The Transition Phase: Spiritual Bliss to Stagnation

This is part 3 of our 5 part series: Symptoms of Awakening

Part 1 – Awakening & The Edge of Insanity, Why Am I losing it?
Part 2 – Going into the Abyss: The Dark Night of the Soul
Part 3 –  {You are Here}   The Transition Phase: Spiritual Bliss to Stagnation
Part 4 – The Threshold: The Beauty of Ego Death
Part 5 – The Divine Creator: Crafting the New Identity

After the Dark Night Period most of us fall into the Emotional Roller coaster known as The Transition Phase.

After the old soul dies, we enter Rebirth and the growing process.

It’s like when a baby takes its first steps, there is so much to discover here. The transition phase is a Whole NEW world. It’s as if we are suddenly looking at the world with New Eyes. Colors take on a different hue, symbols take on new meaning, everything begins changing in our reality.

This is truly a new-found place of rapture and delight as the soul enters this new space of learning, joy and beauty. Many in this period find deep connection within themselves. The start of their connection with their Higher Self and guides along with the journey deeper into consciousness.

I have heard all sorts of stories of how awakened individuals thrive suddenly, everything begins shifting in their lives as they finally have the courage to let go of toxic relationships, start defeating old habits, kicking out bad mojo and general well-being begins surfacing in their reality.

Often as we gain our footing we’re still a little uncomfortable and uncertain. However the Cosmic highs keep us going, embracing and yearning to learn more about this secret world we are now officially living.

There seems to be no way back either…and most of us don’t care at this point. We’re happy, joyful, even euphoric as we start to have epiphanies and revelations left and right. The Transition Phase creates a place of study but also the beginning of “crafting” our new world.

There are days that feel like we’re unstoppable, living on cloud 9 and never wanting to come back.

But then one day…a resistance builds. Suddenly you are uncomfortable, and the mind begins literally to revert to its old ways often through emotional turmoil.
The Transition Phase: Spiritual Bliss to Stagnation - The Awakened State. We yearn for researching these topics we didn’t care about before, suddenly everything is like a channeling wave of learning this new secret world inside of us. It’s A-MAZING but almost too amazing…..suspiciously too good to be true. Which is why we fall back. There is so much learning and discovery that the brain retreats and thus climbs down from its peak into a plateau phase. Click to Read More.


The Transition Phase is where you will begin heavily experiencing the Ascension Symptoms because your mind is creating a friction of push and pull. It feels like as if you are teetering back and forth between the old self and new. But I hear you, this sounds like the identity crisis again? It is…but now something different is happening.

Instead of reverting back to extremely old habits, you’re learning how to overcome them and DEFEAT them. You’re starting to break down the old conditioning layer by layer.

So Naturally It Can Feel a Bit Like This:

You’re having a great day, you’re using your intuition and doing spiritual practices…feeling at one with the universe. Happy

Then suddenly someone comes up to you and totally pisses you off. Without question or remorse, you react back. Suddenly you are having a bad day because you’re carrying this person’s energy with you and reverting back to a childhood wound you thought you already got rid of, what the…

It creates a trigger of cognitive dissonance where suddenly you are reverting back to square one.

Worst of all, you feel lost all over again.

However in a few days, you begin reflecting and realizing a huge part of what you projected onto another was within yourself. This creates an incredible healing as you’re able to suddenly take the high road with compassion and understanding.

The Spiritual Awakening is not one big moment of:

“AHA YES spiritual bliss forever. I AM ONE!”

Not only is that thinking sabotage, I think that would be a bit weird…

No it’s really about understanding these transition phases are creating an ebb and flow of your Energy Body.

Therefore there are going to be some enormous peaks or spiritual highs as I like to call them, but there may also be a sudden plateau that happens out of nowhere.

For fun visuals, I made a chart. Obviously it’s more complicated than this but you get an idea.

The Transition Phase: I Got It, I lost it. Spiritual Bliss to Stagnation


Notice how the Blissful aha moments are random peaks during the discovery process. I tried to make them ridiculous spirals-out-of-nowhere because that is exactly how it can feel.  This can often be wild, unexplainable, or even unbelievable revelations that happen from a revealing into your long term memory. “I can’t believe that, woah…”

Those standing up from your chair with your mouth open in awe moments.

Example of Moments: Channeling higher beings/higher self/ deities, self-healing, revealing truths about your reality, recovering childhood wounds, timeline jumps, prophecy, discovering past lives, dismantling fears, premonitions, understanding dimensions, and oh my the list could go for miles.


