to have to work more at it. But while I was sitting at the edge of my bed thinking about the things I had to do for the day and this voice said “Here I Am”
      I am not crazy but If I like were to always here a voice i would think I am crazy
      but I KNOW I Heard it.
      She said little but I do feel “She” is always with me and I’ve never really been into this shit.

  21. Or these symptoms could be signs of a psychotic break or onset of schizophrenia. The rational logical mind is a good thing not bad. To question esoteric experiences is good. Is this ‘new reality’ from a higher spiritual realm and how do you discern that these powers/forces represent goodness and light?

      1. Id moment I know you would not be so skeptical if you have had the experience we have. If you close your mind to your soul you will never find it. Keep an open mind and don’t believe you can explain every thing with logic and Science–by the way I’m a lifelong Astronomy nerd

  22. i dont why but i freaking cried while reading this i think i am going through something right now but i really don’t know i can’t tell anything anymore

    1. yes it can be very difficult to deal with in the beginning. It’s okay! Don’t be so hard on yourself, there is a lot of soul work and healing involved especially in the beginning. if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact me ♥

  23. I was in a car accident almost 2 years ago. My entire life was turned upside down. I almost died. The doctor’s tell me to this day that I shouldn’t have lived.. I just say, well, it wasn’t my time to go. I spent a total of 29 days in the hospital, lost my job, lost friends, even my family. I was depressed, anxiety ridden, angry and full of negative energy. Then I starting noticing the orbs of light in my peripheral vision, the constant temporal headaches and this overwhelming feeling that I wasn’t myself. I couldn’t explain it but I actually knew this accident happend for a reason. That I needed to experience this in order for my life to change for the better. To get the negative people out of my life, to not have to go to my miserable job anymore, to open my eyes to my intuition I knew I had all along but it was manifesting so rapidly now. I started seeing 11:11 EVERYWHERE and I would smile to myself, knowing I’m here in this moment, right now, for a reason. I would think of someone I haven’t heard from in years and they would call me or I would run into them that day or the next. I would know how conversations would go before they even happened. The more these things happened, the more peace I would have. I just said the other day I don’t want to go back into the regular medical field, I want to go into holistic medicine or even start my own business or follow my passion for crafting and event planning; two things I have NEVER done before this “accident”.

    I am so happy I read this article and it just solidifies my intuitive thoughts of feeling that things truly do happen for a reason and I am here for a reason. My soul is awakening and even though it is a difficult transition, I am overjoyed to be experiencing it.

    Much love,

    1. That sounds amazing Angie! I find that the awakening path is a wild ride of moving us outside of our comfort zone but honestly isn’t that where the magic happens 😉 Thank you for sharing your experiences with us

  24. The recent high frequency head pressure had me worried. Ive been experiencing it for a week along with dizziness. Just woke up out of a nap feeling it. waking up at odd hrs being told i was so out of it when normally i cat sleep to listen out. weird how right when im in need of something or help its perfect timing i get it or put in the right place or with the right ppl at the right time. I shut down two computers at this meeting I was at but when i walked away to the restroom they camevon until i came back and ppl joked me about it. my lamp which ive replaced at my hotel randomly goes off even in the middle of the night. Ive been eating healthier too and have been feeling the need to just leave everything behind and walk on the beach at night alone or on top of my carcjood and enjoy the stars wind, moin and silence… i hate croweds and going out now. I get drained easily by ppl, I use to model and owned my own studio, not any more. I experience so much that is in this artical its amazing!!! I honestly do feel im more aware of which direction to go in life and ppl to interact with. I was told i have a bad thyroid but feel a lot of energy at times and have cravings for eggs and differebt types of peppers. I have very vivid dreams and seem to feel and know things. I do get upset when i feel i can see a persons true self or see something for what it is now. Its disappointing and frustrating. My memory isnt the best and i find myself doing ditsy forgetful things but figured it was the thyroid or head pressure causing it. This artical was just what i needed to read!! I feel less confused and worried. Thank you:)

      1. Yes I read that’s related to root chakra too. I also crave protein, it’s usually when I’m feeling ungrounded. Listen to your body. My appetite keeps changing from needing healthy fats and protein to just drinking vegie juices. I also gained a ton of weight during the worst times of my awakening, but now it’s just starting to fall off. Thank the Universe lol! I rarely crave junk or sugar anymore either.

    1. Hi. i came across this post and I believe it has opened my eye to what is happening to me. thanks for being involved. i needed that.

