10 ways to manage your energy

Do you ever feel pushed away from people or as if the universe is making you suddenly become a one man show? this isn’t coincidence. A lot of times when we feel this way, our soul is urging us to go within and work on our own energy body. However this push feeling also creates something else, a desire to remove ourselves from dualistic concepts, lower vibrational environments and especially toxic relationships.

What was once our everyday norm now becomes a personal battlefield where we strive to make the choice of being a part of the crowd or being in our own circle.

We often feel the need to “retreat” when it comes to being a spiritual sensitive person. It’s either too draining, demanding, exhausting, depressing or feels a bit like an energy zap. Lately I’ve been getting that constant need to focus more on my own energy. It feels a bit like switching to “hermit” mode. However in this space I’ve been learning maybe it’s not really about just detaching, it’s moreso about learning to manage my energy. The big theme this week has been: How can I start spending my energy more wisely and what ways am I not spending energy wisely?

Energy management is actually one of the best ways to navigate in the awakened state. When we learn to manage our energy, we create healthier choices, actions and inevitably healthier outcomes.

What are the components of learning energy management?

Learning to spend your energy more wisely and proficiently like a skilled art.

Many of us on the path are confused or even terrified loose cannons searching for a direction on our path. A lot of people I find in groups or forums are extremely letting the ascension symptoms take control of their reality. For instance instead of letting go of these experiences, they harbor and amplify them by focusing on them to an intense almost hypochondriac way. It isn’t a coincidence I often get this question “how do I move forward on my path and stop being overwhelmed?” “I can’t control my energy” or “How do I live my life like this, i’m miserable?”

Your golden ticket is learning to manage your energy successfully.

This starts with first becoming aware of the collective consciousness. Imagine society as a field of bubbles, each person is encased in a bubble however just like the fish who is the last to know they live in water, they don’t realize these bubbles exist. They float in space completely oblivious to this other world around us. When you go through the process of awakening, you not only become aware of your own bubble you can feel and see into other’s energetic fields er bubbles 😉
Point blank:

Your consciousness is projecting a ripple out into reality. 

When you’re awakening, this vibration grows, expands and even multiples as the conscious light being you are. So therefore once you realize that your energy is expanding and influencing your reality, you begin to look at the world in an entirely different way. Although we can often slip up and forget this even in an awakening, we are human, we experience the full range of emotions. Don’t beat yourself up if you are new to this, it happens. Therefore the best thing to do is learn to train your brain to embody an energy management system.

Energy Management is a method to start changing your thought patterns and vibrations you are emitting daily. Most of us are merely floating through life unaware of this intense impact we are creating with our vibrations but here’s the skinny, what if you could learn to start changing, influencing and maneuvering this energy system to your personal advantage? That’s where the secret goodies are…

manage your energy successfully


Recently someone mentioned they were suffering from Spiritual burn out, this can happen easily where there is an imbalance between the inner world and the outward reality. Spiritual Burn out is real and so is being sick of the material world, finding the balance is the sweet spot you need for well-being.

Sensitives can be like a roller coaster of emotions and vibrations. What happens is your energy can become more higher vibrational than you are used to and this can cause an disturbance because your conscious mind is not used to being sooo *outside* of your normal reality.

This is very common for beginners especially when you’re so used to baseline that when you start having precognition, inner knowing, clairsentience, etc. it can feel entirely outside of your normal reality because it is. You are outside of your comfort zone which brings resistance and anxiety. It’s the equivalent of straddling too worlds at once, you have to find the balance within you. You are both.

So if one side is getting overwhelming, do something to bring yourself back to reality or if you’re feeling overstressed/anxious, feel and listen your way back to your intuitive self.

Your Energy Managing Tip:
The balance is about Exercising BOTH parts of your mind.

