Soul Exercise: How to get Your Head out of Retrograde. The Awakened State.

We’re doing something different today, a Soul Exercise to help you get out of the retrograde funk. First, let’s talk about this energy though. This energy window is like time traveling.

Going a little backwards, into those childhood wounds, old relationships, pesky habits, and strangely we’re moving at the slooooooooooooow pace of retrogrades.

It feels heavy and like we’re velcroed to the carpet.

September isn’t playing games!

On top of that I didn’t even realize the gateway for the Equinox is almost here and suddenly my mind is spinning.


Eclipse Window: September 1st – 16/17th – Feel the push and pull of friction
Mercury Retrograde: 30rd – September 21st – Going into the Past to Self evaluation
9.9.9. stargate: How?!  9/9/2016 = 999 symbolizes Endings. How perfect for eclipse energy. 
Equinox:  September 22nd – gateway energy.

WOW, I didn’t even realize what was going on until I started experiencing it.
Are you feeling the push and pull?


  • Brain fog – Right brain is being highlighted. Expect to gravitate towards right-brain activities for peace of mind during retrogrades.
  • Headaches/Crown Pressure – Lots of new energy incoming. this will resonate strongly in the crown/ third eye area
  • Heavy Resistance – This astrological combination is making the energy very very heavy. When it’s heavy there’s a friction of building new energy and the releasing point of old energy. In short, this can bring chaos and discomfort
  • Anxiety – Always can feel the shifting energy, when a random dose of anxiety appears. Anxiety happens when the mind is moving faster than the body.
  • Light-headedness – Due to the pressure building, energy is stronger and this can be felt through ungrounded force.
  • Past Wounds and Daily reflections – Past wounds due to mercury and eclipse season, expect your energy to get tons of nostalgic reflection. Old habits, relationships and wounds surfacing at full speed.
  • Hypersensitivity – Because these alignments highlight the right-brain our sensitivities are going to be off the charts. The sensitivity of our connection to the spirit world, energy, empathy and full on awareness will all be heightened.
  • Deja Vu – Repeated Messages and patterns may come to surface. Your higher self is trying to show you something and the repeated messages are a sign to look within for answers. Watch what comes through during this time.
  • Visions – Visions can come in very clear during this time because our souls are purging the old and paving the road for the new energy. You may get struck with inspiration, a dose of new ideas, a new desire to do something totally different or even a premonition. 
  • Manifesting Faster – With the subconscious at the forefront right now, manifesting will be moving faster. Retrogrades especially are great times to start planting seeds and intentions. This is due to the momentum of the subconscious in Retrogrades.  Watch your thoughts, words, and language patterns because we’re in a domino effect during this time.

I had to step back and do some soul work the past few days. Deep change incoming. I would describe this energy like a container that is filling at capacity, it’s ready to burst.

The energy needs to be channeled and contained or EXPLOSIONS.

Chaos. No direction. No Focus or anxiety/discomfort. We’re feeling the pressure of it through resistance.

 Resistance  = Unconscious fear of change and uncertainty.

When we’re ready to let go of the resistance building in our life, we begin opening the door to infinite possibility.

It’s ironic the most peace I’ve had the past few days was doing nothing,  binge watching Sex and The City{ it’s a guilty pleasure 😉 } and when  in a dreamy space during a conversation with my love about our future.

This energy is about detachment. You will see it when you’re ready to let go and detach from the mind. It made me realize, it’s okay because suddenly I was forgetting the basic things, like going back to the flow.

Forgetting about time and being able to trust the process is unfolding exactly as it’s meant to be.

This energy is teaching us to honor the flow. So it’s okay to step back, relax, move slower, and embrace the right-brain.

Energy in this capacity is really about going outside of your mind and being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Sitting in your feelings. Evaluating what isn’t working and letting go of the old energy.

It’s also excellent for tuning into your intentions and manifestations because the subconscious is supercharged right now.

This energy was starting to really get to me, then I decided to step back a little and let go. Watch some tv, cuddle with my loved ones, went on a date and watched a sunset. It allowed me to simply be.

Then I began thinking, if this is all I needed to do, why was it getting to me?

I wasn’t honoring the flow and changing my energy. I was letting the old energy steer the ship.

This is something new I’m doing as we prep for the resource library and ecourse.  I’m reaching into my energy tool-box and giving a Retrograde exercise to snap your energy out of this funk.

Soul Exercise: How to get Your Head out of Retrograde. The Awakened State. We're doing something different, a soul exercise to help you get out of the retrograde funk.


Step 1. Unplug for an Hour.
Unplugging is incredibly powerful. If you’re ever at tension or stressed out, allow yourself the space to completely unplug for about a hour or more. This simple tool allows us to detach and get present with ourselves – fast.

