Disabling the Past Lions Gate

There is a lot of buzz in the collective right now which means I think we’re due for a detailed energy report on the latest wave coming through because it’s a BIG one. Normally I reserve my energy reports for the newsletters but this one coming through needs to be shared and expressed.

Right now there is a lot of emotional intensity, division, and in general it’s a psychological shadow mess out there as we have neptune, pluto, saturn and uranus retrograde all being major power players out there. The political friction is also building allowing people to enter more entropy and chaos in the collective stream. There is many individuals getting emotionally triggered as the collective is spending a lot of energy on politics.

We also have something totally different coming up, The incoming Lion’s gate energies.

The Lion’s gate is something that happens every year starting on July 26th – August 12th. The window usually last roughly for about a week or so with it’s peak being on August 8th.  The Lion’s gate occurs as the sun moves into leo but what this stargate is renown for is it’s a 8/8 day. Last year it was extremely powerful as a full 8/8/8.

This year it’s an 8/8/9. Regardless Stargates are based on astrological alignments, numerology and the placement in the sky allows for a particular mathematical design to be created. We can call this a portal but really it’s a geometry. Naturally we are an intricate calendar system ruled by numbers.

The energy coming through is highly intense. It seems there is a lot of processing going on.

When I do energy reports, I take in multiple perspectives because this helps get a more accurate assessment. I ask around, look into various groups, and observe my feeds on different media. It blew my mind how many are feeling the way I’ve been feeling and experiencing similar symptoms. This one is effecting TONS of people especially the sensitive/awakened folk! I’ve particularly noticed specific symptoms coming up for the collective.
Disabling the Past 88 Lion's gate Energies. This incoming Energy Wave is an intense mix of change and opportunity. The question is are your ready to let go?


  • Body Load – This energy is heavy, it is pushing us present and wanting us to slow down. This can manifest as fatigue, wanting to stay in bed all day, feeling drained, exhausted after a full night of rest, desiring to sleep more like 12 hours instead of the regular 8. It is creating a body-load to process what is coming through
  • Pineal Headaches – Feeling the top of the head hurting, splitting or building with pressure in the crown/third eye area. There seems to be lots of sinus activity as if this is a mental expansion and our “perception” is being worked on.
  • Cold and Flu-like Symptoms{The Vibrational Flu} – feeling kundalini body aches, direct changes within the nervous system, feeling the immune system being lowered as we work on intense clearing.
  • Sinus issues – Again the pineal/pitutary glands seems to be getting strong work done. Usually mental clarity will follow after the healing takes place
  • Dizziness & feeling ungrounded – Feeling it’s much harder to ground your energy, it’s a literal “shifting” feeling, like the world can feel at a tilt. this can also create nausea or upset stomach because the shifting can get so intense. if this is you, work on grounding foods such as proteins and root veggies.
  • Bizarre cravings of comfort food – There is a whole thread about this one, plus I saw a video stating the same thing! Strangely as our body releases we  can unconsciously react and reach for our comfort food such as sweets, junk food and pleasure food. When in doubt just listen to your body and Roll with it
  • Having Visions/ Hallucinations – There was a moment I was in contemplation and the walls suddenly morphed into a fluid geometry, pulsating back at me, just for a moment. Then quick as it came back to normal. Shaping, rebuilding, this visions or hallucinations are not to be ignored, they are a symbol coming to light from your subconscious. Try to see what symbols are coming up and how they connect.
  • Timeline Jumping – We’re seeing into various choices and how they intertwine with our given reality. This creates a multi-demensional perception of who we are and what we are trying to achieve. It’s a bizarre feeling. It’s like looking into different parallel realities but then popping back into this one. Manifestation is extremely stronger for this reason. Timeline Jumping will start becoming more fluid once we start noticing it.
  • Lack of Productivity – No motivation, the body needs to integrate and let go through clearing which allows the mind to do a bit of a reset. slowing down like a turtle. taking everything in but allowing yourself to really be present and let go.
  • DETOX/ Lack of appetite – shifting means the body is ready to recalibrate
  • Signs hard to ignore – Neptune is letting us not only see but hear the subtle messages that normally we ignore. They are pushed to the forefront in plain sight.
  • Brain FOG – Left brain short circuiting. Our Consciousness is going through a rewiring so everything our Right Hemisphere operates on will be heightened. This means our empathy, spatial memory, psychic abilities and your ability to experience through vision will be magnified. Whereas the left-hemisphere is going to take the back seat.
  • Vivid Dreams/lucid dreaming – When in a clearing window, expect fears, insecurities and vivid dreams to come to life while in the astral state. We are not only doing clearing on the surface material level but also within the astral state too. 
  • Light Sensitivity – When we go through energy shifts, sometimes the flux can be so strong that we can literally become sensitive towards artificial lights. It has to do with clearing the perception and being able to “see” clearer.