Internal Mind – Overwhelmed by Spiritual practices
If you’re suddenly overwhelmed from Spiritual practices or intuitive abilities, you’re not focusing on external reality enough

Do something mundane or simple to bring you back to baseline, like clean your room, organize something, play a game, go outside, one on one conversation, binge watch tv, see a movie, play a video game, do the sims, go for a walk, spend time with family, do something fun for yourself, look at cat pictures, lol

External Reality – Overstressed from Everyday Living
If you’re suddenly overstressed or anxious from everyday living, you’re neglecting your center by not focusing on what’s internal

Go Within. Dig Deeper. Listen. find inner stillness, Slow down your pace of action, Go back to your center, yoga, conscious actions, creativity, exercise the right brain, Slooooooooow Down your life & LISTENING deeply. Practice mindfulness.

Respect the balance and this feeling of being overwhelmed will go away because when you respect the balance you appreciate the ebb and flow.


I’ve started a self discipline experiment, my guides call it a power window 😉 after my latest experience with unplugging, I don’t go online before 9am and after 9pm. I refuse to start my morning with a computer any longer.  We are preprogramed so the first thing we do when we wake up is check our social sites and email/texts. I realized how much more relaxed I am if the first thing I do is focus on my own energy.

I use this free time to focus on creativity, writing, brainstorming, dreaming and playing with my kids. I’ve also been noticing how as a sensitive fb and other sites can drain me very easily. I started avoiding the blackhole trance-inducing newsfeed as much as possible. I also ask myself is some of this necessary for my day?

The results have not only improved my self-discipline but it gives me a way to wake up slower and focus on my energy first before submerging myself into all these other vibrations. As an energy reader, you’re picking up on all sorts of different frequencies on the reg. most people are on social media 95% of their day.  In fact Electronics even emit Positive ions which can deplete and drain the body if not used in moderation.

Positive Ions are mostly found in confined spaces such as offices, cars, schools, industrial areas or polluted cities basically places that don’t have good air flow. Negative ions are what is present in the air we breathe in nature and they are also present in our bodies.

They are what are connected to the roots of the Earth and serve as a docking station towards our well-being. This is also one of the reasons grounding or earthing is very beneficial. We need a healthy balance of both positive and negative ions for our body to perform at optimum health.

Your Energy Managing Tip: Creating a daily dose of unplugging is amazing for your mind, body and soul.

When you’re able to create a balance between online and offline something magical happens you’re creating a balance through disconnection to reconnecting to your own home frequency/your personal energy field.

This is a great way to raise your vibrations in a positive way and practice more mindfulness. As sensitives we can easily absorb others frequencies including what people project on facebook, twitter, instagram and the like. Learning to limit not only what you do online but how much time you spend on social media is a tip to help keep you in balance with your own personal energy.


Chances are you have some type of addiction, what is it? I’m not necessarily talking about drugs but watching too much tv, food, sweets, relationships, music, sex, smoking pot, internet, alcohol, exercise, dieting, video games? You get the picture.

Your Obsessions or Addictions are exactly what you need to let go of in order to heal and transform

When we obsess, over-analyze or are falling addicted to something, we can unconsciously lose ourselves within it. Moderation is key to balance in all aspects of life.

Your Energy Managing Tip: When we enter the obsessed mind, we actually can lose ourselves.  Learn to Back off even if it means letting go of what you love for a few days.

Backing off means you are giving your soul a time to integrate all that information. When you soak up so much information at once, you need that time to process new information because it’s gaining space, momentum and form inside your mind, connecting new neuron pathways.

Always find your personal breathing space, come up for air. Do something different outside of your comfort zone, switch modes.  

psychic circle

Your psychic circle is your surroundings, who is in your soul tribe, the people you see daily whether in person or online that enter your “hula hoop” space. This isn’t necessarily your school or work zone but moreso where are you spending your personal time and with whom? Your psychic circle is precious because this is where you are exerting your most inspiring energy.

Is there aspects that are draining? Stressful? Do you frequently feel fatigued or out of balance with these people?

Are you attracting toxic relationships or codependency habits? Envy or jealousy? Perhaps even binding relationships, controlling people or fear?

These are all excellent questions to ask yourself as you analyse your personal psychic circle.

Your Energy Managing Tip: Learning to manage and change your psychic circle to suit your highest good is soul medicine to help attract more positive and soulful relationships. 