  25. Funnily I Googled “feeling ungrounded/anxiety upon waking up”. It’s been a real issue for me lately as I progress back into the state of awakening. This was the first page I clicked on. Does anyone have any good ways of dealing with the anxiety? Some days it’s so crippling I have to take anti-anxiety medications and I don’t want to. The only thing that helps is food but I’m already overweight and want to start a good diet and exercise regime xx

    1. I find for me the easiest way to deal with anxiety is to do long deep breathing pranayama style, then focus on a mantra that you repeat in your head like ” I am peaceful”. This allows our mind to start focusing on something else besides feeding the anxiety. Also a lot of times anxiety is due to energy shifting or us feeling the energy itself. The mind shifts and we feel the mind moving faster than the body, getting grounded with proteins or even slowing down by being more present can easily help shift the mind out of anxiety. Hope this helps! ♥

      1. Thanks Ash. What do you think of listening to binaural/meditative beats on YouTube? I find many of them helpful with anxiety, especially as I tend to overthink at night leading to insomnia. I’ve been trying a root Chakra one which is quite helpful x ♥

        1. Whatever helps stimulate our alpha waves is absolutely amazing for our well-being. Meditation really helps us focus and allows us to sit in our own energy. It allows us to be present so definitely that can help with anxiety, overthinking or restlessness. I also recommend trying some visualization as you’re trying to fall asleep, that always helps me when i’m having a bit of mind chatter! <3

  26. Wow i had to Google my systems im here thinking im going crazy everything you said is how im feeling and i don’t know what to make of it but im happy i found this

      1. It’s crazy i have anxiety mild depression so im like ok it feels like maybe anxiety but i haven’t felt this way ever so as I’m laying down watching the news my heard started hurting in the back and my vision started changing i thought i was losing my eye sight or something and everything was looking strange to me i started talking in my brain like what is going on why do i feel this way i felt as if i was under the influence or something my fingers started tingling that made me panic even more i ran to the bathroom to put cold water on my face and as i was looking in the mirror i felt different like i was someone else looking through me if that make any sense im not good at writing so please forgive my poor choice of words but yea it was a scary feeling i was trembling and i just felt scared i experience the ringing in my ear once in a while but this i have never felt before.

        1. Hi! I just find this topic by googling words like “Kundalini eye sight loss” etc. I had Kundalini awakening about 7 months ago, since then I have had a lot of symptoms, mostly physical, now I was quite OK. I have been feeling that energy is rapidly moving in my head, strong head pressures, but nothing I can’t handle. Until about 5 days ago I noticed that my left eye vision was not OK, it was like blurry or strange, hard to describe. And today I woke up and right eye was also blurry. Same time strong energies in the head. I went to the hospital emergency, because I really was scared about losing my sight. Still don’t know what is happening, or will it be better tomorrow. The doctor did not find anything wrong with my eyes! Hope this will pass soon 🙁

          1. I also had really blurry vision and still get it sometimes, especially when I’m out in shopping centres or large crowds. The other day I totally freaked out because I couldn’t read the menu at a café, and everything was just “fuzzy”. I thought that maybe I’m losing my vision and need glasses! But it comes and goes… so I’m afraid to see an eye doctor in case my eyes happen to go blurry during the appointment and I’m wrongly diagnosed with poor eyesight! Like I said it comes and goes. When I’m relaxed at home my eyesight is perfectly normal!

        2. Hey Kay listen to Ekhart Tolle in youtube. He talks abot the present moment andabout these changes. I had it too. I though I was going crazy.uts been 1year since and its wonderful. Just go with th flow. You are not alone, a big portion of humanity is going through this.

  27. What do you think of low level frequencies produced by things like microwaves and Wi-Fi? One of my friends sent me an article on how bad they are, but we simply cannot exist in the modern world without them. After all, without internet we’d have never found this online community for example! Aren’t frequencies from Wi-Fi EVERYWHERE though? And things like mobile phone towers, etc.? How do we combat these negative frequencies (or whatever you’d call them) without living in a cave with zero electronics! x

