The Divine Creator:Crafting the New Identity

This is part 5 of our 5 part series: Symptoms of Awakening

Part 1 – Awakening & The Edge of Insanity, Why Am I losing it?
Part 2 – Going into the Abyss: The Dark Night of the Soul
Part 3 – The Transition Phase: Spiritual Bliss to Stagnation
Part 4 – The Threshold: The Beauty of Ego Death
Part 5  – {You are Here}  The Divine Creator: Crafting the New Identity

We’ve reached the end of the series and  I’ve saved the best for last! This is probably one of the most beautiful moments of self-realization on the path.

The Realization that the Mind is recreating itself through the mind as The Divine Creator.

Let’s back up a bit. What’s fascinating about Kundalini Awakening is that the process is never-ending. It usually only gets weirder but at the same time a lot more amazing!

After  listening to different stories and questions all over the world for years has shown me that Awakening really exists in stages. What intrigues me the most is how these stages have almost set-points we reach through the birthing process.

Stage 1. The Identity – This is where the Ego starts losing bearings over our consciousness. You grapple with holding on to the edge of your reality as the walls start falling  all around you. You start feeling disengaged from your past identity.

Stage 2. Death of the Old Consciousness – The Dark night happens and all the aftereffects that come with that. Strangely many new on the path are OBSESSED with the need to astral project. There is a bizarre disconnection they feel and generally most in this stage feel dissociated from the material world. Alone on the path.

Stage 3. Letting Go – The growth phase, we want to learn everything and our mind is ready to soak it all in.  Blissful aha moments, epiphanies, excellent growth and healing while we battle the symptoms dead on. We’re ready to start letting go but we also create a stagnation in the process. We begin Integration. 

Stage 4. Surrender – We are ready now, we walked into the abyss. We have met our death and learned to transcend the ego identity. We begin to see the illusions for what they truly are. We have learned to separate fact from fiction by seeing the reflection. Nothing is separate. We surrender into the infinity of the universe. 

Stage 5. Rebirth – This is the point where we begin to understand that we are the creator of our experiences. Every reflection and projection we create is due to an internal processing of the mind being reflected back at us.

So I Awakened, I went through the Dark Night, I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles and I learned to cut karmic ties by healing my past wounds.

But…what happens next?

Symptoms of Awakening Series Part 5. The Divine Creator:Crafting the New Identity - The Awakened State. This is the point where we begin to understand that we are the creator of our experiences. Every reflection and projection we create is due to an internal processing of the mind being reflected back at us.  So I Awakened, I went through the Dark Night, I've overcome a lot of obstacles and I learned to cut karmic ties by healing my past wounds. But...what happens next? Click to read more!

You need to find the hidden cookie in the 4th dimension.
{That’s a joke my friend Michael once told me}

hehe, If you’re like me and so many others,  I asked myself this same question awhile back. I always remember a wave of panic spreading through my body every time I started thinking about this. It created a huge resistance.

Then I started having ego death experiences. 🙂

Naturally you may find yourself falling into Pitfalls like I wrote about previously or something different may suddenly arise:


Now we’re getting into the fun stuff.

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This comes down to three words.

Thoughts Create Reality.

Now everyone and their brother will say this but once you fully understand the POWER of this statement, your reality will physically start changing from the inside out.

See, the awakened body goes through the symptoms for a reason, it’s to prepare the mind for a mental reset. The symptoms are truthfully just the beginning. These Symptoms are creating the mental reset you are building from the New Identity.

It’s that simple and yet we miss it due to all the distractions we unconsciously create.


A lot of people call this the Light Body Process but honestly I think that makes it confusing because we’re attaching it to an end goal called “Ascension”. I’m real with you. Ascension is a state of mind it is NOT a date of time or some distant goal in the future tied into your dreams. Ascension is NOW. Beingness.

The New Identity is the point where Kundalini descends and begins integrating into the material world.

