A lot of my articles are inspired from people who submit Questions to me, this one really seemed to hit me especially as we are in the process of dealing with the very transformative Eclipse energy rolling in.  This energy is designed to make us feel a bit uncomfortable, we’re cleansing the old energy and in the process it is shaking up our reality. With that being said, Subconscious Triggers and Past Traumatic memories may find their way resurfacing.

Saboramii, wrote to me saying:

“Hello! Thank you for sharing the wisdom of your experience. If you would, I’d like advice or incite on something: Triggers and Trauma.

I’ve been with my partner for 6 months. The first 3 months were flourish, the next 3 months were very difficult. They became difficult because my senses were beginning to pick up on an energetic attachment, an unhealthy one, that he still had (has?) with his former partner. I confronted him about it in November and he confirmed that she is still in love with him and that he is still very empathic towards her. Then, issues began to arise with her. She would reach out, write a lot about him on tumblr, even after he got his closure with her and she knew he had a new partner. There were a lot of unresolved issues with them. I had to experience them and chose to support him in sorting them and grieving the significance of that relationship. Sometimes we gave each other space to see clearly. But there was not always space, and when there was no space, we co created trauma.

I’ve suffered a lot in the last 3 months due to being empathetic to his situation with her. But now that things are resolved and all that’s left is healing, I have triggers and traumas as a result. Yesterday, he mentioned her name as I was falling asleep and I instantly felt nervous energy burst from my heart/chest. I was overwhelmed with dark emotions. Overwhelmed by dark waters. As if I was struggling to stay afloat. (Not sure if you are familiar with astrology but I’m a Venus in Scorpio) I could not rationalize.

I could observe my mind but the tension was not coming from my mind but my heart. I felt like I was flooding! I Cried. Felt in angst. Felt like a prisoner, in a cage, a prisoner to my traumas. He was holding me, asking me to focus on our love and overcome these triggers with love. Focus on love. Nurture any light in my darkness. He does everything out of love. But my emotions are like water. And water carries powerful memory. I cannot see myself not being triggered again. I began to feel like the only way I can break free from these triggers and traumas with him as actually leaving the relationship because even though he does everything out of love there is so much hurt between us. Its been like this with every partner– once I’ve felt hurt or slighted I usually severe my ties with them because of wanting to not be reminded of any pain they put me through. It’s kind of like having ptsd. My traumas are cellular memory. I’m not sure what I’m asking if you, but any insight or support is appreciated. Sending much love and gratitude for your existence!

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Love to Saboramii for sharing such an inspiring topic to discuss during this Eclipse Window. I choose to include her entire message because it shows the process that happened due to the Triggers and Traumas she has faced.

This is an important pivotal moment that we tend to face on the spiritual path time and time again, subconscious triggers and the traumas we have faced in the past emerging into our Present Emotions.

Why do we become Prisoner to our Traumas and certain memory patterns become these triggers towards reliving these emotions?

A lot of this has to deal with how we are processing emotions from our past memories and the amount of what we need to see to heal the soul.

If you think of your Consciousness like a timeline of the Past, Present and Future Blueprint of yourself. A line in space. When something affects us so strongly that it creates a trauma, it actually links to a deep past wound we needed to heal. Sometimes even these triggers can be from past lives.

The projection we need to create here is that to heal the soul, the trigger has to be recreated and healed. However what happens when say you already dealt with these emotions an X amount of times but you are still facing the trauma of them years later. This is due to a cellular attachment, a relapse into a past experience.

What I have come to discover is that when we have these subconscious triggers show up we’re actually benefiting from the experience because it is giving us to key to heal the trauma by processing those emotions. Every relationship was once built from trauma because it is how the soul grows and expands. It doesn’t mean however that you have to be prisoner of your own traumas.

Case in point, I used to self-harm due to my own emotional control issues, for the longest time I used to have trigger “urges” however over time I learned to stop being reactive towards them and instead open up a different outlet of expressing these emotions in a more healthy way. It took a hella lot of work but it was a very healing process.

These Triggers can present themselves in numerous ways such as Saboramii’s situation where they are formed from a relationship, sometimes it can even be a word, an object or symbol that triggers the response. Sometimes even these triggers can present themselves within dreams! I know one that always comes to mind is a Tornado, I used to be afraid of them as a child and still to this day right before a trans-formative shift, they come visit me in dreams. This is all due to how we are processing memory from our past identity.

Are Triggers and Traumas caused from being stuck in the past identity of ourselves?


This is the main thing when we are starting to become consciously aware we begin removing ourselves from our past identity which is why relationships especially can create triggers and even spawn a Dark Night of the Soul. They are the guides towards healing our past identity.

Relationships whether romantic or otherwise are our deepest mirror into understanding the various aspects of our psyche because they are the emotional projection you are offering into the world. In this way when we feel a subconscious trigger due to a relationship, it is about learning to overcome our past identity.

People in general can create Past unconscious wounds within others by recycling a memory from their past. In fact some people are so wrapped up in their own past memories that they are ALWAYS reliving them. For instance someone traumatized by sexual abuse may continue to live their life in fear of everything. They become triggered by certain people or situations instantly creating an unconscious fight/flight response due to the trauma they experienced which creates an unconscious loop of fear in their life.

How do we learn to overcome these Traumas?

What this is really about is learning to identity the difference between Past Memory and Present Emotion.

This is all Memories. When we are stuck in our past identity, we also are RELIVING those emotions which are out of alignment with your present experience.

So the way to begin overcoming them is by letting go of your Past identity and those memories that do not serve you anymore.

A huge part of that is by processing those emotions, instead of running away from the relationship, you need to FACE IT. Open up to those emotions, Heal through the love and realize that what you are feeling is past illusions of separation. The Separation of your Past identity yearning to stay in the old energy.

If you were to imagine your consciousness like an infinite line of memories. When you are so far off in left field, your mind is not centered anymore on that line, you are processing emotions from your Past identity of yourself which isn’t the current you.

What happens is your mind can only process so much information at once so when you are stuck in a past loop, you relive those emotional memories over and over again, until you are ready to release the experience. Until you are ready to release the experience, you will keep hitting the repeat button. This can generate in your relationships, in your situations, career, and daily life. These triggers will continue showing up until you face them dead on.

What we need to realize is that these triggers are just reminders of our past, they are not our present reality.

This is the ego’s way to fully let go of the old energy by reliving the trauma it creates through the trigger. The catalyst to transform and heal.

To move on is to identity that this is the past, it is over. It is time to rebuild, it is time to create the new into our lives not to relive our past.

The more we get stuck in our past identity the more we keep processing those old cellular emotions. Don’t stay stuck in your own past conditioning, learn to go beyond it and you will begin prospering so much more than you realize!

I guess most people don’t realize we’re all kinda like Time Travelers swimming the infinite sea of our memories 😉



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