Now in-between that we have Learning & Discovery

Learning and Discovery is when you’re finally recovered from The Dark Night of the Soul so you’re starting to gain your footing back. You’re getting it on! Well with books, research, yearning and voraciously wanting heaps of knowledge.

There is suddenly no way around it, you have woken up and now you’re mind wants to catch up with what you missed.

This is really fascinating to me on the Path because it’s as if the mind is suddenly starting to reprogram itself and knows how to adapt instantly.

We yearn for researching these topics we didn’t care about before, suddenly everything is like a channeling wave of learning this new secret world inside of us. It’s A-MAZING but almost too amazing…..suspiciously too good to be true.

Which is why we fall back. There is so much learning and discovery that the brain retreats and thus climbs down from its peak into a plateau phase.

The Transition Phase: Spiritual Bliss to Stagnation - The Awakened State. We yearn for researching these topics we didn’t care about before, suddenly everything is like a channeling wave of learning this new secret world inside of us. It’s A-MAZING but almost too amazing…..suspiciously too good to be true. Which is why we fall back. There is so much learning and discovery that the brain retreats and thus climbs down from its peak into a plateau phase. Click to Read More.

Now something weird happens…we lost our spark. it’s just gone. zap.

What a tease that was…suddenly we’re stuck again. In the old energy, feeling lost, unable to do anything, completely frozen. This is where I get a ton of questions ranging from:

“How do I turn my awakening back on? to
“I was experiencing the awakening but can I lose myself back in ego?”

This phase creates a feeling of stagnation of little to no growth. You feel as if you’re stuck in ice and everything is stagnant in your current experiences.

The mind basically is decompressing or switching modes is what I like to call it.

It feels abnormal because it’s pushing you outside of your comfort zone.  This can often happen when the subconscious starts letting go of our old identity in its entirety.  In this same way,  the soul needs to process and integrate new information which is why we can go through peaks then suddenly a plateau.

The Plateau is where you do the most healing work because you’re allowing yourself to step back and integrate all of the new information your mind is processing. It honestly may feel like four months of constant learning than suddenly a plateau of soul work where you’re integrating all of that into your experience.

However it can feel uncomfortable because it’s enabling you to let go and move forward. The ego gets involved because you create a resistance around letting go. The friction builds, creating a push and pull this is mostly happening simultaneously with the ascension symptoms physically starting to change your body.

This is why Awakening can become ultra overwhelming.


I could only describe this as riding the emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows.

This is where you will experience the extreme polarity of Emotions moving from euphoria to depression as if you feel your emotions are completely out of your control. This is the result of your hormones changing through your endocrine system.

This is where you will experience the extreme polarity of Emotions moving from euphoria to depression as if you feel your emotions are completely out of your control. This is the result of your hormones changing through your endocrine system. One minute you will feel on top of the world and the next you will encounter deep waves of emotion that will lead to tears. This is the work of balancing the Solar plexus center into the Heart Center.

One minute you will feel on top of the world and the next you will encounter deep waves of emotion that will lead to tears. This is the work of balancing the Solar plexus center into the Heart Center.

The Solar Plexus is the center of the Ego and as we go through transcendence our emotions are going through a state of repair between unifying the heart and mind as one.

This is why we can have many setbacks where we feel tied to our old identity or losing ourselves from the Ego.

Remember the Ego is the Teacher, the Catalyst of transformation.


Keep in mind the transition phase isn’t just one phase, it’s more like a cycle of about 60 phases or more that we keep coming back to as we go through integration periods. It’s going to feel like you’re remembering peacefully but then the universe throws another loop at you which creates the illusion of feeling you fell off the path.

We cannot turn the switch off from Awakening. Awakening is Life.

It’s about the journey, not the destination. So get comfy with the transition phase because you will continuously come back here to do some soul homework.

I think Abraham states it perfectly you are either in a state of forgetting or remembering but you never are suddenly off the path because you are the one walking it.

Life is a cycle of infinite loops composed of a Torus Field. This is your Aura.

I Attribute It to Two Ways of Thinking:
A. You are either stuck in the blackhole {Recycle = A Soul Stuck on Repeat Mode}
B. You’re grabbing the reigns of the cycle by consciously guiding your energy vibration

The Transition Phase: Spiritual Bliss to Stagnation - The Awakened State. We get stuck in the Past identity, entering blackhole thinking. The Question to ask: What am I resisting? Click to Read more!

