New Moon in Aquarius

We have now completed the first spiral of Cycles of Healing (32 articles), laying the groundwork for linking the new moon with the Great Year Ages and all that involves. This second spiral will look at the new and full moon charts. If you are new to Western Sidereal Astrology, please read this articleI am using charts drawn up for Washington, D.C. and use sidereal whole sign houses. If you want to know how to use Cycles of Healing with each new moon for deep healing, read this article.

Aquarius: from a set of divinatory cards created by Zuzanna in the mid 90s; mixed media on paper; 2.5 x 4
Aquarius: from a set of divinatory cards created by Zuzanna in the mid 90s; mixed media on paper; 2.5 x 4

New Moon in 6th house Aquarius at 24° 51’ is exact at 8:54 pm.
Perhaps our everyday routines will get a shift into a different dimension, a sudden new idea on how to do life more authentically. There is a huge amount of Aquarian energy this cycle with Venus having just entered; Mercury, the chart ruler, along with Neptune, Ceres, Sun, Moon, Chiron and the South Node are all there. Reach for the highest expression of Aquarius: broad strokes humanitarian and global well being. We take particular care to quieten the mind so we don’t get on over-revv and can get the rest we need to journey through this time of “hazy cosmic jive”.

Eclipse Season is upon us: This new moon also comes with a total solar eclipse in Aquarius. Eclipses mark turning points in our lives, redirecting our life path, and often unexpected events occur over which we have no control.  Eclipses have a cycle of 19 years where they are in the same sign at almost the exact degree. What was going on for us 19 years ago (or 38 years, etc.) is coming to some closure. The more consciously we work with the energies that come up for us the more closure we can allow. We ask ourselves how we might do things in a more original way (Aquarius) and leave conventional thinking behind. We know that joy (north node in Leo) is available to us if we choose authenticity.

The passage of time comes up with eclipses: nostalgia or events zooming ahead faster than we expected. Important people may suddenly leave our lives. When events shift unexpectedly around an eclipse, we go with the flow, and don’t try to negotiate our way out of it. In this way eclipses are similar to the transforming action of Pluto or the challenging effects of a Yod aspect. The good is revealed much more quickly if we don’t struggle against change. It is vitally important that if the eclipse aspects planets in our natal chart (if not we may not experience any major shift during the eclipse) we keep our schedule light and flexible during this time.

In the two week period leading up to the eclipse what has been coming up for me is a terrific amount of grief and feelings of alienation. Events and issues from many years ago, not just 19 years, are coming into my awareness and with all the focus I can muster I am feeling it all and taking good care of myself on a daily basis. I have felt for some time that a shift is coming, and I feel this is a necessary step in being open to changes. I’ve spontaneously been culling possessions again, and a trip was even organized for me by a dear friend. We are celebrating our 60th birthdays this year by pilgrimaging to where we grew up together in the 60s. Pretty potent! We will have been there the weekend just before this eclipse/new moon. The synchronicity is staggering. (The trip was wonderful, potent and healing.)

So, how have you experienced this run up to the eclipse, new moon, and spring equinox? This is a powerful time. One in which we can jettison a ton of crap that still clings post-Pluto-square-Uranus period (2012-1015). Things may continue to shift over the next six months so stay aware, flexible and patient.

The overall energy this month will be revolutionary self-care and daily routine upgrades to support our on-going positive growth. We take time to dream, daydream, journey, meditate, sketch, journal; keeping in touch with our inner life. Yin is the word…

Jupiter at 24° 08’ Leo in the 12th house almost exactly opposes both the Sun and Moon for this brief time and is conjunct the North Node. We keep an eye on any tendency toward arrogance or extravagance and accentuate the qualities of humility and looking out for others. With this in balance, we may find we are helped in some way out of the blue when we least expect it and most need it. We may get a sudden flash of unconscious ‘stuff’ coming into our awareness to be felt, integrated and released. We just observe this process without judgment and know that any unpleasantness it produces will pass.