  28. Reading this made me so much more aware of what’s going on in my life.
    I started ‘awakening’ about 4 months ago and my life turned out to be very different from what it was until then. On the outside: not much happened. I’m still a stay-at-home mom, baby’s growing up and learning to walk, to communicate…we just moved to the neighborhood next to our last one…still the same, with minor changes; on the inside: it felt like a BIG BANG inside my mind and soul. I was one of those who fell so depressed before rising up and saying with a shining smile on my face ‘I AM happy just to BE’.
    I ‘lost’ people who I held dear next to me, who I considered to be life-long friends, family who I respected since I’ve known myself as a person, I felt that maybe something was wrong with me, that I was going crazy. Then, after much of these symptoms referred in the article, suddenly I stopped crying and feeling desperate, and I analyzed how much these people judged me all the time, brought negative vibes into my household, and never really supported me. Suddenly, other good people came into my life, I decided to pursue a career that is related to holistic therapies and cosmetology (a passion that is to make others feel good with themselves), I researched into theology and dedicated myself to being more in the ‘here’ and ‘now’, feeling increasingly positive and with a faith that is, I dare say, unbreakable. Strange as it may seem, I don’t question it, I feel well, I end up being more in tune with the Light and the Universe and hope to continue this way.
    I feel the urge to seek people that have gone through the same, that want to know more and be more helpful. I rarely find any, but I know that I will meet more and more of these people as my life progresses.
    I know that today I am a better human being. I was just lost, because the feeling that I have is that, I was THIS all along, that I found myself.

    I send positive vibes to anyone who is going through the same. May you have the strength to not let go and give into fears and angst.

    And Ashley, THANK YOU for creating such a great place for people to get together and not feel lost within their feelings.

  29. I didn’t know what was it after many light bulb getting fused when I tried to switch on and one time it literally burst out the glass nearly got into my eyes luckily it didn’t. I thought it was just the bulb but it happened in my friend’s house twice in the same day.It was not just the bulbs I was getting shock just by touching my friends,family or anything.Then I realised it was me before this incidents I was craving for information my curiosity went berserk wanting to know everything else like whatever I see. I was the type of person who hated science and math thought it was a waste of time a really arrogant dumb person and all of a sudden I love it by understanding its beauty I went deeper than its quantum state and full above through its galaxies and wonders.Never liked the nature I don’t know why but now I appreciate everything through science and its beauties.Now whenever I need peace I walk through the nature be among them in the sun or the rain resting,breathing and understanding. These gods appearing in dreams mostly Shiva , I see signs in clouds forming trishul,shiva linga,shiva’s meditating form,eye of horus in the full moon night, moon being the eye clouds shaping the outter form around it man that was a sight unfortunately I didn’t took a picture I don’t know why I just looked at it appreciated and went home. I have one in my instagram that tried to capture the picture of a moon and the beautiful weather later on I realised the cloud was forming again around the moon to look like the eye of the horus. But the one I saw was a masterpiece it was a clear night no clouds only around the full moon forming to show the eye.At the very beginning my first sign was when my friend took a picture of me when we were skyping in 2012 from his phone when he saw the picture he said I will send this to you I’m going to sleep and he shuts his laptop.When I saw the pic next to me there was this face staring at the camera half man and half mountain lion like face when I zoomed in there was these eyes all over surrounding me now I see art like this in the internet where there is this person going into a transcendent phase and is surrounded by eyes.But I have mine in the picture by somehow coincident.I still cant explain it is it kundalini or is it devils work?In that picture I wore a grey hoodie when I washed it in the back of my hoodie the surf powder dried and formed an eye anyone could see it clearly.
    A man came into my house said it was for a survey purpose with a black suit case all black dressed looked like a rabbi he wanted to charge his laptop when he tried to plug in it short circuited and that never happened before. Before leaving he gave me this card it was a 20 pound gift card I really needed that I didnt had money at the time and at the top right corner there was it number 666. After that I saw 666 appearing everywhere saw this really old red car its number numbr plat was 666 STN three times parked at different place and now nowhere to be seen.When I got near to the car where I needed to be afraid I wasn’t it was this calm feeling looked inside it was all old and rusted , thought I was looking into a time machine and an abandoned city where nature has took its place the same transcendent and peaceful feeling where given.It was really strange and nostalgic feeling.Then I was never afraid of it and it never showed itself again.Can anyone explain this is it kundalini?I mean I see signs in the freaking cloud forming trishul,shiva ,cross,heart shaped,eyes.I know people might think its a coincident its imaginary but I know what I saw I know sometimes it might be a coincident but seeing everytime its not and its so clear and definite.I am still confused I know some part is kundalini and the other parts are still need to be explained.

