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What does Authenticity mean to you?

The many people who suffer from Comparisonitis, Envy, Jealousy or even the bizarre self-plagiarism are all undergoing lessons of what it means to be an authentic individual.

We have all done it at some point or another, copying others styles, looks, design, writing, fashion, or even Spirituality.

We find ourselves possessing an unconscious desire to be like them instead of learning to be ourselves.

A lot of what we embraced growing up was produced from idol worship that ironically shaped who we became today such as idolizing a favorite musician, celebrity, fictional character, author or even a family member.

The idea is created through our identity where we begin building our personality through other identities such as family, friends and idols. However there comes a point where you no longer desire to compare yourself, envy others or even plagiarize your Past self.

We no longer desire to be our favorite musician or celebrity, we begin creating our own vision of ourselves.

Our true identity, personality and creating the pathway of truth towards our connection with our natural self.

This connection is essential towards being authentic towards your spiritual self.

However there becomes a point where you find yourself being triggered by these experiences even as a spiritual being. This is usually because there are numerous resources, articles, fear tactics, new age propaganda and you name it, there is always something else trying to get you to believe a certain way and embody a particular lifestyle choice.

The food you eat, the thoughts you think, the clothes you wear, detoxing, the whole shabang.

This reasoning can be inspiring in some regard but it also can create a disconnection between our true identity.

We put this idea of spirituality as a light being on a pedestal instead of realizing we are both light and dark. We are negative and positive. We are the plethora of emotions.

Don’t hold yourself back.

It’s about seeing The real. Vulnerable. Raw Emotional. Beauty of Simplistic life.


While Dissociation is quite common on the Awakening path there is also the point where we feel disconnected with our natural identity. When we are disconnected from our true spirit, we are unfocused, indecisive and most of all disconnected from our source energy.

You will feel yourself disconnected when you begin experiencing a catalyst of building friction in your reality. The more friction that builds, you’re starting to dismantle layers of yourself through the past.

Disconnection from Source = Pure Chaos in your reality
Connection to Source = Direction and Focused design in your reality.

In reality when we are disconnected, we’re able to step back and view ourselves from multiple dimensions of thought. This allows us to start letting go of the Past and provides tremendous healing.

Sometimes this MUST happen for the soul to move forward, we have to go backwards, time travel and heal these buried wounds to move onward.

Although at some point, the chaos reaches a peak where you have a moment of transcendence. You begin letting go of the disconnection and you begin seeing through the illusion of separation we created.

This is beginning of authenticity, building and discovering the natural identity of the soul.

How to Start Embodying Your Natural, Colorful, Authentic Self - The Awakened State. This is all about how to be authentically you and the ways we can start embodying our natural, colorful spirit! Read More here


 icon-bolt Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Do you suffer from comparsionitis? In a world of glitz, glam, movies and this idea of perfection, it’s easy to fall into this trap. When we compare ourselves, we’re unconsciously forgetting who we truly are inside. Its a slam to the heart. It’s also a wakeup call towards healing the heart and self-love.

If you suffer from comparsionitis: Don’t beat yourself up, realize you’re building and finding your true voice. Let Go of comparing, remove your obsessions and find yourself within just as beautiful as them.

 icon-eye-slash Remove Envy and Jealousy

When we’re envious and jealous of someone, we’re not realizing and seeing our love for ourselves. Envy can become dangerous especially in the manifesting world because when you’re envious you’re allowing your ideas to be separated from YOU. You’re removing yourself from you because you wish to be them. In this crazy world of social media and filters, we don’t see the behind the scenes, everyone has a story to tell.

I remember there was this time I was resentful of one of my friends thinking “she had it all” while I was a struggling poor  ex-college student. However the more I looked into her world, her relationships were full of fighting, she starved herself to be thin, constantly escaped, had issues with her childhood wounds and the list went on. She was far from perfect, but I was envious of the illusion I saw. We live in a world filed with seeing the surface but not the behind the scenes realities. When we’re able to remove our envy and jealousy you will see this was only an illusion you created.

If you fall into this trap: Work on the heart center through forgiveness and building self-love. Begin to let go of your illusions of separation from yourself.

 icon-heart Don’t Fucking Censor Yourself

I read this hilarious article recently by an interesting fellow, Zach Herbert  called “Spiritual People Don’t say Fuck”. The idea here that he states is it’s easy to pretend and be the definition of “Spiritual”. However realize by putting yourself in this bubble, you’re not being you anymore, you’re pretending to be you. Instead the most scary and liberating person we can truly be is ourselves uncensored, raw and real. You’re going to offend people but they’re offended because you’re being the *real* you and that is one of the most liberating feelings you will ever experience.

In the words of Zach Herbert, “Fuck spiritual. Be you”

 icon-lightbulb-o Get out of the Idea of Proving Yourself To People

Every once in awhile I’ll get hate mail to my Tumblr, I used to respond in vigor, disgust or even pure arrogance about trying to prove how “spiritual” I am.  It’s the fiery redhead in me. Now a-days I realize what a WASTE OF TIME this is because you’re trying to prove what you’ve experienced versus what they’ve experienced.

