5 Steps to Clear Energy to Let the New Enter Your Life: It's time to clear the space, it is often we find ourselves in a disorganized, messy, chaotic field of energy that begins influences a chaotic life, This lead me to question: How do we put order back from chaos? Click to start applying the steps to your life!

Let’s stop a minute. Take a moment here and look around you.

What do your surroundings appear to say?  How do they make you feel?

 icon-star Are they filled with messy stacks of papers, magazines, books and trash on the floor. Disorganization is your middle name,  Scattered messes compete throughout the house? 

    icon-star Are they a comfortable medium of mess and order but you also seem to generate too much stuff at the same time, resulting in hoarding tendencies?

 icon-star Or are they clean spaces, organized, peaceful and everything seems to be in an easy flow for ease and accessibility?

The vast majority of us are living in the black hole thinking of the past and future.

The chaotic field of mess, disorganization, weeks old left-overs and absolutely no direction.

I have kids, I can relate in so many ways…messes appear out of nowhere and for some reason they grow more than diminish building in a manifesting tip of chaos and stagnant energy.

This led me to start questioning, what happens when you’re a manifesting junkie but all your abundance is flowing in as complete and utter chaos.

 How do we put order back from chaos?

The strange thing we so often forget is that our home is our biggest symbol of our internal mind. Everything is connected, especially your personal home.

Think about it, this is the place where you spend a lot of time, energy, focus, and soul activity. It’s good to remember these three crucial facts:

1. Everything is connected through energy
2. Nothing is separate
3. It’s all in your head, Literally

Everything is connected through energy, this means the energy that you are inputting from your mind is generating and producing your external reality.

Nothing is separate, your internal and external reality are linked as one mechanism because everything is a symbolic reflection of your mind.

You wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for manifesting the world or simulation outside of your mind. We exist through our thoughts, our thoughts create our experiences and they influence our reality all. the. time.

Your mind is the navigating compass creating and maneuvering your external world.

So when we stop a moment and really look from the inside out, you can see what your mind is really doing.

This is why learning to clear the space and energy within our lives is entirely necessary for soul expansion and opening ourselves towards new directions.

5 Steps to Clear Energy to Let the New Enter Your Life: It's time to clear the space, it is often we find ourselves in a disorganized, messy, chaotic field of energy that begins influences a chaotic life, This lead me to question: How do we put order back from chaos? Click to Read More



The best way to begin clearing the energy is start taking action and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

We can do this in a few ways:

Look at Your Relationships

Are they causing more discord, drama or soul-sucking energy where you feel like an emotional train wreck?

Then it may be time to start evaluating your psychic circle. Who do you want in your energy sphere? Their personal vibrations are influencing your vibrations, sometimes we may need to cut cords or embrace compassion when dealing with these individuals. Put yourself in their shoes and take the high road always.

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Look at your Attitudes & Language Patterns:
What is your holding space?

Where we hold our energy is entirely powerful because this is the focus that is gravitating into your world. Ask yourself where is my focus currently? Are we manifesting things we don’t want vs what we actually want in our reality? The number one culprit here? Complaining. Watch those Thought Patterns closely.

Look into your Digital Home

Your computer and the Internet. Are you an unfocused obsessed social media fanatic or do you give yourself a break from time to time from the digital community? How many tabs are open on your computer? Learn to downsize and get rid of overwhelm. Feel the sigh of relief?

Look at your computer, are your files disorganized, Do you have unwanted email subscriptions and have tons of pictures, music, or files you don’t need anymore? Do a Digital Purge.

Most Importantly Look at Your Physical Spaces
Your Soul Hangs Out Daily

Our house, work space and soul inspiration space such as where you hang out for fun, mine is the book store 🙂

What are ways your soul flourishes and where do you need to start managing your energy better?

Now that we did a bit of self-evaluation, let’s bring in the ACTION.

icon-star Take a few days up to about a week and really hone in on clutter clearing your Personal energy spaces. Let yourself take a week and call it your Spiritual cleansing party!

Clearing the Space

Anyone can do this, it merely requires patience, discipline and focus. When it comes to clearing the space, I think it’s okay if you get a little OCD because it’s the subconscious’ way of showing you what you need to clear from your life.

Now in terms of alignment, it’s a bit different from merely “housecleaning”, it’s about purging your space of old energy.

This means we should always start with an intention as we get rid of the old things that no longer serve us.

Gratitude Practice: I am grateful for a clean home to let new energy into my life!

Now go Room to Room with the intention that you are purging your soul of the old energy, you’re breaking up the stagnation in your life and your subconscious means business.


De-clutter, Cleanse and Repeat.

Each Room is a sacred place connecting to a different aspect of your psyche. It’s time to let go of the old.

Your Kitchen – The place of Alchemy. Your Manifesting corner. This is where you create things on the daily! Are there leftovers, cluttered cabinets, lots of old food, dirty counters and dishes piling up? I find the kitchen is the hardest place to tackle but one of the most important.