  30. Hello I recently just felt something different about myself. The problem is I’m not sure what it is. I have had some of the awakening symptoms like synchronicity and death of the ego almost and trying to work on some of my issues and receiving inspiration but I’m not sure what my case is. I’m a little scared to be honest as it’s not clear cut. I used to do meditation now I can’t because I started to feel like something was taking over me. I was suddenly able to channel the other night. I’d say that is what it is but I have no idea how I did it. I did yes and no questions in my head nod my head or shake my head then I had a dream of a man from India who liked to steal cars and bikes but was a very spiritual man at the same time. I’ve had tingling on the left side of my head at the back but it is now more gravitating towards the front of my head. I’m worried about this feeling in my head. I’m also worried that whatever was talking to me wasn’t telling the truth but yet everything they said was spot on except for a few things. I’m worried I’m going to lose myself. I’ve had really lucid dreams lately two dreams the other night and today. I wasn’t calling on anything but I felt something and I am a huge believer that we have a creator. My faith is so strong in this. The problem I have really is I’m confused what this is?

    1. Hi there! It’s perfectly natural to feel this way in the beginning, I really think it’s a matter of getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable because your mind is a state of transition. The more you surrender to the changes taking place rather than resisting them, the easier the shift will be for you. I can say that from personal experience. In the beginning it can feel like we’re pushing against two different worlds, our old identity vs our new identity. What is really happening is your consciousness is opening up to a new way of being but the ego/old identity is fighting to control the old one. It’s a bizarre feeling because it creates resistance and fear – this is probably why you feel someone is taking over you. this cannot happen. You are eternally safe, no one can take possess of your soul. Meditation merely allows us to focus and get present with our emotions. That’s why sometimes it can be uncomfortable. I think for you doing either a walking meditation or practicing more mindfulness may help a little easier for you.
      If the symptoms of your head don’t disappear please don’t hesitant to seek real help, it’s possible it’s just energy but if they are not going away, it’s also good to keep your heath your number one priority. You will be okay. Do not fear change. Embrace the new waves coming over you 🙂

  31. wow..thank you for this.. As i think back on my panic attacks as a child and young all makes sense. This led me to alcohol abuse of 10 years. When i finally became sober..I started feeling like something was missing..I was very sensitive as i have been diagnosed with Multiple CHemical Sensitivity and Electromagnetic field disorder…Could this be part of a higher vibration? I feel, as i look back that i am blessed to have had the alcohol problem or i would not be where i am today.. i am just beginning my journey..Everything makes sense. 🙂

    1. Wow Sandi! That’s amazing! I’ve never heard of that so I had to look up, it’s definitely possible it relates. I find a lot of what we feel vibrationally is really all about mindset and what beliefs we’re feeling towards our energy environments. that’s definitely something I would personally sit in meditation or ask your guides about for further clarity.

  32. Sometime we are victims of social and educational conditioning that hinder our acceptance or growth. I been awakening and accepting my visions and dreams for the past 10 of almost 20 years. I have been given answers to profound questions with very little way of obtaining sources for the truth besides intuition and gut instinct (PLUS THE RINGING STOPS). Sometime i get ideas or visions that DO NOT belong to me. I would deny them and my ears would ring till i could not take it anymore. In the beginning i was very anxious with the fear of one’s mind being lost! One day a perception/future event came true and the ringing stopped as soon as i realized this supernatural occurrence. If you can find a mechanism to your bodies calling, pain, or discomfort, this will be a physical, mental and spiritual release that cant be explained.

    i have found my twin flame and together we have been very spiritually connected. We can instill thoughts and look at each and know what the deal is. It is pretty overwhelming at times but there is DEFINITELY something here we cant touch, taste, feel, hear, or see with any physical certainties beside our intuition. we are constantly amazing each other and developing our gifts. Since we have been together our growth has grown exponentially.

    Here is a gift for everyone, a mechanism to help everyone grow faster and jump-start their abilities. Find an exercise that mimics the use of both hands to excite the brain to evolve and grow new neural pathways that will connect both sides of your brain. This does not happen over night. It took me almost 7-8 months of practice before i started to see the benefits. I chose “Dynamic Manipulation” aka “Contact Juggling” and it has changed my life. I can now smell and see all around me in my dreams (NO MORE TUNNEL VISION). New “old” memories of my past are easily remembered and somethings i have not thought about in decades are like new again. I have had 3 outer body experiences since and my perception and gift of observation are supernatural at best. Reading this article has given me and my Twin Flame a new lease on what we thought was just in our heads. Great to know we are not alone in this journey. ( read “the Celestine Prophesies” & The Four Agreements.)

  33. Animals. This one is important. You suddenly develop a strong connection to Mother Earth (Gaia) and all her children. You can sense animal, plants, flowers and all Sentient Beings and feel an innate connection to them. You feel them as an equal instead of the need to dominate them as our previous programming conditioned us. This strong connection often leads many into a Vegetarian/Vegan lifestyle as you suddenly become more aware of how they are also our teachers in some form and way.

