The Awakened State Stands for: 

Bringing The Practical Edge to Spirituality so you feel Empowered, Purposeful, and Own your Spiritual Gifts With Confidence.


In other words,


Hi there, I’m Ashley, 

But between us, Everyone around here calls me Ash, 

Just Like you, I discovered there’s more to life than what we’re told, 

A Common Thread between all Spiritual Seekers is that we suddenly realize we’re more than just a physical body having a Human experience, we’re Pure Energy. 

There’s a whole other side of us beyond the physical that is Energetic, spiritual and LIMITLESS. 

I believe we all hold this Limitless Potential Inside of us for: Better Health, Emotional Peace, Positive Mental Wellness, Confidence in our unique Gifts and Learning to Create a Soul-aligned Life of Intentional Living. 

You want Change because you know you’re meant for more, 

You woke up and realized I’m tired of settling and because of that, you don’t just crave a life of freedom, you want Raw Wild Authenticity, Creative Freedom of Expression,  Purpose-led Living, Pure Peace of Mind and well…remembering life can be Magical  😉 

You don’t just want money, fame, or even freedom – You want that deep heartfelt Connection to your Soul BACK. This is the longing of all spiritual seekers, 

You can’t explain it either! why your goals are deeper than others, your mind filled with wonder and your Dreams? You want Peace, you want expression, you want real Emotional Fulfillment, 

And you realize in a moment of breaking your own  illusion that the materials you like, the voids you try to fill with addictions you unconsciously have or the money you get – Don’t give you that, do they? 

This, my friend, can only be found when you’re connected deep into the core essence of who you are, 

When you realize, in a moment of absolute detachment,

The universe is inside of you and you hold the power to design your life, 

And that is where True Freedom of Fulfillment lives

Welcome to The Awakened State. 

Here's My Story

I Had a Kundalini Awakening in 2011 and ever since then? My Life has never quite been the same.

In Fact, It’s been Incredible. 

I was re-inventing myself in college, so It was all about starting fresh with a new leaf in the fall. However, new leaf took on a new meaning, when I started to experience seeing and feeling energy, experiencing the ascension symptoms for the first time & having out of body type experiences.

I had many out of the ordinary experiences which lead me down the pathway of becoming curious about working with Energy in the chakra system and What it is. And then something amazing happened,


In College around November 11th 2011 (11.11.11), I was in the basement study hall, reading Philosophy (of all things) when out of the corner of my eye, I began seeing this blue orb of light sitting across from me. Later I would find that this Orb of light has been seen from ancient monks called “the blue pearl of consciousness”

I honestly thought I was a little crazy, so I did tons of research, I started networking with people and an old friend of mine showed up at random. We started talking and I explained to her what was going on, 

She said, “Maybe you’re an indigo child”

We discussed back and forth what I saw. She mentioned  I should look into the Indigo Children because I probably am one. Eva also insisted I listen to Maynard’s song “Indigo Children” because I’ll appreciate it given the circumstances. lol.

Although I was a bit puzzled by this statement, something felt triggered within me. I did a little research into the subject about how we’re “special children with different DNA on a mission to save humanity” and kinda rolled my eyes, completely ignoring it. 

At the same time, my curiosity grew deeper so I began to research more about the Indigo Children and this “Awakening”.

I started researching what the awakening was and how the procession of the equinox is going to change humanity. As I researched further into the Awakening and what it meant, I started scrolling at random one night.

It was quite frankly a random post that read, “Signs you are having a spiritual awakening”.

This post again explained the procession, evolution of humanity, blah, blah, blah…I kept scrolling…annoyed with this. Then I suddenly stopped, it explained there are also symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening that are commonly experienced.

 My mouth hit the floor:

“Food intolerances, allergies you never had before”

“Changes within your vision, seeing energy and feeling it strongly”

“Having out of body experiences”

“Dissociation with reality”

“Old habits and patterns surfacing for clearing”

“Amplification of the senses: hypersensitivity”

“Skin eruptions”

“Events that entirely alter your life”

“Anxiety and a sense of impendingness”

“Teachers appearing everywhere you go”

“Synchronicity patterns such as seeing numbers and deja vu”

The list went on, everything I was experiencing within the past year or two was on this list! I remember standing up in my chair, freaking out…there was too many connections happening all at once. The synchronicities were bombarding my consciousness at a rapid almost bizarre rate.

  Suddenly if felt like everything was starting to make sense. I was beyond shocked at finding this information –  however All I could think was, if I were to tell anyone I’ve been suffering from a “Spiritual Awakening” over the last year, that would sound like I’m absolutely insane! 

Yet that’s exactly what was happening…



The  Awakened State was BORN as a little Tumblr Blog back in 2011 with only 10 followers, it now supports over 61,000+ people. 

The Awakened State has been a passion project of mine for roughly over twelve years. I started a blog to start documenting my experiences of spiritual awakening and realized there were more people out there suffering from the same bizarre symptoms as me. 

After gaining popularity, I turned it into a Q&A blog where others could submit questions and I would provide free mentoring right on my blog.

This transformed into a beautiful project over the years where over 10,000 people or more have come to me explaining their situations, personal experiences and heartfelt stories of Kundalini or Spiritual Awakening.

Through understanding Energy and the chakra psychological system I was able to emotionally heal myself, heal my heart chakra, learn to love myself again – opening up to a deeply fulfilling relationship with Adam who is now my life partner. I learned immense knowledge about Kundalini awakening, & how to start healing ourselves from the Ascension Symptoms such as overactive empathy and learning how to manage our energy properly. 