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The problem with the Transition phase is many people get stuck in the recycle rather than moving forward.

This is especially true for those who are suffering from the Ascension Symptoms on a daily basis. Chances are if you are suffering from the symptoms more than likely you are within the transition phase, integrating a ton of new energy.

Two Reasons We Get Stuck Here Repeatedly:


We mainly get stuck on recycle because we are in a state of Resistance. We are afraid to let go.

The name I coined for this is Blackhole Thinking.  We enter a blackhole state of resistance.

Resistance can manifest in numerous ways such as fear, anxiety,  depression,  envy, jealousy,  anger, God complex, etc. This is why so many struggle with this after awakening. You are essentially a loose cannon!

A broken elevator going up and down repeatedly but you can’t decide what floor to get off so instead you travel to the past thinking (depression, resentment,), then you travel to the future(fear, anxiety), then back to the past thinking(regret, turmoil)….until you realize all you are doing is recycling.

We  are recycling because these were our karmic issues of the past or leftover knots. We call them memory imprints that are triggered in our subconscious usually through a symbol. These triggers appear as reminders that we no longer need to recycle our issues. This is over. This is the past.

Therefore to let go we must surrender and accept these new changes. Surrender by realizing the past is over.

Push through our resistance by questioning the Ego.


So many people are against the Ego, telling others ignore your ego, try to get rid of the ego, or whatever. The Ego is your tool to transformation. The Ego Is linked towards your Will Power and your direction you are influencing in the material plane.

Therefore the best way to start improving your energy body is by learning to guide the Will through conscious observation and conscious choices to a healthier you.

Learning to Manage your Energy is a huge step towards building the best version of you post-awakening.

We enter this space like a newborn but we forget about the particulars such as controlling our emotions, learning to manage our energy or understanding the power of frequency. These are all crucial points towards understanding the energy body and getting over the integration phase.

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Most importantly it’s good to remember this is just a phase, it WILL get easier over time. Transition Phases are excellent ways for our soul to grow and learn to heal ourselves. The point of the recycle is really about overcoming our Past Identity and healing our energy body.

If you suffer in the transition phase a lot. Try to ask yourself: What am I resisting?

I’ve been having a blast writing this series, hope you enjoy learning more about the process and how to help yourself through the stages.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments!

The next one coming up are about some of the most life-changing moments I’ve ever had. 

Symptoms of Awakening series Part 4:
The Threshold: The Beauty of Ego Death

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  1. thank you 🙂 for this series it has helped me gain clarity a lot in my awakening. This is the part im am experiencing now in this process. I see this as the part where we really move from the old self into the new/true self.

  2. I have been experiencing this in the process now for some months. It feels so much, overwhelming and everything topped with having the feeling of nothing being real. Ive felt it hard to move forward.. I have discovered so much too. All I know to do now is surrender to myself and this awakening and now really meditating- ‘going within myself’ as I feel this is the way onwards,

    1. yes that’s the best thing we can do for ourselves, surrender and go within. The more we’re consciously aware the easier it can become for us. I find when I’m in this overwhelmed space, I really need to step back no matter what and find myself back in the present again. When we’re overwhelmed we’re spending too much time in future speak which makes us lose ourselves. It’s best to find that balance within the present by being more conscously aware of our thoughts and actions.

      hope that helps ♥

  3. Thank you for writing this!! I had my awakening begin at the beginning of this year and shortly after I experienced the bliss and euphoria along with ascension symptoms, then it all went away as you described. I’ve been focusing soo hard on researching and trying to get that feeling back that I havent been able to really live in the present which is how I truly got to such a great place in the first place! It’s soo comforting being able to read something that describes exactly what I’m dealing with. Thank you!