  34. The symptoms of this awakening truly scare me and I really don’t like it . I’ve never been in to this sort of thing and I really don’t want it neither. I have this dissociative feeling everyday and I’m really scared because I just feel like when I’m working 12 hours I need to concentrate but can’t because I feel as though I’m dreaming . I hate this . Can’t think straight, feel tired , can’t sleep, thumping headache, palpitations, don’t care about anything apart from this scary feeling. Think I’m going crackers .

    1. Amanda, at times like that remember to concentrate on your breathing. Slow and deep. People don’t realize how really important it is to breathe right. And, of course, our thoughts are equally important. I’ve had some truly scary episodes myself — they DO pass, but still….

  35. I was trying to solve the gta 5 mystery, came to this site, understood that the developers of the game designed the mystery so that you understand that you as the ingamecharacter are able to awaken from the game world and find your inner self, you as the player, then you are able to see a reflection of the universe, which forms a devil/ramhead, symbolizing many things. The clues in the game are only understood if you know about your higher self and if you look at them in a symbolic way rather than their scientific/historical background. Its very well done and I finally understand that its just the process of awakaning in a metaphorical way, as you are able to literally awaken from your ingame character to you as the player, being in this higher realm, or simply in the real world:)

  36. Yeah I’m NOT crazy , this is actually real and everything I’ve gone thru and going thru was written above by others, more validation this is real. I’ve wanted to give up and run many times, I have dealt with major depression and loneliness this path is hard. I wish I could thank the person who gave me a shot when I didn’t deserve it, thanks who ever you are but someone needs to pay me , I am struggling with loss and loses that I seem to need and want back, I lost it all , everything… even respect and things you can’t buy, I hate money and what it does to people But I can’t live like this anymore , I can’t trust anyone . I know I’m suppose to trust the process but I’m not asking for happiness with the money , it’s totally about I deserve to prosper and not be the poorest man I know, here is also my reasoning …. it’s not going to change me or slow me down , I feel like more of sysops and using people’s desperation as ur cheese , like this isn’t about me at all. I don’t want this to be misread or misunderstood cause that’s easy to do when asking for money or help when it’s very clear that what is being offered is worth more then all the money in the world. Still I’m not going to let real people in my world take me like a fool, my kids goddamn it have had shitty lives and it’s “our” fault. Let me have a home I call moments own again, let me take care of things for loved ones so I can close some doors in my soul and move forward without having to constantly look back and regret , that turns into distraction , pain hell I can’t let go until I fix it, this isn’t about fairness it’s about love period , I will always hate anything that isn’t real get in the way of people. I haven’t got a new pair of underwear since I was homeless two years ago and they were donated , the heavy losses are the biggest worrisome- painful … look it controls too much and it’s a simple fix, I won’t be anyone monkey as long as it keeps feeling like this is one sided, I’m really just a unwitting human test subject who’s tired of feeling lose, I’ll never get my time with my kids back so I need to replace it with stuff to show I was always thinking of them and they are more important , you’re only turning me into another homeless man walking around in poverty talking to myself , shit u even have me pushing shopping carts . Money will never chance me only give me support to live healthier , I’ve constantly seen how that is important to you but in reality I feel like “ur test monkey” everyone I’ve ever loved and will love has been effected so now I’m able to ask to help , I need to be clear in my explanation you understand I’m not going to play nice if I have to go into court believing you have my best interest at hand when I can call you out and say BS , ur using me and have used me so pay me or kill me cause I can’t let this go on. I don’t feel like I should

  37. so glad I ran across this site looking for symbolic meaning for seeing a shooting star. I saw one earlier this evening, made a wish. In the section about billboards, always seem to see this cement truck company named ON TIME! on extremely frustrating days. I recently and frequently have been finding dimes, and quarters, see numbers 1111 444 777 333 and have been waking up first at 330 am then 430 am. Things have been crazy to say the least across the board. been trying to learn more about the Universe and meditation. it calms me. I look up numbers that I get on my daily coffee receipt
    always something that makes me smile.. I really feel the energy around people and in myself going on 1500 without a workout, lol. I am ready for change and for wonderful things to grow from within me. I will definitely make this site a frequent stop. Thank you…signed learning to enjoy the ride.

  38. Thank you for all the information. I have been practicing the past 2 months and sooo many changes are happening. My heart is bursting and open. I’m trusting the process, truly life changing.

