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The Manifesting detox bootcamp - VIP SPECIAL


Take what you’ve previously heard about manifesting and let’s throw it out the window so you can begin a mind body cleanse on your manifesting! A 5 day bootcamp to detox your mindset and learn how to manifest with the mind body connection


Let’s Bootcamp Your Mind on Manifesting so you Can Detox What is no longer working and Align with your Desires.


I’ll be honest with you, I frequently would get annoyed about a lot of manifesting methods out there.

I remember once I joined a witchy course and she basically just had us light a candle, set an intention, have an orgasm and create a goals to-do list – I was like whaaaaaa “people pay hundreds for this??” lol

Then there was that time long before that, that I ripped my vision board in half i was so frustrated with ‘visualizing’ and nothing ever changing. But i’m doing all the things right? right?

This used to make me feel like i was doing something wrong because i frequently was doing all the things they tell you to do yet nothing was budging…. Maybe you can relate?

Heres the thing, it’s not that manifesting isn’t working for you. 

Chances are you’re just not being taught correctly how it actually works energetically

That’s when I began to question my actual habits, methods and beliefs around Manifesting.

Then I began to look at the actual science and how energy works through subconscious reprogramming. I got my head out of new age books and law of attraction quick fixes into:

understanding how Quantum reality works and how subconscious reprogramming helps us manifest faster.

What I began to see is that many fall under the trap of Surface Level Manifesting –

To say I was obsessed is probably an understatement, but I learned how Manifesting is much easier to understand when we take away all the fluffy b.s. and learn how to work with the mind-body connection to become an energetic match.

I began to learn a lot of people teach Manifesting backwards and often don’t even teach you how to create REAL MAGNETISM with your energy. It’s ironic really.

A part of what has BLOWN MY MIND – is how often we are told to manifest by using things outside of you and often hustling your brains off.

What if I told you, you can manifest without using fancy rituals, crystals, 100X affirmations, visualization or staying ‘high vibe only’

What if I told you, this is actually pretty much the slow path to manifesting that relies on external influence NOT your Mind, Energetics and PURE MAGNETISM.

Also Side note: Isn’t that what law of attraction really is, pure Magnetism?


So WHY are we obsessed with the DOING paradigm and using tools outside of you?

when actually it’s about unlocking whats WITHIN you

What if you began to see that Raising your Vibe is actually one tiny piece to the manifesting puzzle and it’s actually about getting intimate with your Internal State instead?

What if you took a minute and threw everything you once knew about manifesting, out the damn window and began to Start Working on Manifesting from the Inside out not the outside in.

Using your Magnetism, Understanding the Mind-body Connection and learning how to begin cleansing your Mindset. So the Actions start to become easier, more magnetic, more natural and allow you to jumpstart your alignment.

Let’s spring clean your mindset, energetics and habits around Manifesting.

Introducing The Manifesting Detox Bootcamp 


What you'll Learn

Learn to Be An Energetic Match

Understanding the Quantum Connection & Being An Energetic Match - Owning that supernatural part of yourself

How to Manifest in a simple way

Manifesting without all the extras, what it really takes to manifest something without the vision board, crystals or methods you see on TikTok.

Release Blocks & Resistance

Exploring Mind-body Concepts that help you release Resistance, (MY SECRET SAUCE)

Detox Your Mindset

Detoxing Previous concepts of Manifesting that make you misaligned, stuck, and surface-level manifesting without results (aka where a lot of people get stuck)

Troubleshooting Misalignment:

Understanding the mind-body Disconnect that stops your results & creates misalignment

Aligned AF Action

How to jumpstart your momentum so the Action feels easy not forced - It's Aligned AF

Soul Work Action Steps & Prompts

3 Video Trainings & accompanying Soul Work Prompts, Plus Action Steps to implement immediately