We have now completed the first spiral of Cycles of Healing (32 articles), laying the groundwork for linking the new moon with the Great Year Ages and all that involves. This second spiral will look at the new and full moon charts. If you are new to Western Sidereal Astrology, please read this articleI am using charts drawn up for Washington, D.C. and use sidereal whole sign houses. If you want to know how to use Cycles of Healing with each new moon for deep healing, read this article.

The forecast, as always, will affect individuals with natal planets or points in aspect to the planets and points covered below. To determine if these aspects will affect you personally, check your sidereal natal chart (the common tropical chart degrees will be way off and therefore useless – not apples to apples). To calculate your sidereal degrees, subtract 24° from your tropical degrees; this will be close, not exact, but good enough for our purposes. Sidereal astrology is where the planets actually are if you take the time to look up at the night sky.

August Full Moon in Sidereal Aquarius, August 18, 2016, exact at 5:27 am EDT
August Full Moon in Sidereal Aquarius, August 18, 2016, exact at 5:27 am EDT

Full Moon at 01° 47’ in 8th house Aquarius is exact at 5:27 am EDT. It is conjunct the retrograde asteroid Pallas Athena. Be aware of dark thoughts and feelings towards other women and seek out Goddess consciousness in all ways.

We needn’t, anymore, see other women as a threat, we needn’t act like ‘one of the boys’ to get ahead. We can be ourselves as powerful women, not women who put power over someone or wish to discredit, malign, or in other ways shoot a woman down for being powerful herself, or just thinking other than we do.

This is a deep lesson in the gravitational pull of patriarchy that is coming to the surface in America now that Hillary Clinton received the Democratic nomination for President. Be who you are and allow others to be who they are without participating in attitudes or actions that enforce the patriarchal belittling of any woman.

Square Jupiter and Mercury, the above energy could be exacerbated, and increased exponentially, and with Jupiter’s buoyant energy, we may feel justified in anything that occurs to us as ‘true’, feeling the need to shout it from the roof tops. Stop, step back and assess the stance. Is it life affirming or harming to anyone or anything? We are not in peril because someone holds differing opinions to us. We are in peril if we continue to play the patriarchal game of divide and conquer.

There is a grouping in second house Leo of the Sun 01° 46’, which has just entered the constellation, the North Node at 19° 19’, Venus at 21° 34’, and Mercury at 29° 04’. There is a lot of energy focusing on security and financial issues here. Our values and opinions may reflect this insecurity. With retrograde Neptune opposing at 16° 57’, there may be some obfuscation around this area of our lives, or confusion. Take the time to be clear about any of these matters.

The sunny, summery energy of Leo could take our attention away from where it needs to be briefly to keep a handle on our material welfare. Attend to that and then enjoy. The North Node says this is where we are heading these next two weeks: attention to material needs with a sunny disposition, faith and trust that when we do our best, the Universe partners with us in that endeavor. Let go of expectations.

Venus in Leo may bring a new relationship to the forefront and Mercury will help us to articulate that which we need. With Jupiter so close, this is not a dire warning, but a gentle reminder that while Jupiter supplies buoyancy, optimism and often opportunity, it is always our job to supply balance.

During the last couple of weeks of summer the glamour of August’s golden light and fairy magic of the garden can help us fully renew for the coming academic year. Take some time these next two weeks to watch the butterflies, hummingbirds, and dragonflies with no other agenda but to enjoy them. Notice the thoughts that come up and just let them drift on by, cleaning the slate for more adventures to come.

Jupiter has just entered Virgo and is 01° 20’ in the 3rd house. Our immediate environment and all that entails (people, situations and things) will be expansive, our communications exuberant, but with practical, grounded overtones. Jupiter will be in Virgo for a year now (where is this in your chart?).

What we learned and integrated while Jupiter was in Leo for the past year, i.e. learning to enjoy ourselves, that it is ok to have fun, what exactly creativity means to us, and how we can more eloquently express that creativity, will now come under the energy of practical implementation. Let’s see how the year progresses.

Jupiter in Virgo will support us getting down to the nitty gritty of spiritual practice on a daily basis. One important spiritual practice is to de-clutter (Virgo) and take that unnecessary stuff to the thrift store or throw it away! We clear our outer space and make room for inner space and changes. A Buddhist friend of mine many years ago wisely told me that how our immediate environment looks is how we are inside (don’t for get your car).