  39. Hello Ash,
    I found you , by looking up a name I was given in my sleep. Falling Star….I have been having some very exciting signs of something wonderful, although I am not sure what….I feel that the name falling star means connected to the skies above…But, I have been having a series of signs, but of course I know no one ,who I can speak to about this…About 2 weeks ago, I had a dream where I peeled back a fake layer of ancient cement something..Perhaps a large artifact, that was being displayed for the people to see.. As I took off this layer, piece by piece, I realized that it was the same as the fake layer but it was the very old real version of the new fake layer…I was touching this when I found the key…The key to something….? I felt like I had with me the key to something very special….Then I was shopping in a supermarket and a very accomplished Yogi from India approached me. He said it was my energy. He said I have the energy of the Holy ones in India….He invited me to meet with him and perhaps teach meditation for him…..As this was happening a small child was walking by with her Mom and siblings..this little girl turned around and stopped and looked at me , and gave me the most beautiful smile..I smiled back….The Yogi asked me if I knew this child.. I said no, kids just like me for some reason, as it is not the first time this has happened…Many times they are in awe…I feel like they think they have met a fairy princess…lol…It is so cute…and the Mom of these children are always laughing at the strange reaction of their child….I feel something exciting is happening right now though….and although my life is unusual most days….I feel something wonderful is happening right now….Because I have found you…Do you have anything interesting to share with me? Thanks Ash

  40. Atma Namaste,
    Hey friend, thanks a lot for this post.
    This is going to be a little long, so is my scenario, please be patient 🙂 any and every suggestion is welcomed.

    i had my kundalini experience when i was extremely high on some potent lsd+edible cannabis(arghhh i am crazy :p ), my experience was going beautifully, unless the edible cannabis started kicking in, then the intensity of the scenario was somehow unbearable for me(currently 18). i was so damn scared, i felt as if i might not return after the trip, or even if i would return, my whole reality will be changed, and i would scare my family and well wishers. in short, i experienced beauty of this human mind, even lunacy at one point in my trip(due to delusions) and somehow also felt i would leave my physical body. Frightened was I, so i confessed everything to my family, about my cannabis related habits, and about all the substances i consumed, or any bad things ever done by me.

    After my confession, i felt on the ground unconscious, when i returned(perhaps within a few minutes), i started feeling, as if my consciousness was in my bones and brain. With time it got so damn intense, i started feeling as if i am standing, in between a fire place. It got so damn hot, i was visually seeing that my skin is not there, i was viewing my bones and nerves(similar to that of the cover of Tool’s- Lateralus- designed by alex grey). After the effects of the drug started to get over, i came to this realization that what i experienced was kundalini awakening.(but back then i didn’t take it too seriously,).

    As time passed by, i dropped my college( this came intuitively), i started practicing pranayama. Initially, pranayama was beautiful, i felt pretty good and comfortable, but with time things started to get too heavy to handle, i started to feel pretty lucid all the time, i felt pretty sensitive to sounds, and even visually i saw tracers, after images and stuff. So i stopped my practice. Even after stopping the practice, the symptoms were persisting. Time passed by a little more, i literally use to feel that, all the voices i hear around me, are somehow within my head(almost like psychedelic mindspace), i was not able to sleep during nights, because i use to fear a fucking lot, i used to weep.
    Things were becoming too difficult to handle, i even used to feel like a bipolar.

    Then i requested my girlfriend, to approach her father, who is a certified Pranic healer, immediately upon hearing my symptoms, he diagnosed that it is kundalini syndrome. His healing has helped me drastically but every now and then i feel as if i am not normal(in the social context), nothing is wrong with my functionality, but my perception has completely changed, it’s so hard to explain this to anyone. Especially during nights, i feel very dizzy and sensitive to sounds and stuff.

    Though, the best thing is that, i belong to a Hindu family, and i am blessed with a beautiful and understanding father, he tries to help me with everything as much as possible. He told me to get more devoted to god and just leave everything upon him, as nothing was in my control and nothing is under my control, it’s what the good lord wants for me. Though being young and not that mature like him, i feel i want to remain a normal person for a while so that i can ground myself and be more in tuned with this physical reality. Basically i dont want to go beyond right now.

  41. 5 months into the realization of Kundalini.
    6 years simmering at very low vibrations.
    Now, after searching for answers on the web, I have found that most kundalini applies here as well. Still can’t “see spirits” or auras though. It may be a blockage I need to get rid of.
    Now, these blockages has caused pains in my back…Stomach ticks is what bothers me the most.
    And last night, I thought I was getting the flu…Shaking under my duvet, fever…..Headaches..
    woke up today wet of sweat.. But the flu symptoms are more or less gone.