Basically as you go through kundalini awakening, you are “ascending” the kundalini rising it up into the crown. However there is a crucial point we miss, kundalini needs to Descend back into the material world. Many individuals experiencing kundalini awakening have ascended their consciousness but they become  loose cannons of energy . This is because they are floating their energy out there in space with no stability to stand on.

The purpose of crafting the new identity is that we must learn to descend and integrate that kundalini energy back into the earth.

Symptoms of Awakening Series: The purpose of crafting the new identity is that we must learn to descend and integrate that kundalini energy back into the earth. - The Awakened State.


By Stepping into our ability to create our reality.

In my perception, many people perceive 5D as this distant fantasy world. However it’s not, it lives within you.

We are the door and the bridge to 5D because we are the other side.

It is merely about learning to craft your new identity in the post-awakening journey.


Awakened souls are basically humans that touched the reset button. Although most of us don’t realize we hit the button, which is why our energy is moving like a broken elevator that doesn’t know what floor to get off at; Do I want to go to the past? Do I want to go to the future? Do I want to go to a secret dimension? Do I want to go to this fantasy world?

This is the simplest way I can describe it. You are on Reset Mode.

Many ask me: What if I don’t know how to manifest?

Don’t say that! We are always creating and manifesting otherwise none of this would exist. It would be void, empty space.

Take a moment here, breathe deep and look around you. Look at your surroundings, your home, your life.

YOU created this.

{either you’re over there having a peaceful moment of elation or you’re still a little confused, let’s go deeper!}

If I created this, then why am I not manifesting what I want?

We are all creators, creating 24/7 the hugest problem tons of individuals are creating on auto-pilot completely oblivious to their creations. I believe in new age circles we call them “asleep”.
I see them as reflections of what we also need to see within ourselves.

We forget we are creators of experience.

The Awakened individual is not creating on auto-pilot. They are consciously aware, listening to the subtle patterns, learning to be more present and mindful of their actions.

you are a universe because the universe is inside of you I The Awakened State

It’s because we’re ready to take the wheel, drive the ship, and embody the divine creator within.

Now certain people do this already through methods such as the law of attraction. The thing is a lot of practices are rooted in karmic intentions or half-truths. This is the perception of tying our goals to happiness instead of learning to be happy in the now.

Therefore the best way to start crafting the new identity is learning to get yourself off of auto-pilot.



Unconsciously we tend to focus on the things we don’t want such as our complaints, judgments, the drama llama or the way we feel about ourselves. It’s a pesky habit! But rarely do we decide hey maybe it could be easy rather than struggling constantly? What if things started to do themselves.

As Ego Creatures we tend to over-complicate things and exaggerate the situation fueling the energy even more. Therefore what if it could be easy? This  starts with learning to focus on the things we DO desire vs. focusing on what we don’t want. What do you desire to create in your world?


Intention setting is like a digital letter to the universe. When we put out an intention such as “I am grateful for happiness” the universe becomes like a xerox machine saying: “okay you’re grateful for happiness? I’m going to send you all the things to make you happy!”

 Our words are energy and this means they can be powerful when wielded correctly. However this also means they can be highly damaging in ways we don’t always realize such as lack of self-worth, hating something or despair. We are all fall into this trap but once we’re aware it’s good to see this to get yourself out of it faster.  The power is in the word.  Literally.


I never really thought about it until I began seeing how certain people, events and situations would zap my energy like a bad flu. My worst vice facebook. It isn’t always bad, it can be a great place of connection. Although it’s an energy draining hog where you’re soaking in different vibrations and emotions at the same time. For a sensitive this is like drinking the empathetic sponge kool-aid suddenly there is no escape lol.

When we learn to establish our emotional boundaries, we’re able to find the balance easier.  Energy fatigue, mentally exhausted or feeling drained are indicators that somewhere you are not spending your energy wisely. Do you take breaks? Do you allow yourself to rest? Are there times when you just need to turn off? Look at how you spend your energy.