It’s like arguing with a wall.

You can explain all you want but until they experience it themselves, they won’t respond in comparison, they will respond towards their subjective experiences. Truth is ambiguous to the subjective experience.

There is nothing to prove because your experiences are yours alone and that is absolutely beautiful because they shaped who you are. You don’t need to prove them to anyone. This is your truth.

 icon-smile-o Find Your Voice & Express Your Colorful Soul

The Universe Is Inside of You
A huge part of the reason that we fall into these traps is we’re afraid and hiding who we truly are behind someone else’s voice. If you find yourself in one of these, realize you are stuck in self-sabotage because you’re not being true to yourself. Learn to find you. 

You’re in there. The more we compare, contrast and keep nitpicking we’re not being ourselves anymore. Express your colorful self! Learn to find yourself through the noise, the bullshit and the extraordinary but do it for yourself. No one else. Do it to empower yourself and your natural authentic voice. It’s all within, we just need to see it.

 icon-star Believe in You, Believe in Your Universe

You kick ass! Yes you. Dear God/ Goddess within you, you are creating amazing ripples out there just by being alive.
Don’t you ever forget that.

Honor yourself, Honor your universe.

Begin believing in yourself because this is where the miracles start happening when we’re ready to connect ourselves back to our natural self. Our divine connection with who we truly are inside. Everyone is here to create their destiny, you can either keep comparing yourself to their destiny or you can start learning to create your own unique journey of authenticity.

2015-06-Life-of-Pix-free-stock-photos-woman-underwear-flower-santalla How to be Authentically You

We all have Negative Emotions.

However we have to look into how we feel about ourselves having negative emotions. Most of us are left guilty, shamed, belittled, feeling terrible that we stepping out of our shining bubble and experienced a disheartening emotion. An ugly emotion.

we stepped into the shadow and now feel we have to punish ourselves.

In this way, we fool ourselves and become disconnected from the natural identity.

When we’re able to embrace  the beauty of simplicity in our everyday lives we also need to see our authentic raw emotional identity.

This is triggered from the fact that many Spiritual figures and idols have a perfect image of how we PROJECT and view spirituality.

As if these “holier-than-thou” people have never had a negative emotion in their life which is a very ludicrous way to look at spirituality.

Life is a series of ebb and flow, there is going to be negative emotion as much as there is going to be positive emotion.


However we also need to learn “ahimsa”, which means non-violence towards ourselves, verbally, mentally, spiritually,  and emotionally.

Ahimsa means it is okay if you have negative emotions but you need to accept them and be gentle to yourself in the process.

No spiritual person is perfect yet many of these people often portray themselves that way as if we are not human capable of emotions. So while many of us are enlightened or self-realized, we also need to remember we are human.

Sorry to break it to you, but you are both positive & negative, light & dark, ego & soul. I’m willing to bet SOMEONE at some point in time has pissed you off, broke your heart, or you made it your prerogative to fix them/save the world. We all have raw emotions and THAT my friends is the beauty of being alive.

We should never put anyone on a pedestal including ourselves!

It’s important to see we all have both good and bad days but that is what molds who we are. This is you being real to yourself and processing that emotion into your experience.

No one is perfect but we are all imperfectly perfect as we are in the present moment.

Find your authentic self. Accept that negative emotions happen.

It does not mean you need to beat yourself up about it.

You are not suddenly switched off from awakening, you aren’t off the spiritual path.

We are always on the spiritual path.

Life is going to throw challenges and obstacles your way, that is naturally a part of the flow but when we resent these emotions, when we feel guilt, ashamed, angry or sadness from them, we aren’t accepting the challenges as part of us.

This mental and emotional breakdowns are your personal breakthroughs.

This is especially important towards acknowledging the Ego as a teacher rather than a slave to us.

The Ego is a catalyst.

The lesson is are you going to impulsively react on that emotion or are you going to consciously observe it?

You may have a bad day, but it is okay! You may hate life, you may think you’re nothing, you may think you’re alone, lonely, that the ascension symptoms are tearing you apart, you’re low vibrations one minute, then flying high the next.

But don’t suddenly say that you’re not on the spiritual path or you’re not being true to yourself in that moment which makes you a bad person. I think this type of thinking is underlining self-sabotage and the sad part it is soooo common in the new age community. “he’s too full of ego” I see more than I like…

It is okay to be darkness
It is okay to be the light
It is okay to *feel* the rawness of living.

Accept it, be gentle to yourself, but most importantly Stay Authentically You.
Process those emotions. Observe, Accept, Let Go.

This is your reminder from the Universe:

Accept being all facets of you
because crystals aren’t created by magic
there is hardness and there is softness

Respect and Accept the Balance



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