  42. I felt every word you have just written as can relate! I felt like I was alone in this, thankfully I’m not! At the current moment I feel so uncomfortable and in some aspects scared of the true system which people are stuck in and what I was stuck in ( I still often feel like I’m going mad haha) . I’m excited for it to be all over and see where I am destined to be. Thank you for this article x

  43. Atma Namaste,
    Hey friend, thanks a lot for this post.
    This is going to be a little long, so is my scenario, please be patient 🙂 any and every suggestion is welcomed.

    i had my kundalini experience when i was extremely high on some potent lsd+edible cannabis(arghhh i am crazy :p ), my experience was going beautifully, unless the edible cannabis started kicking in, then the intensity of the scenario was somehow unbearable for me(currently 18). i was so damn scared, i felt as if i might not return after the trip, or even if i would return, my whole reality will be changed, and i would scare my family and well wishers. in short, i experienced beauty of this human mind, even lunacy at one point in my trip(due to delusions) and somehow also felt i would leave my physical body. Frightened was I, so i confessed everything to my family, about my cannabis related habits, and about all the substances i consumed, or any bad things ever done by me.

    After my confession, i felt on the ground unconscious, when i returned(perhaps within a few minutes), i started feeling, as if my consciousness was in my bones and brain. With time it got so damn intense, i started feeling as if i am standing, in between a fire place. It got so damn hot, i was visually seeing that my skin is not there, i was viewing my bones and nerves(similar to that of the cover of Tool’s- Lateralus- designed by alex grey). After the effects of the drug started to get over, i came to this realization that what i experienced was kundalini awakening.(but back then i didn’t take it too seriously,).

    As time passed by, i dropped my college( this came intuitively), i started practicing pranayama. Initially, pranayama was beautiful, i felt pretty good and comfortable, but with time things started to get too heavy to handle, i started to feel pretty lucid all the time, i felt pretty sensitive to sounds, and even visually i saw tracers, after images and stuff. So i stopped my practice. Even after stopping the practice, the symptoms were persisting. Time passed by a little more, i literally use to feel that, all the voices i hear around me, are somehow within my head(almost like psychedelic mindspace), i was not able to sleep during nights, because i use to fear a fucking lot, i used to weep.
    Things were becoming too difficult to handle, i even used to feel like a bipolar.

    Then i requested my girlfriend, to approach her father, who is a certified Pranic healer, immediately upon hearing my symptoms, he diagnosed that it is kundalini syndrome. His healing has helped me drastically but every now and then i feel as if i am not normal(in the social context), nothing is wrong with my functionality, but my perception has completely changed, it’s so hard to explain this to anyone. Especially during nights, i feel very dizzy and sensitive to sounds and stuff.

    Though, the best thing is that, i belong to a Hindu family, and i am blessed with a beautiful and understanding father, he tries to help me with everything as much as possible. He told me to get more devoted to god and just leave everything upon him, as nothing was in my control and nothing is under my control, it’s what the good lord wants for me. Though being young and not that mature like him, i feel i want to remain a normal person for a while so that i can ground myself and be more in tuned with this physical reality. Basically i dont want to go beyond right now.

  44. I’m awakening right now during a pretty rough time with my business. I’m starting to see things and people differently, almost clearer. My body and mind are not settled right now.

  45. 17 years ago I had a weird experience and my life changed totally. I didn’t know what was happening to me as I didn’t know anything about chakras or kundalini. However, I told my elderly aunt who is a medium and she said that it appeared to be my kundalini which had arisen. I didn’t know what she meant but found myself going to all the bookstores I could to find out more. Most of what I read about kundalini appeared to be quite out of my depth and so I didn’t seek it any further. I can still vividly recall everything that happened that night 17 years ago. Thank you for your article as everything I experienced all those years ago appears to be here.

  46. This describes what i’m currently experiencing! The only thing I’ve been obsesssing over the time 3:34 and i have no clue why. Do you know what that could be about?

  47. 5 years of this shit and i have too say, it’s totally unnecessary. It really is, if we’re co-creators we should be able to get it done in an instant. I’ve been told my sky blue energy has its own wavelength, considering that i have been in terrible aching pain with my body. Yes my ego is monstrous, I’d go as far to say its as powerful as a prince of hell. Just my ego alone, and it should be considering that crap I’ve endured. I’ve seen my demonic form burning with blue wrath. I gave up, i quit. Ok you can take over do it. But noo.