This is a great way to uplift and empower your energy for personal well-being. It also not only helps raise our vibrations but it allows space for new energy to grow stronger for life-long friendships and relationships to bloom healthier in your life.

Your Psychic circle is what is really amplifying your vibrations because this is the space where people are projecting back and forth to you the most. Deciding on the choice of who do I need to let go of in order to serve my highest good may be hard but necessary for your brightest future. Rip the bandaid off.


When we create a detox or practice a form of abstinence, we are pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. If you want to become a visionary, you gotta start thinking like one, to create a dent in the universe you have to go beyond your current universe. Taking a detox also signifies to your soul, “we’re taking a break” in this area of your life so you can process something BIG.

Detoxing is not always about your diet although it can be that as well, most people recommend fasting as a form of intense spiritual detox. I don’t always feel that is necessary in modern day living.

You could detox from an unhealthy draining relationship, abstinence from sex, alcohol, taking psychedelics, smoking pot, yoga, spiritual practices, TV, breaking apart from people who frustrate you or cause the most stress, the internet, your cell phone, the same meal plan or whatever needs removed from monotony in your life.

Think about what is your most obsessed and addicted part of your day? This is what you need to detox from, strange as it may seem.

Your Energy Managing Tip: Give your soul a personal vacation! A break removes monotony, it also creates a new perspective.

For instance a break from sex for a week to a month, it will give you such an intense craving for it. It will become sacred and special again once you experience it. A break from fatty foods may give your body more energy and less fatigue. It depends on what you feel needs the most healing. Ask yourself where do I need a detox in my life?


Take time to do what makes your soul happy. What brings you absolute pleasure but you often never get a chance to do it because there are always a million excuses and things to do?

I would like you to start making time for this at least FIVE times a week. Why? Soul expression is where you shine the brightest because it puts you in an inspired creative mindset. You need self-nurture time and the best way to do that is through doing the things that bring you the most joy. You aren’t going to find that while scrolling, doing homework or talking shop but maybe through painting, writing, designing, organizing, walking, taking a hike, coloring, taking up a hobby, a class for fun, meditating, creative visualization, whatever it may be, Embrace it as a part of your routine.

Your Energy Managing Tip: We all have daily rituals, what if we changed a part of that ritual to help your energy grow in a positive way? Try to create a ritual that brings you passion, and joy. Even if you have a busy life, what is a way you can bring this soul-expression to your everyday life at least five times a week. 


You have to think of yourself like a fishing pole, you’re hooking into these emotions which aren’t necessarily yours so you have to detach yourself from them. Come back to your own energy, repeatedly. Focus on something only you would know, experience, or something that makes you happy.  When this happens we unconsciously live inside people’s energies, even by thinking of them for too long, You begin neglecting your own center.

You always need to come back to base camp, your personal energy.

Your Energy Managing Tip: Is this really me or them? Realize that the judging, complaining and belittling is only a person talking about themselves. Make your energy checkpoint especially when you feel irritable, drained, uncomfortable or frazzled. Bring yourself back with a thought or memory that only you would know. Recite an affirmation if it helps.


Even when I have an argument with someone, I have to realize part of it is ME. This can be an insult to the Ego but your daily reflections that you project onto others are coming from within you. Everything you say about another is really the Ego talking about itself. It can be a rude awakening when you realize that your insults or complaints backfire because they are inevitably self-directed. This is why Ahimsa is vitally important to managing your energy. Ahimsa means non-violence towards yourself and others.

Put yourself in their shoes with compassion, self-reflection and integrity. We have all been there, we all have a story to tell and maybe that person was just having a bad day.

Nothing is Separate from You. Remember everyone is a divine reflection of you. Embrace Compassion

Your Energy Managing Tip: Practice Ahimsa daily by being gentle to yourself through all faults the good, bad and uglies.  Accept and Let Go.


“Always”, “Never” “should” “All the time” “can’t” “Every” These words are your weapon to destruction or your key to success.

Thoughts can be manipulated, changed, transformed and altered always in flux.