{Keep in mind, energy shift symptoms can come up differently depending on what needs clearing and integrating into your experience. If you’re riding the high wave, give yourself a pat of gratitude because this wave coming through is huge}

This energy coming through roughly started on the 26th and this window will approximately peak on the 8/8. It can be felt in different ways but if you’re sensitive this wave may cause the body to slow down and re-calibrate.

Basically there is a ton of new energy coming onboard and this is a big factor as to what we are feeling right now. We’re doing a lot of processing as we integrate the incoming energy. In return this will create TONS of clearing, detoxing and releasing as the mind needs to let go of the old energy.

We also have a lot of astrological influences out there. Neptune, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus Retrogrades. The Lion’s Gate and drum roll…Eclipse season is building. Already?! Yup September 1st – 16th. If you want a summary of Eclipse Season I highly recommend checking out my March Eclipse article about Eclipse Season

It’s funny Summer was a bit smooth sailing, almost getting a little bored on the energy front…Then the last few weeks have been growing in intensity. A bit of a wake up call.


Today{NEW MOON, we are planting seeds}
Neptune Retrograde{June 13 through Nov 19-20}
Saturn Retrograde {March 25 and stations direct August 13}.
Pluto Retrograde{ April 18 to September 26, 2016}
Uranus Retrograde{ July 29th to December 29th}
Eclipse Season{ Sept 1st – 16th}

The big things to remember here we recently moved into Uranus Retrograde – chaos revolting type energy. Lion’s gate 88 energies on Aug 8th. We’re entering the closing of Saturn Retrograde which is most renown for our karmic past lessons on the 13th. The big subconscious playground, neptune retrograde in pisces is full in swing being the Revealer of Truths, digging up your past.

These two coming weeks are definitely a window of opportunity, releasing and pushing us out of our past.

Neptune: The REVEALER

Neptune is allowing us to see what we would normally put off, it’s a revealer. It allows us to create a new window of change and opportunity as we’re no longer willing to stand down. Neptune creates a new perception where what is usually hidden in the unconscious is now right in front of us.

As a recap on Neptune from the newsletter:

Neptune allows us to get into the nitty gritty. What we would normally nudge off, blatantly ignore, deny or refuse to see Neptune brings to the surface for clearing.

This is why it can reveal many hidden truths.

1. You no longer ignore things
2. It enables you to start DOing, rather than only dreaming
3. It rips the illusions to shreds, tons of mental clarity
4. It allows you to Prioritize & Re-evaluate your life
5. It allows you to see the BIG picture, not just a slice of it.

Neptune = Your wake-up call to reconstruct aspects of your life
& activates big change

Neptune will be asking you:
What delusions do I place on others?
What illusions do I see within myself?
And how can I start healing and overcoming them?


Saturn is hitting it’s two week peak where we are at closure with it’s energies. This means the heavy work we’ve been doing will suddenly start materializing in our reality. We’re ready to move forward and Saturn is telling us to let go of our Karmic Lessons. Remember  these illusions we created, this is the past.

{I love how we also are starting to get the eclipse energies in the background on top of all of this, say hello to change}

Disabling the Past 88 Lion's gate Energies. This incoming Energy Wave is an intense mix of change and opportunity. The question is are your ready to let go?

Lions gate happens every year but this year is a 889. Last year it was a potent 888 stargate. This year it is a 9 meaning “endings”. This could signify a jumping off point for many individuals as we’re allowing ourselves to clear some of these very old karmic patterns during saturn’s closure statement.

It will allow us to drastically start moving forward. For individuals this can mean the influence of Neptune where we no longer put off projects, we leave draining, toxic relationships, jobs that don’t serve us and take up new opportunities.

{my son just hit 999 on his toy phone lol love it}

What truly feels is coming is for many of us, we’ve been going backward for awhile now but now we are ready and willing to let go of the past. The Past helped shape us, it molded our experiences and personality into who we are but our past is not who we ARE. The past shows us who we were but it does mean it is who we are.

Timeline jumping will really bring this up as you reflect on the roads you have already taken from your past but you also see the illusions for what they are. This allows the mind to essentially split in half between what is truth in my reality at present and what is fiction that I created through the illusion of separation.

