How to Walk Through Fear While riding the Wave of uncertainty

It’s been feeling ultra shifty these past few weeks and what always accompanies Energy Shifts?


In most cases Energy Shifts really can throw us off our element. They can bring up hidden emotions, anxiety, sudden fear of death, ascension symptoms, but most of all they underline Fear.

This is because in order to grow we must face the resistance, dead on. It creates a friction that creates a snowball effect within our life. You will always notice when a powerful energetic shift occurs, you may be faced with a sudden resistance.

Resistance is something I mention quite often on the blog mainly because it is so important to understand your resistance.  The soul either Allows or Resists a situation outside of their control.

The Resistance is basically the soul facing discord within their life while any negative emotion comes rising to surface. This can manifest as anger, resentment, denial, arguing, or anything that sets us off of our natural balance.

Basically when you’re upset or pissed off, you’re facing a resistance within yourself.

Ultimately our resistance is created from an unconscious fear of not being able to let go.

Therefore the big question is:


How to Walk Through Fear - The Awakened State. In most cases Energy Shifts really can throw us off our element. They can bring up hidden emotions, anxiety, sudden fear of death, ascension symptoms, but most of all they underline Fear. How do we walk through fear when riding the wave of uncertainty? Click to Read More!

Fear is tricky, it general reveals to us what we need to see within but more than that it shows us the illusions we create.

Do you ever think about all those crazy “what if” scenarios your mind creates? We do this a lot when we’re over-thinking a situation.

For instance suddenly being anxious about a painful injury, your mind begins creating all these ridiculous stories:

What if I can’t walk now? What if something happens and I lose my job? What if I have too much time off and so and so leaves me? What if I have to go to the hospital? What if that person hates me and won’t call me back? What if?

The more you go deeper into the abyss, the stronger and usually more ridiculous the scenario gets.

Although 99.9% of these scenarios are NOT REAL. They are something we created in our head.

It’s like the Ego creates its own TV show full of false perceptions of our reality filled with drama, death, fear and uncertainty.

This is only a brief example how truly powerful our Mind can be.

The Root of Fear is Based on Two Things: 


All of your fears are based on a psychological root from a memory you experienced within your life, often these are rooted within our childhood memories or adolescence. Fear is psychological.

It is essentially an illusion you create from a fear of the future that has yet to happen. Likewise, it is an illusion of separation that we create through our imagination where we suddenly believe something is there, when it’s not. It’s within our minds through the perception of thinking too much in future.

Anxiety is a huge issue in the Awakening crowd and it naturally makes sense that it is also an influential growth period for the soul.  Anxiety is an illusion. It is created by the power of future thinking.

Our minds are moving faster than our bodies can catch up with them so in turn it creates a void space or what I like to call Blackhole thinking.

Anxiety is a product of your own recycling thoughts over and over, you’re circling yourself like a hamster running on a wheel. This is what anxiety is and the only way to control it is by facing ourselves and seeing:


Instead realize you are guiding your thoughts. You don’t need to accept all thoughts instead like the wind let them pass you by. Thoughts are influencing your reality all the time, therefore it’s best to guide them and shift your focus back to the present moment as much as possible.

It’s all in your head, Literally.


Whenever you are faced with fear, this could be about a relationship, a manifestation, a new job or whatever it is, you are literally riding the wave of uncertainty.

Uncertainty creates an uncomfortable energy of panic and discontent, this is because we are stepping into something that is entirely outside of our control.

We are fixated on something that hasn’t even happened yet!

This is how absurd Fear can be in our reality. We are fixating on the future of the situation, the aspect that is outside our reach which in return causes us to lose ourselves in the present moment.

Breath Work Helps the Body Rid Fear


The  beauty of breath work, you don’t need any tools except your body. Breath work is something simple that when in a situation instantly faced with fear, we can stop it dead in its tracks. It is great for reducing anxiety, stress, overwhelm and most of all it allows us to change our focus. When we’re able to change our focus we come back to the present moment.

A simple breath exercise that works wonders is Pranayama. Pranayama is an ancient technique where we learn to control our breath. Naturally we actually breath very shallow, Pranayama allows us to use proper breathing to revitalize the life force within us.