Step 2. Clear the Mind
Start doing a Brain Dump. Grab a pen and get everything out onto paper. Write about what you are focusing on currently, What is upsetting you, What things you need to get done today. Let yourself Release and pour out what is in your mind. Let it all go.

This helps Clear us back to Zero. The thing is our minds are always filled with things to do, people to call, or various other tasks to accomplish. When we release the energy, we’re able to start seeing it physically which allows us to breathe a little lighter. Write a list down of our tasks and systemize our actions. Pick one or two of those tasks, forget the rest of them. Reduce your list to help clear your focus.

Step 3. Get in the Dreaming Space. 

Now that we have everything that was on our mind down. Let’s start shifting the focus. The quickest way to supercharge your energy is work on physically changing your focus point. When we start shifting the energy, our reality follows suit.  Doing these simple exercises will help uplift you and boost your energy to a higher vibration.

icon-star Write 10 affirmations down of Self- Empowerment.

Affirmations can be “I am” Statements: I am Sexy. I am Magically empowered. I am intelligent. I am wildly Weathy.

icon-star  Express 10 confessions of gratitude.

Confessions such as: I am grateful for amazing food, I am grateful for family, I am grateful for a successful career.

icon-star Then write down 10 Intentions you wish to manifest in your reality.

Intentions can be: I wish to manifest a beautiful home. I desire a new job. I wish for more peace in my life.

Now Take your top favorite statement from each list.


Write this down somewhere you can see it daily such as your refrigerator, desk, planner or office to remind you of your magnificence! An Affirmation of Empowerment is a great tool to help keep our energy in check.


Say this statement daily and whenever you start to feel down. Keep going back to gratitude and letting your soul be heard. Gratitude gives us abundance energy and when we’re grateful, we begin attracting even more abundance to be grateful for into our life.


Now here’s the fun part, This intention is where you’re going to start taking action. We learn best by doing.

What is an inspired action I can start taking to help me focus more on this direction?

What is a way you can start taking action towards this goal. It could be something simple like read a book on cooking new recipes if you’re becoming a chef, windowshopping for your new home, or taking a yoga class if you’re going to become an instructor. Start implementing this action today. Let this goal be acknowledged within your subconscious with inspired action so you can start to feel it within your reality today.

Finally give yourself some gratitude!
This energy coming through isn’t playing around and when it’s bumpy out there, we need to be extra gentle towards ourselves.

Always remember during retrogrades this is the past.
We tend to get caught up in the illusion in the process of letting go.

We’re time travelers afterall.

      Also if this soul exercise benefits you
               I’d love to hear how it helped shift your day and what action you started taking!

Share in the comments. 



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8 Responses

  1. It might seem unrelated, but this article was uploaded on my birthday, 7 September!????
    And yes, ash, these days are getting the better of me, everyone I guess. So much to deal with. Plus the uncertainty. Anxiety. Insecurity and fear. I’ve been feeling like completely shutting myself down for some, rather, lot of time. And I think it will be this way for many more days. These exercises really do help in such hard times.????

    1. Hey Mansi! That’s so funny I posted this on your birthday. Lots of Virgos around here, my love and son also have birthdays this month haha.

      Yes I agree the energy is very heavy, Sorry you’ve been feeling this wave too!
      i’ve been personally trying to take it easy myself. Try to lean towards right-brain activities, the subconscious is highlighted so the more we’re in a creative, feeling, imagery head space the easier it is. One thing I love these days is coloring mandalas, it’s so relaxing. In general try to stay present and let go as much as possible during these heavy shifts.

      hope you had a great birthday

      1. As for the birthday, I’d be honest, it really wasn’t what I was expecting it to be. Didn’t seem like it was my birthday, i mean, the feeling wasn’t there. I hope you understood what I mean.????
        Not that I regret it, or feel bad. So much has been happening around, that nothing really surprises me now. Trust me when I say that I have been undergoing loads of changes in my thinking. It is as if I am becoming an entirely new person, every month!
        And for a (just turned) 17 yr old girl, sometimes it gets too much, but I don’t think I regret where I find myself these days. All I know is what I’m feeling is different, and hopefully for the better. The only thing I don’t understand is why I don’t feel like eating at all, and still do fine with so less food and so little sleep!!????

  2. Thank you so much for this! My birthday is coming up next week, and I am in the middle of renovating a building in order to open a yoga studio. The push and pull of energy has been tremendous. I’m grateful to see that the things I’m experiencing actually make sense. I am going to try the soul exercises to keep me a bit steadier. Namaste!

  3. I love this, it is extremely helpful. I have felt this retrograde very strongly. This was a great way for me to take action to address all my feelings and emotions. Thank you for sharing this beautiful soul exercise

    1. oh that’s awesome to hear! This super moon was pretty heavy and draining, especially on top of a Retrograde lol. I’m happy this exercise served you well. Blessing light to you ♥

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