Cognitive Dissonance: Your Trigger to Spiritual Transformation

I am not one for small talk. I am a Spiritual Catalyst, my job is to get you to THINK outside of your conditioning. When talking, listening or reading certain spirituality posts I like to push the boundaries for others to always be open to question.

This is a crucial part of understanding Awakening, NEVER staying set in stone with all your ideals especially through dogma. If you can understand this, you are always open towards growth.

There is so much information out there and when we are feeling dissociated during the awakening process this leaves open a passive vulnerability to believe everything we read whether it’s a channeling, an article, a book or youtube video is automatically true.

There is especially a strong voice when it comes to the belief that someone else is in control of your reality and/or something exists outside of your reality. This manifests in numerous scenarios such as the Illuminati fear tactics, articles of evil/demonic/dark entities, Sleep paralysis being linked to possession, secret societies, dark spirits controlling you, the ego being bad, and the list goes on.

What happens when you decide that this. this. and this. is true is we set ourselves up in a box of duality, it becomes an US vs. Them instead of a WE. This is a big hurdle that many face during Kundalini Awakening, the maturation of the Ego through balancing the Solar Plexus chakra. OUR WILL POWER MEANS EVERYTHING.

egoThe reason I wrote this article is that this is maybe the fifth time this week, I’ve written something conflicting someone’s post about fear that is entirely different from their opinion. Usually these people are ridiculously offended, angry, upset or just plain mean in their response back. Often they say “I need to honor all paths and leave it alone” basically you need to keep this topic positive, not provide a conflict or just stop talking please. It made me inspired to write this.

When we tell ourselves that certain things are true and certain things are false, we are still trapped in dualism which is forgetting one thing. The symbolic connection to OURSELVES. We forget we are a unity of experience, this is a very common trap I see in New Age circles or life in general, when we are faced with something that confronts our reality the ego sends up a huge red flag:


uh oh. You popped the bubble, your idea is questioned, it’s up in the air….and the EGO is offended…distraught. So what happens? Like any other person on the planet, you are thrown into a cognitive dissonance with yourself.

Ego: They said what?! You are offended, upset, type faster, type faster, retort! Fight back, fight back, retort! Defense Shield ON! {I think I watched too much Inside Out hehe}

Okay let’s look at this, every-time your reality is threatened from its peaceful little town of conformity, your ego gets the big guns out and retorts faster than the wind because it is something outside of your reality. Oh no!!!

The dramatic emphasis is to create my point, on the awakening path this dissociated vulnerability will become your enemy, you must have an open mind and be open to all interpretations. When we say to honor all paths we also need to be true to that statement by honoring open interpretation to NEW paths on our journey.

The ego is like our comfort blanket, it wants to keep you warm and safe in your conditioned reality, it doesn’t want anything new, it wants old past comfort. However spiritual paths are always about enabling new conditioning if you keep defending your ego, you are just recycling the lesson until you are ready to accept and let go of it.

Questioning your ego/cognitive dissonance is the key towards understanding all paths.

This is something I will go into depth in the ecourse but right now, I want you to see this for your personal well-being today.

The  Science of the Mind

“Specific neurons and neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine trigger a defensive state when we feel that our thoughts have to be protected from the influence of others. If we are then confronted with differences in opinion, the chemicals that are released in the brain are the same ones that try to ensure our survival in dangerous situations. In this defensive state, the more primitive part of the brain interferes with rational thinking and the limbic system can knock out most of our working memory, physically causing “narrow-mindedness”.”[ref][/ref]  The brain’s neurons cause a reaction as if they are being threatened, these can even be from simple opinions, debates or ridiculous arguments that we could find resourceful, healing or even rationally accept if we didn’t feel threatened by them.

tumblr_mdg1p9w2oZ1rszefuo1_r1_1280Cognitive Dissonance is when you have a “mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information”. The concept was introduced by the psychologist Leon festinger in the late 1950s. He and later researchers showed that, when confronted with challenging new information, most people seek to preserver their current understanding of the world by rejecting, explaining away, or avoiding the new information or by convincing themselves that no conflict really exists. [ref](Festinger, 04)[/ref]

Your brain can make you irrational if you have cognitive dissonance. For example a smoker may refuse to believe that smoking can cause cancer because their neurons cause a reaction that their “idea” is being threatened. The brain tries to eliminate the cause of dissonance since quitting is more challenging  and changes your perception of smoking.

Cognitive Dissonance = Resistance to Change & Resistance to Truth

Your Ego is a Catalyst

The Benefits of Understanding Cognitive Dissonance:

  • Learning to Manifest Better and Faster
  • Removing Blockages/Imbalances
  • Having more control of your experiences leading to a more positive, happy life
  • Understanding Denial is secretly avoidance of transformation
  • Getting out of feeling stuck, lost or hopeless
  • Learning to overcome fears or insecurities
  • Creating new perceptions of spiritual truths
  • Having an Open Mind
  • Becoming Limitless and embracing your potentiality

WATCH what brings you discord, what offends you is what you need to see within.

Did I just hit a trigger? Did i just offend you?

I hope so because now you are starting to think for yourself!

This is because all is a symbolic reflection of our Inner mind. Everything is a unity based around the collective consciousness as we are all mirror reflections of the other. There is NO outside, there is only expansion that can be brought from within.

The more your ego gets offended the stronger you create a discord with yourself between opening up to New energy of experience.

We are all frequencies so when you are out of harmony with yourself, you create a dissonance that you need to see to bring yourself back into alignment.

All this is memories, when we are stuck in our dissonance, we are stuck in the past or future identity of ourselves. The way to go beyond that is by learning to question everything.

Question what brings you pain, Question what brings you suffering, Question what offends you.

What i have come to accept is that whenever I feel personal cognitive dissonance, my mind is really telling me:

“Oh yeah something good is on the horizon….
Are you ready to let go and be open to endless possibility?”

What is offending you today, may be the Spiritual truth you need to see tomorrow.

If this concept created a spark or intrigued you be on the lookout for my new Ecourse:
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