  48. The memory fog and headaches is directly replayed to candida…
    Althrough it does happen occasionally there is an acute difference. Most people won’t even go through every single symptom unless thier really tuned in make take years to adjust but itsall worth it on the other side…
    Life is a gift, let us give thanks!

  49. I feel I am still experiencing the Spiritual Awakening. My experience started seven years ago, when I lost my employment in a very high position, I was let go due to office politics that I refused to participate in. I started having depression and anxiety and seemed that no one wanted to hire me, after living off my savings which ran out, my vehicle was repossessed, my house was foreclosed and I had no chose but to give away all my possessions to a charity, since I had no clue where I would end up. I ended up in another state with a relative, but am living fifteen miles from the nearest town with employment. From the time I lost my job, I had no desire to work because I felt lost and not able to figure out what job I would be good at. My relatives have disowned me and continue to say hateful comments about me because of my foreclosure and no employment. I just discovered in the last month what my symptoms I have been experiencing for the past year mean, a spiritual awakening. My memory is just now become clear after being so foggy for the past two years, I could not retain information. My headaches, back pain, chest pains and restless legs have now disappeared but the clicking in my right ear is more powerful and frequent than the clicking in the left ear. I wake up around 2:00am and continue to sleep and wake until 6:00am. It’s hard for me to clear my mind and meditate ( I do use the affirmations of “I am” to assist me) to find what my purpose is and how to get out of this “black hole” and get on with life so that I can move out on my own and support myself again. I have a homesick feeling of wanting to go back to the same city/state that I was forced out of by my circumstances, and be the best person and help other people who have become homeless or need assistance. I have a terrible guilt of ending up with my relative which has left me isolated from society, and feel that I needed this time to sit quiet and try to find peace and a purpose. I realize that being isolated from my other relatives is a good thing, since they were always negative and I want only positive people in my life now. My question is what is the final stage of the Spiritual Awakening? Will there be a miracle soon that will align me with the right people, employment, house, vehicle and resources for me to help other people throughout my life? I am so thankful I found your website.

  50. I noticed something different about my walk. It was difficult getting up from` a chair and getting out of a car. I was diagnosed a year later and i have to find a better solution and was introduced to try the help of herbal formula. I am now 59 tho and am fully cured from Parkinson’s disease.
    contact Total Cure Herbal Foundation on: Totalcureherbalfoundation gmailcom i had to use the remedies for 15 weeks usage which really help on my condition.

  51. its 2018 and ive been experiencing all this in massive proportions, but this year…still confused, i feel more accepting, less scared, more me. but im not there yet…im still paranoid at times…due to indoctrination.

  52. SINCE SPRING 2018: Although through the last years I’ve experienced most of these symptoms, it was not until Spring 2018 where things picked up dramatically. Literally every night intelligent energies begin to happen on my body…it has gotten so it happens every night now when the body is relaxed. This article is a ‘brotherhood’ help as I was about to go nuts. It helps to look for these articles as even psychics will not provide you with as much information (despite the fact you pay them). I go through the high pitch sounds, the various types of energy sensations throughout the body (including what I call the ‘bubble’ effect). I’ve been through the ‘disconnection’ feeling and isolation but now I understand better thanks to this share. I love you all and deeply share my hope for your most safe journey through this transformation (macphat@icloud com).

  53. Hello ash, i have had several OBEs through OBE techniques and now i am facing side effects due to that like completly loosing interest in practical life and regular jobs etc, i am really confused of what is my goal in this life, Am i now only suited to spiritual line like teaching meditation to people or something like that, as i feel i dont have any meaning in the regular jobs which most people do like IT, ET etc.

  54. The Key to the Universe;
    Revelation One Nineteen
    Write down a brief account of your day, your problems that day, and a list of tasks to do the next day.
    ©1985 Paul Noblin

    Read Rev.1:19 (KJV).
    “Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter;”
    Write down the past, present, and future.
    Align your inside mind with the outside world (reality including Christ), and you will be one with All.
    Telepath Love & Perfection.
    The past is not fixed. The past is in flux and is constantly changing.
    You can bend reality.
    You are the center of your own Universe.
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    Warm Regards… Paul.

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    I am like an alarm clock. Wake everyone else up. They say that it can’t be done. When you awaken others, do not be surprised if you get thrown across the room. When someone is waking up, stay away from that person as far as possible. Let them believe that they are waking themselves up. It is easy to tell anyone how to write a notebook as I have prescribed in my copyright. It is a winning recipe. Please note that I am not being paid to make this post. It is contagious.

    Warm Regards Again…Paul.

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