The Outcomes of Manifesting by Default

There is this topic I see floating around the new age folk that the idea of conscious manifesting is silly or relative because we need to constantly be in a receptive state of surrendering. They usually say something similar to “The idea of manifesting is pointless because we need to be in a constant surrender”. Surrendering is part of the experience yes but it’s also about balance. I feel like this is a topic that needs to be discussed mainly because there are ways to self-sabotage yourself when you choose to manifest on default All. The. Time.

New Age Myth: The Idea that Conscious Manifesting is Pointless

Let’s put it this way, You are always manifesting otherwise none of this would exist…it would be blank space or endless probability waves. So you’re always manifesting, don’t believe you don’t have the power to do it because you do it all the time. The Question is:

Do you want to do it unconsciously on Auto-pilot or Do you want to take the reins and consciously manifest your dreams?

It’s a choice ultimately.

Another statement that was mentioned:
“you don’t have to manifest anything because you just allow things to appear in your life.”

That may sound pretty on the surface but what you’re telling the universe with that statement is basically whatever you are thinking in this moment you are going to attract that, positive or negative this is because the universe works on principle.
It’s like a huge Xerox machine copying the thoughts you give out, the more you give out a repeated thought, the stronger it starts appearing in your reality.

If you say the above statement, you are setting up your own self-sabotage unconsciously.

There are few things that happens when you say that “the Idea of Manifesting is Pointless”:

  1. You start manifesting unnecessary outcomes on default
  2. You can get stuck in your own past lessons longer than necessary
  3. You play the merry-go-round of negative cycles UNCONSCIOUSLY
  4. You can get stuck in your self-sabotaging language patterns “I can’t” “NEVER” “ALWAYS” “EVERY”
  5. You attract outcomes that you DON’T want.
  6. It brings down your vibrational frequency because you’re spinning in a past cycle

Let’s put it this way, wouldn’t you rather attract experiences that UPLIFT your experiences rather than playing the “default” card.

I know I would.

A lot of people don’t realize they get literally stuck in their own suffering by not processing these emotions and learning to go beyond them.

Surrendering to spirit and the up and downs of life is a very natural part of being…However many of us can get stuck in these unconscious cycles that truly aren’t necessary to be stuck in especially once we understand we are the creators of our experience.

In fact I believe surrendering is more about being receptive towards your experiences so you can move beyond them, not get stuck in them.

This is a huge problem in the new age world, the idea that they spout off “I am the creator of my experience” then five minutes later they are judging or complaining about something/someone else. If you’re the creator of your experience, you ALWAYS have the choice to get yourself out of that cycle. Point. Blank.

And that’s when you start learning that manifesting through surrendering by default isn’t always the best option.

I think partly this is because we get fixated on the word “controlling your thoughts” which creates a negative conjugation. Abraham Hicks changed this a bit when they mentioned don’t think of controlling as a bad thing, think of it more so as “guiding your thoughts”. This is precisely the perspective that we need to be open towards:

Guiding Our Manifestations

Because let’s be frank, when you are always surrendering on default{which isn’t necessarily bad} you can get stuck in the cycles you are creating, meaning you are getting lost out there on accident through unconscious auto-pilot behaviors. Some will argue here that this is what the soul needs to see to grow, Yes sometimes we need to hit the repeat button until we get it for the 100th time. Sometimes people need a scream, not a whisper.

However I don’t know about you but watching the same movie all the time starts getting pretty boring, you start reciting back the words and ultimately it’s now become a repeated comfort zone of experience.

If you are always spouting off that it isn’t necessary to manifest your desires, you’re losing the beauty of being A CREATOR and that’s kinda a problem…

Life is a series of ebb and flow, Allow or Resist. Forget or Remember. Negative or Positive. Light and Dark. We are everything but we are also the void of nothing. We are the observer of experience yet we are all alone yet connected within various probability waves of experience. We are the creation and the creator, weaving our stories together interconnected through different experiences and perceptions.

Life is a paradox ultimately.

So when you say something like “I don’t need to manifest my desires I’m just allowing them” you’re putting yourself in an unconscious cycle because honey it is our birth right to Create, that’s what we are alive for!

The choice is yours ultimately, Do you want to consciously manifest your desires by changing your focus, uplifting your vibrations and aligning with your DREAMS through empowering your beliefs? Or do you want to get stuck out in a left-field blackhole cycle because you are just too stubborn to get up and change the movie?!

Both options are good, it just depends how you choose to see reality and how you want to approach your experiences as a creator. You can be unconscious on autopilot or you can be conscious of your actions, however becoming self-aware is the epitome of the Awakening experience. This is because you are always creating.

You ARE the creator. Own it. Werk it. Be it.

The point of this article is for you to see you have limitless potentiality within you. Anything is possible! You can get stuck in the ideas of relativism or you can take the reins back in your own life.

By beginning to create your dreams into reality, that is what the beauty of soul evolution is really about expanding yourself as the Creator by merging your dreams into reality as the Awakened Being.

Basically when you choose to cut off believing in your dreams or learning to create them, you change your beliefs as a creator.

Always be open to Expansion. Don’t keep hitting the Repeat Button



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