The Feeling Space is where you are gravitating your emotions daily. The feeling behind the thought. It isn’t necessarily the thought that is the problem, it’s the feeling you put behind it. It’s important to see it’s not the idea, it’s the belief and the energy you put behind it.

This could go into about any situation. How are your feelings tied into the way you navigate the world? Do you feel they are in alignment or are they creating a discord? You’re not chasing ideas, you’re chasing feelings. Observe your feeling space.


Are you an unconscious preacher? Theories, ideas and fantasies are great but many of us are preaching and feeding on the “idea of them” rather than doing. We need to start grabbing the reins, ready for action and telling those symptoms who’s boss.

Taking action is about learning we need to implement the will into our experiences. It is one thing to read about an idea, it is highly another to start taking action and accountability towards changing your personal identity. Thus changing your reality. 

So many are against the ego when truthfully it’s about learning to see what is behind the ego.When we’re able to see behind the Ego we can learn to empower our will, begin implementing the lessons and research we’ve learned into our physical reality.

My friend Nikola called it, “Once you learn to internalize your alchemy, you will then create the external alchemy”

Are you ready to step out of autopilot?


  1. Learning to understand your patterns you create
  2. Your Emotional Triggers – What offends you?
  3. Your Unconscious fears – Do you have a need for protection? What if you’re already safe.
  4. Setting positive intentions – Gratitude practices, transforming negatives into positives, seeing the best in every situation
  5. Stepping outside of your Comfort zone – Do something different for once, eat a new food, try a new hobby, book an exotic vacation, talk to your crush, let yourself free yourself
  6. Align & gravitate towards your PASSIONS & STRENGTHS – Let yourself be guided by what brings you joy, not misery, take time to do what makes your soul happy, get off of social media if there’s too much drama. let go of that friendship if she/he isn’t serving you any good. Let yourself be surrounded by your passions
  7. Go the distance – Don’t let yourself be held back any longer
  8. Take Time for self-nurture and recharging – You can’t drink from an empty cup.
  9. Start Dismantling your hindering and limited beliefs – I can’t, I won’t, excuses, get rid of them! and DO
  10. Create challenges to stimulate new growth – You aren’t going to learn if you do the same things you always do, you have to allow yourself to be challenged and empowered by creating new mental skills
  11. Allow yourself to succeed and feel worthy – I don’t know how many people I’ve heard say they don’t feel worthy enough to manifest, they’re afraid of failure, they don’t feel it’s necessary or they don’t feel it’s right because they’re waiting for *something*. Step into your personal power and allow yourself to succeed.Stepping Into the Creator: Ideas to start taking action to empower the will - The Awakened State.


I’d like to close this series with an action oriented exercise.


Take a moment where you can be in a quiet recharging space alone. Get a pen and paper. For about 3-5 minutes start writing down without limitations on yourself, some of your dreams.
Let yourself Let go and Dream.

Then when you’re done sit and ponder on these questions.

What do I desire to create?
What makes my soul sing and how can I start birthing to life my dreams

How do I become Aware & focused on my intentions?
Be aware & Observe your words, what intentions am I using daily? How can I empower them

Am I spending my energy wisely?
Take a moment and listen, how do you feel, what are ways you could start spending your energy wiser

What is the feeling space I am creating with my vibrations daily?
Remember it’s the energy behind the thought, what feelings are coming to surface

What actions can I start taking to become focused on my intentions?
Write a list of some simple actions you can take starting today.

Understanding our ability to create is the supreme secret on your personal awakening journey.

To understand your limitless potential, we must step into the beauty of being a conscious creator.

Most of all have fun, the universe is playful, everything is unfolding as it should.

Go out there, play in your subconscious playground, create miracles and watch those dreams come to life!

Afterall isn’t that the best part, when the movie starts coming to life?