We’re dismantling the past identity and the illusions that came with it.

This means something BIG is happening.


The easiest way to understand this energy is to realize it as an “ending”.

What you are feeling now is basically the body’s way to physically manifest and clear this energy from your spirit. For instance right now I’m experiencing a number of symptoms including sinus issues and losing my voice. I’m a person who rarely gets sick so this means there is definitely something big in the undercurrents going on.

The portal coming through is allowing us to move forward and stop resisting through these old karmic patterns. This can mean a change in direction where we are seeing the fork in the road finally and are ready for change. It can also cause a direct change in our personal lives. It may create a non-compliance.

This is a really good thing.

In meditative thought I heard the words “the past is leaving us”.

If we are ready and willing to move forward we will start learning to recreate ourselves within the present moment. It has come to a point where we are seeing the Revealing taking place all around us.

All that is hidden will be revealed upon awakening.

This intense flux of energy is about seeing we had to go backwards to go forwards. However now we are ready to move FORWARD into this new territory. We are starting to implement this new energy into our physical lives and what was once only learning is now transforming into action. We are stepping into the beauty of being a divine creator.

Our abilities are growing stronger and our senses are becoming much sharper as individuals going through the awakening experience. Our Perceptions of the dimensions themselves are changing. We are casually being able to see into these timelines of experiences much clearer than we were able to before.

As if in a vision in our heads, we’re able to separate fact from fiction, past from present and realizing we don’t want to go back there anymore. We’ve seen the lessons, we’ve hit the repeat button but now we’re ready to step it up a notch by learning to create new adventures of beauty within our reality.

This is what the lion’s gate is really about, letting go and disabling our past FOR GOOD.

What I’ve really noticed is not only are we becoming stronger but our perception of energetic fields are becoming easier to read and distinguish. For instance, empathetically I can feel someone if I merely start thinking about their energy even at a distance. We are not only becoming stronger but our energy bodies are being able to understand frequencies and how we personally perceive the world around us.

It is creating a better and more fluid way to navigate in our reality. Exciting times, indeed!



Listen to your body, allow yourself to comfortable with what happens and what comes up for clearing. The body is integrating a ton of new energy. The way we feel drained or fatigued right now is a sign we are being called to slow down, be present and integrate this energy


This energy is allowing us to move forward but first that means letting go of the resistance as it comes up for clearing. This can mean that what comes up right now is really the illusion of the past. When we’re ready to be open and receptive, letting it pass through us, the easier this wave will become.


When we feel a resistance, it can physically manifest as a symptom. for instance I think a big part of what i’m feeling may be an unconscious fear of failure or an unconscious fear of direction seeking. This is something i already went through in my past which is why it was a big wake up call to action! It’s past wounds that are coming up which means we need to accept them, let them come, surrender and allow ourselves to let go of what is surfacing.


Neptune is a revealer and it’s going to be putting everything right in front of us. Let yourself be open to that and be prepared for the truth that comes forward. It can be beautiful, it can be terrifying but we need to allow ourselves to be prepared for the truth that surfaces. This means coming clean with your past. Being able to let go of it and allowing yourself to see the truth within others as a revealing mirror of yourself.


This energy is telling us don’t hold yourself back any longer be your awesome cosmic authentic self.

Go within, Listen to your body, let yourself go within this energy, it’s really getting us in touch with our right-brain which means it may be hard to navigate the material reality at this time.

Integration periods are really about allowing ourselves to fully let go of our past and dismantle these illusions for good. In this way we are paving the new road and direction for our future.

Be the cosmic warrior you’re meant to be

Embrace the fire within  icon-heart



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8 Responses

  1. So much of what you said is happening with me right now. I feel tired and my place feels stuffy. Some today said I am looking somewhat slow. I’ve been getting really weird dreams. One particular dream that I got today; I as driving over a pile of rocks and wherever I was turning the car, the gates were chained wid locks.other one is so bad that I can’t even tell you. I have gained a bit of momentum career wise in the last two days, hope this continues.