Your Bedroom – This is the intimate corner of your mind, Love, Beauty,  and a sacred place for your soul to recharge, make love and have meditative thoughts. Is your room a mess or covered in clear, cleansing energy. One of the easiest habits to help the bedroom flow, start making your bed every day and pick things off the floor.

Your Living Space – The corner of soul activity and relaxation. Does Your living space look relaxed, friendly and open? Mine is covered in toys and books! Let yourself evaluate your living space, how do you want it to feel as this is the room you visit and see the most.

Your Workspace – What does your desk or official work space look like? If you have a messy desk or space filled with unnecessary items of trash and junk you may just find yourself in an unproductive funk. Been there.

Go through each of these spaces in your home and all the extra rooms your house has with the intention that you are ready to put order back into your life.


Organization is top priority to create ease and flow back into your lifeWhile the soul loves a good cleanse, what’s even better? Organizing.

What is so special about organization? It allows our life to flow with more ease and fluidity. Perhaps you’re always going to make dinner but you have to do four steps before you can find the pan or the hidden spatula. What if you could start placing things in a systematic, easy way for your life to flow better?

Time some time to organize after you clean up, Change the order of how you previous had items.

The symbolism of organization is awesome, it allows us to start putting order, ease and flow back into our life. This symbolically tells our subconscious, life is moving easier. How cool is that?


Taking care of what is bugging you is one of those pesky things that while it may not seem like much, it’s everything. This projection you are emitting is pushing that energy even more into the resistance you create.

For instance, take a daily annoyance, mine is dirty countertops. I don’t even know why it bugs me but suddenly I have no space, it’s messy, there’s no where to put things and the list continues. So this is the spot I am least likely to clean and the spot I think about because I see it all the time. When I take the time to cleanse and organize this space, my soul feels lighter, happier and well-adjusted.

The same could be said for what offends you or what is one  of your pet peeves? Any of your daily annoyances, even if they’re really simple like a dirty counter-top or a friend who overtalks is exactly what you need to see within yourself.

That symbol is a reflection of Transformation.

Whatever is bugging you is EXACTLY what you need to work on, clean, deal with or acknowledge within yourself.

This is really the higher self telling you to kick it into gear so you can Let Go, Heal and Transform.

{p.s. When cleansing your home, focusing on what is bugging you the most is the best place to start for mega-cleansing!}


What is happening with your wardrobe these days?

Look into your closets, how many outfits do you wear and how many sit there waiting for “Someday” to be worn. Allow yourself to truly let go of what isn’t serving you anymore. Throw away or giveaway to charity the clothes that aren’t a part of your normal wardrobe anymore. This will make you feel lighter and even sexier!

Observe your cleansing habits, while tedious these habits also show us if we cleanse our soul and give love to ourselves. Brushing teeth, flossing, bubble baths, showers, hair care and changing our outfits daily. These simple gestures also influence the flow we are giving to ourselves and our heart energy.

How about your purse or wallet? Are you giving it love lately or is it a junk magnet full of receipts, random items, old business cards and who knows what else…Get rid of the stagnation so you start manifesting the new into your life.

Crystal Gridding

When it comes to clearing energy, we also need to lean our focus on a more positive outlook. By creating daily rituals to boost your energy into a positive direction, you create the room for more positive energy and soul expansion to create new experiences. There are numerous ways to create positivity rituals.

Here’s three to help you today:

Visualization – Take a few minutes, breathe deeply and close your eyes. Envision your space being bathed in golden or white light releasing negative energy from your space. Your home is now bathing in golden energy of positivity! This is a great practice to use, if you’re suddenly afraid or looking to clear the space fast.

Crystal Gridding – Crystal gridding with intention can be very uplifting towards your personal space. Now you can do this in multiple ways, You can literally create a geometrical grid by intuition. Then place an intention on it such as prosperity, a loving home, a new manifestation.

Or you could use it as a dimensional grid by placing a crystal in each corner of every room in your house! This is my favorite method but be careful in case of babies or small pets who would want to move them. The Crystal gridding method is great for clearing energy because it’s like putting a veil of comfort and crystalline energy inside your dimensional space. Don’t be surprised if things start moving if you do this on top of cleaning and organizing.

Gratitude Practice – The power is in the word and gratitude is the one you want to focus on daily. Creating a daily gratitude practice is amazing for the spirit. The more you get into the habit of gratitude, your positive energy will really start taking off.

There are so many ways to do a gratitude practice, you can write affirmations every morning, get a gratitude journal, or merely say you’re thankful at least  a few times a day. I have a gratitude board in my kitchen, whenever I feel inspired I add to the list! Simple but effective.

Decorate Your Energy Space.

After cleaning, don’t forget to decorate your space. Ask yourself if your decorations and the objects on the walls still reflect who you are today?

Updating our decorating by adding more color, simplicity, plants, incense, salt lamps and fresh scent really helps change the air.

If you are ever stuck, feel stagnate energy or merely need a good conscious detox. Clearing your energy to open the door to the new is the best thing you can do for your soul.

By allowing ourselves to take the time and patience to clean up our life, we physically create a new space for the universe to begin sending us new manifestations, new adventures and physically create new directions on our path

Your soul is ready to create the new, are you?



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