Likewise we hold our teachers to a higher standard (Virgo) than we may have over the past year or years. Are they really walking their talk or just saying things that make us feel good? Politically we will begin to see less fanatical fervor and more insistence on seeing the details of what is being said, promised, or not said by our candidates. This is a good placement for the upcoming elections in America. Discernment is so vital at the moment.

Jupiter is placed at the point of a YOD with Uranus and the Moon in this chart. If this aspects in our chart we could be in for some surprises. YODs are powerful configurations (two planets in sextile and both quincunx a third; orbs are very small) that have a wildcard energy to them in that one can never say how this may manifest in our lives.

Be ready for the bizarre and unexpected. This could be personal (with natal aspects near exact) or collectively as we see powerful events unfold on the global scene.

There is also a second YOD in this chart with Mercury forming the point to Uranus and the Moon. Wow! With dwarf planet Eris still conjunct Uranus anything is possible. (For more information about this conjunction please see the Beltane article)

Saturn at 15° 43’ in 5th house Scorpio went direct on the 13th of August after being retrograde since March 25th. Anything that we learned during this period of time about what we are building in our lives and how we might want to course correct, when Saturn picks up speed after its station direct, we will be able to implement.

We will have been reflecting on deep personal truths and what is meaningful to us over this retrograde period with regard to the structures we hope to create. Jettison anything that is not absolutely authentic and go forward from there.

Mars is closing in at 12° 43’, and is essentially conjuncting Saturn now. This supports the above with the more serious tone regarding fun time (5th house). Saturn wants to make sure things don’t progress to far too fast before we have time to really assess the story. Saturn wants a structured and disciplined movement forward.

With Mars conjuncting, our desires and Saturn’s necessity to slow down will clash, so be aware of frustrations and do what helps to relieve the tension…plenty of physical activity is the key. If we are not athletically inclined, remember Gandhi’s words that “walking is the queen of all exercises”. Dancing is even more fun.

The asteroid Yokoono is conjunct both of these at 15° 30’ Scorpio. We ask ourselves how we can creatively express the intensity of our lives and create beauty from it. We may be ready for an emergence of creativity itself in our lives. This contemporary dark goddess invites us to find the point at which we can access peace and love, the real healers, and bring them out into the open for all to benefit. For more about this asteroid, please read this article.

Retrograde Uranus at 00° 16’ Aries is at the top of the chart, and trines the second house Sun. There may be some sudden surprises in the area of public personae (10th house), shaking our sense of security as noted before. Asteroid Ceres at 10° 49’ could point to loss in this area if it aspects our natal planets.

Take care to be grounded and therefore not easily thrown if something does shift here. Uranus shocks us into realizations where we have been hesitant to accept change in our lives. These sudden changes can benefit us by keeping us on our toes, not complacent, and seeking creative ways to go forward. At the time however, they are most unwelcome. Go with the flow…..

Retrograde Neptune in 8th house Aquarius squares Saturn making our progress a step-by-step process: we don’t really know yet where we are headed, but we are developing faith and trust in our individual process. This is a long, ongoing aspect, so we have had practice with this energy, and will get more still. What do we remember of our dreams these days? Can we gain comfort, or guidance from them?

Retrograde Pluto at 21° 12’ in 6th house Sagittarius, is trine both Venus and the North Node. Some transformational energy could apply to the destiny point and our values/relationships. In the 6th house, we will want to give a little more attention to our health routines, and day-to-day activities, reassessing to see what needs to be transformed to better suit who we are becoming.

Asteroid Lilith is conjunct Pluto at 22° 53’. This could point to the transforming of our fundamental feelings of self-worth, belonging, and of not submitting to that which we know is inauthentic. Be in the moment, feel the discomfort, fully remember that which comes up and then let it blow away like leaves in the wind. It will do so easily if we have done the previous steps without judgment or repulsion.

And one last note: Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th. So please take care to ground when getting behind the wheel of your car, slow down generally and expect delays. Back up computers before then and initiate all the other precautionary measures this period suggests. It will be a good time to go back over creative endeavors, to reassess fun time, and how we enjoy ourselves.

You may feel drawn to relax with some old movies, the ones you love to see over and over. This is perfect Mercury retrograde in Leo stuff. This can be a very fertile time if we just follow the energies and don’t try to will our way through life. Mercury will go direct September 22, coming out of its shadow period in the first week of October.

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