    1. Wow at the beginning of this year? That’s reallly exciting, there is an endless sea of learning and discovery, just when you think you’ve figured it out, the universe sends a surprise lol. It’s infinite. I’ve learned it’s really about appreciating the journey, staying present and learning to let go. Glad this helped Courtney. love and blessings ♥

  4. Ashley,
    Wow wow wow wow wow. I love your blog, I know this is way past the time you posted it but I decided to comment my question, cause it doesn’t hurt to try. This article was my aha moment! I didn’t even realize I was in this process with everything that’s happened up to this article. I too was in a relationship that after it ended I went into depression. I just started recently (month ago) looking into this, buying books, trying to learn how to meditate and just becoming fascinated. So this might come off really personal, but around a year ago my hormones were way outta wack and I went to the doctor and got it checked. Turns out they were by a blood test and was taken off of birth control. After a few months (completely off pill) I still was having a lot of hormonal issues, that were later shown correct through the blood test, so I’m on medicine now to try and balance it out. Do you think my journey through ascension has now probably gone on a halt (even though as you previously said you never go off it) or that’s why I’m in recycle and feeling kind of blocked? If you have any thoughts on this or anything that could help me, that would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you! XO

  5. I am so glad I found this site! I have always been very in tune with my higher self and had a sense of “importance”, at a very young age. I have always struggled with depression and anxiety. I never felt as though I fit in or had a lot in common with other children my age, because the things in life that I had held important to me were more adult like. I remember spending a lot of time alone painting around 3 years old instead of playing with toys. I have always been told that I am “an old soul”. The past couple of years have been insane and events have occurred to make me second guess myself and life it’s self. To sum it up; I have dealt with a lot of emotional break ups (family, friends, lovers). It seemed like I was destined to be alone so I was for a while, I had children at a very young age and was in a very abusive relationship with their father. I started listening to my intuition which lead me to notice angel signs. They mostly come to me in number frequency or reoccurring numbers throughout my days. I followed my signs and from there my life was a huge roller coaster of insanity. I lost everything and it seemed like it was a test. I knew that there was a huge mission on my hands and a reason that I was going through everything I was experiencing so I fought through it. For example, I had went to live with my mother for the 3rd time, after many failed attempts to make it on my own with my 2 children and her and her girlfriend were such negative energy. They drank every night and if they weren’t belittling me they were fighting with one another. At one point her girlfriend told me that I should have kept my legs closed and not have kids and was being abusive to my mom. Long story short, she destroyed a lot of my mom’s things, sliced her own throat and smeared her blood all over mine and my children’s things and threw them all in the bumpster. The small amount of items that we owned, after we had lost so much before we had made it to live with her… and she had broken every item that actually held sentiment in my children’s short lives.
    I don’t know who are what it was but I know it had to have been a guardian angel lead me to get out of that situation and I had a feeling to check my bank account and there was a 2,000 deposit from my online school, so I RAN to the bank to with draw it holding my kids ( because the bank was about to close in 10 minutes). I got a vehicle ASAP and left the state to live with my grandma. A month later I had a job, a car and a job and was attending school online for my degree ( which I don’t know how I held that up through everything but I did)… I met a wonderful man who is now a father to my kids. I had a reading done by a professional psychic who told me that if have a feminine energy come into my life and that would be the peek of my awakening. Sure enough I was pregnant… it was ectopic and the Dr’s never found it… until it had ruptured and I almost died quite literally! That’s when I woke up. A few days later my fiance totalled my car because the tire blew and he hit a tree. However that lead me to cut ties with my mother who had come signed for it, and who is toxic to me… anyways… point being… I’m sure not everyone’s awakening is so dramatic but mine has definitely been a drawn out and very long- dramatic experience. I didn’t plan to sharead so much in my comment but I felt like someone might be able to relate.

  6. Hi my name is kishore. I feel I am in this phase and I have wrote my problem to ash by contacting personally by there is no response and I hope I will get response from ash or any other experts here this time. I had my first out of body experience through meditation five years back where soul raises above my head during meditation but does not leave body and I come inside when I stop meditation and I started this in order to get rid of addiction and continued this meditation with a hope that I would get rid of it with this but it took me so much time but yet didnot help me completely get rid of it although my health improves each time when I again do this meditation and In the process now I am facing new problems like losing material interests like not getting interest in practical life or my studies and therefore my practical life stopped and stucked but i am still feeling happy in my life like no pressure and all but my life has stuck and also I came to know from an expert that I have done 42 percent in reaching the goal of self realization and therefore I feel it will take years to complete my task and seriously worried abt when my practical life will start again. Please I seriously need guaidance and help( please)

  7. Omg thank you for this Ash.. The universe has just brought this to my attention as I have been experiencing exactly this in the last couple of months. A reoccuring comedown from the spiritual high and re-visits from the past and fear of the future. Realising what doesn’t serve me and feeling detached from reality and different from my friends. Realising the ego habits of everyone and that I shouldn’t comply..

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