    1. Oh wow! that definitely sounds like an interesting dream. Gates can be seen as gateways could have something to do with either closing a gate in your life or feeling locked out of something. That’s great about your career. ☺

  2. Thanks for telling us about this, Ash. I am new to these concepts, but have started seeing too many patterns for it not to mean something. It is truly uncanny how this 88 Lion’s Gate exactly coincides with what’s happening in my life right now. I was feeling totally ungrounded, even a bit scattered and not feeling like myself, which had been building for quite awhile, then suddenly the fog cleared, I got confirmation that my business name is officially registered, and it seems like a veil has been lifted. All of the people who were interfering by projecting their negative energy have suddenly gone silent. In fact, the ones at work have suddenly started agreeing with me and are no longer making me feel like I’m the crazy one. And, no, they aren’t just doing it to appease me. It’s like they are different people. I am definitely going to take advantage of this energy boost. Whoohoo, rock on Universe!

    1. That makes me happy Melinda! So glad things started turning around in your favor. It sounds like you’ve had a very positive shift in your life. Best of luck on your business ventures!


  3. This article was so hard to read, yet, I seek authenticity in all aspects of my life because what else can truly be respected other than truth?
    I fleed to the east coast due to a break up that I dont feel is meant to be. Ive asked myself so many times, is it my ego, dellusion of what I want, control?
    Is this a temporary circumstance, so we can both release karmic energy and come back together as shifted new frequencies?
    Im brutally honest with myself and I find it to be a bittersweet gift and brave for us who deny the bliss of ignorance; it is not so blissful after all, therefore I have started calling it miserabliss.
    Here I am facing a challenging time in my relationship that has revealed to me that the love of my life can no longer hide his inner struggles. I been tagged as a runaway, jumping on a plane to seperate three thousand miles to gain clarity for myself, yet when I take the actions to take care of myself regardless of what others judge about how I am doing this process, it is looked upon as dangerous and selfish. Is letting go of someone you truly want to be with not facing the realities of ones choices? Ive been set free under circumstances comfortable to the person, which is actually not going according to plan. Am I wrong to walk into the freedom set upon me that I did not want, yet respected and steered mine, my way?
    The words that have revealed themselves so many times in theblast three days have been freedom, perspective, and letting go. The numbers that scream their way into my eyes are 9, 8, 23, 222, 333, 1,and 6.
    All of this releasing whether by my choice or by the choices of someone else has given me the perspective that I am so much stronger than I forgot about. I took my power back and it has jolted the reality in others what taking for granted means. The reality I face is knowing what is and could be, but I cannot force anyone or anything to know and match it, one has to realize it for oneself and it can go either way at this point. Im practicing the life art of non-interference and as much as I feel a shattering of everything, Ive taken an oath for myself to only stay with those, in places, and things that reveal a recipocity wanting the same, otherwise I will take on a life of miserabliss and lose faith. My heart keeps telling me this seperation is temporary, but my mind is a lost ship in the fears of what if, will I stay three thousand miles away, how long, never wait, can I handle the possibility that the realization may take too long to be realized?
    The first night I arrived here, a friend pointed out Neptune in the night sky as we stood on the roof that over looks the sea, a calm quaint town on the sea, as the waters of my emotions are a sailors wifes’ worst nightmare. All I could utter, “also known as posideon, god of the sea.” My karmic past is a poisioned mind of distrust, confusion, and illusions, no better to be amplified by my next star gaze of the sirens. I am a unicorn, as I have been called since a child, but living in the life of a mermaid, a symbol im becoming more aware to represent illusion. I can create my baked goods anywhere in this world, I can paint anywhere, write, create, therefore, I can live anywhere I please and this is my real reality, but I cannot stay to comfort a safe hope where I was before because the harsh reality is, I am in ones life on my terms and if it is to wait for someone to come to a decision, then I am the unicorn gypsy diamond I knew I was, once in a lifetime is what I am, and we will have unfinished business, I end my lengthy comment with an Eryka Badu quote, “I guess I’ll see you next lifetime.”
    Thank you Ashley and everyone for keeping it real and being there in perfect timing and being unavoidable.
    May we all be covered in the fragrance of roses and comforted by the sweet breeze of love, may your waves be gentle and leave us all with harmonic laughter.
    Sweet Love,

    AKA, The Diamond Gypsy

    1. You have a very poetic colorful writing Diamond Gypsy!

      I have definitely been there, breakups can break you to your core but at the same time, they also help you find yourself from the inside out. I would consider this a time of self-empowerment. You’re learning to put the puzzle pieces back together, sometimes that requires a separation but in reality distance is often an illusion. We are never separate because we are all connected. See this as a chance to go within to heal and come back transmogrified, ready to take on the world. ☺

  4. An amazing read and all I read is happening to me.It’s nice to understand what is happening to oneself.You are an amazing writer,beautiful and enlightened soul.I wish you Many Blessed Blessings…)0()0()0(

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