manifesting is important for awakening

Have you learned how to manifest since starting your Spiritual Awakening? 

You may be asking yourself – 

Why is Manifesting important for Spiritual Awakening? 

What are the Benefits of Incorporating Manifesting practices and principles in your Spiritual Awakening? 

I’ve been practicing manifestation for many years on my Awakening Path and there have been so many incredible Benefits to working the principles during my awakening.

Today I wanted to share a few of them with you in our first summer series episode on the podcast! 

If you’re new to Manifesting or you want to learn even more about the benefits of Awakened Manifesting, I highly recommend making time to watch this one. 

Catch the full Episode on the Youtube or Season 3 of the Podcast:  

BTW! This is our 300th Episode on Youtube, How cool is that?! This is your Soul Reminder to Keep Going! Despite haters, trolls, self-doubt, uncertainty, keep on going 💃

We Are Naturally Magnetic Beings 

Manifestation isn’t just about thinking positive or forcing a high vibe. It’s about understanding that we are naturally magnetic beings, emitting a frequency that co-creates our lives. This frequency can help us change our life from the inside out—one shift, one perspective, one decision at a time.

Whether you’re new to the concept of manifesting or it’s part of your daily practice, there’s always more to uncover. When conscious of our patterns, habits, and programming, we can truly transform ourselves from the inside out! 

 Shifting From Lack Thoughts to Abundance 

During a spiritual awakening, we often become painfully aware of our negative patterns and misalignments. This awareness is the first step to healing and reprogramming ourselves.

Manifestation allows us to shift from a mindset focused on lack and healing to one that is centered on abundance and beingness. It’s about embodying the energy of what you desire, right here and now.

 Your Words Have Tremendous Power The More You Are Aware 

Remember, your words and thoughts have power. The language we use with ourselves can either hinder or help our manifestations. By cultivating gratitude and focusing on what we already have, we shift our consciousness and attract more of what we desire.

 Manifesting Gifts us Spiritual Growth x 10 

have you ever noticed after awakening old situations and relationships fall away? This is due to our Alignment switching on!

Spiritual awakening often leads to changing old habits, aligning with healthier choices, and stepping into our strengths.

It’s all linked to our changing vibrations. Manifestation helps us make these shifts more consciously and effectively. It’s a tool that gets us out of the perpetual cycle of fixing and into one of growth and expansion.

Ultimately, manifestation connects us with higher consciousness, allowing us to tap into our intuition and align with our true selves. By focusing on solutions and abundance, we open up to the limitless possibilities the universe offers.

Do You have Any Questions when it comes to Awakened Manifesting?  let me know in the comments

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why manifestation is important for spiritual awakening


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