We begin by closing our mouth and practice slowly breathing deep through the nose repeatedly for a few minutes at a time.  By inhaling and exhaling through guiding the vital life force energy we can actually elevate our mood and even reduce stress.

I recommend pranayama for anxiety, stressful days, childbirth or even frisky sex! All of these are beneficial for channeling the life force properly which helps center the energy body.

Energy Medicine: Do I use long deep breathing when anxiety or fear hits me?
INSPIRED Action: Next time fear hits, try some basic Pranayama! Do this for about a minute or two see if it helps you.


Push through the fear. Allow yourself to completely push past your own uncertainty. The moment you can pinpoint the resistance, it is a sign that you are refusing to let go of the past identity. This is a crucial point of discovery because you’re then able to slowly push yourself past the threshold of fear.

The best way to do this consciously?

Conscious Awareness.

Understand  your emotional triggers and consciously observe where the resistance is getting triggered directly. This helps identify what is happening to the mind and in return allows us to let go much easier.

Energy Medicine: Where is the memory connection that is triggering this fear from my past?
INSPIRED Action:  No distractions! Allow yourself to be present with yourself 30mins-1 hour today where you are completely in the present moment. Consciously focus on your own energy body. We hustle and bustle through life with our noses in a phone or computer often forgetting the simple things like the joy of a good meal, the beauty of listening or the sweet giggles of a loved one.

Fear can easily be dismantled by CONNECTION. 


Letting go isn’t always easy but it is necessary to move forward, until we are ready to truly let go, our mind will continuously hit the repeat button. How do we let go?

We let go of what no longer serves us in our present reality.

Letting go of everything that is hindering and limiting us as a soul on this earth. Not only is this step the hardest, we NEED to let go to help ourselves heal and remove what isn’t working in our current life.

Energy Medicine: What is limiting me right now from my highest potential?
INSPIRED Action: Take a moment today and get rid of 5 physical items that you don’t need. Left-overs, old clothes, junk that is never used, etc. Let your soul be notified it’s time to Let Go.


My favorite part! The first step is letting go, the second is the ability to trust through active faith and absolute surrender.

Active Faith is a term I learned from the wonderfully inspiring Sarah Prout. It originates back to the metaphysical teacher, Florence Scovel-Shinn’s which goes back all the way to the early 1920s.

Active Faith is the ability to believe and prepare for something even though you cannot physically see it *yet*. When you’re able to have active faith your intuition just knows it’s going to be okay because the universe is taking care of you.

Active Faith is the equivalent of riding the wave of uncertainty and knowing you are still going to come out on top.

Everything is going to be okay because your mind is focusing on the belief that despite what happens, you’re going to rise above it. You will push yourself through the resistance, the anxiety and fear as it comes forth because it’s merely a mental construct you created as an illusion to let go of the old.

When the mind has active faith, we can finally surrender and relax into the desired outcome. This is because we know deep down we are in good hands. The universe isn’t setting us up for failure, it’s paving the road to greatness.

The question is are you resisting it or are you surrendering to the flow?

Most of us are resisting it because we don’t have an element of active faith carrying our beliefs into fruition.

We have to stop and realize, the universe is giving us cosmic winks all the time, whispering:  “Hey, I got your back here” The problem results from us not being aware to see the wink!

{Are you *really* paying attention? The signs are everywhere 😉 }

Energy Medicine: How am I resisting the situation and how can I trust through surrender? What Am I not seeing?
INSPIRED Action: Create a symbol of active faith the next time you face uncertainty. Use this symbol to create a talisman of TRUST that everything is going to be okay. Whether it’s a job interview, a manifestation, a new relationship or even a bout of anxiety. Let yourself be guided by active faith so you can surrender to the beauty.


The mind is powerful, so powerful that we can become oblivious to the obvious things such as our energy body, our beliefs and ultimately how we see reality from the inside out.

Everything is psychological and the beauty of that is realizing these illusions we create through fear are nothing more than illusions of separation.

If there’s anything I’ve learned on this journey it’s that sometimes we need that smack in the face to realize:

Your resistance, fears and uncertainty of the future are NOT REAL.

You will always be guided by your Higher Self and your Higher Self is gifting you these clues all the time. We merely need to start listening and paying more attention to them.

Ultimately when it comes down to it, love is the highest truth holding your hand through the darkness of fear.




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