In 2015, At this point I was in the mists of my own healing journey, with two kids and a beautiful family.

After my Daughter was born – Life took some wild turns and In a moment during the common thralls  of Post-partum depression(or maybe just sleep deprivation), I realized I couldn’t keep doing free mentoring. I was burnt out and exhausted. I was devastated and lost a bit of myself in the process.

 I decided to take things offline and write a Book on Kundalini Awakening. Thus, begin my research process into the biology behind Awakening and what actually happens during the phases of spiritual awakening.

Little did I realize – there is NOT a lot out there on Kundalini or Spiritual Awakening to even RESEARCH. I HAD TO DO SOME REAL DIGGING. 

I went way outside of my comfort zone. I had to network and talk to real people who were experiencing the same symptoms of Awakening as me to start gathering some real data. I had surveys, personal interviews and began networking with many people around the world asking others to share their own Awakening Stories. 


This was the starting Thread of What prompted me to Create The Awakened State Network and Now Online Business. 


I decided to pause the book entirely and instead, Take all the research of what I found to start building the foundation of what you see today. 

I began to Realize if I could heal my Symptoms, so could you. If I could learn to Manifest with the power of Mindset work and reprogramming, so can you. I realized that what I was building was a movement of teaching others how to live a Spiritually Aligned purposeful Live by their design. A Life of The Mind-Body Revolution.

A Movement of Spiritually Aligned Living

In 2017, I began realizing a blog post only goes so far. I realized If I could Heal my symptoms of awakening , Emotionally Heal, feel fulfilled & Live with more freedom, others could too. 

I started my transition into Creating the Awakened State into an Online Business and Learning Platform formally known as The Awakening School. 

I began expanding my education on Learning Subconscious reprogramming. Effective Mind-body Healing and Emotional Healing Techniques. Many of these are rooted in the foundation of Psychology through extensive Mindset work leading into my transition from only an “Energy Healer” to an Empowerment Mindset Coach and Manifestation expert. 

After many years of self-education and personal development,  I decided to begin offering digital courses, products, services and coaching support helping others build a life of confidence with their intuitive gifts, Emotionally heal through Mind-body Energy work or learn to Manifest so they create a life built from their desires of True Fulfillment. 

Emotional Fulfillment is TRULY What a Spiritual Seeker is SEEKING.

And Your  Spiritual Alignment is at the center of it all. 

We have this all wrong – It’s not that materialism is bad. negativity is bad. goals are bad. hustle is bad. NO – 

it’s just you want MORE – You want something that is immaterial, ethereal and experienced internally – 

This can only be found when you begin understanding your Spiritual Alignment is at the ROOT of it all. 

Emotional fulfillment is the driving force behind MANY who are in the process of Spiritual Awakening or Kundalini Awakening. 

Your Life purpose won’t be found in your Past Conditioning. It will be uncovered within your Natural, Authentic Self, who you are beyond conditioning you inherited. This is the space where your purpose lives. 

You Increase the Confidence of your Intuitive Gifts, the more you naturally step into your own True Spiritual Alignment. 


And I can Show you How! 

Are you Ready to Own Your Intuitive Gifts & Start creating a Soul-Aligned life?

Our Ability to Understand ourselves is rooted in understanding how Energy works, how the mind body connection is influencing our lives and inevitably how we are programming/reprogramming our day to day lives through our habits. 

I never set out to be a “Healer” in the traditional sense of the word. What I began to understand is that Energy Work is Emotional Mind-body Healing and we can teach ourselves how to Shift our Internal State to influence our external reality. 

The Awakened State values the core principles behind Alignment, Embodiment and Emotional Empowerment. 

The truth is you were NEVER broken and there is nothing wrong with you. What you actually need to discover is that True Healing is created from the foundations of a Mindset build on Emotional intelligence and Empowerment. When we have a rock solid foundation, then we are capable of Manifesting whatever we deeply desire because Now we are choosing to honor the Mind-body Connection.  

We become aware to awaken the Bridge of Understanding from the Spiritual Self and the Physical Self, this is what the core foundation of the Awakened state is built on. 

I help you bridge the gap between these two worlds so you can begin creating incredible results in your personal life.  


I Believe we all Carry the Ability to Heal ourselves from the Inside Out. When we honor the Mind-body connection, we can learn to create sustainable manifestation through mind-body healing practices.

Professional Bio

Ashley is a Mother, Author, Empowerment Mindset Coach,  and Manifestation Expert. She is the CEO and Founder of The Awakened where she supports Spiritual Awakened Empaths and spiritual seekers everywhere in building up their confidence in Awakening through Emotional Empowerment. 

She also helps others overcome their Limited Thinking with Mindset Tools. Her background in psychology and Energy Healing has helped others learn to Emotionally heal themselves so that they can: confidently Own their Intuitive gifts, Believe in their own Success & Manifest a Soul Aligned Life they are obsessed with.

She has helped over 550+ Students in The Awakening School with her Digital Courses and Products. Ashley has also written a Self-Published Book on Amazon and has been helping individuals navigate Spiritual Awakening successfully All over the world since 2011. She lives primarily in Indiana, near the outskirts of Chicago with her love, Adam, 2 Children, and an adorable tabby cat named Muffin. 

Contact Ashley directly at: or   @awakenedstate777


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