Thoughts are meant to transform your world. We live in an endless sea of knowledge but we forget the most simple, basic aspect of living, LANGUAGE.  What is your core element that you use every single second of your day, your language patterns. These language patterns create your choices and give birth to your experiences through your relationships to the world around you.

However let’s go deeper. The feeling that language creates and the ethereal world of language that we often forget. The world of language exists in the 4th dimension, the world of thought is ethereal. The fact that thought is ethereal should be an indicator that the mind is recreating itself from the mind, every single day. However on the awakening path it’s moreso like at warpspeed lol. The mind begins recreating itself from the thoughts and given thought structures we project out into the world. What are you projecting out into the world? Remember the ripple.

Do we observe these patterns? What would happen if we started changing them?

Your Energy Managing Tip: Words are not merely “words”. They wield power. They orchestrate your life. Use them Wisely. Learn to let go of words,  impulse statuses and thoughts that don’t serve your highest good.


Your Beliefs are what rule your reality. They give meaning and structure into how you create the world around you. The way we believe certain models of reality function is precisely what we need to see are limiting us from our full potential. In the book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, the Author Vishen describes this idea to a T calling it a term called the culturescape.

The Culturescape is how you shaped your identity through the beliefs of our forefathers, the models that systemize our reality. If you think about the way you grew up through a particular religion, had beliefs about money, friendships, family, falling in love or any of these topics they are the beliefs that you produced from your childhood.

However as you grow older, these beliefs aren’t always what they seem, in fact some of them are very limiting towards how we see the world. They create these goals that are set in future but aren’t grounded in the present. Your beliefs power your reality. However do we need to continue focusing on limiting beliefs especially about ourselves?

Your Energy Managing Tip: We often dream too little and have those dreams crushed by the idea of what it means to be ‘successful’. Although is that really what it means to be successful and live the american dream? A lot of times these beliefs are limiting our personal realities. We need to start learning to DREAM BIG.

Dreaming Big means going beyond your promotion, vacation or college degree. We need to start changing our beliefs about ourselves and how we wish to see the world. This starts with getting rid of the old thought constructs that don’t serve us. What are ways you can start dreaming bigger and aligning with your passions?
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This is truthfully just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning to manage your energy, it’s a skill to practice and improve upon over time. However if we start doing these changes, we will begin realizing not only how powerful consciousness is but also how much energy encompasses our reality.

Here’s some food for thought: The other day my love was driving and this dude cut him off, now normally it would get him mad and he’d give him the middle. Instead he thought about what is a more positive reaction I could give this guy as he’s staring at me while passing? He decided to wave to him. ha!

I found it inspiring, Next time you get road rage, try waving at them as they pass you in the fast lane.

Why are we always so quick to jump to the negative scenario? We instinctively think of all the bad things that could happen instead of focusing on the beautiful outcomes that may also happen.

What if  these things are holding you back?

What if  we took that bad situation or experience that is causing you stress and instead we started imaging more positive outcomes in return?

Abraham hicks calls it “segment intending”,
I call it removing negative expectation by creating more positive expectation.

Remember to spend your energy wisely, You’re birthing a new reality with it. 😉

Ready to take this to the next level? Check out The Energy Management Toolkit below,

It’s  an energy repair kit that helps dismantle resistance and recalibrate your energy field.



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  1. This was a really useful article. “What was once our everyday norm now becomes a personal battlefield where we strive to make the choice of being a part of the crowd or being in our own circle.” describes perfectly where I’m at, and have been for a while so these 10 tips are great. I’ll also be sharing in my weekly blog roundup. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. How do I manage my energy when it is the people at work who are making me feel like I’m the crazy one? Whenever I ask a question to gain clarity, I cannot get a straight answer. I have been pushed to my emotional limit and feel like I might as well be talking to the wall. I can’t just quit my job at this point. And, I have a vacation with my family planned, but not until mid-fall. My family needs my income to stay the way it is until at least past that time. How do I survive what does feel like the onslaught of a battle? I’ve been trying to shift my focus, but my job and traveling to and from takes up a huge amount of time in my life. I feel like I’m drowning.

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