Black Moon Lilith in first house 27° 44’ Virgo. We may feel exiled or persecuted for being our authentic selves. Take care not to implode emotionally to ‘ease’ the pain. We work toward balancing our own self-soveriegnty with compassionate relating. BML opposes Uranus with a 3º orb. Perhaps a sudden shift in our self-relating and relating to others will occurs at this time to bring balance to this polarity.

A twelfth house North Node 27° 55’ Leo opposes Chiron at 26° 49’ Aquarius. We are headed toward divine expression as we embrace the healing capacity of creativity. Though this may be deeply buried in our subconscious, we can consciously invite appropriate communion with the Indwelling Friend, our Para-consciousness, to help us move forward joyously. Ask for dreams before bedtime, messages during meditation. Then let go and know what comes is right, even if it is nothing. Keep current with dream journaling.

Chiron at 26° 49’ conjuncts Sun and Moon in 6th house Aquarius.
We may find painful issues arising around our ability to project our personality, know how we feel inside, and balanced self-care. It is a good time, if this comes up for us, to lay low for the duration of the aspect and just observe, feel into the issues, and not try to actively shift or change anything right now. It will pass soon enough and then we can go forward with the wisdom we learned about ourselves.

For more information about the Age of Aquarius and working the healing energies, read this article.

The Spring Equinox, March 19, exact at 11:30 pm

The chart for the Equinox will be in effect over the next three months with the new and full moon charts adding the fine-tuning. As with all these forecasts, where the transiting planets are in our personal chart will make the difference as to how we experience the effects.

Moon in 9th house Cancer at 29° 12’.
We may feel a deep connection to a new way of looking at life, have a strong attraction to learning something new or exploring further afield. We notice what draws us and follow our intuition. We feel a deep need for freedom, so we take care not to get bogged down with too much detail or time requirements, but also don’t act rashly. Seek balance along with the enjoyment of exploration. We don’t want to get into something that, after the excitement wears off, we feel stifled or restricted. We may feel particularly sensitive just now and in need of validation, acceptance and love. We are aware that if that comes up for us, we give ourselves what we need first rather than looking outwardly for it only.

Sun conjunct Mercury in early 5th house Pisces.
We may be in a hurry to express our side of things or our opinion, and lack the sensitivity to actively listen. Access compassionate Pisces and balance yang expression with yin receptivity. During this aspect, reading may be an easier receptive activity than trying to listen to someone else, as the mind will tend to wander and seek the spotlight. We are careful not to alienate ourselves from others.

Retrograde Jupiter 22° 43’ and North Node 27°20’ in 10th house Leo. There is now a 5° separation between these two, but still in effect is our ability to expand into our destiny, and for these next months it will be focused on our house of public presence and career. Consider what this could look like. What do you wish to develop once Jupiter goes direct?

Mars 10° 31’ in 1st house Scorpio.
There may be a tendency to be pushy or look for conflict where there is none; we also don’t have to attend every argument we are invited to. We can be strong, persuasive and exercise tenacity in getting what we want. It may be a good idea to make sure we get plenty of physical exercise to dissipate our ample energy during this time, and move a little more consciously to avoid accidents.

 …and Saturn 22° 18’ in 1st house Scorpio…. Or we may have a tendency to withdraw from life and others for a while. We take the time we need, knowing that following our authentic path requires balancing many things. We may have the opportunity to learn from someone older and wiser than ourselves; or we may be that wise elder for someone else.

Pluto 23° 11’ in 2nd house Sagittarius.
An opportunity to release more possessions. We may find ourselves in a Spring Cleaning frenzy, and finally getting to clear out the basement, garage, or attic. This is a great way to navigate this energy over the next months. We transform our relationship to possessions, notice what we use, and what we think we will use and act accordingly. Are we courageous enough to get rid of unnecessary surplus and make way for new things, or are we still channeling our mother’s depression era we-may-need-this-one-day attitudes?

Chiron and South Node conjunct in the 4th house.
The key to self-healing is to move toward our personal North Node to create the appropriate foundation for our future. The south node will give us clues and opportunities to let go of past conditioning, karma, things, people, etc. Collectively we can move toward the Leo North Node and integrate both. If we begin to feel we are spinning our wheels as we angst about home and stability, we realize we can reach outward and creatively express ourselves more publicly to balance this tendency.

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