Thank you for reading this series, if you enjoyed this stay on the look out for my ecourse community site launching in fall. I will be teaching  about the power of the subconscious and how to start implementing various techniques into your reality through symbolism! 

Also If you’d love to share some of your limitless dreams, feel free to leave a comment, I love seeing dreamers out there!



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8 Responses

  1. Ashley, thank you so much for this very helpful and empowering reading that you generously shared!

    Continue to Be an invaluable gift to Multidimensional Self/Soul/Spirit, interconnected HUmanity, Mother Earth, merging worlds, and beyond.

    <3 <3 <3 Barbara

  2. Thank you for the amazing write up. I have felt a little lost having rushed through so many steps recently without guidance or reason. With your wise words I find myself braver & looking forward to relaxing, learning more & focusing on healing
    I am far less likely to waste my energy & time fighting everything. Thank you.

    1. You’re welcome! It’s funny but often times when we’re fighting, I remember this quote “Resistance and overwhelm is basically resisting what IS.” The best thing we can do when we feel this way is to get present. Glad it helped you ♥

  3. This is a very good read. I would like guidance though. Up until Christmas of last year, I smoked weed the whole week and it wasn’t until that day when I started to question EVERYTHING. Why am I here? Who am I? Why do I see things the way I see them? Am I God? It was a very terrifying experience because I’ve NEVER felt like this before. Sure, I got high before but this time, things really HIT me. I was panicking. I didn’t like it, I was in fear and to be honest, I still am. When I look at things now, they seem…foreign. I was thinking about death a lot because I realized that I didn’t truly know anything. That instilled fear in me because I won’t know what’ll happen until I die. I do wish to return to “normal” at times and not think about things this as much. Feeling that everything is real and not an illusion. I’d like your thoughts on what you believe has happened to me. P.S. Recently, I have felt a tingling sensation in the area between my eyes. It is possible that I have awakened something? If so, how can I feel comfortable with this and not be afraid?

  4. OMG. I feel like I found my family finally cause I have known all of what I read since I was at least 5 or younger and I used to make up my own names for each of the states you have been talking about. And I already knew 8 was at the end of my old self and for weeks ivi’been in a p!are I called lala land and I’ve been accused of taking drugs, being bipolar, depressed, having a heart attack, cancer, and I don’t think there is enough room for my whole list as it’s massive. But overwhelming love and plain ass being home and falling in love with me for the very first time and I was afraid to say this outloud as I sound conceded and I’m so not that person. But wanting to shout it to someone and not even faruca how I soums. I’m not afraid of loving unconditionally anymore even if my heart gets broken as I might fall apart from it, I somehow know that I have to hurt in order to grow and learn from it as that’s one step closer to what I have been calling, death. IvI’told my boyfriend I am dying and I’m okay with that but I can’t explain that it’s not a death that would end my life physically, but the death of something higher and he’s worried about me cause I can’t remember things like how to 0ut a whole sentence together without stopping in the middle of it cause I suddenly forgot how to pronounce the words anymore and walking into stuff and on and on and on and I told him that everyone should have to take the drugs that obviously someone has been putting in my food and drinks so I won’t be so alone and he just laughs and believe it or not, relationship has been better than ever. I willl have him read this and I can finally stop feeling like I have this need to say it all out loud and to anyone and because of your writings, I am going to start enjoying those drugs I just mentioned and just go with the flow and pick up my pen and paper and finish writing my story as I carry it around saying okay, today is the day and I stop cause I have been afraid and you helped me get over my writers block. My mind is yelling as we speak to get a move on so I will close this as I’m pretty sure you already know where the rest of this story is going
    I am unbelievably overwhelming and there are no words I can use to describe how r3adire had helped me.
    So thank you for being you and knowing that I needed you to write this and know this
    You savd me from the loop of this cycle ive been stuck on and I already feel like I’m on the next level of my desthofd this joutnjo

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